HP Media Vault 500 GB Network Attached Storage mv2120

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Product Description

With the HP Media Vault, you'll be able to quickly create a centralized storage and sharing solution for your home or small business that can handle your most important documents, photos, videos, and music--including the ability to integrate your home's iTunes digital audio libraries. The Linux-powered HP Media Vault MV2120 comes with an integrated 500 GB hard drive (7200 RPM) as well as one expansion bay, enabling you to effortlessly add another Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive with a terabyte (1 TB, or 1024 GB) of additional storage or for RAID 1 mirroring.

But the HP Media Vault isn't bound by the limitations of your wired or wireless network. With its powerful remote access features, you can create a URL that authorized users can access via a Web browser to download files. And with Photo Webshare, you can create your own online photo albums from images stored on the Media Vault.

Add another 1 TB of storage to the HP Media Vault thanks to one SATA expansion bay.

The Media Vault provides access to all your networked PCs as well as to remote users via the Internet.

Media Vault Design
The redesigned Media Vault now shares the same black chassis design and glowing blue hard drive indicators as its bigger HP MediaSmart Server sibling. Measuring 5.5 x 9.6 x 5.4 inches (WxDxH) and weighing 7.1 pounds, the MV2120 is smaller than its predecessor (the MV2000 series Media Vault), and it switches to a horizontal orientation for storing its hard drives.

Opening the front grille reveals a slide-out expansion bay on top, which can be fitted with an optional SATA hard drive. The front of the Media Vault also includes blue backlit icon indicators for power, network connectivity, and health of the integrated and optionally installed hard drives, as well as a USB 2.0 port. The back of the device includes an Ethernet jack (10/100/1000 Gigabit), an additional USB 2.0 port, and the power button. You can connect additional USB hard drives to the Media Vault for additional storage and backup options. Note, however, that printers won't work with the Media Vault as it does not include a print server. The MV2120 is powered by the Linux 2.6 kernel operating system and includes 128 MB of internal RAM memory.

A Central Hub for All Your Files
Great for the home, home office or small business that requires a central location for files that devices on the network can share, setting up and using your HP Media Vault is simple. A few quick steps get you up and running 24/7, and it's ready to work for you no matter how many desktop or notebook PCs are on your home network.

For music lovers, you can centralize your iTunes music library and playlists on the Media Vault for playback on any computer running iTunes on your network. And you can stream media files from the Media Vault to your networked TV and other digital devices for high-quality playback. You can access your media files from Windows-, Mac-, and Linux-based computers.

The HP Media Vault also enables direct remote access to your files when you're away from home, or to others connecting from far-flung locales. You can create an online connection to your Media Vault from any computer with access to the Internet. Use it to access your media files while on vacation, a multimedia presentation from a client site, or to share your media with others. You can also authorize visitors to access your Media Vault remotely so they can view the file folders you have designated for sharing. And you can grant permission for visitors to add their own files to designated folders on your Media Vault.

With HP Photo Webshare, it's easy to set up groups for sharing different photo albums. For instance, set up a photo Webshare so friends can view an album of your latest vacation; or allow family from near and far to add photos from your family reunion to create one blockbuster album.

Protect Your Data
The HP Media Vault keeps your digital life organized, accessible and most importantly, more protected. With its 500 GB installed capacity, it stores and protects important media and files on computers throughout your home or small office. And with customizable backup options your files can be automatically protected weekly, daily or continuously. In addition, for ultimate protection, attach a USB hard drive to your Media Vault and backup the most important Media Vault files to take to a separate, secure location.

The innovative new design lets you easily increase your storage as your needs evolve. Use the expansion bay on the HP Media Vault to add an extra hard drive for greater storage or the additional protection of a second mirrored copy of your data (RAID 1). For enhanced data security, use the expansion drive for creating a full backup copy of your most important files to store in a separate location.

The HP Media Vault Control Center provides easy management and configuration.
Easy Set-up and Management
The HP Media Vault Control Center software allows you to access shared folders, backup settings, and configuration tools. (The Control Center software requires Windows XP or Vista.) Shared Folders are the primary way of organizing files, music, photos, or videos and sharing them with other people. By default there are the five public preconfigured folders: Backup, Documents, Music, Photos, and Videos. These shared folders are accessible by anyone on the local network, and if password protected, can also be accessed remotely.

User accounts can be created on the HP Media Vault for enhanced security and to provide remote file access. Security is increased on shared folders by requiring passwords and setting read/write permissions for each user.

