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SKU NUMBER: 68262.The Mininimum EXP date on product:1year.DESCRIPTION: Thum Liquid - 0.2 oz .MANUFACTURER:OAKHURST CO.INDICATIONS:Stops thumb sucking and nail biting.INGREDIENTS:Active Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper Extract, Citric Acid.Inactive Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, Lacquer.DIRECTIONS:Apply to dry finger nails twice a day to prevent NAIL BITING and THUMB SUCKING. Allow 'THUM' to dry.Remove 'THUM' with nail polish remover.WARNINGS:'THUM' rubbed on eyes will cause stinging; relieve by washing with cold water. Do not use on babies too young to realize repeated rubbing causes stinging. If evidence of skin irritation appears, discontinue use and apply cream or lotion. 'THUM' is flammable: Keep away from heat and open flame. 'THUM' will stain clothing and furniture finishes. Keep out of the reach of children.ABC_Pharmacy_Wholesale terms and conditionsThe best way to a healthy life is to SAVE BIG!!! Your bid is a binding agreement to buy: Please E-MAIL us with any questions prior to bidding.We aim to please and stand behind every single transaction.Every single item listed is 100% authentic.We provide you with details on all items, please use them when making your decisions.If you are a high bidder, please get in touch with me within 3 business days.> PAYMENT IS DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE -NO EXCEPTIONS! If payment is not made within 7 days of my contacting you, we reserve the right to re-list the item and to file a non-paying bidder report with E-Bay.We prefer payment through Pay Pal. As well, we accept personal checks, cashier's checks or money orders.Personal Checks and Money Orders MUST include your email address, auction ID and/or an order reference number. Please allow 10 days for clearing of personal checks prior to shipment.All shipping is USPS mail with delivery confirmation . Please get in touch with me if you would like to purchase postal insurance, as we will NOT be responsible for post office losses. W also offer combined shipping a

  • Thum Liquid Stops thumb sucking and nail biting.

Customer Reviews:

  • GREAT!!
    I have a daycare child who is 2.5 years old. She sucked her thumb from day one attending my daycare. (she was like 6months old) She would suck her thumb so bad it would be raw and bleeding sometimes. It stayed in her mouth. No matter how much reminding she would still do it. Her mom bought Thum and she has only tried like three times to suck her thumb in 3 days and would of course not even get a suck before she would jerk her hand out of her mouth!! IT WORKED FOR HER!!!! This child was the worst at it!!! It really works!!!!...more info
  • You'll like this if you like spicy
    I bought this because my 6 y.o. son was chewing on his shirts to the point of putting holes in them. I put Thum on the neck band and waited for him to react. His reaction was "yum, adds flavor" I wish I would have read the reviews first... cayenne pepper and citric acid... these are classic canjun flavors and my son loved it....more info
  • At least it was cheap
    My 2 year old is a thumb sucker, and I am trying to wean him from it. Thought that this product might help, and it did - for about 20 min., then he put his thumb right back in. The packaging says to apply twice a day, but after a short time, the taste either went away, or my son got used to it. The good part was that it was inexpensive and according to the ingredients, made from cayenne pepper and citric acid....more info
  • Worked for a 3 year thumb sucker!
    I have a 3 and 1/2 year olf that sucked his thumb. It literally only took a week for him to quit. I'm really surprised it worked, but it did!! My son did NOT complain of it hurting when I applied it, however he did complain of how bad it tasted if he tried to suck his thumb. ...more info
  • Ok but not that shocking.
    I got this product i have been biting my nails for about a year and i found this at walgreens i was looking for one of the other nail biting products (mavala stop or control it) but this is all they had. So i put this on and I only put my finger in my mouth twice that day I HATE hot foods this taste like hot sauce but it was not strong yes if you are commited to stop biting your nails it will work I was but i still wanted to try something else so I went to cvs and bought bite it. Bite it was made of a few kinds of aceton which is very strong stuff Thum is made to put on twice a day when bite it only has to be put on twice a WEEK that's right WEEK. My friend who bites her nails as well I told her about this product but she said i am too lazy for that. I am definately going to tell her about Bite it i think she coult do this and it would help her a lot!...more info
  • Maybe for super young kids
    I purchased this for my 4 1/2 year old daughter who has bitten her nails down to the quick. I was afraid to start on something tougher, just in case. However, not only is she not afraid to stick her whole finger tip into her mouth after I was done, she actually chews the polish off. I also tried it, and yeah, it has sorta a bad taste, but nothing HORRIBLE. Trying the Orly next....more info
  • so far so good, and doesn't hurt when you put it on!!!!!
    My 8 y.o. daughter is getting braces and the ortho said she needed to stop biting her finger nails prior. We have tried every one of the no biting products and they were all made of ingredients that sounded dangerous and burned like crazy when applied. I felt like it was cruel to put on something that hurt her soo bad. The ortho recommended this product and so far it has been great. My daughter doesn't like spicy stuff and if she put it in her mouth it burns her lips too(quick lesson). The only draw back is if you forget and put your finger in your eyes it is like fire. ...more info
  • Don't bother with this!!!
    My daughter is 3 and sucked her fingers all the time. My husband picked this up and she actually liked the taste, so obviously it didn't do any good at getting her to stop. Waste of money!! We tried Mavala Stop and it worked in just days!...more info
  • does not work at ALL
    i have a thumbsucker who we've tried EVERYTHING with. we had luck finally with bitter nail polish, but not this one!!!! i think he actually liked the taste and it wore off VERY quickly. buy yourself some mavala STOP and you'll be amazed at the results, don't waste your money on THUM!!...more info
  • Didn't solve the problem
    We tried this on our 18 month old. He is sucking his finger raw. When we apply to his finger tip and finger he stops sucking his finger for a few minutes then keeps right on going. Very ineffective....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I was totally astonished when I put this stuff on my sons fingers and he actually liked it! He chewed his fingers worse after I put it on him! I have actually talked to a few other moms since then who said the same thing!...more info
  • This actually works!
    After reading all the negative reviews of this product, I was very skeptical if this would work for my 4 years old daughter. But our pharmacy had only Thum, since it's just $3 I gave it a try. It worked for my daughter right away, she stopped put her finger in the mouth on the first day, not even trying to do it again afterward. ...more info
  • Waste of money!
    I bought this for my 18 month old son who has started biting his nails. I put it on his fingernails the first time and he only put his fingers in his mouth one other time that day. I thought it was going to work. Boy was I wrong. After that day, I think he got used to the taste because now he will lick at it until the taste is gone and still bites his nails. I have even tried doing the whole finger tip, to no avail. We are going to buy Mavala Stop. Don't buy Thum, it doesn't work....more info
    Thum Liquid 0.2 oz Stops thumb sucking and nail biting
    This product did not work for my 2-year-old daughter. I put the stuff on her thumb for two weeks straight. I did not work for her. She is still sucking her thumb....more info
  • Better than Mavala
    We are trying to stop our three year old from sucking her thumb and initially tried Mavala which worked like a charm for our 5 year old a few years ago but our youngest wasn't bothered by the taste so I was about to spend a fortune on the thumb guard but thought for $3 I'd try Thum. I'm so glad we did. The taste is stronger than Mavala and although she does still suck occasionally it has been great, especially for the unconcious sucking while she is asleep. It certainly worth a try. Good Luck....more info
  • Doesnt work at all for my son
    Directions state to only put it on their finger nails, well did that and my 1yr old son just kept sucking away like nothing was there. So then I decided to literally paint his entire finger with it all the way to the base, both sides. And it stops him for 5secs, then he back to full blown sucking. So this clearly doesnt work. And main problem with this is he rubs his eyes alot, and the cayenne pepper basically makes his eyes water and irrited and starts his full blown crying like someone put it into his eyes....more info
  • Deserves Zero Stars!
    We puchased this from a local pharmacy to help our six year old to stop sucking her thumb, and it didn't work AT ALL. I put a LIBERAL amount on her thumbs, and then did the same to mine (to test it). I could barely taste a thing. It was slightly peppered in flavor, that's it. She was sucking her thumb again in minutes. I'd also like to note that my child does not like pepper type flavors, and often complains when food is "too spicy"! She has even said this of foods that are not spicy. Yet this stuff didn't even make her flinch.

    I ordered Mevala Stop off of amazon, and she hasn't sucked her thumb since it arrived. I did the same test, and 9 hours later (including a shower along with dishes and scrubbing at it), my thumb still tastes VERY BAD! Skip Thum, and go straight to Mevala Stop....more info


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