Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Let's face it. Most vacuums just don't cut it when it comes to really cleaning a home or office. Pesky pet hair embeds deeper in carpet than traditional vacuums go; bits and pieces of tracked-in dirt and debris hunker down under floor trim just out of reach of the latest brush innovations, rendering us to the silliness of handpicking behind that expensive vacuum, filling our pockets with lint, and wondering--who's really the boss? Troubles like these made the folks at Eureka get down and dirty and, ultimately, design the Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum. Offering powerful performance for everyday household cleaning, the Eureka Boss is the solution for people who insist on having a truly clean home. The Boss's Direct Air Control System features an air selector switch that lets you direct all suction either deep into the carpet or to the hose for easy above-the-floor cleaning. The Power Paw brush makes it easy to clean stairs and upholstery, and even claws up embedded pet hair, so Fido can spend more time inside. The motorized brush lets you go from carpet to bare-floor cleaning with the flick of a switch. The Boss Smart-Vac is powered by a beefy, 12-amp motor that provides plenty of suction power for deep-cleaning carpets, and leaves nothing behind on hard floors.

Pretty smart, right? Well, here's the really smart part. The Boss Smart-Vac isn't just the best household carpet- and floor-cleaning vacuum on the market; it's also equipped with a unique, sealed, HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, allergens, and bacteria. So, vacuuming the house doesn't mean you have to dust afterward, or sneeze while you're doing it. Cleaner carpets and cleaner indoor air at the same time!

Plus, the Boss comes loaded with user-friendly features to take the frustration out of vacuuming. A wide 15-inch cleaning path covers a lot of ground quickly before company comes. In addition, the exclusive dust trap system captures debris and dust in three stages. A handy stretch hose extends to five times its original length for reaching around furniture and sucking the cobwebs off the ceiling. And, a 30-foot cord won't leave you coming up short. The bare floor brush is designed to smoothly glide across wood and tile floors while picking up more dust and debris in corners and along baseboards than any other model. One extra Type-R belt and one bonus bag come included. The vacuum cleaner measures 12 by 15 by 44 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty. --Brian Olson

