Euro Pro Shark Home and Office Cordless Sweeper

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Product Description

Keep your home or office clean with this Euro Pro Shark Home and Office Cordless Sweeper. The Sweeper runs 30 minutes on a single charge (enough time to cover roughly 1400 sq feet!). Great for carpets.

  • Sweeper runs 30 minutes on a single charge
  • Forget about messy vacuum cleaner bags or filters to change
  • Sweeper cleans carpets and floors efficiently
  • 10-inch cleaning path
  • Low profile swivel head design reaches easily into tight corners and under furniture
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent product
    I got this for Christmas, and I absolutely love it!!! With 4 boys under age 6, I was constantly sweeping under the dining room table. Plus, the boys play in the dirt right outside the door and track pounds of it across the carpet daily. Not only does the Shark pick up most of the food around the table, it sucks quite a bit of dirt from the carpet. The bonus is that I don't have to lift a finger - the boys fight over who gets to run the Shark and who gets to empty the dirt tray (sure,they miss the trash can, but no problem...I can shark it right back up again)! When the boys aren't around, I can hold the baby in one arm and use the Shark with the other. It's so lightweight and very effective. I got after my husband for leaving peanut shells in my van, and he suggested I use the Shark - again, it got everything up! It doesn't quite get every scrap from the corners, but that's not its design. For a quick tidy-up, this is excellent. My sis-in-law who gave it to me is jealous and wants one herself - which is why I'm on this site - I'm getting one for her to return the favor. She wants it for dog-hair. I do not have pets, so I cannot speak to its effectiveness on that. I'll ask her and post a follow-up later. As far as another review that says it wore down the battery...the instructions say to charge it for 20 hours then wear down the battery completely before charging again. As I found out with my Bissell hand-held vaccuum, things break quickly when batteries are overcharged by leaving them plugged in too long....more info
  • Poor performance, not worth the money
    We purchased this product when we needed something that would pick up dog hair from bare floors and everyday dirt & grit tracked in by young children. I loved the light weight and easy maneuverability at first, until I realized that the incredibly poor suction failed to pick up anything that the vacuum came in contact with. The brush will push and scatter more dirt and pet hair than it picks up. Don't waste your money on this product!...more info
  • A total piece of junk
    Bought this for my son to use 2 months ago and it's ready for the garbage.
    First off, the battery is very underpowered and requires constant recharging,that's because it uses an archaic NI-CAD battery pack that is a proprietary design. Replacements are $15 and are almost the cost of the unit itself.
    The internals are all plastic and strip easily from normal use.
    Just don't buy it, Shark is not a good brand.
    ...more info
  • awesome
    I bought this after having back surgery. I couldn't pull out the large vaccum so I thought why not give this a try. Holy cow I love it.I use this more than the large one. If you have pets and are constantly vaccuming this is the one for you....more info