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All our lives we've struggled to stay healthy while juggling work, family & friends, community and just plain fun. Too often, eating right was the ball that got dropped. We longed for a convenient snack that was truly satisfying, low calorie, and all natural. That's what inspired LightFull Satiety Smoothie. LightFull satisfies our sweet tooth (no small task!) with only 90 calories. And, with 5 grams of both fiber and protein, It keeps us feeling full and satisfied for hours. Best of all, LightFull is 100% natural (no artificial anything). LightFull is an excellent source of calcium, and is Gluten free and low glycemic. LightFull Satiety Smoothies helps us juggle with less struggle, and we hope they do the same for you. Lara Jackle and Lynn Graham, cofounders of Lightfull Foods.

  • Only 90 little calories per smoothie. Excellent source of fiber (5g) and 1g fat
  • No artificial anything!
  • Gluten free, Low glycemic
  • Contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee
  • A Weight Watchers favorite

Customer Reviews:

  • Does what it says.
    I bought two cases to have on hand after I had oral surgery...I thought it would be something that would be easy for me to drink that would fill me up without all the calories. I found it to be over sweet, but tolerable. It does keep me from being hungry and it's kept me from getting sick when I take my meds (some are to be taken on a full stomach). I've also ordered the assortment pack, but it hasn't arrived yet. I look forward to trying the fruit flavors. I'm hoping I like them better....more info
  • sweet cafe Latte
    On the good side: it is actually quite filling - given that it's a pretty small bottom! On the not so good side, it's a little too sweet to my taste. We will finish this 12 bottle and probably will try a different flavor next time. ...more info
  • Yum-O!
    I really like these smoothies. They do take the edge off of your hunger for a while, and don't have a creepy artificial taste. I'd love a stronger coffee flavor, but it is still very good as-is....more info
  • Way too sweet
    I had to cut it half and half with milk to drink it. They market this drink as healthy and think we won't notice or care about all of the sugar!...more info
  • disappointed
    After reading the reviews, I figured it wouldn't be too bad but I'm really disappointed. It taste funky... a bit like Robitussin. I drank it like I drink my cough medicine. I tried adding water to it and it just taste worse. So now, I use it as a creamer for my coffee. Well, only a tad of it with my irish cream. Since I bought it for $10.50, I guess I don't feel ripped off. I definitely WILL NOT buy this latte drink for $28....more info
  • Great Source of Fiber
    Cafe' Latte is a good alternative to a snack or a quick breakfast. Very satisfying....more info
  • Great tasting and it does fill me up~Bottles are BPA free :)
    I got this today and had skipped a meal waiting as I knew it was coming. So I was starving. Within 20 min I felt full like I can now make it until dinner.

    The taste is great. It could be a bit stronger on the coffee side but it's okay. Not too sweet as others have said I found it just right. I love that it has 5gms of fiber and 5 gms of protein, low sugar and .5 gms fat, 13 net carbs.

    My only complaint it comes in a bottle maked with the number 7 on the bottom which I understand to mean that it contains BPA. I called the company and they assured me there is NO BPA in the bottle. It is a multilayered bottle that is why it falls in the 7 catagory that we are to watch out for. So rest assured it is okay.

    Other than that I love the product and think it will make a great diet aid. It tastes MUCH better than slimfast and way less calories....more info
  • Perfect On-the go Breakfast
    I never have enough time in the morning to eat a good breakfast. I've tried mixes but they taste terrible! Lightfull Smoothie tastes great & is filling!...more info
  • Very yummy treat for only 1 Weight Watcher's point!
    I really like these smoothies! It's a wonderful treat that's on my diet (yay) for when I want something sweet. I do usually add a little extra coffee to it because the coffee flavor isn't all that strong, but it's good either way. It actually does give me a little energy boost and fills me up a little. I wish they weren't so pricey, but they are a nice little indulgence that won't derail my diet like a bottle of Frappuchino would. ...more info
  • I have now truly experienced satiety
    The cafe latte lightfull smoothie is so good. I can't believe I finally found a product which taste this good and is still good for you. I would definitely recommend it for anyone, even if you're not looking to lose weight....more info
  • Fills you up, but it does taste like medicine
    Sounds too good to be true, and when it does, it's usually untrue. Cafe taste - none to very little. I wasn't expecting a full blown Starbucks ultra fat Frappucino taste, but at least somewhat of a coffee taste. This smoothie really tasted a lot more like medicine than a Smoothie Drink. It has somewhat of a sour taste to it, and leaves a bad aftertaste. I drink it for lunch or in between meals to keep full, but it's not a pleasant drink I look forward to.