  • Upright vacuum with 12-amp motor cleans carpets and hard floors
  • Motorized brush; 7-height adjustable brushroll; HEPA filtration system
  • Wide 15-inch cleaning path provides faster results; 3-stage dust-trap system
  • Onboard tools and stretch hose for above-floor cleaning; 30-foot power cord
  • Measures 15 by 11 by 45 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great vacuum for the price
    I did tons of research before buying this at Best Buy. The only reason I didn't buy it through Amazon was how long it was going to take to be shipped to me at the time. It is a bit heavy, but when you are using it the suction is so strong that it actually pulls itself some! Anyway some people complain about the powerpaw but it works great for me. Sometimes the plastic attachments are a bit difficult to put in their storage areas but I really have to say after six months of usage with kids and pets this vacuum works like a champ. I have had other more expensive models that were no where in the same league as this one. Its a workhorse!...more info
  • Dust everywhere!
    I tried to give this vacuum a chance. I used it for four months. I hated it the entire time. It was hard to maneuver and I kept bumping into things. The worst part for me was throwing the trash away. The debris falls from the top into the chamber on the bottom. No matter how careful I was at removing the canister, there was always dust and debris on top of it. As I removed the canister, dust kept falling down onto the machine and me. I have allergies, which is why I bought this machine, and the dust was killing me. I had to wear one of those face masks to help me out. Then I had to wipe down the machine every single time I emptied it, further stirring up dust. Another thing I didn't like was that if you pull the hose from it's nesting place, you can no longer use the bottom part of the vacuum to clean the carpet. On my Dyson, I can use the hose if the vacuum is in the upright position and the bottom part when I pull it back. This is convenient when I vacuum the rug and put the machine upright and use the hose for corners and base boards. I can't do that with this vacuum. If I have attachments on the hose, I can't put the hose back in it's holder so I can either vacuum or use the the hose but not both. I am returning this thing and will continue to drag my Dyson up and down the stairs....more info
  • Eureka Boss
    I was not impressed when I started to assemble the vacuum, it seemed a little flimsy, light plastic cover and the filter fell out at first. I was more impressed with the power and suction once I assembled and used it. This is a nice vacuum and does a good job cleaning. I haven't used the attachments yet. I would buy this product again, it does the job and the price is very good. I had a commercial type Hoover prior to this purchase, I am use to good cleaning from a vacuum, this did not disappoint....more info
  • Best vacuum
    I have owned several vacuums,but the Eureka Boss Smart Vac is still the best. This is my second one. The first one I gave to my son when he moved out. I replaced it with a different Eureka, big mistake! It wasn't the same. So, I went back to this model and it's still my favorite. It picks up all the dog hair from my two dogs from both carpet and ceramic tile. The tools are all on board and easy to use. I'll never pick another brand or model again....more info
  • Too Heavy
    After reading the great reviews for this vacuum, I purchased it. It was easy to assemble, but using it was not easy. I found is to be quite heavy and cumbersome. As I was using it, the handle position seemed to put a lot of stress on my lower back. The weight of it seems more than that listed in the specs (24 pounds) and the cord seems shorter than 30 feet.. I used it for 10 minutes and had to quit. It has plenty of power and seems to clean well,but was physically difficult for me to use....more info
  • Great vac so far...
    I've only had the vacuum a month, and so far so good. Good suction, wand attachment strong and useful with various head options.
    Easy to assemble and ready to go. Great on carpet, good on hard wood....more info
  • Pretty Good Vacuum for the price
    Having six long-haired dogs and two cats, I go through vacuums quickly. I've tried about every brand, including the expensive Dyson and Orecks, and the Eureka 4870 seems to pick up animal hair better than any I've had so far. After having just vacuumed with my Dyson, the Eureka managed to get much more dirt and hair out of the carpet! And I have asthma and allergies, and with the HEPA filtration on this vacuum, I don't have to wear a dust mask!
    My gripes include the weight (quite a workout!); the paw attachment could be wider so fewer passes over furniture are required; and of course, the brush on-off switch, which I couldn't get to work properly.
    ...more info
  • great vacuum
    It's everything I'd hoped it would be. It does an excellent job on hardwood floors and furniture....more info
  • My best investment in a long time...
    This vacuum cleaner is by far the best value in sweepers that I've ever found - and I have had several different brand/models over the past 50 years. I am so impressed by it that I'm going to order a 2nd one for my business....more info
  • Should have read the 1 & 2 star reviews
    What a piece of junk, the plastic foot pedal came off after 2 weeks; now the repair show is giving me grief because I bought it on Amazon and not from them. ...more info
  • The Worst Vacuum
    Can I give negative starage?? Trust me. It is VERY heavy, (& I am NOT a tiny woman), cumbersome & difficult to maneuver; the attchments fall off as I'm vacuuming, the flexible hose drags on the floor so I am actually able to run over it when I back up! Also, a teensy, tiny bag that fills up really fast and then it will start spewing dust and dirt onto the floor. I will never again trust Consumer Reports' recommendations and I cannot believe all of the glowing reviews for this machine....more info
  • Eureka Boss Vacuum Cleaner
    My estimate about this vacuum is good, except that the hose will not stay on the machine. It continually falls off the machine. The unit cleans exceptually well; so on the whole I would recommend it. ...more info
  • Decent job but heavy and cumbersome
    This vacuum does a great job vacuuming, which is I guess the main job of a vacuum so in that respect it works very well. I also like the control switch that lets you go back and forth between floor and hose. HOWEVER, it is heavy and really tough to push around so it's not for the wimpy. The pedal that unlocks the upright position is difficult to work (I can't work it barefoot), and the hose NEVER stays in place and is always flopping around when I'm vacuuming. ...more info
  • heavy...but works great
    The suction on this vacuum is good and I love the stair attachment. Only wish the hose would extend longer. It is quite heavy to carry up and down steps but I guess that is because of the more powerful motor. It does not tip over like my old vacuum either. ...more info
  • Does the job
    I purchased a previous version of the 4870 (dark green) a couple of years ago. The newer models have only minor differences. Note to dads and husbands: think of it as a power tool!