The HP Media Vault can also be utilized as an iTunes Music server, which will aggregate iTunes libraries from the systems on the local network and make one complete library with all music and playlists available to all iTunes clients. When enabled on a PC, the iTunes library on the PC is periodically polled to discover newly added music or videos. When new media is discovered, the files are copied to the iTunes library on the HP Media Vault where they are added to the aggregated iTunes library. (Note that only music files that are not DRM-protected can be streamed from the Media Vault.)

What's in the Box
HP Media Vault, power cable/AC adapter, Ethernet cable, software installation disc, printed setup poster

The Media Vault mv2120 gives you remote access to your files when you're away from home, automatic backups, media streaming across your home network, a photo sharing Web site, and expandable storage. This quietly operating network-attached storage supports 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet and both wired and wireless networking. Back up and share data and media across your home network, automatically back up important files Back up the media vault's contents to an external hard disk and store in a separate location Remotely access files and applications from any Internet-connected PC Stream media files to your home entertainment center or PCs on your network Share photos and files with friends and colleagues by creating a photo Web site on the media vault, you can also give visitors permission to add their own files Marvell SOC Processor 128MB DDR2 DRAM Memory 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) RJ45 Ethernet Network Support Compatibility - Windows XP or more-recent Microsoft operating system Dimensions - Width 5.47 x Height 5.37 x Depth 9.62

  • 2 Drive Bays/ Accommodates Any 3.5 Inch SATA HDD
  • 2 USB 2.0 Ports/ 1 Front/ 1 Rear/ Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • 500GB/ 7200 RPM SATA Internal Hard Drive Plus One Available Expansion Bay
  • Marvell ARM Processor/ SoC/ 128MB DDR2 DRAM Memory
  • Smart Energy Saving Hard Disk Drive Spin Down and Exceptional Power Consumption

Customer Reviews:

  • Does what it's supposed to do
    Have had my MV2120 running for a little over a week, it's supporting my Mac / PC network doing basic NAS and iTunes serving. Setup was a snap with the included software on the PC side and some simple networking commands on the apple side. I added a second 500Gb drive to bring the total up to 1Tb (not mirrored). So far it's everything i would have asked for - it's quiet, unobtrusive, supports any and all of my backup methods (PC side only so far)and was a good value for the price. Gave it four stars due to the slower read / write speeds. I'm on a 100mb network and have had other NAS systems in my setup that were faster r/w, the HP is a little slower from what i can see but not so much that i am unhappy with the device. I considered a Drobo when purchasing this but the price / value was what won me over.

    Recommended!...more info
  • so so
    It took me about 2 days before I can use remote access control with my linksys wireless router. Automatic setting did not work well for my router. I have to set it manually.

    My Web shared is so so. It worked well on IE, but not firefox. With IE, you can upload and downloaded easily.With firefox, you have to upload one picture at the time.

    For remote access control, it was disappointed for me. it worked but quite slow. You can upload or download only one file at the time -_-" so wasting my time.

    Overall, it might good for only home user, who normally do not want to access files remotely.
    ...more info
  • If your home or small business needs back up storage with no hassle
    Secure storage, file-sharing and backups are a concern for many individuals and businesses. SOHO applications in particular are often tricky, as price and convenience (as well as usability, as not everyone is an IT genius) are at a premium. A massive array of servers simply isn't an option often enough due to budget and space concerns. The solution? Well, HP has a new model of their Media Vault on tap for 2008 and it looks very promising indeed.

    The mv2120 is a Linux-powered file server featuring Ethernet and USB 2.0 connectivity, and a 500GB 7200 RPM SATA drive. A second 3.5" expansion bay (with drive carrier to make installation a snap) allows for expansion of available storage space or Raid 1 redundancy. The USB ports allow additional drives to be chained to the Media Vault for further backup purposes, for example to remove a copy of important data to another location. The mv2120 is also perfectly suited for use as a streaming media server, allowing easy access to stored data from multiple PCs or entertainment systems. The box can even be used as a web server, allowing remote users access to files according to their access rights.

    The unit is roughly 10x5.5x5.5 inches, making it extremely easy to find a place to store it even in the most crowded of situations. Pricing and availability on the new 2100 series are not known, but if you're interested in the mv2120 you can check out HP's website as 2008 rolls on.
    HP MV2120 500GB Media Vault...more info
  • I love this very simple backup solution
    I purchased this to tame an increasingly jumbled set of backups that I had hacked together on my home network (4 pc's on the network, backed up to various internal drives, external hard drives, etc....everything was backed up but it was getting out of control).