    Better off eating a granola bar or just drink a cup of real coffee, just go light on the creamer / sugar to keep yourself full in between meals. ...more info
  • Smooth and Milky and Very Convenient
    I think that these really taste good. More importantly, they are high fiber, high protein, and low sugar.

    I found the package to be very convenient. The older packaging had a straw that was always awkward to deal with, and couldn't be resealed. These bottles are resealable, and you can drink them as fast or as slow as you want without the straw.

    I have also been able to purchase these at Whole Foods Market and some Safeway and Costco stores, although they are more expensive at these locations....more info
  • These Reviews Must be Stacked By Company Employees!
    Ordered this product because of the good reviews, but it is horrible!! Went back and looked at a lot of the early reviews that gave the product 5 stars and lo and behold.... it's the only product these people have reviewed.

    Don't get sucked in. This stuff tastes awful and it's full of preservatives!...more info
  • disappointed
    I was disappointed in this item. I ordered it when it was a special of the day and was a great price deal. it sounded good, but i did not like the tase. i will not be getting more and will not try the other flavors as i think they are too expensive for what you are getting...more info
    Bleah! What a disappointment. I've got a major sweet tooth and I still couldn't get through one of these....more info
  • Lightful Smoothies (cafe latte)
    Lightfull Smoothie (cafe lattee) It is a great product, and a great substitute (low calorie low fat coffee substitute) for an afternoon or evening snack that satistfies hunger, sweetness, dessert etc. You can freeze it, and by using a long narrow spoon you can eat it as an ice cream dessert. (You just have to let it thaw a bit)It is good for anyone, not just losing weight, but also maintaining weight!...more info
  • Great tasting and filling
    I was skeptical when I first heard about these satiety smoothies. They are all-natural, low in sugar, high in protein and fiber, and only 1 point on the Weight Watchers Points system. So they must taste horrible, right? Well they don't! They are creamy and delicious, and the fiber and protein help keep me feeling full between meals. They are just the right amount of sweet and sometimes are enough to head off a craving or a binge. The cafe' Latte is my favorite out of all the flavors (followed closely by the chocolate). Lightfull Smoothies are a convenient snack on-the-go that won't break the caloric bank and is easy to work into your healthy lifestyle. If you haven't tried these yet, you definitely should!...more info
  • Tastes sweet and artificial, has preservatives
    This wasn't that great a drink for me; I prefer just plain coffee with skim milk. If it helps you to lose some weight for a short period of time, maybe it's useful, if you're an adult. It does contain preservatives (sodium polyphosphates) so please don't treat your kids like dumping grounds by feeding it to them. I do wonder at all these reviews that seem to sound alike & have only this product among their reviews. ...more info
  • just like bottled frappucinos!
    if you like the starbucks frappucinos in the bottles, you will love these. the nutritionals are so much better, and they don't have that fake sugar taste like so many 'diet' drinks do. it is creamy and delicious!

    i ordered both the cafe latte and the chocolate, and i like the latte better. the chocolate one has a bit of a grainy texture to it. even my boyfriend, who doesn't like coffee, loves the latte, and agrees that it works! these keep us full for hours!...more info
  • Cafelicious!!
    A good friend of mine (& LightFull Smoothie fanatic) recommended the Cafe Late Lightfull Smoothie because i LOVE coffee. WOW wow wow!! I have been trying to eat healthier lately and these are perfect - great taste without the guilt. I also find that I'm not thinking about lunch until about 1pm everyday, so they really do the trick with keeping me full. I look forward to having one of these every morning - I'M HOOKED!...more info
  • NOT Low in Sugar
    This product can only claim "low glycemic" because of the 18 grams (!) of Erythritol used... which as far as sugar alcohols go, is slow releasing (hence, low glycemic) and doesn't have the ill-effects of other sugar alcohols. However, that's 18 grams in one little bottle PLUS another 11 grams of sugar - Dextrin is listed on the label (which breaks down into pure glucose, albeit slightly slower than actual glucose).

    That's 29 grams of sugar in ONE container! This product is NOT low sugar. It contains 73% of the recommended DAILY intake of sugar for non-diabetics (40g is the recommended intake for ALL sugars). 29 grams is the equivalent of a little over 7 teaspoons of sugar!

    If you're trying to lose weight and/or are diabetic, please read labels very carefully. Companies are getting so good at hiding sugars - to the point of labeling something "sugar free" even when it technically isn't. ...more info
  • not bad
    ok product, but not great. i liked the thick texture and the fact that it was lower in calories for a sweet coffee drink, but i wasnt too impressed with the taste. it wasnt awful, but nothing to brag about. not too much of a caffeine boost either. buy only if you want a cheap, lower-calorie, coffee-ish drink. otherwise, id say to get the bottled starbucks mocha lite frappuccinos (100 calories). costs a smidge more, but well worth the taste....more info
  • Filling, but not so "cafelicious"
    First, I will give the product credit for creating a great sense of satiety. It wasn't like I immediately felt full, but that I simply didn't feel hungry for HOURS afterward. So, I would give the product 5 stars for that.

