AeroGrow AeroGarden Deluxe with Master Gardener Deluxe Kit, White

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The Deluxe AeroGarden takes advantage of new technology that delivers a hydroponic system thats easy and fun to use. The Deluxe model delivers twice the amount of light with a new lamp hood. Three deluxe grow bulbs and a 24-hour light option allow for faster growth and healthier plants. Also included is a 24-inch extendable lamp arm for growing full-sized, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and more. A Master Gardener Seed Kit is included with everything needed to plant and grow your own seeds.

  • Revolutionary kitchen appliance lets you grow your own food indoors all year round right in your own kitchen
  • Dirt-free NASA-tested aeroponic technology grows plants in water, nutrients, and air
  • Everything except seeds is included
  • Organically based and 100% natural
  • Measures 16.5 x 18 x 10.5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • great product!
    bought this for my husband for christmas andheloves it. We have a smaller one andthey work wonderfully....more info
  • I Love, Love, LOVE this product!
    It took me 6 months of studying and apprehension before I got up enough nerve to try this product. I had the first one only two days before ordering the second. A month later I bought my third one, and I'm pretty sure I'll buy three more before this month is over.

    Noisy? Not mine! They all run as quietly as mice. Yes, they put out a LOT of light. But you can program them to turn off for 8 hours each night if you have a small apartment and are concerned about sleeping. I put other aeroponically grown plants next to my Deluxes to share the light, but I should caution people that the bulbs do have to be replaced on a schedule. If that is a problem, then you won't want this device. We find, however, that with these planters along the bar that separates our kitchen and dining areas, no other lights are needed as the gardens are not only good plant lamps but also double as people lamps. They are full spectrum "happy" lights and give the same pleasant lighting effect that we used to get from our Verilux Happy Lamp, which I might add cost more than the planter and didn't grow plants ;-)

    I hate dirt and I hate bugs, but I love to eat clean fresh organic food. With the AeroGarden Deluxe you are in control. Yest the seed kits are expensive, but I recommend starting with a few of them to to ensure success on your first couple tries, and then after that you can use your own seeds with the help of the included Master Gardener kit.

    I think the Aerogarden Deluxe is the best product that AeroGrow makes, and I highly recommend it for anyone. Everything we have tried grows bigger, faster, and more delicious in this contraption. I highly recommend the Deluxe. I am sure the Pro 200 is also a nice planter, but I prefer the white color that is available on the Deluxe.

    Could you buy ordinary produce at the market for much less than it costs to grow your own in an AeroGarden? Of course! But can you buy microgreens and other select organic product from a market like Whole Foods, that would be comparable to you yield for the same price. No, and that is where the AeroGardens really shine. They are also wonderful for keeping flowering plants in radiant bloom year-round. If you love fresh flowers growing indoors, these gardens pay for themselves there too.
    ...more info
  • Great Idea - Poor Customer Support
    I purchased my first AeroGarden Deluxe unit at the start of the year. I planted a tomato kit and it worked wonderfully. It worked so well in fact that I ordered a second AeroGarden to plant lettuce. This is where the problems started. After just 2 days the unit started to smoke. The packaging includes paperwork requesting you call the manufacturer to deal with any returns, so I called the AeroGrow customer support line. I knew there would be a problem when the call started with a long excuse for why the wait would be a long one. I gave up after 30 minutes of sitting on hold. Next, I sent an e-mail to their support department with "The lamp hood for my AeroGarden Deluxe is SMOKING" as the subject line. I received an auto response assuring me they would be in contact within the week. The week has past and still no response.

    A day or two after trying to contact AeroGrow, I processed the return through I should have done that first! Quick and professional; I received an e-mail apologizing for any problems, Amazon paid for the return, and they sent me a new AeroGarden in less than a week.

    The moral of this story - The AeroGarden grows wonderful plants but AeroGrow has a lot to learn from about customer service.

