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With a full color LCD screen and battery pack, Eyeclops is the perfect on-the-go device that lets kids explore the world around them, indoors or out. Use the LCD screen as a viewfinder for specimens, zoom in with one of three powerful new magnifications (100x, 200x and an eye-popping 400x) and take digital pictures and video of your amazing discoveries. Save and share your findings with the built-in flash drive and removable USB key. Then, view them on any standard television, and upload your files to your PC to email and send to friends. Requires 5 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 12"L x 15.75"W x 4.25"H.

The EyeClops BioniCam Video Microscope from JAKKS Pacific opens up a world of microscopic fun for kids to explore. This bionic eye makes it easy to take digital pictures and capture video that documents new discoveries. Designed to keep inquisitive children aged eight and up entertained and interested in the world around them, the BioniCam is also engaging enough to captive adults.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Look at familiar objects in a whole new way; review images on a TV or computer

The Bad: Learning to focus the eye takes practice

In a Nutshell: Unique video microscope provides creepy close-ups and informal science lessons

At a Glance

Ages: 8 and older
Requires: 5 AA batteries; TV and/or computer for full effect

A belt clip battery pack makes it easy to take the BioniCam anywhere. View larger.

Even old blue jeans look cool viewed through the BioniCam. View Larger.
Magnify Your World,
To get started, simply insert five AA batteries (not included) into the belt clip battery pack, insert the included USB memory stick into the top of the BioniCam, and turn the unit on. With the camera's ergonomically shaped handle in one hand, you can focus on any number of everyday objects--such as coins, fabric, your pet's fur, or your own hair and skin. The magnified images appear in real time and full color on the LCD screen. Below the screen, you'll find easy to use buttons that allow you to navigate the menu, select video or photo options, review your gallery, and delete unwanted images.

A zoom dial offers either 100x, 200x or 400x magnification. To focus an image, twist the I.R.I.S. lens attachment until you achieve the results you're looking for. Getting a crisp image takes a little patience at first, especially at the highest magnification. But with practice and with the help of the easy-to-read focusing gauge, you'll be focusing the lens in no time.

Photos and Video Without Complicated Setup
With no software to upload and minimal set-up, the BioniCam makes sharing discoveries easy. Plug the USB memory stick directly into your computer for quick access to images, then save and edit them or post them to your blog. Alternately, you can use the included video cable to display images on your TV. When you are plugged into the TV, the LCD screen turns off, but you still retain all the functionality of the BioniCam. This makes reviewing huge enlargements in real time a fun group activity.

Contagious Fun for the Whole Family
The hand-held magnification "eye" is fun to hold and makes it easy for your child to explore the microscopic world without complicated scientific instruments. Viewing the magnified images on your computer or TV screen in full, vivid color encourages kids to take learning into their own hands and provides numerous opportunities for parents and children to play fun and educational games together.

The excitement of seeing objects in your child's everyday world magnified to up to 400 times is sure to be a hit with whole family. Fortunately, the lightweight, durable plastic unit fits comfortably into both small and large hands. And if you need some help getting started, the easy-to-read instruction booklet offers lots of tips for finding items that hide interesting textures, from pine needles to sponges and insects.

On the lowest setting, the LEDs occasionally prove too bright for viewing lighter-colored objects, and these images may remain unclear on large viewing screens. On the higher magnification settings, however, this did not seem to be a problem, as textures and colors came through flawlessly. And while the battery pack makes it easy to explore indoors and out, the LCD screen can be tough to read in direct sunlight.

Overall, these are minor concerns that should do nothing to prevent this fun, educational toy from being big hit with all kinds of kids.

What's in the Box
BioniCam, I.R.I.S. lens attachment, removable USB drive, and video cable.