    All I'm using it for right now is backup (not media serving) but it's super-simple:

    1. Plug drive into router and turn on power (1 minute).
    2. Load software onto the first computer you want to backup (3 or 4 minutes).
    3. Find the files/folders/drives you want to backup and assign them a backup location, press "start" (3 or 4 minutes).
    4. Repeat on each computer in the network.

    One small annoyance that I've seen mentioned elsewhere -- the HP software pops up and asks to search for updates, but there are no updates to be found. Should be smarter than that...

    So: works as advertised. Simple to use. No headaches so far....more info
    Setup was very easy, and it has been running perfectly every since. It reads and writes quickly and it is easy to use. Great product. ...more info
  • An Excellent Network Storage and Backup Solution!
    The Media Vault has made it very easy (finally) for me to put all my files in one place that everyone on my home network can access. Here's what's great about it:

    1. It's very easy to install. Just plug in the power supply, plug the included ethernet cable into your router, turn it on, and it's ready to go. The Media Vault is one of the more attractive techno doo-dads out there, so you're not forced to hide it when entertaining guests. If you do want to get it out of the way, its small enclosure allows it to fit nicely in a closet or cabinet.

    2. It's easy to configure. The interface is simple, even for regular folks who are new to administering a home server or shared storage device (technically, the Media Vault is a NAS, which stands for Network Attached Storage). The included software, which is PC-only, works as advertised, giving you control over user accounts, backup schedules, sharing, and other functions.

    Fortunately, if you're not on a PC, or if you don't want to install yet another piece of software on your computer, you can easily control the router via your Web browser. Just type in the Media Vault's address on your network and configure to your heart's content. As far as I could tell, most of the features of the PC software are available via the Web interface. Mac users will need to opt for this method.

    3. Sharing is easy. The Media Vault is set up to share videos, music, photos, and documents right out of the box. You can open, edit, and save files that live on the Media Vault just as you would with a file that lives on your computer. Another plus: the Media Vault is immediately recognized by streaming media devices such as an xbox 360 or other network-connected media players. That means you can enjoy videos and photos from the comfort of your TV room. The Media Vault also comes with a built-in iTunes server. It's great having all my music ready to play in iTunes, no matter which computer I'm using.

    4. Remote sharing is surprisingly simple. The Media Vault sets you up with your own custom Web address, which people outside your network can visit to browse your files. Don't worry, they have to be authorized to do this! It's a great way to share photos and files with friends and family far away. There's even a function called "Photo Webshare" that organizes and displays photos stored on the Media Vault via the Web.

    5. Backups are a snap. I configured the Media Vault to automatically back up the contents of the user folders on my PCs (My Documents, My Photos, My Music, etc.) This way, my most important files are always getting backed up to the Media Vault and I don't have to think about it. Another great feature of the Media Vault that I plan to take advantage of is the hard drive expansion bay. I can easily add another internal hard drive, allowing me to make automatic backups of the Media Vault itself. You can also back up the Media Vault by hooking up an external USB drive and copying your data to it.

    And what about negatives? It would be nice if the device were a bit quieter when in use. The internal fan is a little distracting. That's why I would recommend placing the Media Vault in an out-of-the-way part of your home, or in a closet or cabinet with good ventilation. That's my only nit-pick for now, but I'll see how it goes as I use it more!...more info
  • HP Media Vault 2120 (MV2120)
    I would give this product 4/5 stars for being affordable and relatively easy to set up. I think the instructions could be a bit more useful, but there are some online sources that fill in the gaps.

    I haven't used the media server feature yet, as I use Slimserver, but I do store the songs on the server and it works great.

    Libernet...more info
  • Good product reasonable price
    This is a Linux based client. It uses NAS communication and is able to shadow changes in folders it is directed to.

    I have found the client interface to work flawlessly and the software for shadowing file changes is very good, plus it will automatically save previous versions, so if I mess something up good I can always retrieve the previous version.

    I use this unit for my consulting business and I have been able to keep those records partitioned from my wifes and sons files.

    The other feature I like about this server is I have been able to give remote access to my two employees who work in their own offices and we are able to share and save working files.

    This is a great value for medium to small bossiness and the price at 299 is about what you would expect to pay for a USB hard drive unit.

