Haier 7,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner - White / Silver

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Product Description

Ultra-compact Size; Auto Evaporation Function Allows Continuous Use Without Water Removal;enviroclean(tm) Coil;24-hour On/off Timer;3 Cooling Speeds & 3 Fan Speeds; Dehumidification Function;nec/ul Recognized Power Cord; Includes Window Exhaust Kit & Remote;white

  • Auto Evaporation Allows Continuous Operation without Water Removal
  • Electronic Remote Control
  • EnviroClean Coil Oxidation and Rust Free
  • 24-Hour On/Off Timer
  • 3 Cooling and 3 Fan Speeds

 Customer Reviews:

  • Great A/C
    I'm coming up on the second season of hard use. I have it in the bedroom and at night this thing will chill you out. During the day (I work nights) we get full sun and it still keeps you about 73 deg. If temps outside reach 90+ it'll keep you about 75. I use it in conjuction with old central air unit that will keep downstairs nice but once you get above the first floor good luck. This runs almost 24 hours a day during 7 months and all you have to do is vacuum the back (cooling fins) and vacuum the front filter (slides out). You never have to drain (I do after winter sets in). I liked ours so much I bought a second for the 3rd floor. As far as noise...you know it's there but like anything else you get used to it and can tune it out. The only bad thing about this is I think the portables are a little more than the window units and don't cool as much but they aren't "portable" and can be rolled into a closet or extra room. The set-up on these is considerably easier also: open window, add insert, duct tape insert into window and you're ready to rock. Another bad is that if you loose the remote or the batteries go (over 2yrs and still good) you can't control the unit without it (temp, fan speed, mode, timer)....more info
  • I love this thing, 2nd summer of use
    I have used this for 1.5 summers in my bedroom, which is avout 14x14. Every hot night (I am in the nyc area) I turn it on high about 45 minutes before I go to bed and my room is totally chilled by the time I get in there.

    By the time I'm done reading my book (another half hour) I shut it off and turn on a fan and sleep like a baby thru the night

    It's a highly efficient way to keep my bedroom cool, and i sleep under a sheet! I'd say it's good for a 8 degree drop in the room in this time.

    It's not as efficient or quiet as an equivilent window unit, but I live in a 50's modern with slider windows and it does the job great.

    It's never had to be emptied, except at the end of the season, the dehumidifier function works fine -- but my primary use is described above. If we hit a cool spell, I roll it right into my closet and it's gone.

    I love it. I had to be a little creative with the window kit, but bottom line, if you need bedroom AC and you have a smaller size room, it rocks.

    The guy with the motor problem, well, bummer -- but it's certainly not been my experience and like I said, I'm in my second summer of use and expect it to keep going for a couple more.

    I'd buy another with no hesitation if I had a reason. Oh! It also have a groovy little remote!

    As I said in the title, it's in it's second summer...more info
  • POS
    In May of 2007 I purchased this product and used it that summer. We tried to turn it on in June 2008 (1 month after the warranty expired) with no luck. We paid $100 for a repair person to take a look at the unit. He said that the motor was burned out. When we asked how much it would cost to repair the unit, he stated that with parts and labor the cost would be $330...we only paid $300 for the unit initially. I realize that sometimes products are just lemons and maybe I happened to get one of those. However, I am very disappointed with this product and will never purchase anything else made by Haier....more info