  • The Bionic Cam Boasting is the next generation of the award winning Bionic Eye, with a full color LCD screen, Multiple lenses and battery pack, Everyone can take EyeClops on the go explore the world around you indoor and outdoors
  • Use the LCD screen as a viewfinder for specimens, zoom in with one of three powerful new magnifications (100x, 200x and an eye popping 400x) and take digital pictures and video of your amazing discoveries, and send around the world via the internet.
  • Save and share your findings with the built-in flash drive and removable USB key – view on any standard television and upload your files to your PC to email and send to friends USB Key included
  • Portable and recordable, the EyeClops BioniCam is the ultimate Bionic Eye
  • Winner of Many of this years Toy Awards

Customer Reviews:

  • eyeclops bionicam
    My son loves this product he took the product survey with me and answered the questions, he gets a kick out of looking at eyeones head and hair, then he cant stop laughing he's 7 and will someday be a mixture of a scientist with a jim carrey sence of humor....more info
  • kids microscope
    this was for one grandchild for the holidays, however everyone left the other gifts to come play and learn this one....more info
  • EyeClops
    This is a really neat toy. The Videos come out really clear. It is simple to use and so far seems durable. The only reason I rated the educational value low is because it only magnifies to a certain extent. Fabric for instance shows the treads. The pictures download to a PC really easily. Also, I did not notice what other reveiwers said that the pictures were coming out blurry. Ours are very clear. My daughter (10 years old) has uploaded her videos on the computer and will show people what the items look like magnified....more info
  • excellent for all ages
    I love this it is so much more then we thought it would be. When my son said that he wanted this I was so sure this would end up in the toy box and never played with. The pictures on this will totally gross you out. I looked under my nails and OMG I so wanted to puke!!!! Pictures of eye lashes are the coolest. Some of the pictures the boys have are the coolest and I take them to work so eveyone can try to guess what the new pic of the week is. I totally recommend this product. only issue is we use it so much the batterys run down soooooooo fast....more info
  • fascinating, fun but tricky to use
    I bought this because of the positive reviews and the amazing sale price before Christmas. Everyone who came into the house over the holidays wanted to play with it -- and many spent hours at it. And these were grownups. I also spent a lot of time with it. We all ran around the house looking for things to view with it -- hair, dust, cloth, leaves, bugs, coins, cork (that was a winner!) and anything that would fit under the lens. So, yes, it's a terrific toy and the pictures are good.... IF. And that's my one criticism, made by many others: It is very hard to focus this instrument due to a poor design (the rotating base touches the surface on which you are viewing the object, so the scope moves away from the item as you are trying to focus). And the light can be weak. It's also tricky to snap the picture without losing the focus. I eventually figured out some strategies for overcoming these problems, but it took some practice and would be very frustrating for a child or anyone without patience and a steady hand. Still, if you can get it for under $20, as I did, it is certainly worth the money. Two friends who played with at my house over the holidays bought one for a young nephew they were visiting later in the week. They say he loved it....more info
  • Doodle
    This is really fun for the entire family! We all enjoy it! The kids really enjoy taking pictures and emailing them out to friends and family. Then they ask if they can identify the item in the photo. Hilarious! Lots of fun! ...more info
  • Great toy
    Lots of fun. The only thing I don't like is that you have to put it right on the object for it to work which makes it difficult to see some objects. However, it is truly amazing and fun so this is a small issue. Well worth the money....more info
  • Not usable
    - You can not see the image unless you have very..very bright light focused on the object
    - Not very user friendly.
    - Very disappointed
    - I do not recommend....more info
  • Hot toy for Young or Old
    Most of the reviews are accurate for this product. To be perfect in the scope it has chosen would push it up to at least $1000. It has over reached, I think; but I'm buying a second one and maybe a third. I don't suddenly have a big increase in kids around my house. I'm buying them for myself. I'm a retired computer programmer with a new interest in amateur Biology. This device really supports my hobby! Going out in the field and capturing microscopic shots of things I love, blows me away! Even a cheap digital camera can frame the microscopic shot for the record. I'm having a lot of fun.
    Some of its limitations have been spelled out clearly by others. It does seem to me to be fragile, though it is holding up fine for me so far. That is why I am buying one or two more. The magnification I use almost exclusively is X100. X200 is possible indoors and under ideal conditions [very flat target, super steady hand, etc.] I have had no luck with X400; but, I'm an old guy with common old guy problems.
    After I decided I really like it for my purposes, I sort of stumbled on why I'm sure kids would like it. I was checking out focus and position options by focusing then hunting for things to "shoot". I was getting better. Also, I was starting to have a whole lot of fun! This was mostly indoors; but, I could picture kids running around trying blow ups of all kinds of things. In fact one of the other reviewers talks about how this was the case at his house.
    So for young kids eye opening fun and for retired older kids adding depth to a hobby; I would recommend this product. I'm sure those in between could enjoy it too....more info
  • eyeclops bioniCam
    For $25 its hard to beat. Instructions are very simple and direct if you take your time and read all the instructions before you begin. I can not comment on durability of the product because we have no children residing at home, as of present I have had no issues with the product and would recommend it. ...more info
  • Pretty cool toy
    This is a great toy for 8-10 year old boys. I purchased 2 units for my son and nephew and they both loved playing with it right away. There's a build camera and flash memory card where their pictures can be saved and viewed on a computer. Would recommend it for little ones who like to check stuff out closer and little explorers. ...more info
  • Such fun!
    I had never heard of this before seeing it on Amazon. I purchased it for my 7 year old son who just loves science. His eyes lite up when we took this out of the box and they never lost that light! After a little practice, he became a pro and operates this bionicam all by himself. He just loves it and the pictures it takes are very cool. He even took it for show and tell in his class and the kids loved it too. Great, great "toy" for ALL ages!!...more info
  • Eyeclops BioniCam - great fun and educational game.
    This toy is a lot of fun and very educational... my son couldn't put it down. Overall this toy is a winner... I don't regret this purchase....more info
  • Has its good points
    This is an interesting concept. It lets users take close-up pictures or video of objects and then saves the images or movies for later viewing on a computer or TV. In theory, this is great; in practice, it leaves a bit to be desired.

