Type G Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Bag (5 Pack)

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Product Description

ty: 5 bags and filters Bosch G bag BBZ51AFG1U Type G Three layers for better dust retention. 99.97% of all particles remain in the dust bag. Replaces quickly, cleanly and easily. As you pull the tab to remove the bag it automatically closes and seals in the dirt. 1 gallon / 3.5 liter capacity.BBZ51AFG1U Type G Fits BSA2... series canister vacuum cleaner

  • Fits Bosch BSA2xx series Vacuums.
  • Replacement Bosch product.
  • Contains 5 bags per package.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Not the real thing
    The description led me to believe that this was a replacement Bosch type G bag. The image was of a Bosch bag. The item received, however, was some off brand (I should have guessed by the price). I called the vendor and they readily agreed to take these back and sell me the real bags, which are much better at filtration and are well made.

    I resent having to go through this excercise because of a misleading product photo.

    Let the buyer beware!...more info