    I will echo the other comments on great suction and somewhat heavy weight. This is an excellent combination of power and price, but you may want to think twice if you're a smaller person who would need to carry the cleaner up and down stairs a lot. I have laminate floors so the brush control is mandatory; that feature is hard to find on other models in this price range. So far I've had two years of good service with no problems.

    The controls for the brush and the hose suction could be more intuitive but I got used to them quickly.

    From other reviews, apparently people have had trouble with the bare floor toggle. In my experience, if you try to set the toggle before you unlock the handle, the toggle will fall back to the carpet setting and the carpet brush will keep turning.... which negates the whole point of the toggle. However, mine works fine IF you set the rotary height adjustment knob to "bare floor" and then use the foot pedal to unlock the handle. At this point you can easily move the toggle from "carpet" to "bare floor" and it will click into place, stopping the brush. Yes, it's more hassle than it needs to be but rapidly becomes second nature, and the cleaner does a grear job on my laminate floors....more info
  • great for tile
    I purched this because our house is 85% tile and 15% carpet. We have three very young kids so the floors are always a mess. This works well. It is bit heavy but it does replace the broom and dust pan. IT is easy to go from floors to carpet. Consumer reports rated one of the best buys. I would agree for the money. ...more info
  • A Great Vacuum Cleaner... Not Perfect, But Great
    This is a powerful and efficient vacuum. It does require some common sense to use it, maintain it and put it together properly. Idiots should not attempt to use this vacuum. You will only be frustrated. Or, worse, you might suck your cat into the bag.

    But, seriously, this vacuum will suck the paint off the walls if you're not careful. As you would expect, suction diminishes as the bag fills and the HEPA filter begins to fill with dust. Not changing the bag and filter often enough could cause the powerful motor to overheat.

    If your vacuum overheats and dies, it's your fault, not the vacuum's. Vaccums have to BREATHE. If you're an idiot, write a note and tape it to the vacuum so you don't forget.

    The floor switch (disengages the beater bar) DOES work. It helps to lower the handle all the way down before attempting to flip the switch. In fact, that's the only way I can get the switch to work. But, it does work.

    The utility hose is clear. That's interesting. But, it is also much too thin, in my opinion. It will likely begin leaking sooner, rather than later, and need replacing. But, it's a small price to pay for the excellent performance. I also find the Boss to be much quieter than my old Eureka. I find it quite tolerable.

    Pay attention to what you're doing... keep the powerhead properly adjusted for the surface you're cleaning, service the vacuum properly, and I believe you will be a happy camper. It's not the best vacuum for little old ladies, due to it's bulk and weight, but the average person should do fine with it.