    First off, it uses 5 AA batteries and comes with a 32MB USB drive. It will work with standard USB flash drives (I tried it with a 2GB microSD card and USB adapter). The images are 1280x1024 and the videos can be up to 30 seconds long. The selectable magnifications are 100x, 200x, and 400x. The object/specimen is top lit by three white LEDs.

    The problem with this device is mostly with the magnifications. 100x is too much for a low range and 400x is too much in general. Even at 100x, it takes some effort to focus correctly. The microscope has to be directly over the object, and then the focus adjusted. I would much prefer to have 10x, 60x, and 200x.

    Not coincidentally, these are the magnifications of the Intel QX3 microscope. The QX3 is, in my opinion, a superior product. It has top and bottom variable lighting, the more usable 10/60/200x magnifications, and better overall construction. Of course the QX3 has lower resolution, requires a computer to operate, and is no longer available.

    In the end, the EyeClops BioniCam is a workable product that has definite flaws but may fill a useful role in letting budding scientists explore the microscopic world.
    ...more info
  • Impressive that they can make this for kids.
    If your kid is into science, this is great. It takes a little patience to get it to work right, but there is nothing else like it out there-that I know of, and its ability to make kids look at the world through a different perspecetive is great, so it deserves extra praise.
    ...more info
  • My son loves it!
    I bought this for my 11 year old son and he loves it! He plays with it at least 3 or 4 times a week. He loves that he can e-mail the pictures to his friends and family....more info
  • Waste of Money
    It is fun for about a minute, then you realize the focal length of the macro cam is zilch. It has to be right on top of whatever you are looking at. It also takes time to figure out the focus, it is VERY sensitive. It is still cool what you can see, but the higher the zoom level, the worse it becomes to control it! THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!! DONT BUY IT. Find something else to spend your money on....more info
  • It's fun for a couple of hours...
    Th idea is there and it's ingenious however after a couple of hours playing with it, you'll get bored and it will just be part of your kid's pile of toys. You wouldn't bother playing with it again coz' you already know what you'll gonna see. And besides, for kids adjusting the camera is too cumbersome. When I bought it, I thought you just have to point it at a target like a simple magnifying glass. I guess I was wrong coz' you have to stick it in otherwise all you'll see is just black screen.[...]...more info
  • Awesome Toy + Educational Tool - Watch Video
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RABIPUUYUN2ML This toy is awesome. We got this for my son as his birthday gift. He liked it very much. And of course the old kid in the house (you guessed it right, me) loved it too. We took quite a bit of videos and pictures. The microscope really works. All you have to do is to make sure it is well-focus which is not too hard either. It even comes with a little circular card with text in small print on it that you can use to correct focus. But you can use anything you want to focus. Also note that the focus seems to change with the magnification settings. So if you focused it at 100x, and then you change it to 200x, make sure you refocus it. The 400x seems to have too much digital component to it and hence does not generate very good videos and pictures. The 100x seems to be perfect.

