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PureFit was established in July 2000 with the express purpose of educating individuals about how to achieve optimum health and fitness through nutrition and exercise. Concerned with current trends in nutritional supplements that contain highly processed or even harmful ingredients, founder Robb Dorf insists on all-natural ingredients. PureFit bars are high-protein; they do not melt; they contain no wheat or gluten; they are non-dairy; they are Kosher-certified; they contain no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners; they have no hydrogenated oils and no trans-fatty acids. PureFit bars were developed as 40-30-30 bars, consistent with weight-loss regimens like The Zone. Because PureFit bars do not contain wheat or gluten, they can be enjoyed by sufferers of celiac sprue disease. PureFit has proudly supported dozens of regional celiac support groups. PureFit has been named "Nutrition Bar of the Year" by Bike Magazine.

Customer Reviews:

  • great taste
    Unbelievable peanut butter flavor! Chucks of peanuts yet still smooth and creamy. Must drink with water, gatorade, etc, otherwise it's to thick, just like peanut butter. Best texture if bar is kept warm, say in your pocket rather then in a back pack. It's still delicious no matter what temp, though....more info
  • Purefit Bars are awesome!
    OK, I'm hooked on the Purefit Almond Crunch bar. There is nothing better with a cup of green tea before my morning run. These bars never melt and travel well. I keep a stash of bars in my car for after workouts and when my kids need a snack before sports. They like the Almond Crunch and the Peanut Butter too. A Purefit bar is better than any packaged kid snack you'll find in a grocery store. ...more info
  • Love PureFit Chocolate Brownie Bar!!!
    Finding a gluten free protein type bar that doesn't have tons of dried fruit in it is a plus in my book. I love this bar! It is dry, so don't be surprised by that. But if you drink something while you eat it, the dryness isn't that bad. It is tasty and always takes my hunger away. I can't eat more than about 1/4 of it at a time. I leave it in my purse and have it on hand for whenever hunger strikes. I like it so much that I orde a case at a time. The peanut butter one is also delicious!...more info
  • Slight berry flavored aftertaste
    I really like the Almond Crunch bars by this company, but I ordered a box of their Chocolate Brownie bars and every one in that box that I have tried has a berry (maybe raspberry) aftertaste that I really dislike. I would not order them again. ...more info
  • great bar!
    Purefit bars are the best I have found, no junk, good ratios of protein, carbs & fats great flavor. I use them as small snacks to eat between meals in my busy schedule; they keep me going for hours and I feel I have been good to myself when I eat one. I have days when I don't stop, teaching back to back classes with no time to stop for food so these really help me make my life easier, thanks purefit!...more info
  • OK for medicinal purposes perhaps.
    I trusted the ratings (and how can you go wrong with "almond crunch"?). Without the labeling I'd have no idea what I was eating, but it's neither tasty nor satisfying. Thanks to these bars, I no longer have an aversion to the gluten-free licorice I thought I didn't like. (Water tastes better than ever as well.) These are basically highly sweetened (not a recipe for anyone who's fructose-intolerant) mashed soy (which is at least frowned upon by some gluten-free guides).

    You may disagree vehemently, but best to try one or two before ordering the quantities that Amazon requires....more info
  • Needs a flavor boost
    We bought these bars for our teenage son who has celiac/sprue. Tasty GF sports nutrition is hard to find. These bars have great ingredients. We tried the chocolate brownie and there is just not enough flavor. They have that funny /vitamin taste you find in some sports bars. My daughter tried one and she thinks they taste "like window cleaner smells." A total bust for us, nobody will eat them....more info
  • PureFit bars
    Wow, just tasted these bars and have been searching for a great protein bar that is gluten free---finally found it. These are outstanding in both flavor and texture. They have excellent ingredients--highly recommend!!!...more info
  • Second best bar I have ever found!
    I love this bar. I would rate it the best, but I have found one I am so crazy about I could eat my weight in them-Mannabars! The taste of Mannabars, both the chocolate and the Fruit & Nut are wonderful. The chocolate is absolutely wonderful. I also like it that they have 80 mg. of functional omega 3's in them (key word is functional) and a scoop of glyconutritionals. They are not gluten-free, however. But I wanted to add to my collection of what I could use for snacks for my family and this is such a welcome find. I LOVE the peanut butter the best. The almond is really good and I just can't eat the chocolate! I look for high quality nutrition, and a bar that is low glycemic. Keeping blood sugar is key to losing fat and this meets that. I have already reordered several, and have gotten several friends using these, as well. So far, even the people with allergies do well with them. It is a winner. ...more info
  • Not too sweet, uncoated, very good protein bar
    These are up there in terms of taste and DURABILITY - you can leave them in your car, purse, gym bag.... and they will not melt. No coating is a good thing!

