WORX ECO WG780 19-Inch 24 Volt Mulch/Bag/Side Discharge Cordless Electric Lawn Mower with Removable Battery

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Product Description

Reduce costly mower maintenance and eliminate emissions with the WorxECO 24V Cordless Lawn Mower. A high powered 24-volt battery lets you mow up to 17,500 square feet on a single charge and frees you from the hassle of messy oil and gasoline motors with traditional mowers. And because the mower produces zero emissions, you'll be doing even more to keep your environment, not just your lawn, green and healthy.

A push-button makes start-up easy, and the battery lifts out for charging anywhere. View larger.

Choose to use a large bag or leave clipping on your lawn as free, natural fertilizer. View larger.

The WorxECO Mower is quiet, easy-to-start, and emission-free. View larger.

Mow up to 17,500 square feet (a lawn that's bigger than four tennis courts) with a single charge. View larger.
Environmentally Friendly, Maintenance Free
Because it has an electric motor, the WorxECO Mower eliminates the hassle with a traditional gasoline engine--just push the start button, and go. The rechargeable battery provides enough power to mow up to 17,500 square feet on a single charge. Purchase additional rechargeable batteries to cover larger jobs, so you don't have to waste time waiting for your battery to recharge to complete the job. The electric motor emits much less noise than a gas engine, protecting your hearing and reducing noise pollution.

Versatility to Cut, Mulch, or Bag
The 19-inch deck offers plenty of cutting surface, with easy all-wheel height adjustment between 1-1/2 and 3-1/2 inches. You can collect your clippings in the included grass bag, slip in the mulch insert and recycle clippings back into your yard, or take advantage of the side discharge chute to quickly clear grass from the cutting deck.

Added features include a safety key to prevent accidentally starting of the mower, and a power level indicator that keeps you informed on how much charge you have left in your battery.

Ergonomic, Adjustable Design
The WorxECO 24V Mower features ErgoSum Design Technology, allowing you to adjust the handle to the most comfortable operating angle without using any tools. Thanks to the electric motor, vibration is minimal, and the included soft grips reduce vibration further to minimize fatigue. The handle also folds for easy storage.

The WorxECO 24V Cordless Lawn Mower is covered by a two-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
WorxECO 24V Cordless Lawn Mower, 24-volt Powertank battery, battery charger, safety key, mulch insert, side discharge chute, and grass bag assembly.


Rated voltage: 24VNo-load speed: 3500/minDeck Size: 19"Height of Cut: 1.5 - 3.5"
Grass Bag Capacity: 1.6 BushelsCharging Time: OvernightMower Weight: 80 lbsWarranty: 2-Year Limited

Worx, 24V, Lawn Mower, 17Ah Lead Acid Battery, 3 In 1 Cutting, Side, Rear Bag & Mulch, Cuts Up To 17,500 SQFT Per Charge, 1 Touch, Cutting Depth Adjustment, Soft Grip Handle, Foldable Handle For Easy Storage, Rechargeable Battery Recharges To 85% In 8 Hours & 100% In 16 Hours, Includes Battery Indicator, 19" Cutting Width, 13 Gallon, 1.6 Bushel Grass Box Capacity, Weight 80 LB With Battery.

  • 24-Volt 17 Ah Removable Battery
  • 19-Inch Cutting Path Deck
  • 3-Function Mowing (Side Discharge, Bag and Mulch)
  • Ergonomic Handle Design With Height Adjustment Feature
  • Six Position Height Adjustment With One Lever For All Four Wheels

Customer Reviews:

  • light-weight work horse
    I am very happy with my Worx electric mower. It is light-weight and easy to handle, and it really gets the job done. It starts with the press of a button. I am so relieved that there is no need to use messy, smelly gasoline. The only down side is that the battery may run down before I am finished mowing. I plan to get a second battery, so that I will be able to work longer without recharging....more info
  • I now look forward to mowing the lawn
    I did a good deal of research before purchasing the Worx. Looked into the Epic/Solaris - was attracted to the brushless motor but it weighs a ton. Would not get one without a removable battery which ruled out the B&D. The Worx is perfect - great ergonomics, NO VIBRATION, quiet and easy to use. Mows great. SO easy to start. All I can say is, this thing is the best. I truly look forward to mowing the lawn. Amazon free delivery worked like a charm. Thanks.

    p.s. to the person who could not find the mulch attachment - I had trouble finding it too - it is pre-installed when the mower arrives....more info
  • Terrific mower!
    Our old gas mower keeled over halfway through the lawn last weekend ... and then it rained every day all week. By Saturday, the grass was sopping wet and ankle deep.

    We unpacked the Worx cordless mower from the box and - wow! - it gobbled through that grass! It cuts beautifully, neat and even, and the motor doesn't complain even when you run over sticks (not that you are supposed to run over sticks, but sometimes it happens). The mulching function makes the clippings literally invisible.