    Happy cleaning!...more info
  • wonderful suction, but HEAVY
    This vacuum cleaner has wonderful cleaning power, but I find it extremely heavy to push and pull around. The cord is nice and long(maybe too long)....more info
  • Best we've had
    Well after half a dozen uses I can definitely say this is the best performing vacuum we've ever owned. The price is right and the thing picks up everything in sight. It is heavier than most other vacuums, but if the brushes are set to the appropriate height, vacuuming really isn't that difficult, it virtually glides along. Vacuums we've had in the past have struggled to pick up dog hair from upholstery, not the Eureka 4870MZ Boss.
    I spent a long time researching vacuums and I'm glad I did, for the money you won't find a better vacuum anywhere....more info
  • Sturdy! Gets the dog hair, sand, etc..
    I researched vacume cleaners on Consumer Reports before I bought, as I wanted one that could handle a few rugs and hardwood floors- we have a 2 year old and 2 labs. Plus we just moved to the coast and there is a lot of SAND! This is a loud, heavy machine that reminds me of my Grandmother's, but it works! It gets everything up, whether it's on the bare floor or the rugs, and it has the hose if you need it as well. This is a bit annoying to me, as I find that attachments just fall off and get in the way, but they are handy at times. Anyhow, there are some bad vacumes and some way overpriced ones out there, so for the cost this one is great! ...more info
  • Best Household Vacuum
    I am a senior and have usually purchased at least one vacuum a year in the last decade. The Eureka Boss Smart -Vac Upright Hepa Vacuum proves to be a good vacuum at a reasonable price. I wind up giving my own away or buying new for people I meet who need a vacuum, and thus I buy several over the years. I always go back to Eureka as I find it is the most reliable and does a great job with all its attachments and ease of use. The air dust not smell dusty when you vacuum so I know it is doing a good job filtering. Plus, the inside of the vacuum stays clean and all the dirt goes in the micro-filtration RR bags which are easily available online or in local stores. The hose is very easy to switch to and use while you vacuum and really has a lot of suction. Buy one, you'll save yourself all the comparison purchases I did of other brands (some much more expensive) and you'll be very satisfied with this product. ...more info
  • Eureka! It rocks.
    This is my second purchase of this machine (two places to clean), I loved the first so much. Yes, it's a little heavy but only if you're a lightweight and only when you pull it back. It does all the work for you in running it forward. It really vacuums everything up and I have a golden retriever and MUST pick up that hair so it does the trick. The power on this thing is great. I've recommended it to many people.

    I like the idea of the stair riser "paw" but pressing down on it to get into the carpet slows the spinning action of the beaters. I'd prefer if you could use the actual machine on the stairs but you can't because the rollers retract if the machine is in the upright position and my stairsteps aren't wide enough to actually drag the vacuum back and forth over them. That being said, I'll just use the regular attachments.

    I will continue to buy this one until Consumers Reports tells me something else is even better. Thanks Eureka for a great product at a great price! ...more info
  • Getting Fluffy Clean Carpet and a Workout In One Step
    I've had my Eureka Boss Smart-Vac for about a month now, and I am still impressed with the job it does. My old vacuum was so ineffective that I filled the bag on my new one by vacuuming once! We have a cat, and it was always so hard to get her hair out of the chair she always sits in. The power paw removed the hair in just one or two swipes. I read many reviews before purchasing this vacuum, and most of them are fairly accurate. My husband and I both agree it IS heavy, but it's not really that hard to maneuver. It really does a very nice job picking up everything and makes the carpet soft and fluffy. The plastic it's made of feels a bit cheap, so I question the long-term durability of the product, but the price was a great value considering how well it performs. It's very quiet running and the HEPA filter makes the air smell really fresh when I'm done vacuuming. My old vacuum's hose used to clog all the time, so I really like how this one has a clear hose so you can see where clogs are. However, I have not experienced any clogs in this vacuum's hose as of yet. (Yes, the power paw attaches to the vacuum. The directions just don't tell you how. It's not hard to figure out. There's a plastic holster for it that clips to the back under the handle.) So far, I'm very happy with this purchase....more info
  • This Vac really sucks (-:
    My wife and I have been around the block a time or two and, as with many of you, have been through our share of vacuums over the years. I'm here to tell you this one works.
    Stay away from the TV "infomercials" plugging no-name vacs and making outlandish claims. Remember the old saying, "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". Trust the "trusted" names.
    Eureka has been around a long time. We checked Consumer Reports before investing in a new upright vac. They listed 3 as being excellent buys. 2 were Kenmores and the third was the Eureka 4870 series. The letters at the end of the model don't mean much (the MZ has the "power brush", but the 4870 is important. The ratings of all 3 vacs were basically the same, but the Eureka was half the price.
    The sucking power is incredible. It's not the quietest unit in the world, but I'll gladly trade that for the job it does. Right after buying this vac, someone (we have many young, devilish grandchildren), put eggshells in my wife's washing machine (front-load). The shells got into the front seal of the washer, as well as all through the dryer before we saw them. I took the crevice attachment of the Eureka and cleaned both machines out completely in the blink of an eye. By the way, I've seen complaints that the new "power brush" doesn't work. We've had no problem with this attachment. In fact, it's been everything Eureka says it is. If you don't want to try it, there are several other versions of the 4870 that offer the traditional brush instead. We're very happy with this unit....more info
  • It's Ok...
    This vacuumn has great suction and cleans well but the floor to rug switch did not work since the first day. I see in a lot of reviews this seems to be quite a problem. It is also very loud and quite heavy to maneuver from room to room. I liked my Hoover Wind Tunnel better!...more info
  • Great vacuum at a great price
    You get alot of vacuum with the Eureka Boss, for half of what you'd pay on others....more info
  • Powerful Cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner is very powerful. It pulled out stuff our other sweeper had left in the carpet. On the downside, very noisy. Also to pull the sweeper backwards on a high pile carpet, you must learn to lift up the front rollers to prevent the brushes from touching the carpet or it becomes very difficult to use. ...more info
  • This is the new version of 4870GZ model!
    I have researched extensively for weeks while I was pregnant, looking for a new vacuum. After making my decision to purchase the maroon 4870GZ, I wanted to find it at a store where hopefully I could try it first. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was only finding the red and silver 4870MZ. I decided to order the GZ model anyway and received the red and silver 4870MZ! I asked my husband to look into why I got the wrong vacuum, and eventually found that it really is the same one, just new colors. This has never been mentioned anywhere.