    My only quibble is I'd like whey protein over soy, but hey, these are pretty good and are an easy replacement for my previously loved Balance Bar Fudge Brownie flavor (which uses HFCS - ick!)...more info
  • PureFit is Pure Food
    Quite possibly the most complete and health conscious nutrition bar available on the market today. Although not as sweet, tasty and delicious as a candy bar...it certainly was not meant to be - and still pulls off being a very enjoyable bar to support a serious fitness/nutrition program. ...more info
  • Weeeeellllllll...
    They're...okay. LOTS OF SUGARS, using a favorite manufacturing tactic of incorporating many different forms of sugar so that none of them will lead the ingredients list, in which ingredients are ranked by weight. If the bars were formulated with just one form of sugar, I'm reasonably sure it would be the first ingredient. They're somewhat chalky, and you need to have a lot of water to drink along with them. They will supply protein along with all that sugar, but by my standards they don't actually qualify as a 'nutrition' bar - the levels of vitamins and minerals are about nil. They're really just an energy bar with the bonus of being gluten-free, and for what they are, they're good enough.

    One more little piece of info: Scan the reviews. Then note that the president of PureFit is Robb Dorf. Look familiar?

    ...more info
  • better than they used to be
    As a non-dairy gluten free eater, traveling can be difficult. I've been carrying the peanut version of this bar around for abot a year. They're great, they don't melt, they don't replace a meal, but they get you through until you can get one. The first time I tried the chocolate bars, I was non-plussed. I'm not sure what changes were made, but they are now super yummy and a nice treat, along with not melting and providing some decent protein.