    If you are backing up files right now to an exterior hard drive this is the next step.
    ...more info
  • Great for streaming to Xbox 360 (long)
    First off, I just want to say that I am not a gadget freak, or an expert when it comes to gadgets. Nor do i have time or money to spend money on gadgets to explore dfferences between different products. With that said, I did alot of research when it came to buying the Hp MediaVault 2120.
    I also want to state that my main reason for wanting to purchase the MV2120 was of course for space. I have a fairly old computer with only a 80 GB HDD, and I love movies, so naturally 80 Gb is definitely not enough space. The second reason, and probably just as important as space, for wanting to get a NAS storage device was so that I could connect it to my network and stream movies, music and photos to my different devices on my network, mainly my XBOX 360's (yes, I have two).
    If i had to sum this product up in one word, it would be WOWTASTIC!!!! I honestly purchased this unit a little confused as to the streaming capabilities were concerned. I looked on many different websites, but none of them were very clear when it came to streaming. But regardless of the lack of information on the webstes, and several calls to HP Customer Care, I went ahead and purchased the unit.
    Setup was a breeze. You simply install the software on your computers, which at this time is incompatible with Mac computers, and you are good to go. The NAS Interface is a little clunky and slow, and when the hard drive goes into sleep mode, it does take more than normal times to speed up the drive, but it works like a charm. My biggest concern was actually streaming to my Xbox's. Just so you know how it went, I simply plugged up my NAS to my network, set up the software on the computer, and went into the settings and set up the Media Vault just like I wanted. Then i turned on my 360's, and the Media Vault automatically came up on the selection screen. It was litterally as simple as connecting the cable and turning on the Xbox. From there, I was able to stream all music, photos, and videos that I have in my collection. Of course, remember that the files have to be a certain format for the 360 to be able to read it, but if they are, then it will work without flaws.
    I was curious as to how i could stream video, and I decided to put the MV2120 to the test. The tet was simple. To find out how many multiple streams it could do. So what I did was I turned on both of my Xbox 360's and played two seperate movies from the MV2120, and fast-forwarded them, jsut to test out the capabilities, and believe me when i tell you, there was absolutely no difference when i ran the two movies on the seperate 360's. I do want to let you know, I tried it with three devices (2 Xbox 360's, and one laptop) and it didnt work so well. So if you just so happen that you have 3 Xbox's, be warned that it may not work as well.
    To be honest, I havent tried the remote desktop feature, or the photoshare, which to me are added features, that I was not that interested with in the first place, so I am unable to comment on those features. And for that, I do apologize.
    To conclude, my main reason for purchasing the Media Vault was to add more storage to my current configuration, and have a central location for streaming my media files over to my HDTV's via my Xbox 360's. All I can say is that it blew away my expectations, and If you are looking to do the same thing that I have attempted for a much lower price than the "Microsoft branded Servers" then you will definitely be pleased with this unit. Thank you HP....more info
  • This Little Linux Box Packs a LOT
    I haven't had much experience with the Windows Home Server version of HP's MediaSmart servers, but the HP MediaVault seems to offer a good deal of its functionality at HALF the cost.

    True, you can't stuff as many hard drives in this unit as a MediaSmart server but the typical home, the environment that this product was designed for, 1 extra HD bay for upgrades is plenty. The greatest feature of the upgradeable HD bay is the easy, pull out tray.

    The Linux system on the MediaVault is very user friendly unlike a lot of hardcore Linux environments and is very reminiscent of Windows. The best part is that you can use macs with this product to use as a basic backup drive and to browse files. Something Windows Home Server cannot do (surprise).

    Another list of pros and cons that helped me a LOT when deciding on this product is the following from Gizmodo:

    What's not as good as MediaSmart Windows Home Server:
    * Won't do multiple streams of video like WHS
    * Only two drive bays (a fixed and a spare) instead of four
    * Lets you backup multiple PCs, but only one at at time from the PC itself, not through a WHS-style master control

    What's the same as MediaSmart Windows Home Server:
    * iTunes music aggregation
    * Photo webshare
    * Remote access and web-based file browsing (1-year free)
    * Connect via Mac for basic use as a shared drive

    What's better than MediaSmart Windows Home Server:
    * Web-based remote controls work great on Macs
    * Quieter, with less drive noise on a regular basis
    * Easy to back-up the server itself to a USB drive
    * Easier to access Windows backups, especially from a Mac
    * Probably does not share the same data corruption bug as WHS...more info
  • Very poor product, even worse support
    I purchased this 4 months ago for a client. It worked well for those first few months, but then became completely unresponsive. Was not able to recover data from the hard drive possibly due to what the Systems Architect who designed the Media Vault called "pool technology" which "resembles a Logical Volume Manager, but it is unique and thus cannot be used with any existing disk recovery tools." Great! Just the sort of filesystem you want in case of disaster. I later stumbled upon a post describing a potential workaround - just search for "Recovering data from a HP Media Vault".