    We knew we wanted a cordless electric mower. There are half a dozen choices on the market now; this is one of the more expensive ones, but it's worth it. As other reviews have noted, it's very thoughtfully designed. There's no assembly needed - it unfolds ready-to-go out of the box (and folds back down, with the squeeze of a lever, for storage). Yes, it's 80 pounds, but the better gas mowers are up there too, and great ergonomics mean you won't strain yourself pushing it. At 5'0", I particularly appreciated the height-adjustable handle and easy-to-hold deadman switch. The grass height adjuster is a giant joystick, easy to see and reach. It starts instantly with the push of a button - get used to just letting go rather than letting it idle when you stop to think or sneeze; it's not like a gas mower where you worry about starting it up again. It's so quiet you can hear your iPod over it, and best of all - you smell nothing but sweet cut grass.

    One great virtue of this model is that it has a removable battery. That means you can charge the battery indoors, if your mower lives in an unelectrified shed. It also means that the battery can winter indoors, where it will be safer and last longer. If you have acres and acres of lawn, you could even buy a second battery and swap it out when the first is spent. The battery compartment is well-designed and easy to access; the battery has a carrying handle (it's heavy!) and a connector that snaps on in only one way. It's just like charging your cell phone, only bigger.

    The battery has a charge indicator - full, halfway, and empty. Our house sits on a ~7000 square foot lot. I mowed all the grass, front and back, and the indicator light went from full to half. (I don't know if it really started out tippy-top full, though, because I didn't charge it - I just unpacked and mowed). The ad copy says it'll go 17,500 square feet per charge. From what I've seen so far, I'm not worried.

    The downside: the manual is confusing. It talks about a "mulching attachment", but really you mulch by leaving the only provided attachment off, not by putting it on. And of course it would be even better if cordless lawnmowers used NiCad batteries rather than lead acid (longer life, less pollution, much less heavy), but no manufacturer's doing that yet.
    ...more info
  • Cordless Mowing at its best
    Packaged well, easily setup out of the box, battery was charged enough to cut enitre lawn (1/3 acre). Full charge allows me to cut the lawn almost three times before recharge is necessary. Front wheel setup prevents getting in close to edges along the front of the mower as does the side chute cover prevent close cutting along the right side of the mower. This leaves only the left side for close edge cutting. Handle height adjustment is good (I'm 6'2" and do not have to "stoop" over). Quiet, easy to push on small slopes, over roots and good maneaverability. Very pleased with the product.
    ...more info
  • Not what I expected, but kudos for an easy return process
    After having hired help cut my lawn for the past eight years, I am taking over and wanted a "green" mower. WORX seemed like a good option. I ordered from Amazon.com and to my surprise the delivered box was completely torn up. I was surprised UPS even put it on the truck in that condition. The mower itself looked suspiciously like a returned product but I can't really verify that. I reboxed the product and arranged a return, and decided to go with a different mower.
    There are two reasons I am writing this review: the return process was absolutely painless through Amazon.com (hence the 3 stars). Second, I would advise anyone to read the review of this product online at Consumer Reports. They provide a sensible and objective review of this product and other battery powered mowers....more info
  • A good mower and a good green option
    So far this has been a great mower, it is easy to push and works well. It came basically fully assembled, all you have to do is tighten the knobs for the handle. The battery appears to hold a charge for the listed time, maybe more. And one key point to me is the battery is removable to be charged, unlike the Black and Decker where the battery has to be charged in the mower. I will try and update this over time to comment on how the battery holds up over time. The design is wonderful and with the safety key you should never have a problem with it turning on unwanted. It mulches well too. It is also very quiet, probably 1/3 to 1/2 as loud as a gas mower. Overall everything is easy and appears good so far, we'll see how it holds up over time....more info
  • TREMENDOUS - and I've got pictures to prove it!
    PICTURES: http://maurinewatkins.com/worx.htm

    We'd really let the lawn go. When we tried to use our old Craftsman 6.0 gas lawnmower, it made noises like ball bearings were spinning around inside the engine. And, of course, it spat out a horrid amount of smoke. Seemed like the time to finally consider going green.

    After much online research and then thoroughly checking out the items we could find locally (the sales people were truly surprised at just how thoroughly we went about this!), we decided on the Worx Eco.

    Before I started to cut the worst of the grass, I had one of my daughters hold a tape measure so we could see just how high the worst tufts of lawn were (22 to 28 inches!). Then I mowed a swath and took more pictures.

    The mower never choked on any of the grass, though there were times it did slow way down; when that happened, I backed off a bit and let the blade spin up to speed before going forward again. The mower never stalled.

    I went back over it at my preferred height and now the lawn looks great. I've been able to mow our entire yard three times and the battery still shows full on its one charge.

    I couldn't be happier.

    --John Elliott, Albany, Oregon...more info
  • Great Mower
    This is a great product. It's been raining in the Midwest, which means tall grass and moisture. I have a 1/3 acre lot and this mower went thru it with power to spare. I love the roller underneath and in back. Let's me make those cool stripes that all the neighbors envy. ...more info


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