    YUMMY!...more info
  • Protein Bar
    While this is advertized as Almond Crunch, there isn't anything crunchy about it. Just a protein bar without much pizzazz. I wanted something along the granola line. If you want a protein bar that's basically tasteless be my guest....more info
  • Very good!
    I got the Almond Crunch and the Chocolate Brownie bars. I really really like the Almond. I was a little disappointed in the Chocolate Brownie bars because they seemed to have an possibly raspberry aftertaste, but the Almond Crunch bars were a pleasant surprise! I would definitely buy the Almond Crunch bars again....more info
  • Tasty bars.
    I have tried sooo many bars.... but now I can stop looking, because I found a winner with these. What a great flavor. I like the almond better than the peanut butter, but they are both excellent. The texture stays great, even after getting smashed up in the bottom of a tote bag! Good stuff. And gluten-free, too....more info
  • a natural power bar!
    Well I was ecstatic to run across a real live power bar that didn't have all these exotic and synthetic ingredients. The best part is-- we love 'em. Thank goodness we can relax about having a healthful protein snack for the kids too- AND they don't melt. You won my heart. Mom in SD...more info
  • A Great Gluten Free Bar
    This bar is great alternative to most regular gluten filled bars. This bar is filling and has a great peanut butter taste. The texture is moist and firm without being dry or hard. while the size is a little small the quality of this bar makes up for the price tag....more info
  • Everything you want in a nutrition bar and nothing you don't.
    Simply put, I love these bars. They taste great, do not melt, and are actually nutritious. If you look at most nutrition bars, they are really candy bars. PureFit bars are not. They also do not contain wheat/gluten or dairy! Many people will find that this aspect alone will not cause any digestive issues. My whole family loves them, especially my kids. (Even the Chocolate Brownie.)
    It makes perfect sense to me why they won "Nutrition Bar of the Year." Also, I've tried EVERY bar on the market. PureFit bars give me great, sustained energy and best of all, do not melt! If I put them in my kid's soccer bag, I know he will eat it.
    ...more info
  • Yum!
    These are the most delicious high protein, gluten free bars I've ever tasted. They are great for a snack or a light meal, and are slightly addictive in a good way. All flavors are delicious, esp the peanut and almond... the chocolate is good enough to eat for dessert. ...more info
  • protein bar
    LOVE this protein bar. I eat 1/2 before I go to the gym. Just enough to give me the energy I need for my 2 hour work out. Great snack in the afternoon. Keep in my purse for those times you can't find gluten free food to eat. Order without shipping charge and price is great....more info
  • The Best Gluten-Free Bars!
    These gluten-free, dairy-free bars are the best I have ever tasted. I like the chocolate and almond variety. They have a new berry flavor. You should offer this product also....more info
  • Chocolate treat
    If you are in need of a chocolate "fix" and want to make sure that it is still healthy and nutritious, this is the "bar" for you. It is definitely chocolaty and chewy and yummy....more info
  • A little costly but worth it.
    These bars seem to be the healthiest "health" bars out there. They have almonds which is unique in protein bars. They dont taste quite as good as the harvest bars from POWERBAR(only 10 g protein) but they are not bad, for sure. They are easy to eat, not like the BIG 100 bars and the like that are thick and chewy and seem to want to seal your mouth shut. If you want a sweet great-tasting bar, buy a quaker bar. If you're serious about eating a healthy and decent tasting protein bar, this is it. No chocolate in this bar. They actually are white and the almonds are chopped or ground up because you dont see them. There are not huge almonds floating around inside the bar....more info
  • Really Good GF Bar without any fake sugars
    I'm not sure what Laurie from New York is so upset about, these bars are great! I tried the peanut butter version of this bar and really enjoyed it. I can't eat gluten or fake sugars, both of which are prevalent in almost every other energy bar. As an avid biker, I'm always looking for bars I can eat on the go and that won't melt. These rank right up there with Larabars (which I'd also highly recommend). I also really enjoyed that these bars weren't sickeningly sweet - they tasted like a good "natural" peanut butter. ...more info
  • Good high protein, gluten free bar
    I do like these bars quite a bit. My favorite is Almond, but Peanut Butter is a close second. They do taste a bit like cookie dough, which i like, but perhaps not quite so sweet. they fill me up, which is more than I can say for most other bars, and so they are a great post-work out snack. ...more info
  • Great tasting nutrition bars!
    I love these bars. They are great tasting, healthy, filling and not expensive or loaded with sugar. I love that they do not melt and are very portable....more info
  • great gluten free nutrtion bar
    It is not easy to find a GLUTEN FREE nutriton bar. Purefit is just that and provides 18 grams of protein. I bought this for my husband who needs a gluten free diet. He took a supply of them to Ireland when he did a 200 mile walking trip. Many times they were a meal replacement. He says he could not have made it without them. ...more info
  • Horrible
    I regret spending 23.00 on these bars. After reading the rave reviews, I thought they must be good. They have a fake cherry/almond flavor, little real almond flavor at all. They leave an unpleasant after taste and have a grainy texture. I do not recommend them....more info
  • Gluten free energy bars
    Since I have been gluten free, these are the best tasting bars in that category. They are high in protein and never melt. I highly recommend these bars....more info
  • delicious and nutritious
    First, I should mention that I'm a protein bar / nutrition bar freak. I eat them all the time to supplement meals or as a snack. I tried this bar recently at the chicago marathon expo; I was a little suspicious because I hadn't seen these before in the stores. I was pleasantly surprised; they are quite good! I like the peanut butter crunch (very true-tasting peanut butter flavor: delicious). Regarding consistency, its hard to compare, but i suppose they are a bit like a clif bar in that regard (of which i'm also a fan).