    Anyway, I called HP fully expecting them to rush out a replacement after several hours on the phone, but no, they had to "check other resources" and "get back with me". They finally offered to replace just the hard drive and see what happens. I gave up on them, as I would no longer depend on their hardware or support in a production environment. After Buffalo, HP has the worst tech support I've ever experienced....more info
  • Does what it says
    I bought this product to store HD videos from my Sony HDD camera. It was SO EASY to setup and begin using. I have had no issues at all with the device. It is very quiet and transferring files (via wireless notebooks) is pretty snappy. I haven't had to use it yet, but one of the reasons I purchased HP was my experience with the responsiveness of their support team on my HP all-in-one 4250....more info
  • Not Ready For Prime Time
    UPDATE: They now seem to know why this out of disk space error occurs. The file system is optimized for large files; ie MP3's, JPEG's, MPEG's, etc. The MediaVault 2120 is a Linux File EXT3 system and is formatted for a maximum of 473,000 files/folders on a 500 GB disk. That may sound like a lot - but I have data that includes many small files. Only a SMALL portion of the data on my Fujitsu Tablet (with only a 60 GB disk) will copy to the 500 GB MediaVault disk before the MediaVault reads as "full".

    If you plan on using this system with media type data - you will probably be fine. If - like me - you have a lot of small files - beware. I would not recommend this product to anyone with my type of data. BTW - still no communication regarding how long till a fix is available - if ever.

    ORIGINAL POST: I installed this without doing any customizing and have yet to get it to work properly. When I copy files to the system, it gives me a disk full error - yet the system shows only a small percentage of the disk is actually being used. After hours on the phone with HP support - who really seemed to try - they were unable to explain the issue let alone resolve it. They even had me reload the linux OS for the system and reformat the drive. The issue was escalated to senior tech who acknowleged that others were having the same issue. He has since left the company. The issue is in the hands of the HP product development/software team. As of now they have no fix. This has gone on for almost over a month. I have been promised emails with a status report on the issue. The only contact is when I call them. At least its an 800 number. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Many seem to have no issues, but several have had the same problem as me. ...more info
  • I wanted to like it more
    Well, I wanted to like it. In the end I returned it.

    The software/firmware just isn't mature yet...like it was built by a small team that didn't have time to do a bunch of things (like create truly useful help documentation). You are left to guess when using features like the iTunes capability.

    Talked a few times with support. Hard to get through the phone tree (I think the key was to select "other" early on, and then media vault.) Once you got through, they were helpful. Online support materials are "thin".

    I could never get device to back up to external USB2 drive in FAT32 mode...unit seemed to keep reformatting to EXT3 (despite what you had requested through UI).

    That all being said, hardware is good. Quiet, doesn't get warm (I had it in an upper kitchen cabinet, with second mirror drive installed).

    Maybe just a dot release away from perfect...I just don't have the patience to wait.

    ...more info
  • HP surprises me again
    While looking around for a backup & storage solution for me 3 home computers, I stumbled upon this unit and the associated COMPREHENSIVE reviews here. I went ahead and purchased this NAS and was I surprised! HP wowed me with this unit. It was very easy to set up and I installed it on a LAN Switch in my daughters bedroom. A PS3 is also connected to the switch (no computer in the room).

    It works superbly and I especially like the easy to use - set it and forget it - backup software. Huge relief since I hate dealing with all those arcane and unnecessarily complicated back-up software.

    I can access it from any computer quite easily, and it even shows up in the 2 PS3 machines connected to the LAN.

    I am not an expert in LANs etc., and I am extremely pleased with this unit which have been running error free for 3 months now.

    NOTE: When I bought this unit, it was cheaper on Amazon than from the HP website....more info
  • Great for back up and freeing up space on your computer
    I bought this because I wanted to back up my computer and move my iTunes off my computer to save room.

    PROS: So easy to set up I wondered if I even did it. I have it mirroring any changes I make on my computer it changes on the Media Valut. My iTunes are there and I can access them from my home network.