    We have seen cool things under this microscope and have already learned some new things on our own. For example, the white color on your computers LCD screen is not quite white. See the video in the review section or the pictures in the Customer Pictures section, and you would know what I am talking about ;) You may watch this video with full comments on You*Tube by going to any video and then changing the video id after 'v=' to plms8Wpzv7Y in the address bar of your browser....more info
  • Very cool....but
    My kids laughed at me when I bought this for my own birthday present. Then they saw what it could do. The ability to hook this magnifying video camera to your TV is fantastic. We enjoyed it for the first week, magnifying all kinds of things around the house. Then, someone forgot to turn it off, and it used up the 5 batteries. Yes, this is our fault, but, since this is a kids toy, you would think it would have a built in timer shut off. It is not obvious that it is on when it is on. What would make this microscope even better would be to include a stand with adjustable elevation. At high magnification it is difficult to be steady enough to adjust focal length with just your hands. It becomes even more difficult when you want to capture a still picture, and need to push the button (on the camera) to take a picture without moving the camera. ...more info
  • Awesome educational fun
    This is one of those truly great uses of technology for educational purposes. My six-year-old wasn't excited at all when she opened the box on Christmas morning, but when I hooked it all up, and showed her what her skin looks like at 100X magnification, she was sold.

    It is essentially a digital camera on an magnifier, but it is effectively designed. Can take short movies and about 80 pictures store in the memory. The TV output is effective and impressive for school show-and-tell. Kids and adults both wander around holding it looking for different things to view.

    A great eye-opener and educational tool. Well worth the money....more info
  • Eye Clops....so so
    I wouldn't purchase again. Holding the magnifier steady long enough for it to clearly focus makes this toy less fun than expected. A regular magnifying glass would accomplish the same thing. My 9 yr old grandson was not interested in using the USB port for computer viewing...because the glass viewing did not peak his interest. ...more info
  • Bionicam
    This is a very interesting toy. I don't think it is as easy to focus, but being able to see things on live tv is very interesting. I find looking at details in the 400X to be a bit difficult to focus on easily. It will be more fun to take outdoors and explore....more info
    I got this toy for my 8 year old. It took us forever to undertand how to focus as the instructions are not really clear and the little card to look into in order to see the letters and focus (imagine an eye exam) are extremely hard to do. All you see is nothing... so we almost returned the toy. In the end we realized that if you put the things literally into the lens then you see things, then it became fun for my son. Another warning it eats battery like crazy and it takes 5 batteries and no recharchables!...more info
  • More than a toy
    Pro's: It works as advertised, it is extremely portable and very usable out of the lab/home, easy to use, love the USB thumb drive storage.

    Cons: It is LARGE, the AA batteries make it heavy.

    I like it the kids like it, it works... what more could I ask for?...more info
  • Hours of fun
    We bought this for our grandson after the Christmas Holiday. Grandpa and him have had hours of fun looking at everything from hair to bugs! They have spent time oohing and aahhing and spending time together. This is a great learning tool and both have had fun doing it. ...more info
    My son absolutely loved this toy. He is constantly looking at bugs, trees or anything else he can get his hands on....more info
  • Not as "neat" as it looks!
    This looks like a really neat toy, but you have to hold the camera or magnifier too close and it is just not that interesting when you do!...more info
  • great toy
    My son loves this toy. It keeps his interest and he likes the portability and loves taking pictures with it....more info
  • Fun but really just a glorified Webcam
    I come from a techincal background. So when I look at this, it really looks like a webcam repackaged into something for kids and with a stepped up price. I'm ok with that if it works towards the educational value, to which I don't really know that they made the most of. If I thought it was a rip off , I'd say so, at the same time, it's a little over the top in the "product hype" department....more info
  • EyeClops BioniCam Review
    What they don't tell you is that you have to put the object that you want to look at up against the device. Therefore, it's extremely limited in its usefulness....more info
  • Look like used
    It is fun to use like the other review said.

    Out of the box:
    There are small scratch on the LCD and there is a dot on screen on all three
    magnification, most likely dirt on the CCD.

    Bought it at $15.99 so keep it despite the minor defect above.

