Ped Egg Pedegg + 3 Replacement Blades Combo + BONUS Miracle Foot Repair

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Product Description

The Deluxe PedEgg is the revolutionary foot file that you've seen nationally advertised on TV. It's the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with NO MESS! The secret is PedEgg's precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the ultimate finishing touch. The unique egg shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for easy and convenient use. Best of all, PedEgg has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment allowing you to use it anywhere with no mess. You and your feet will love the new PedEgg! Includes 2 Buffing/Polishing Pads FREE! + FREE 1oz MIRACLE FOOT REPAIR CREAM + + 3PK Replacement blades for use with Ped Egg

  • Gentle & Easy to Use
  • Ergonomic "No Mess" Design
  • Over 135 Precision Micro-Files
  • Stainless Steel Blade is Safe to the Touch
  • Includes 1 Ped Egg + 2 Buffing/Polishing Pads FREE! + BONUS 1oz MIRACLE FOOT REPAIR CREAM + 3PK Replacement blades for use with Ped Egg

Customer Reviews:

  • Ped Egg
    This product has done wonders for my wife's feet she loves this product and the price was great....more info
  • Ped Egg
    This item is what I expected it works great. However the foot repair lotion is only a trial size....more info
  • A Little Wonder
    This little Pedegg really works. Best result is to remove dry skin gradually with moisturizer afterward....more info
  • I love my feet again!
    I just received my much anticipated PedEgg today and quickly gave it a try. My feet were not-so-nice even with a little extra TLC. One round with the PedEgg and I would say they are 95% better. I am thrilled to be able to wear my summer sandals just in time for summer!
    (Note: Yes, a few 'shavings' did escape from the egg, but it's well worth a quick clean up for smooth, soft feet.)...more info
  • Only thing that works.........
    I have tried EVERYTHING for my feet for YEARS, and the ped egg made my feet perfect within 10 minutes on the first time I used it. It's easy and gentle to use, I highly recommend it. I can now wear flip flops shamelessly!!!...more info
  • It works
    It works but not as well as I hoped it would. I have another product that works much better. I just really wanted the ped egg because it would catch the shavings and I didn't have to worry about cutting myself. It worked but I was a little disappointed that a cheaper product that I had gotten did a better job than the pedegg. ...more info
  • Nothing works like the Egg!
    I have tried every product in an attempt to rid my feet of rough skin!! I saw an ad on TV for the Pedegg and decided to give it a try. The first time I used this product I was blown away. I have NO rough skin on my heels now. I add one word of caution- Do not rub the Pedegg roughly on your feet.Be gentle. Also do not rub for a prolonged period of time. Your feet will be sore if you do. Love, love, love this product!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Works well on tough skin
    My heels have very tough skin (comes from almost never wearing shoes - inside and out.) This really did get the tough layers off. Just be careful not to shave too much to where you get to the sensitive skin underneath....more info
  • works for me
    i like this product and i would recommend. it does leave your feet smooth. i still get my pedicures because it doesn't paint my toes or massage my feet and legs, but it serves the purpose it was made for. ...more info
  • Try it - you'll like it!
    This little gadget does what it claims to do - and how! My feet were in horrendous shape from wearing sandals all the time. I've tried pumice stones, creams, all sorts of stuff, and nothing could make a real dent in the rough skin around the heel and on the side of the toe. The first time I got it, I used it for about 5 minutes, and I just couldn't believe the amount of dead skin the little egg captured. You do need to make sure you use it on absolutely dry skin, and use the emory paper they give you with the kit (that really gives the final finish). Use any good foot cream and you're good to go! Honestly, my feet have not felt this smooth in years!...more info
  • It Really Works!
    Yes its manual labor, but not much. This thing really works. I have very dry cracked heels and I was skeptical of this (or any) self use product. I was surprised how fast and how well this works. If you tilt your foot or the PedEgg, of course some of the sandy shavings will fall to the floor. It wasnt bad though and I put a small towel under my feet and it worked fine. I recommend buffing afterwards, but put some foot cream on and you are ready for sandals! Really great inexpensive product. Go ahead and get the package with replacements because you will be hooked! The foot repair cream was ok, but I like something that smells more minty or fruity. This really didnt smell at all. Otherwise, great deal! ...more info
  • Calluses away!
    You have to use it religiously, but not a bad deal for price and it does what it says....more info
  • good product
    This product is good. I had previously been using a different kind of file that was akward to hold and messy. However, this product does not leave your feet as smooth and seems to leave a little bit of an irritated feeling for a couple of days. The previous product I was using had the wholes to remove the dead skin but the surface of it was textured similar to a metal nail file and left a very smoth surface. I will continue to use this product as it is faster and less messy....more info
  • Pedegg great
    I bought this for my Father for Fathers day. I work on his feet and used this as soon as I got it. The results were great. I will never use anything else. As this leaves rough feet nice and soft....more info
  • It's Great
    It is an excellent product, it works great even though some shavings do escape it is easy to live with. My feet were thoroughly callused but this has turned them very soft and pleasant....more info


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