    CONS: None yet. ...more info
  • Don't buy it (yet....)
    Got the unit yesterday at Fry's.
    I set it as a mirror disk (2x500GB.)
    Seems to work fine, so we started loaded files into the unit.... until we reached 64GB and then the system stop with the error that we have no more disk space. When you look at the system control panel, it says that we have ~400GB available disk space....
    Call HP support, spent about 2 hrs over the phone with two guys and eventually they told me that this system is one month old, clearly they are clueless regarding the problem and suggested:
    (a) exchange the unit where you purchased it
    (b) they will send a replacement system disk (you pay for it...)
    (c) wait until they release a fix at unknown date in the future

    Bottom line, pre-mature version. don't touch it...more info
  • HP Media Vault MV2120
    Excellent value now that the unit is under $300. Setup was very easy and operating system is intuitive for a novice user....more info
  • Plug N Play and go...
    I had been looking at other "NAS" devices, and had been waiting for the Ximeta NetDisk Home whenever they finally came out. I finally got tired of waiting, and found this little thing. My main requirements were NAS (not direct attached) and RAID 1. This has it all.

    Plugged it in turned it on. Went to my PC to load the software, and forgot my CD drive was busted. Decided to browse the network anyway and see what I could see, and there it was, ready and waiting for me to copy files to it. I had been worried about my PC hard drive failing, and losing all my pictures, but got them backed up right away. (Oh, by the way, the Media Vault does have Gig Ethernet, so just upgraded my switch to Gig, and now planning to upgrade my PC.)

    Once I fixed my CD, I loaded the software, and was able to setup automatic backups of my PC to the Media Vault. You can setup various situations: everytime I change a file on my PC, or only once a week for example. You can keep multiple previous versions which I don't need.

    The Media Vault only comes with one drive, so to setup RAID 1 I had bought a second drive. Now came the time to add the second drive (keeping my fingers crossed). Worked like a champ: turn off the MV, open the case, drop the second drive in, push in (no need to worry about cables), turn it back on. Go to the software control center, click the button for RAID 1, and it's done.

    I have both Vista and XP clients that connect to it. There were a few unusual issues from Vista when trying to manage the settings on the MV, but no problems with file copies/transfers/backups.

    Haven't yet setup iTunes on it (it somehow integrates into your iTunes), nor used it for Windows Media Center, so will have further testing to do.

    But for now I'm suitably impressed with this box....more info
  • great little machine
    This is a great little machine. The interface for the server is very cool and easy to use but a little slow. The transfer speeds are pretty good. I bought it mostly to stream 1080p's and it does that fine. It writes at something like 70-80mbps and reads at around 60-70 mbps....more info
  • The point is to KEEP our data files...
    HP Media Vault stores its files in a volume that CANNOT be read if one puts installs the MV hard disk into a PC. The disk format is incompatible.

    I had a Media Vault that had a "problem" and could no longer by seen on the network. The cure for that problem (according to HP) was reloading the Media Vault Software...which would entail ERASING ALL MY DATA ON THE MEDIA VAULT.

    Well, gee thanks HP. Your product has one purpose in life, to backup data files, however it is impossible to recover the data off the disk if the MV itself has a problem....more info
  • I love this!
    My whole CD collection on a single device that doesn't require my computer to be on. I can access my entire music collection from my ROKU Sound Bridge (Internet Radio directly connected to my stereo) or from my Play Station 3. Easy to set up. It's Linux-based, too (though you won't know it because there is a windows interface). The HP media-servers are windows based and, from what I read, Microsoft upgrades them into oblivion the same way it does with Windows - you know, they keep updating the software until it gets so slow it becomes unusable. No such problem with the Linux based media vault. Simple, inexpensive and beautiful......more info
  • Neat concept and good product
    I've gotten heavily into photography and started to run into the problem many other photogs and other multimedia folks run into - running out of space. So I started searching and decided to try this unit out. I mainly just wanted a NAS storage, but the multimedia and remote options were gravy. Set up went fairly well. Initially it had a hard time finding the NAS but finally did. That was about the only difficulty on setup.

    As a storage unit, it seems to work great. Created and ran a few backup jobs and considering teh amount of data being moved, it did a decent job, speed wise.

    My only complaint really is the software is a little clunky. It comes with a control manager that's easy to understand, but I've found certain operations sometimes didn't work (such as mapping the drive in windows explorer via the software). I think this may have been related to not being able to find the NAS, so i just manually did it in windows explorer. I also notice on startup that it'll ask if I want to start some backup jobs, then it prompts me for my username and password. I supply it but it always fails. I just cancel out and it seems to continue fine.

    There is also a web-based control panel for the NAS. I like this, although its a little slow but its functional and not too bad. I want to try out the PhotoShare functionality but haven't gotten to that point yet. That looks pretty interesting. I'm wondering though if it'll allow other users to create albums from photos ON the NAS via the PhotoShare interface if the user has permission to view those folders. Again, I haven't played with this piece of functionality yet.