    ...more info
  • Aerogarden Deluxe
    This is the second Aerogarden unit that I have purchased. I have one for herbs, which is still in the early stages, but already has usable herbs growing in it. The Deluxe is being used to grow strawberries. Sprouts have already popped up and I am really excited to see how well they grow. Both units are really easy to use and are a great alternative from planting edibles outside. This way, I get to eat what I grow instead of the bugs!!...more info
  • Aero Garden Deluxe
    So far so good! The unit is easy to use and the plants germinated and are growing very well, right on schedule....more info
  • aerogarden deluxe
    This is an excellent product. It was easy to set up and the directions and support information is very easy to follow and informative. I was amazed at the plants and how fast they grow. I love it and am saving money to purchase another for my daughter for her birthday.
    ...more info
  • It is a good entry-level hydroponics system
    Could you build a better hydroponics system from scratch for the same price? Probably - but you'd better know what you're doing and it won't hit the sleek finish of the AeroGarden. Face it -- This is a setup for beginners and in that space it is a good investment. Yeah, I know there's no grow-cabinet, ozone or CO2 generators, high-capacity pumps, fans and high-wattage lights -- but that's the whole idea. If you have $1,000 to spend plus the monthly electric bill then go that route. For me, this is fine for growing small herbs. When you use up your sponges, buy some rockwool for about 1/50 the price as s replacement. It's not too hard to find a decent liquid nutrient to replace those expensive one's sold by AeroGarden. Oh yeah, the mustard and corriander seeds on my spice counter grew better than the seeds that I bought -- Go figure!...more info
  • works as described
    This product works wonderfully and just as described. I am just not sure it is for me, as I am still having a hard time getting used to growing things without seems so weird and...unnatural! However, I have been growing the salad greens and they are tender and delicious and grew so quickly! Very little effort is necessary. I wish the item came in a more natural color or brown without the neon "aerogrow," label, for example. A great and impressive product. I didn't find the pump to be too loud, either....more info
  • great product!
    bought this for my husband for christmas andheloves it. We have a smaller one andthey work wonderfully....more info
  • aero garden
    very unhappy, a lot of money for something I can't used while waiting a month now for a replacement pump...more info
  • The Indoor Farmer
    I purchased the Aerogarden Deluxw and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Pruning encourages continued growth, also the cherry tomatoes did better even when removed from the unit and transplanted into the ground. The unit does not travel well once dismantled and transported from NC to SC the contact became bad and the pump would not work. But because it is so hot in the south and if you don't have time to maintain plants in soil this is the way to go. ...more info
  • Waste of money
    First of all, once the roots grow into the nutrient resevoir, it's no longer an aeroponic system is it?

    The company will provide no information regarding the N-P-K ratio of their nutrient tablets. The system does not exactly notify you when nutrient levels are low, it's all on a 2 week timer and it monitors nothing.

    The pump which draws the water over the grow mediums is weak and it works for it's purpose, but there is little/no aeration going on in the reservoir tank resulting in stagnant water and the possibility of root rot. Their web site mentions something about an additional pump with an air stone in the FAQ page; I received the most expensive aero garden and I sure didn't get any aerating pump. Their "microprocessor technology" is a fancy way of saying that they have 5 pre-programed modes ranging from 15-17 hours of light and 15-24 hours pump. It's crazy that there is no way to create a custom schedule.

    If you plan on growing "flowering" plants, aerogrow deluxe provides a 24-hour light/pump cycle. The manual states that if you turn the lights off manually in 24-hour mode, they will turn back on in 12-hours; THIS DOESN'T WORK. The manual also suggest that you may have to buy a separate light timer, but given that their light settings don't work as they should, this is mandatory if you plan on blooming anything. This creates another problem. Once you have your light timer set, there is no way to separate your light and pump cycles; the pump is on when the lights are.


    I'm glad I got this as a gift because anyone with half a brain could build a system that's much more effective than this. If you know how to read and you can follow simple instructions, than my advice is to buy one of the many good hydroponic books on the market which provide you with a step-by-step guide to building your own system. It's also interesting to note that all the supplies you will need to build your own system will cost next to nothing compared to any AeroGrow garden....more info


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