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This nasal cleaner is with a tube for mother to vacuum out baby's mucus. You can feel and control vacuum suction. When the nose is clear, you will feel the free air go in your mouth. The mucus will be collected in the container. All parts are detachable for cleaning (the large white part can be separate into two parts as well). Just rinse with warm or hot water right after each use. It can also be sterilized in boiling water. I personally like to hold the baby upright when vacuuming the mucus, so I can control the directions as well. A storage case is included. Its a very handy tool when baby got the running or stuffy nose. (Pigeon is a renowned Japanese company producing high quality baby products. Selling in over 50 countries and for nearly 50 years, the company has earned a reputation for safety and reliability around the world.) Nose tweezer sold separately. Made in Japan. Low shipping fee. For international shipping, please email for exact shipping charge.

  • Vaccum suction power created by you. Easily make sure the mucus is all clear.
  • Can be use on baby and any age.
  • All parts can be detached for cleaning.
  • Can be sterilized in boiling water.
  • A storage/carrying case is included.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Funny and gross but works GREAT!
    My son is 3 years old and we've tried several different kinds of those nose syringe aspirators that barely work. I came across this product and ordered it. I was very skeptical but it works amazingly! We used it for the first time last night because my son's nose was running all night. I was shocked how much stuff came out of my son's nose because just by looking I couldn't see very much mucous in his nose. I highly recommend this to all parents! It was kinda gross to see the stuff coming out but the suction sound also made me laugh while doing this so it was a positive experience for my son (who was laughing at me laughing.)...more info
  • So much better than the syringe bulb aspirators
    I bought this when my son got his first cold as we only had the so popular syringe bulb aspirator and it did not work well at clearing up his nose. My son got his 2nd cold this week so I used this Pigeon aspirator and it worked great! it took about 6 seconds to clear up each nostril. Would definitely recommend!...more info
  • It worked for my cat and baby
    This is a great tool. The quality is good, too. It is very easy to use. I'm using for my cat and baby every day :) ...more info
  • Excellent product and worth the money
    I've been using the regular bulb nose syringe for my 13-mon old daughter. We have three of these at home, given by the hospital and the PD, and another one from Little Nose. Although my daughter is okay with these nose syringes, I think these syringes are not very effective. Many times, after using the syringe, my daughter still have stuffy nose.

    Then a friend of mine recommended this product. I got this yesterday and tried it on my daughter today (she is having a cold). It cleaned my daughter's stuffy nose right away, and the tip of the suction doesn't go into her little nose. The suction strength is controlled by me. Well, it appears kind of nasty, I had to suck on the other end of the tube. But the design of the product is very good, you won't suck in the mucus to your mouth. It will go into the small bottle, and you can that happen. Once you are done, wash the whole kit with water. That's all, and the result is great since my daughter's nose is clear right away.

    It looks a little expensive at first, but think about babies get sick 5-10 times a year, and it is something you will use it quite often. My daughter had one ear infection when she was 11 months because the mucus didn't get clean out as it should even with using the regular nose syringe couple times a day. Just to avoid the ear infection and reduce the need to go to PD office already make my money worth. ...more info