    Now, the remote access is a neat concept. You can use your web browser if you are on teh go to access your photoshare OR your NAS itself. I like the idea, but not a fan of the delivery of it. The interface here is clunky and slow. I can imagine that it'd be a real pain to access files or browse them unless you really need them. In other words, casually browsing the NAS remotely wasn't a pleasant experience. It'd be great in an emergency type situation where you need some file, but other than that, I don't see myself casually looking unless i need something mainly b/c the interface is slow and clunky. It'd be awesome if you could remote mount the NAS in explorer. But again, this is gravy for my purposes, i wasn't really buying this unit for that functionality and it'd be great in a "must need" type situation.

    One thing I didn't like about setting up the remote access is that it forced you to create a URL via a third party to locate your drive. Its not a huge deal, more of a pet peeve. I use DYNDNS and have been for years and have the URL I want so I can access my computers on the road even though i have dynamic DNS. I wish it let you account for people who might already have this. It doesn't interfere with the functionality though, its more of an added step, but it would have been nice if I could skip it. As I said, i didn't need another URL, I already had one. Of course, I can still use my DYNDNS url, its just a pet peeve that i had to create another URL via another 3rd party service.

    For my purposes, so far so good. Setting up backup jobs was easy, we'll see how it works long term. I'm curious how well the photoshare will end up working and how easy managing users and visitors is. ...more info
  • Great concept, but poor execution
    Let me preface by saying that perhaps I got a defective unit. I purchased this unit from Amazon and couldn't wait to set it up. Unfortunately, I've had several problems with it from the get go. I set it up and all was fine. Then I started copying my music and videos over from my PC. I happened to copy some files that were flagged as read only and those attributes carried over. Unfortunately, with those read only attributes on the files... I was then unable to delete those files with an error of permission denied on the MV2120. I tried making the folder a public folder with no restrictions and same thing. The only way I could delete the file was to SSH into the MV2120 and find the file that way and either chmod the permissions or do an rm on the file.

    The second problem I ran into is that permissions on the folders doesn't seem to work right on this specific unit. I set two folders as private and created a userid with full access to those folders. When I try to view the contents of the folder through windows explorer, it prompts me for my userid and password. So far so good. I enter my credentials and can't get to it. This worked one night and the next it didn't. I tried restarting the MV2120 and rebooted my PC and same thing. Sure I can set all the shares to public, but what good is that if I want to remote access to these folders from outside my home network?

    Perhaps I'm wrong to expect that this thing should be relatively easy to configure (and the interface is easy and straightforward but it doesn't work all the time). Sure i know how to ssh to it and know some Unix commands to do what I need with the files, but this really should be much easier to setup and use. Oh and I did contact HP support (once) and they were of no help to me.

    I like the concept of this product, but sadly, will be returning this to Amazon in the next few days. I am inclined to try the WHS version to see if that one is better as I really would like to use this or something like this....more info
  • Backing up the pics!
    We're crazy busy with two kids under two. With over 10,000 pictures, our less-than-new laptops were groaning a bit under the strain of all those pics on the hard drive.

    Bought the HP MV2120 500GB Media Vault a couple months ago. Initial set up was fairly easy. The drive is stuck back in the armoire with the router, so we can't hear it at all. It appears to run very cool each time I've checked. Everybody has access to it, so there are no problems getting the the pictures or video we want.

    Haven't put a second drive in yet. Planning to do that soon and set it up to mirror this one - just in case. I'd also like to be able to set this thing up to view files remotely. Can't seem to get through the various firewalls, etc., but I'll keep trying!...more info
  • Good, but some serious issues
    Update-Tried to add a second hard drive and lost all data on existing drive. Device was never able to read or write to second drive. Support tries but is not familiar with product yet. This device may be ready for market in another year. Right now STAY AWAY. Between the inability to add a 2nd hard drive and inability to access files over the internet as designed, product was returned. HP is good about taking returns.