    Unfortunately, I found the drink to taste way too sweet and pretty weak on the coffee taste. Perhaps I need to try adding some instant coffee, as I suggested to another reviewer. When/if I do that, I will update my review. In any case, as it is, I would only give this two stars, at most, if it were not so good at staving off hunger.

    Bottom line: If you're looking for a substitute for your Starbucks Latte, move on. If you already know you find artificial sweeteners too sweet, you won't like these at all. If taste isn't your primary concern, these could very well be helpful in weight/appetite management....more info
  • A useful product for some of us
    I grabbed one of these out of the frig one morning, and it became my lunch at work. I'm a coffee drinker, and I enjoyed the taste. While I don't have to watch sugar closely, I do need to watch sodium and calories as I pursue weight loss and deal with some dietary restrictions to fend off rising blood pressure. This product gave me low sodium and honestly satisfied my appetite with a mere 90 calories. Understand that this is less than half the calorie count of a can of Slim-Fast, which I also partake of. It's my intention to alternate between the two products as part of my weight loss regimen. I would recommend the Lightfull products to anyone in a similar situation....more info
  • Fills me up and tastes good - wow!
    I didn't think this little bottle would do the trick, but I tried it anyway. Everyone is right. It tastes great and I'm not thinking about having a donut (or something not so healthy) between breakfast and lunch. All of the smoothie flavors are good, but this is my favorite. I don't know how it's done for so few calories, but THANKS!...more info
  • Lacking Latte Likeness!!!
    If you prefer Black Coffee, you may enjoy this one, but if you are thinking of a typical Coffee Shop Latte, try another! Amazon was great with the delivery,the product is lacking flavor in my opinion. I blend a scoop of my Chocolate Protein Powder in it with ice to make it tasty :)...more info
  • Pretty good
    The lightfull smoothies are good flavored and very filling. I (like so many others) am trying to become more trim and fit in the new year and I like a treat with fiber for weight loss and certainly one that's helpful in controlling hunger. I would buy these again....more info
  • Too artificial
    No one in my family could drink the fake flavor latte coffee. So we had to thrown 2 packs away. :(...more info
  • gross. utterly gross.
    i got this as a gold box deal. i am instantly regretting it. this stuff tastes terrible - it doesn't even taste like coffee! i couldn't tell if i was satiated because i was so nauseated by the taste of it. i wonder if i can get my money back, but i doubt it. i haven't been able to get through a single bottle yet. what a waste....more info
  • Great choice for a snack
    I'm rather suprised by the number of low ratings on this product. While I have only tried this flavor so far I think it tastes good for what it is and I find that it does help to keep me full. Keep in mind its not meant to replace a meal, just to tide you over between meals and it works fine for that with me. I was able to order the chocolate so I will be trying that flavor soon. Maybe once I try that I will adjust the rating for the Cafe Latte accordingly. My only complaint is that the regular price hoovers around $28 for 12 which is crazy. I was able to buy two cases of Cafe Latte and Chocolate at $16 a case which is just over $1 a bottle which while not great value is still fair and to me worth it. ...more info
  • Not Bad-- Quite Good and Filling in Fact
    Popped it in the fridge at the office for a few hours. I'd never had this type of smoothie before and wanted to have it handy for those occasions when I was a bit peckish but couldn't get out to eat.

    I shook it up and then poured it into a glass. It was an attractive carmel color and thick. Probably a bit sweet but not cloyingly so. It easily sated my appetite. The taste was pleasant. ...more info
  • LIghtfull Smoothie Cafe Latte
    I ordered this flavor and its on super saver which i get every month. then they sent the wrong one, it was chocolate.. how do i send it back and switch it? I have never ordered chocolate at all.. its always been this flavor.. this one flavor is the best.. ...more info
  • Too sweet + bad package design = bad deal
    I tried these when they were on a really good gold box deal. Here's why I won't be reordering:

    1.) The flavor is way to sweet. I was expecting a smoothie, not a liquid candy bar.
    2.) The packaging is terrible. After wrangling the shrink wrapping off the lid, you have to peel off a seal under the cap that rarely came off without shredding into pieces. After you get the drink open, your lips are treated to a razor sharp edge.

