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MODEL- HRF14 VENDOR- HONEYWELL FEATURES- Replacement HEPA Filter The HRF14 is Honeywells HEPA replacement filer. It consists of Honewell HRF14 FILTER & Spacer for universal replacement for the following models: (NOTE: some models require multiple filters) 50150 50200 18150 50250 50300 50310 11520 12520 13520\ 17200 17400.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Is it as good as the original?
    There is a significant difference in the assembly quality of this filter compared to the orignals from Honeywell. The black rubberish part is molded unevenly and harder. the cut lines are ragged and uneven...

    Which doesn't matter if it works as well. But I no longer trust our foreign outsource producers to make safe products. So I worry, and wonder....more info
  • stacking filters not an improvement.
    Some reviewers comment on whether or not the filters work. Yes they work, but they do not work as well as the previous replacement filters which did not have to be stacked.
    If it is too difficult to make so many different filters for so many different models, Honeywell should make fewer models and concentrate on producing filters that fit and are easy to find.
    I've had my Honeywell for 8 years and swear by it, but this filter thing is a problem. Now I have to return them and I hate doing returns which is why I try to get it right the first time....more info
  • Air Purifier Filter
    This filter works great. If you have allergies, you can notice a difference in the air quality if you use it. I think it's wonderful.
    ...more info
  • Doesn't fit perfectly in 18150, but works
    The filter model I have, 18150, requires two of these with no foam spacers. Two of these were less expesnive than the single larger filter I purchased once previously. However, I'd say that two small ones are about a quarter inch too tall, maybe slightly less. The cover still goes on, but not as far down as it should.
    As for filtering, I estimate that it filters the same as the previous. The "permanence" of this filter makes me wonder why I've been replacing the previous style, since I can see no difference in the filter material....more info
  • Need to buy multiple!
    Beware, you need at least two, and most air cleaners require 3 of these. And when stacked they aren't as effcient as a large single filter. But if you can't find the larger single replacement filter these will do....more info
  • Not for the 17400
    Listen to Lynn from New England, I wish she had written her review before I purchased these.

    The 17400 model that I use requires 2 of these HRF-14 filters and 2 foam spacers. The reduction in the quality of the filtered air is very noticeable. (The plastic edges of the 2 HEPA filters touching in the middle + the two foam spacers at the end reduce the total filter surface area dramatically) Also, changing the prefilter is much more of a hastle when you are trying to juggle 4 pieces wrapped by the prefilter instead of one. I suppose you could use heavy duct tape to keep them bound together, but then you would lose even more filtering capacity.
    The competition's late night infomercials try to demonstrate that the Honeywell (I am pretty sure they show the 17400) is difficult to clean, but because it isn't when using the single HEPA filter, the actors overdramatize and you can tell it. If they had used THIS filter set up in their demo, though, it would have been much more convincing.

    This may be slightly cheaper in the (very) short run, but in the long run, if you would rather not have to replace the HEPA filter more often and if you want your Honeywell to work at maximum efficiency, use the single filter option instead.
    ...more info
  • hey, they work!
    I was alittle skeptical buying these. But they seem to be working great!...more info
  • Satisfaction probably depends on the number required
    I am currently of the opinion that people who do not have to use the enclosed, foam spacer will be happier using these stacking filters that those of us who have to use one (or two). The first reviewer states in his (excellent) review that his machine uses two of these and no spacer. My Honeywell Environcare 50250 uses three and one spacer. When these stacking filters need replacing, I am going to order the one piece replacement filter noted on the bottom of my 50250, filter 24000.

    As a requirement of design, there is less HEPA material in three stacked filters then a solid HEPA one. The foam spacer(s) also means some machines will have even less HEPA material for air to go through than the HEPA filter that originally came with the machine: air sucked through the foam is _not_ cleaned, before expelled back into the room, the way air that goes through the HEPA material is.

    Rounding to the closest dollar, my machine requires $60. worth of these stacking replacement filters if purchased through Amazon with free shipping. This is less than the one piece, 24000 costs from vendors who sell through Amazon. Via an A9 web search for the 24000 replacement filter, however, I discovered that it can be purchased from a few places for a few dollars less than the three HRF-14s my machine requires, including S/H ($58. rounded off).

    If anyone else uses a Honeywell air cleaner that can use stacking replacement filters in a room with a wood stove, opt for the one piece replacement filter size noted under your machine if you will have to use a spacer or two. Mine is used in a room with a wood stove and that seemingly insignificant 1" thickness of spacer surprisingly did make a negative difference in the air expelled compared with the HEPA filter that came with the machine (a 24000 filter).
    ...more info
  • smaller, cheaper, and works great!
    I got 2 of these to use with my Hooneywell enviracaire 11520 the other day and they work great! It is awesome since they're less than 1/2 the price of the 21500 (and the 22500 I was using this for the 17400), so though I was buying the 2 HRF-14s to replace one 21500 HEPA filter, I still saved about 10 bucks!

    HRF-14 is Honeywell's new Universal replacement true HEPA filter. The box contains one true HEPA fileter and one foam gasket (I just throw this away since it isn't needed for the 11520). The chart on the insert indicates that it fits the following models of air purifiers (number of filters required follows model number): 11520 (2), 12520 (2), 13520 (3), 17200 (2), 18159 (2), 17400 (2), 50150 (2), 50200 (2), 50250 (3), 50300 (4), 50310 (4). Some of these setups also use the included foam gaskets to pad the filters to the right size, (but you never need more gaskets than filters so you don't need to worry about that when purchasing).

    Useage is really easy. you stack them up, putting the gasket(s) on top as needed, wrap them with the prefilters just as you do with the old filters. Then you close up the air purifier and are breathing clean air once again!

    Replacement policy is the same as it was for the non-universal filters... The HEPA filter should remain effective 3-5 years for light usage, 2-3 years for normal and 1 year for heavy usage....more info