    For the most part this is a great little device. Sharing on your internal network works great. Backup is very well integrated. Problem is with sharing outside (or whenever you make a drive "private"). Worked fine for me for one day and after that any private drive could not be seen over the internet. HP support had no useful solutions. I really wish that all the makers of devices that are designed to be shared on a network would give you better instruction on how to configure your firewall to allow access. I got it working, but I had to manually add all the exe files. Even a list of the files that should be included would be great so I didn't have to search for them....more info
  • Easy to setup, but can't make it work as I want
    I found this extremely easy to set up. As close to plug and play as you get. However, I am unhappy with it and plan to get rid of it. I simply wnated a networked storage device to clear my hard drive of photos and music. The iTunes aggregator grabbed all of the music (although it took a long time), but rather than store it in one folder, it create 7 or 8 different folders in a very complicated file tree. If I try to organize it, it re-aggregates and i get duplicates. Trying to turn off aggregation does not work. Support, while very friendly, was useless. After 2-3 calls, their answer was to check online forums for a solution. I really want to like the product, but it is just not working for me. ...more info
  • Great little system - no foreign language support
    This machine works just as advertised. It backs up my stuff as I needed it to. I can stream video files onto my xbox 360 without a hitch. But as another reviewer mentioned, it doesn't support foreign languages. In my case, it was Korean. No Korean support means that it won't automatically back up files containing korean characters. However, I am able to manually place these foreign name files on the MV.??...I really do hope there's a fix to this. But otherwise, a great product. Should deserve a 5star rating if they ever get that fixed....more info
  • HP MV2120 Media Vault
    Easy to hookup out of the box. Setup to the network went well. I have not used it yet for media so I don't know about the speed. I have also bought an additional hard drive to take advantage of the raid ability. It can be put in any room, noise is not an issue. ...more info
  • Great set of features for the price.
    I wanted to move my music collection off my laptop but be able to access it via my home network. I also wanted the capability to have a mirrored backup in case the hard drive fails. I had looked at the Windows Home server version of this box but the $500 price was too much. This machine does everything I wanted at a much more affordable price.

    I ordered it from Amazon and have had a great experience with it so far. Streams perfectly, even streams video to my TV via Xbox....more info
  • Great alternative to a server for data backup
    This unit will replace the need for a server for many of you (if you don't need the server for more than data backup). It does a fine job for this.

    Everything about installing this drive went smoothly. After the drive automatically added itself to an IP address on the network, I modified the settings to a static IP ... so there would never be any question of where to find it. Talk to it with Internet Explorer to manage it and then with Windows Explorer to transfer files. I just installed a second drive to the unit for a mirrored backup of the primary drive. Piece of cake! The unit is quiet, runs cool, and pleasant to look at.

    I was thinking to set up separate directories on the backup for every directory that I wanted to back up ... but then just decided to add a single "BackupRoot" folder to the drive that I mapped back to my "C" drive. Then I used the "Beyond Compare" tool I usually use to manage the various folders that I methodically backup.

    I will be soon installing a gigabit router to connect the unit ... can't wait for the speed enhancement.

    The unit offers administrative password protection ... as well as defined user password protection on the various folders. I didn't find an encryption option for the information stored in the unit. That would be welcome.

    For now, I just use the unit for backup. There are lots of multimedia features in this unit that I'm not yet using.

    All in all, I'm really happy with the unit. There was the more expensive Raid-3 configuration. I think that Raid-3 would be pretty important in a server ... but the mirror should be good enough here. It does offer the ability to completely backup the mirrored drive to an external USB drive that can be stored in a safe place ... on my list of tings to do ;)
    ...more info
  • HP got it really right with this product
    This is a surprisingly good product. The device itself seems to me to be a great value. The software is easy to install (i.e., no install failures) and at least for me, easy and intuitive to use (i.e., no need to read the manual). The cool features, like the built-in iTunes server works without any configuration, and with a small amount of configuration, the ability to make it into a secure, on-the-internet server for photo and file sharing was equally impressive. I opted to buy an additional WD 500gb drive (for about $110 here on Amazon) and run them in RAID mode, so I have a terrabyte of physical storage available as one fault-tolerant 500gb drive. Adding the 2nd drive was also effortless. Just drop the drive in the enclosure, go to the configuration panel and select "use for RAID" and then the device automatically configures the drive.

    I've attached it to my Netgear wireless router and file transfers and music streaming work fine on my network.

    One undocumented feature is that it works perfectly with my Mac as well as my Windows box. I just mount the drives via SMB and also the iTunes streaming works without configuration.

    One significant missing feature in my view is that the available USB ports on the device are only for backing up the drives (i.e., output of the unit) not for uploading. This means that my first backups were much slower than needed, as I had to mount my external USB drive to my computer and then transfer my 100gb of lossless music via Ethernet, which was a lot slower. When I first backed up my Mac (using SuperDuper, which is better than Apple's TimeMachine in my view), it took 11 hours to back up 200gb. Doing the transfer via USB would have taken maybe 4-7 hours.

    I liked this product so much that I bought a second one for use at my office. I think this is a terrific value. ...more info