    A few tweaks and this would be a great product. For now this smoothie just isn't worth paying over $1/bottle for....more info
  • Really delicious
    I thought that this was delicious. I have also tried the chocolate flavor, which is not as good. I am not a coffee person, but this tastes (to me) a lot like a frappucino. I, too, noticed the sugar and ingredients, which was kind of disheartening...but it was still tasty....more info
  • NOT BAD!
    The taste is weak compared to an ice coffee but it's not bad for a smoothie. The portion is kinda small so it may not be enough to hold you over till the next meal. I would only buy it on sale as I think the full price is pretty steep for what you get....more info
  • Too sweet
    I bought this product based on the reviews here, but I found it too sweet for my taste. It's even sweeter than Starbucks' Frappuccino....more info
  • Lightfull of YUCK
    Bought this item on a gold box/lightening deal special: two cases for $10.99. I figured at 90 cals, low glycemic, 5 gm each of protein and fiber, filling, convenient, and at less than a buck a pop, what do I have to lose? My lunch, it turns out.

    This stuff does not taste like cafe-anything. Instead, it has a fake-vanilla/plastic taste with a medicine-y finish.

    The only good thing about it is that, if you can choke it down, it is filling. ...more info
  • Luscious Lightfull
    The Caffe Latte is delicious and filling; inspiring energy for up to four hours. It certainly helps in the busy work environment to have substance for fuel....more info
  • Sickeningly oversweet, very little coffee flavor, undrinkable
    I bought this item because I like coffee and yogurt and this seemed to be both. Also, the reviews said it tasted good.

    It doesn't taste good and it has a lot more sugar than I thought. It is very sweet, doesn't taste like coffee to me at all, and it may be "lightfully filling" but I'll never know because I couldn't force myself to drink enough of it to find out.

    ...more info
  • 2 Stars for Satiety, None for Taste or "Greenness"
    I bought 2 cases of this item when it was the Amazon Deal of the Day.
    First, what this product does well: It makes me feel full and gives me a boost of energy
    Now for what it does NOT do well: It tastes bad (chemically, somewhat slimy) and it's bottled in a non-recyclable plastic container (SPI Code: 7-OTHER). Also, there is not a whole lot of smoothie in the bottle at 8.25 fluid ounces.
    This could be a really good product with some improvements because they have the satiety factor down. Now if they could just nail the taste factor and give us an Earth-friendly container I'd give it a rave review. As it is, though, I cannot recommend this product to others....more info
  • Nice flavor, smooth and rich
    I enjoy a variety of coffees, especially espresso made with Italian beans like Lavazza, and I find the flavor to this smooth and pleasant. I see that a lot of people didn't like the flavor to this and I wonder if it is because it does not have the regular kind of sweet Starbucks flavoring. A lot of those drinks have a lot of sugar and flavorings in them.

    And I HAVE learned that apparently this has some sneaky sugar in it from reading Jenn's review. That's really a shame.That is why this review is 4 stars instead of 5. I don't look at that info carefully enough so I was lulled into complacency. 90 calories is like a free lunch.

    I have ALSO learned that apparently people got a much better deal on this than I EVER did. I usually buy them on subscription for $11-12 for a twelve pack. I have never gotten two cases for $12. I guess I will have to watch much more carefully for a better price....more info
  • cafe smoothie
    Not so happy with this product-slightly sour taste, very little, if any, coffee flavor. I will not purchase again....more info
  • Good but not so filling
    I liked the flavor but didn't find it anymore filling than drinking a 12 oz Diet Coke. It's nice to have in the morning in place of breakfast although I wanted a snack less than 2 hours later....more info
  • A Weight Watchers GIFT!
    I absolutely LOVE this product, but I only like the Cafe Latte flavor, personally! Only one point on Weight Watchers, it is the perfect afternoon snack that keeps me full for hours. I couldn't have lost weight without them! They are best when served REALLY cold. Not good otherwise, I don't think. In the summer, I like to keep them in the freezer and drink them just as they thaw, like a milkshake! Yummy!...more info
  • Perfection
    Flavor, nutrition and convenience all in one. The Cafe Latte is my favorite, it is just the right blend of coffee flavor and cream. I bring one to work and have it at break time, it is the best way to get through the day. ...more info
  • to sweet
    I ordered the cafe latte, and I found it to be really too sweet, there far I was disappointed. I would like to try other flavors but I am afraid they maybe to sweet as well. So it likes I am stuck with these bottles. I travel to much to take the time to send back. Anyway it did have the coffee flavor so I gave some to my co-workers at work and they all said the same thing to sweet. And we all use sugar subsutite, but I look at it this way if I am having a sweet tooth this would satify it. LOL...more info
  • Tastes Horrible
    I had high hopes for this when I bought it, but I was really disappointed when it arrived. This stuff tastes really bad, like if you mixed day old coffee with an equal amount of sugar. Plus it leaves a really bad taste in the mouth. I will definitely not buy any more Lightfull Smoothies again!...more info


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