Lightfull Smoothie, Chocolate Satisfaction, 8.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

All our lives we've struggled to stay healthy while juggling work, family & friends, community and just plain fun. Too often, eating right was the ball that got dropped. We longed for a convenient snack that was truly satisfying, low calorie, and all natural. That's what inspired LightFull Satiety Smoothie. LightFull satisfies our sweet tooth (no small task!) with only 90 calories. And, with 5 grams of both fiber and protein, It keeps us feeling full and satisfied for hours. Best of all, LightFull is 100% natural (no artificial anything). LightFull is an excellent source of calcium, and is Gluten free and low glycemic. LightFull Satiety Smoothies helps us juggle with less struggle, and we hope they do the same for you. Lara Jackle and Lynn Graham, cofounders of Lightfull Foods.

  • Only 90 little calories per smoothie. Excellent source of fiber (5g) and 1g fat
  • No artificial anything!
  • Gluten free, Low glycemic
  • A Weight Watchers favorite

Customer Reviews:

  • Sad these are going out of business!
    I am on weight watchers so they are a friendly healthy breakfast and snack for me! The chocolate ones are the best tasting...really Yummy!...more info
  • good for losing weight
    tastes a hell of a lot better than slimfast, and the price is better too....more info
  • best low calorie satisfying snack coffee substitute
    As a dietitian, since soooo many people drink specialty coffee drinks, that are high calorie, it is sometimes hard to find quick and easy alternatives that people can pack up and take with them. I have found they are also great to freeze, so when I have the time to drink it later in the day, it is like a slushy, and refreshing.Lightfull Smoothie, Caf¨¦ Latte, 8.25-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)...more info
  • Delicious!
    These Lightfull Smoothies are delicious. I enjoyed the Chocolate Satisfaction very much. However, the Lightfull Smoothies are not as thick as I expected. I would recommend them to anyone with the understanding that the smoothie is more like a thickened milk beverage than a smoothie....more info
  • weird chocolate flaver
    I had high hopes for this product, I was really excited to find something that would ease my sweet tooth/cravings while Im trying to eat better.
    I love anything chocolate so it sounded really good and the reviews seemed mostly positive.
    I was bummed when I finally tasted it. The chocolate flavor is just odd, I was expecting something in the milk chocolate range. To me Slimfast tastes better than this!
    I was way bummed to say the least. It is also pretty expensive, so considering the price tag and the disapointing flavor Im giving it two stars.
    I like the concept but the flavor just isnt very good, and I wasnt expecting a milkshake, although some of the reviews make it sound like thats what you are going to get...
    You *may* like it more if you prefer "dark" chocolate, not that it exactly tastes like dark chocolate though.

    I also got the latte flavor and wasnt expecting to like that one, but actually prefer it to the chocolate flavor, but I try not to drink a lot of caffiene.
    Oh well back to the drawing board....more info
  • awesome
    Such a wonderful product, sadly they wont be making them anymore... get them while you can!!!...more info
  • chocolate "fix" smoothie
    Nice rich chocolate taste. I found it to be filling and satisfying, rich without too many calories....more info


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