The Cruiser Automotive Air Purifier (Metallic Silver) (8.27"H x 4.72"W x 2.95"D)

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Your vehicle is a haven for airborne contaminants, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and bacteria. Now the amazing Cruiser Automotive Air Purifier shields you and your family from dangerous airborne pollutants while on the road. It's the world's first Multi-Stage UV-HEPA-PHOTOCATALYTIC PORTABLE AIR PURIFIER! Using the latest advancement in ultraviolet air sterilization technology, the Cruiser can efficiently diminish interior air pollution in your automobile, RV, truck or van providing you fresher and healthier air any time you are driving. A compact HEPA cartridge filters out the airborne particles, then the air get sterilized through a chamber of two photo catalytic filters with UV light. Lastly an activated carbon media filters out the harmful gasses. The Cruiser does not requires batteries, it simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket to power itself. How it Works: What's UV light Sterilization? Ultraviolet light is one of the more effective methods to reduce and control airborne pathogens such as mould spores and mildew. For this reason ultraviolet purifiers are commonly used in hospitals. As contaminated air is passed through intense ultraviolet light in the photo-catalytic chamber, bacteria, viruses and most organic compounds are destroyed. In short, the ultraviolet light damages the DNA of microorganisms and renders them harmless and unable to reproduce. HEPA Cartridge and activated carbon: The HEPA cartridge traps particles as small as 0.3 microns like"

  • Color: Metallic Silver
  • Size: 8.27"H x 4.72"W x 2.95"D
  • Multi-Stage Air Filtration with UV Light, Photo-calystic, HEPA and Activated Carbon!
  • Reduce Indoor Air Pollution such as Mold Spores, Mildew, Odors, Bacteria, Dust, Exhaust Fumes and mo
  • Plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter or 120V DC power!

 Customer Reviews:

  • Works Great!
    I use this air purifier in my car while driving and I take with me to my office. It's compact size let me use on top of my desk....more info
  • Neoair- not so pure
    I got this item for my dog who has breathing difficulties. We were relocating from Florida to Arizona. I was worried for him. I chose this purifier as I thought it had the most features, or the most ways to clean the air. It did not seem to do much. His breathing improved in areas with fresher air and got worse in areas of closer air (LA and TX). I really don't feel it did much....more info