Wii Fit Balance Board Mat

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Product Description

Place your Wii balance board securely on the Balance Board Mat from CTA Digital. It's perfect for the Wii fit, you can immerse yourself in those health-consciences, interactive games on your Wii balance board safely knowing that you won't slide or fall easily as you would on a hard, wooden floor. It's made of a soft, non-slip grip plastic material, your board, nor your feet would feel any uneasiness from this mat.

  • Balance Board Mat for Wii Fit
  • Made of a soft non slip grip plastic material
  • Securely Place Wii Balance Board On the Balance Board Mat
  • Feet Would Feel No Uneasiness From the Mat
  • Includes Balance Board Mat for Wii Fit and Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Alternative that is better
    I tried this mat and was not impressed. Then, I went searching and discovered this tip: http://www.chicaandjo.com/2008/06/17/tip-for-using-a-wii-fit/

    I bought some of these and I am so happy with all of the padding. It definitely helps my jogging!...more info
  • Just not worth it
    I haven't had any problems with ripping, tearing or holes - this mat has held up just fine for the past several months of use, and it's perfect for what I use it for: playing my Wii Fit and occasionally doing regular yoga. But it's just not worth the price when you can get a similar mat for $10.

    It's comfortable if you're using it on a carpet, but for hard surfaces I'd highly recommend finding something with more padding, as this mat is only about 1cm thick....more info
  • It's blue...
    I at least expected a mat that was well proportioned for the balance board, and this just seems as run of the mill as anything else on the market. If you want special for Wii, go for the lime green one... or just get some cheaper, better recommended one in the health section....more info
  • The mat adds stability and safety to the game.
    It helps to keep the balance board from moving around. We had so much fun with the WII Fit game. ...more info
  • esaw of Kennedale, TX
    I had a stroke about 3 1/2 years ago, that left my right-side weak. The WII Fitness helps me strengthen my core and helps shore-up and strengthen my balance. It also inspires me to workout, when the weather want allow me to go walk out-side.
    Thank you....more info
  • Not terrible. Unfortunately, the vendors often force it upon the buyers.
    This is a thin, small exercise mat that goes well with the Wii Balance Board. At $20 or $25, it seems a bit over-priced but not excessively so. The real problem is that some vendors take advantage of Wii Fit's popularity and force buyers to purchase unwanted accessories in order to pad their profits. This is, of course, thinly veiled price-gouging and often leaves a bitter taste on the hapless consumers....more info
  • Wii fit balance board mat
    I got this here for alot cheaper than stores in my area and didn't pay shipping and handling.Way Cool! A must buy if you have the wii fit!...more info


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