    I do have to say that we love this vacuum! It has very powerful suction even when the bag is full. The motor is also very quiet, which is a bonus with our newborn. The attachments are user friendly and the hose can reach pretty far. It has a very long electrical cord making it convenient to vacuum for longer periods without stopping. The vacuum is easy to push and pull on carpet. It also works great on my tiled kitchen floor. The only thing negative is that the foot release is a little awkward at first, but no big deal. I have always went for the expensive vacuums in the past, but this vacuum is by far the best vacuum I have owned. ...more info
  • Maybe the Second Time Around It'll Work Longer
    This is my second 4870; the first one worked great as long as it worked, which wasn't very long. After a little over two years it started smelling and acting like something was seriously wrong which happened to be the case. That 4870GZ is sitting in the garage waiting for me to decide what to do with it. It may be repairable or not but I have decided to retire it.

    You may well ask why I would buy another one, well, that's a good question. I've never owned a vacuum before that stopped working after only 2+ years. I hope that this early malfunction was anomalous to that particular machine and not typical of the breed. While it worked, it did a really good job, therefore I've decided to give the maker and the model one more chance, and I hope I'm not sorry; I could not find a pattern of early failures on this model on the web. I also had an investment in bags, filters and belts that I hoped to be able to use. I'll admit that I feel as if I'm rolling the dice but hope for much better results this time.

    The 4870MZ has an additional feature which the GZ model didn't have; the small brush attachment for cleaning stairs. Although we don't have stairs we do have some small carpeted spaces that are too narrow for the upright; this attachment does a good job in those areas.

    The 4870 has done a very good job on our carpet, and is easily adjusted for bare floors. I was pleased enough to give it one more try; if this one only works for 2+ years I will write the model off as a lost cause. Only time will tell....more info
  • Great vacuum, but it is very heavy.
    I am very happy with this vacuum. It cleans very well and I like having most of the attachments right there on the body of the vacuum. It is quite heavy, though. While not a problem for me (6', 200lb. male), it may be worth considering if you are smaller or less strong.

    It does have a control that you have to turn depending on whether you are vacuuming or using the hose and attachments (the yellow disc in the picture, near the top), and I have forgotten to switch it a couple of times, but that is my own learning curve and no fault of the vacuum.