    ...more info
  • Great fun!
    We gave this to our 10 year old grandson for his birthday and he loved it. So did his 7 year sister. He found lots of things around the house that were really gross when magnified. It was easier to use than I expected from other reviews and he quickly mastered how to take photos and transfer them to the computer. Excellent educational "toy" for this age group....more info
  • I paint abstracts. This little toy is wonderful for inspiration for those days you need a little "light".
    I love it!! It is so helpful to this old gal (57 yr.old), when I need some different ideas for my paintings. Some are so beautiful that they would be suitable for framing! It may not hold up to rough treatment. But for the price it is great to show and teach about nature and many other things... I even have taken this to the office just to play with and see what all I could capture. Enjoy this fun toy, and share the photos with little people... they will love it!! mes...more info
  • We were amazed.
    This made a very worthwhile educational 'toy'. When projected on the tv screen, we were amazed at the images. My 9 year old grandson was so intrigued with being able to take it outside and explore with it. He had me hopping in trying to find things to compare, i.e. sugar, salt, pepper, sand, dirt, etc. My color treated hair was truly frightening on the big screen. LOL...more info
  • BioniCam works great!
    I use this for many things, and am very satisfied, especially w/the size of the screen, and the direct to tv feature! A great value, a steal @ this price!!!...more info
  • I paint abstracts. This little toy is wonderful for inspiration for those days you need a little "light".
    I love it!! It is so helpful to this old gal (57 yr.old), when I need some different ideas for my paintings. Some are so beautiful that they would be suitable for framing! It may not hold up to rough treatment. But for the price it is great to show and teach about nature and many other things... I even have taken this to the office just to play with and see what all I could capture. Enjoy this fun toy, and share the photos with little people... they will love it!! mes...more info
  • Way too high magnification for a handheld device
    I'm a naturalist at at Nature Center, and couldn't believe the price of this thing for what it does. Unfortunately, it's very frustrating for what it doesn't do and should. The magnification is way too high for a handheld device, and THE ONLY WAY TO USE THIS IS AS A STATIONARY MICROSCOPE. You may be able to get a clear picture by sheer luck if you hold it by hand. It has a fixed focal length, so you have to hold the camera at that length to get a clear picture. This would be great if the magnification was way lower, maybe about a 1/3 or 1/4 of what it is (I don't know where they get their numbers of 100x,200x,400x). Then you could look at bugs and things. As it is, you can't look at anything much larger or 3 dimensional than an aphid at the lowest magnification (looks good if you hook it up to the tv). Even the scales on butterfly wings, relatively flat, were partially out of focus. The highest magnification is useless. I don't know what the manufacturers were thinking when they made this. It's like they had never used a microscope before, or indeed, even their own device. I can't imagine how frustrated and quickly bored a kid would get with this device....more info
  • EyeClops BioniCam - Not great play value
    While this toy is educational, it is very difficult to get it to show a clear image of something you're trying to magnify. I, at 50 yrs old had to spend a lot of time monkeying with it to get some images to appear on either the device's screen or on the TV screen when connected to the TV. Also you only get an image to appear if the item is light colored or against a light background.
    Although I even tried to spend time with him to help him to use it, my 9 year old son had a terrible time trying to do it himself, found it very frustrating and gave up on it. He also must have not turned it off after using it that time, and I guess it doesn't have an automatic shutoff after a period of time and all the AA batteries were dead after only using it a few times. He has not expressed any interest in my giving him new batteries for it....more info
  • A little hard to use~
    I love the idea behind this toy. It has great educational potential! I say potential, because it is a little hard to use. You have to press the toy into or onto whatever you want to see. The commercials all showed how salt looked magnified. Well, we tried to see salt also and we were very disappointed in the results. First, you have to press the eye onto the salt. This resulted in salt getting all over the lens it was very difficult to clean off. Actually, everything you want to look at you have to press really hard on the item with the toy to see a clear picture. It does have a focusing lens, but that only helps after you have pressed toy down hard onto whatever it is you are viwing.
    I thought this would be great to send my son outside to play with. He is 8 and has a difficult time getting anything into focus or a clear picture. ...more info
  • Great BUY
    This is a great toy very educational worth evry penny i bought 1 for my child n 1 for my godson they love it....more info
  • Fun Item
    I got this for Chhritmas because it was on sale, but my kids love it. They are always on the look out for things to look at with this. My daughter even took it to her science class at school....more info


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