Amaircare Roomaid HEPA Air Purifier (With Color:Black)

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Authorized Amaircare Dealer. Recommended For: Dust, Odor, Pollen, Bacteria, Animal dander, Attached viruses, Cigarette smoke, Radon daughter Used In: Home, Office, Travel, Hotel, Automobile Coverage Area: 150 Sq ft Filter Type: HEPA The Roomaid HEPA is ideal for bedrooms, small offices and other areas where space may be limited. Its three stage filtration system cleans air in prefect way. This Air Purifier includes 120 Volt A.C. to 12 Volt D.C. adaptor with 7 foot cord and spare washable prefilter. Select from white, black, or sandstone colors....

Customer Reviews:
  • Not sure it's doing anything
    We bought the filter at the recommendation of our allergist. We bought it for our bedroom to try to cope with my nighttime nasal stuffiness. We had already removed the rug. After owning it a year, we haven't seen any dust accumulation on the inner stage 2 filter.

    On the other hand, our central air/heat filter--where we've installed a top of the line filter--may be taking all the work away from junior, so I can't say for sure whether the fault lies with the filter.

    In other words, it may be that if you've already put a quality inline filter in the central system, this portable filter is redundant.

    I'm now investigating a humidifier (my son swears by it), and I've started using a neti pot (nasal saline rinse from what looks like a little tea pot). Neither of these were on the allergist's recommended environmental steps to take list. My recommendation: try these two things first....more info