Bio Ionic 1.5" Nano-Ceramic Straightening Iron OnePass

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Product Description

This Is the Fastest Straightening Iron Ever! Allows for faster styling times up to 50% Faster!. This amazing Infrared technology flat iron allows you to straighten you hair inside and out as ithydrates hair for silky, smooth. conditions. Durable long lasting

  • Silicone Speed Strips for Faster Straightening & Increased Shine
  • Instant Heat, Up to 400 Degrees & Recovery
  • Nano-Ionic Mineral Fused to Cushion Plates
  • High Levels of Negative Ions & Far Infrared Energy for Silky, Smooth, Conditioned Hair

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  • Rave Reviews
    I had a Hai flat iron, which worked good, but left my hair a little frizzy. I just purchaed this Bio Ionic One Pass Iron and really like it. It striaghtens my hair like I just had Yuko (Japanese straightning). It took me a few days to get use to because it changes the texture of your hair slightly. I definately would recommend this....more info