Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminium Free Women Deodorant, Pure Lightens - 2.6 Oz

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INDICATIONS: Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminium Free Women Deodorant, Pure Lightens.

  • Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminium Free Women Deodorant, Pure Lightens.

Customer Reviews:

  • not the same!!
    I have been using the origional adidas aluminum free deodorant for quite some time now, but I can't seem to find it anywhere! I came across this one, which seems to have replaced the origional. I think it works just as well, but the fragrance is soooo strong, that it intereferes with other fragrances you may be wearing. It also gives me a headache. Adidas, you should have left well enough alone! ...more info
  • Safe and works great -- why so hard to find?
    I had breast cancer and although scientific evidence merely points at aluminum as a potential contributing factor, that is enough for me. I really like the aluminum-free deoderant and wondered why it is so hard to find? Why would anyone even want to take a risk (no matter how small) with aluminum when alternatives work just as well?...more info
  • A good solution in the fight against aluminum for your health
    A previous reviewer complained that this product is not the old product, 1.6 oz and labeled aluminum-free. It is in fact 2.6 oz as clearly advertised, and the contents list reveals NO ALUMINUM. Both of these are good news to me. It is apparently a new product from Adidas, and the moisture absorption technology is different from the first. It works fairly well for me, is not causing me any underarm irritation, and satisfies my desire to avoid applying aluminum compounds to such a porous and sensitive body area....more info
  • Works great, no aluminum!
    I just started using this deodorant a few days ago & it works great. I had been trying to find one that would act as an "antiperspirant" but without the potentially harmful aluminum as the active ingredient, & this is the first product I've found that works & smells great, too. I definitely recommend this product....more info
  • No aluminum and I don't miss it!
    At the instruction of my chirpractor, I stopped using deoderant with aluminum. It was causing me lots of aches and pains in my shoulders, neck, and back, and some confusion. Metals in your system can do that and using a standard aluminum deoderant is allowing metals into your body through the very vulnerable area of your body-your armpit. Finding a good deoderant without aluminum was a challenge. The Adidas, aluminum-free deoderant met the challenge for a number of reasons. Decent price, works very well (I need a deoderant that can provide wetness protection and odor protection, and this one does), smells good, and I no longer have those aches,pains, and confusion. I also threw out my Gold Bond Body Powder, it was made with metals. I started using cornstarch baby powder....more info
  • Just found it in a store!
    After reading these reviews, I see that people are having trouble buying it in stores. I just happened to run into Bed Bath & Beyond and there was a whole stock of them! I hope it works well!...more info
  • Works great, smells so good
    This product works great , smells great and NO aluminum ! I stay dry all day and no offensive odor. Good Bye deodorants with aluminum . Just wish I could buy it locally to avoid shipping and handling. ...more info
  • Best absorbing non-aluminum deodorant I have ever used!
    Ran out of this in Dec. 2008....have looked EVERYWHERE since and FINALLY found it today @ Walgreen's....Plus it was on sale for $2.99 and had a $1.00 off coupon attached to it! I have tried Tom's....Crystal deodorant...and even the men's Adidas deodorant, but it did not have the cotton tech and did not absorb the wetness as well.....I am sooooo happy to find it...hope they never discontinue it again!...more info


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