Generic Eureka HEPA Filter Designed To Fit Eureka DCF-2 Part # 61805, 61805A, 61805-4, and 70855-33n

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Product Description

This filter is designed to fit Eureka Victory Whirlwind Bagless vacuum cleaner models 4640, 4641, 4654, 4680, 4682, 4684, 4685, 4686, 4687, 4688, 4689, 4696. Replacement for Eureka 61805 Dust cup filter, pleated Vacuum Cleaner Filter Cyclonic cone filter. You can also replace this filter with the 39345, but you'll need to discard the foam filter frame before installing this new pleated filter. Eureka part numbers 61805, 61805-4, 70855-33n. This filter should be replaced at least once a year. For homes with severe allergies, or breathing issues such as asthma, it's best to replace this filter every 6 months. The more often this filter is replaced, the longer you Eureka bagless upright will last you.

  • Excellent Quality Replacement Filter Made by Envirocare
  • 99.97% Filtration down to .3 microns (HEPA certified filter)
  • Designed To Fit Eureka Victory Whirlwind Bagless Uprights
  • Will Also Fit Eureka Part # 39345 foam filter.

 Customer Reviews:

  • After-market filter doesn't fit properly
    This is not the first time I have ordered an after-market HEPA filter for my Eureka Whirlwind Big Cup, and not the first time that it hasn't fit correctly. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Eureka makes any themselves anymore, so owners are kind of stuck until they upgrade to a new vac.

    The big problem with this is that it just doesn't twist in very well, and sometimes will drop down into the dust cup while vacuuming. Then you have to fish around in that muck and put it back in and hope it sticks. The fact that it doesn't lock in well leaves me wondering if it is even performing its job correctly, and if it really is a HEPA filter.

    I've double and triple-checked all of the model number info, so I know it's the filter and not me. ;o)...more info