    Overall, a great value for the price. Highly recommended!...more info
  • plastic breaks easily
    I bought this vacuum a year ago and within a few months the foot pedal release popped off of the machine completely. I had it replaced and it quickly popped off again. This time the clear plastic housing broke and would cost $29 to replace the part and $29 in labor. It can only be replaced with the same cheap clear plastic housing. It still works, and though heavy, i have been ok with it's performance. However, without the foot pedal, it will not stay locked in the upright position and falls when nudged or tugged slightly. This makes some operations difficult, especially when using the hose attachement....more info
  • Everything I hoped for
    This Vacuum is all that I'd hoped for; plenty of power, nice varity with the attachments and the Power Paw attachment was a great idea. I use the Power Paw attachment for under furniture where that dust tends to build up on the carpet and the attachment cleans the carpet great. Pet hair comes off furiture, rugs and clothing easily with this tool. The reviews I read before buying were all positive. The Only thing I can say which some reviews had mentioned is the weight. It is a little heavy to lift, but not bad....more info
  • Super Suction!!
    This is the second Eureka Boss Smart-Vac I have purchased. The first one had many broken parts because of a lot of use. We had been so impressed with this vaccume that we bought another one. This newer one seems to be even better. It is incredible the amount of dirt it picks up. For the price, you can not go wrong. The attachments are also easy to use and very convenient. As a Mom with two kids, two dogs and a husband who won't wipe his feet, I highly recommend...more info
  • This vacuum sucks (literally)
    You can feel the scrubby things working, they even pull the vacuum forward, so cleaning is a piece of cake. My place feel so much cleaner and dust is minimized so there's less dusting to do. I picked up the Arm & Hammer filter too which freshens up the air in my place as well.

    Get this, you'll love it, it looks cool too!...more info
  • too heavy
    I was very disappointed at how heavy this vacuum cleaner is to push back and forth. None of the reviews I read mentioned this. It is also difficult and awkward to push the handle release pedal with your foot. And when you go to put the handle in the locked position, it makes a noise that sounds like the plastic will break soon....more info
  • 4870MZ model has torn hose after 1 year of gentle use
    I bought the previous 4870 model (in blue) about a year ago. Unless they fixed the following issues, I would recommend doing a little more research before buying this model. Everything was fine until wife and I started noticing the attachment end of hose started to have a tear along the first and second spring creases on hose end. Fixed by duct taping it far up the hose to prevent more tearing, but now wife wants another vacuum. I'm ok with it as long as it works.

    The other complaint is that the small t-attachment that goes above the cord storage area keeps falling off and very difficult to snap in place.