    These seem more substantial than clif bars and thus, seem more filling. Decent amount of protein too. I wish I had purchased a couple of boxes at the expo but I didn't have any more room in my luggage. I should also mention that there were plenty of nutrition bar samples at the expo (clif, EA, others), but this was my favorite. I'm going to have to order some online because I can't find them in any of the stores in my area. I purchased 3 bars at the expo and ate them in about 10 days (held out as long as I could)....more info
  • 5 stars
    These bars are the best bars I've had. They are the only bars I can find that are high-protein (yet have less carbs than every other high protein bar) and are actually delicious. Natural ingredients and fresh. Peanut butter is my favorite. ...more info
  • Don't believe every positive review you read
    First of all, note that an E.Dorf is rating the product with rave reviews without revealing her or his relationship to the company.

    I had to learn the hard way to detect alias shilling for this product, and by my reckoning, E. Dorf's isn't the only bogus review here.

    Here's the real deal, from the label:
    Fat 7g
    Sugar 16g (Total carbs 26g of which only 2g is fiber)
    Protein 18g
    Despite the claim on the label that says, "No hidden carbohydrates," in fact the product is formulated to conceal from the casual reader just how much sugar the bar contains, using a classic manufacturing sleight of hand of using many different forms of sugar. Since ingredients must be listed in order of weight, greatest to least, dividing up the sugar component by using several different sugars instead of just one produces a misleading effect: the true and predominant role of sugar in the product is disguised and the various sugars appear separately further down throughout the list, instead of as the first or second ingredient.

    The formula is also heavy on soy in the form of soy protein isolate, soy nuts and soy flour. Soy isn't a great idea for a lot of people. To go by the label, the bar has nothing to offer in the way of vitamins; it scores a bit better on minerals, but overall, the term "nutrition bar" creates another misleading impression. Much more accurately, it's a gluten-free energy bar that tastes OK.

    The state of the art of producing gluten-free foods is improving, but the fact remains that people who have to avoid gluten at all costs are forced to accept - and eventually learn to like - textures and tastes that most other people reject. So if you're living with celiac disease, you'll probably like these bars. If you're not, you'll find them adequate on an occasional basis, but their grainy, dry texture and lack of significant nutrition will likely make them not your first choice.

    And while the positive reviews repeat with, hmmm, amazing regularity (see the other flavors) that the bars don't smash at the bottom of a tote bag, the corollary is also true: the bars are hard as rocks in cold temps. Kids don't love them. They may tolerate them...but make sure you've got lots of fluids on hand.

    My suggestion? Eat an apple instead. It's fresh, it's raw, it's vegetarian and even vegan, it's loaded with fiber, enzymes, and real vitamins and minerals - and unlike these bars, it's not heavily processed and comes in its own edible and biodegradable wrapping. And it's quite a bit less expensive. A handful of peanuts will complete the great snack....more info
  • Better than a brownie
    Finally a gluten-free nutrition bar that satisfies and tastes rich and chocolatey. I eat it for lunch on a busy day in between seeing patients and it keeps me going all afternoon. It's like a rich chewy brownie except I know it's good for me. This so far is my favorite nutrition bar made by anyone and my favorite flavor for this company. I also recommend the peanut butter one. ...more info
  • Good for you and Good tasting too
    One of the best fitness bars on the market. Tastes good and is quite filling. Some of the other bars I've used have more sugars and fillers. PureFit Almond Crunch has just the right amount of crunch and I love the high protein, again among the highest I've found on the market. And I save even more by ordering them through the Subscribe and Save. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Taste for Gluten-Free Folks
    I enjoy the taste of the Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter flavors, but the Brownie, well, not so much. The bars are an excellent alternative to Clif Bars. A former Clif Bar eater, my recently diagnosed Celiac prevents me from eating them (oats may be contaminated with gluten and the malt contains gluten). Pure Fit bars have lots of vitamins, protein, and fiber, but contain no gluten. They go great with coffee. I would recommend them. ...more info
  • Great Non-Gluten energy bar
    This tasty energy bar is gluten free and has 18 grams of protein. Since it will not melt, I take with me on long distance bicycle rides even in the summer.

    I highly recommend these bars.

    Karen F....more info


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