Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

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Product Description

The Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner helps you clean your pool without effort.

  • Helps you clean your pool without effort
  • Only to be used with 1.5" connections (18' and 24' pools) and pumps with at least 2000 GPH capacity
  • Automatically vacuums the entire pool floor
  • Attaches to the inlet connector in the pool with a 26' hose
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene

 Customer Reviews:

  • Useless toy
    First, a description of how this device is supposed to work: when you connect it to the outlet of the pool filter, water under pressure is directed out of one of two jets at either end of the gadget. When one of the bumpers collides with a wall or other obstruction, water should be diverted to the jet on the side facing the blockage. This is supposed to push the thing away from the wall and send it off towards the other side of the pool. The direction is random and determined by the pair of swivel wheels at one end of the gizmo. The removal of debris on the bottom of the pool is supposed to be produced by the use of the Venturi effect to create a vacuum inside the device. (The same principle as used in the simple water aspirators many people will remember being attached to water faucets during their high school chemistry or biology labs.)

    In reality, the thing just does not work at all.

    The one we have will move in a half-hearted way in one direction, but only in one direction: the mechanism will not reverse the machine when a bumper hits a wall. The suction is very feeble - I watched this morning as it failed to remove a dead spider on the bottom of the pool; as for anything as weighty as a small leaf, forget it! What's more, you can't leave the ladder or anything else in the pool when this "cleaner" is attached: it is unable to sense when it's stuck. Also, it has difficulties with small wrinkles on the bottom of the pool and, if you have an Intex pool, you'll know that regardless of what the brochure says and the video shows, it's nigh on impossible to avoid a few wrinkles when putting up the pool.

    We have an Intex pool and Intex filter system, so there's not some compatability issue. Since the device works off water pressure, I've cleaned every potential blockage point in the filter circuit and installed a new Intex filter element. It works no better now than it did before.

    In short: this thing is a waste of money. Even though it costs less than a tenth of what something like an NEW AQUABOT TURBO Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner does, it's still a waste of money because the Intex gizmo does nothing useful whatsoever....more info