    ...more info
  • Power plus
    We bought this because of a problem with dust mites. It took care of that problem easily, but the bonus was that our carpets look brand new! We have 2 cats, (one long hair), so carpets were always a battle. So it's a hit on 2 levels. We read about the difficulty moving the latch from carpet to bare floor, but followed the advice of another review. While rough, it definitely moves, and isn't that difficult. Great product for the money....more info
  • Great sweeper
    I bought this sweeper after spending less money on another brand. That one did not work for what I needed it for. I have tile floors and the Eureka Boss Smartvac works GREAT on them! This is the reason I bought this sweeper (and the good reviews). If you need a sweeper with a great suction and will work just as equally on carpet as it does on bare floors, then this is the sweeper to buy. It is a little heavy and hard to manuever at first but I have gotten used to it. Well worth the money! I will never go bagless again. They are just too messy and seem to have more build-up than the bagged sweepers.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum, Especially for the Money
    I researched for several months before making this purchase and i'm very happy with this vacuum. Cleans exceptionally well and the power paw is great for picking up cat hair. The HEPA system actually works because I don't sneeze at all while vacuuming and I have chronic allergies. (It made me realize how poorly my hoover upright worked. And it was only 2 1/2 years old.) Yes, it's a little heavy, but every vacuum that has strong suction is. I guess it's because of the large amp motor. If you have pets, you won't be dissapointed. The only thing I wished it had was an automatic cord rewind. But for the price, I have no problem living without it. My last eureka lasted me 10 years, and when I finally got rid of it, it was because It was so beat-up, but it still worked great. Not the case with my 2 1/2 year old Hoover. This unit is a great deal for the money....more info
  • Works Wonderfully!
    This vacuum works really well. I love the light on the front. It is easy to switch from bare floor to carpet. The "paw" attachment works at picking up cat hair.
    It is a little heavy, but it is inexpensive and does the job very well....more info
  • Arkansas Shopper
    The Eureka 4870MZ Boss Smart-Vacuum has a great suction power and does a good clean up. A couple of small problems are that one of the extra tools does not stay stored on the machines as indicated. The other is that the feature to change the brush wheel from carpet to floor and vice versa is extremely difficult to set as is the control to unlock the handle section. Other than that it appears to be a very good cleaner for the price....more info
  • Bare Floor switch does work - with some effort!
    I just rec'd the vacuum and so far it seems to live up to its billing - both good and bad (including the negative billing about the difficult Bare Floor Switch). I tried disengaging the beater bar using the switch according to the instructions in the owners manual, pushed as hard as I could, then gave up and called customer service. I was advised to drop the handle down and try again. I found that if you wedge the handle in the down position against a heavy piece of furniture, get down on your hands and knees with your feet propped against the opposite wall, place a thumb on the switch and your other thumb on top of the first thumb, take a deep breath and then push for all you are worth, it does click into the 'brush off' position. Bottom line - I think the engineer that designed this feature should investigate a new profession....more info
  • Hoover Review
    Pro: The vacuum cleaner has very good suction and is easy to handle. The transition from carpet to bare floors is very easy. I am very happy with the unit.
    Con: The packaging was not as good as it should be. The foam inside the box was broken and it took hours to clean the floor of foam particles....more info
  • Good for the money
    After reading reviews etc. we decided to replace our current Eureka with this one. Ours quit running because we did not really keep up with maintenance. We have had it for 7+ years and like it. I like that this one has the Paw attachment for the stairs. It is a little heavy and noisy, but it cleans great. This is a great vacuum for the money....more info
  • very disappointed
    i bought this because it was so highly rated by consumer reports. i find it large and heavy, awkward to move.
    It's really cheap plastic. I had to have the fan belt replaced almost immediately.
    The switch that you are supposed to move between rug and floor does not seem to do much of anything as far as i can tell.
    I'd like a good, well designed, sleek, lightweight vacuum cleaner so that vacuuming would not be such a chore....more info
  • Does what I want a vacuum to do
    Although most the reviews are for the 4870GZ and I bought the 4870MZ, I suspect the machines are basically the same so I won't repeat what others have already said about it except to say this is a solid machine with excellent suction and it did a great job on my carpets, both deep cleaning and returning the nap to a plush feel.

    I'm writing to say that, contrary to many reviews, the Power Paw does in fact attach to the vacuum. At least mine does. It comes with a clear plastic cover that attaches to the vacuum just below the top D-handle. If you look closely you'll find the mating point. You then simply clip the paw into the cover and it stores on the handle.

    Also, contrary to some reviews, the bare floor setting works fine. You just need to press the tab hard until you hear a click and it engages. The brush is then disabled for bare floor vacuuming.

    I really wanted to justify a Dyson but at 1/3 the price, this machine is all that I need. I'm extremely satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • powerful suction
    Love this vacuum. I also owned it's predecessor and due to no fault of its own, I needed a replacement. Eureka has proven themselves again. The suction on this thing is unbelievable. I love the spinning brush that whips the carpet as I vacuum. It feels new again under my feet as I vacuum. The box says it's 60% more powerful than the Dyson but at half the price. The first part I believe, the second is a fact. I had wanted a Dyson but I despise bagless vacs and I didn't want to spend that much $$. We don't have pet hair we need to stay on top of, so I'm more than pleased with this purchase....more info