Sundesa - Blender Bottle Red, 28 oz bottle

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The simple-but-brilliant Blender Bottle proves that no tech can be better than high tech (Colors vary depending on availability). When we first saw the Blender Bottle at the International Home and Housewares Show-the largest annual trade show for manufacturers and retailers of housewares and other products for the home-we couldn't believe it. It's so simple-a plastic cup and a stainless steel ball-that we couldn't imagine how it would mix things as well as our hand-held mixer and our blender. But it does! The ball works like a combination whisk and ball bearing to mix the toughest ingredients quickly and thoroughly. It does so better than handheld mixers and frothers. The convenient size and pour spout make it so much easier and neater than using a mixing bowl. And it rinses clean in an instant. Is there any wonder that this savvy gadget earned our award for Best of Show? It's not low tech, it's no tech. You pour the ingredients you wish to blend into the cup, instead of into a mixing bowl. Screw the top on, give it two shakes of the wrist, and your blended and ready to go. Nothing's unblended, there is no residual powder in the bottom. Taking up minimal space and needing no electricity, it's also great for boats, camping, the office...and for people who frequently mix powdered drinks for diet and/or nutrition.? Blender Bottle has a 28-ounce capacity, and embossed ounce and milliliter markings make it easy to measure ingredients. It's dishwasher safe-but even eggs clean up easily with just a soap and water hand-rinse. Our cooking and eating efficiencies have been wonderfully enhanced. It will be the best $5.99 you've spent in a while-and one of the least expensive and most appreciated hostess gifts you can appear with. It's also the perfect gift for anyone you know who mixes protein drinks, sports drinks or diet shakes. And let us not forget to mention that using the Blender Bottle is so much fun, you just may find volunteers to help shake it up.?

  • High grade and durable?? Dishwasher friendly?? Won't leak or spew?? No more clumps?? Here's why Blender Bottle is the best thing to happen to us since the microwave:?? 1.We've never been able to mix powdered beverages or soups without undissolved residue of coagulated powder remaining at the bottom of the cup or glass. The Blender Bottle mixed hot and cold beverages perfectly. You can drink beverages through the pour spout, and the bottle fits into most car drink holders.? 2.Mixing eggs is no...

Customer Reviews:

  • Use every day-must have
    I use this everyday to make my lemon/ natural maple syrup/water drink.Shake it up & I'm good to go w/a healthy cleansing drink.Also good w/my protein drinks....more info
  • As good as a shaker bottle gets
    Great shaker bottle. I tried several bottles that I had picked up at local stores and they were quite bad - the lids didn't screw on terribly easily and they tended to leak with vigorous shaking. Given that violent shaking is sort of the point of the exercise, this was a bit sub optimal. I ordered one of these and they're great - I ordered 4 more so I can wait till the end of the week to wash them - I'm a guy, what can I say? I use it for mixing whey power with water or egg whites and it does a great job all the way around. Lid fits perfect with a minimum of fuss and the cap closes tight. They're about as good as a shaker bottle gets....more info
  • Blender Bottle is Awesome
    I bought 2 Blender Bottles and both are great! They mix better than any other bottle I've used. No leaks whatsoever! As far as shakers go, this one is the BEST!...more info
  • it leaks
    I bought two, they both leak no matter how many times I re-try screwing down the lid. Everyone else says this does not leak, how did I get two defictive ones? Maybe it is supposed to come with a gasket and mine are missing? I am bummed!...more info
  • Best!
    I weight lift 3 times a week and have always drank a protein shakes after my work outs. Until I got the blender bottle I used water bottles like the ones you find at REI to mix up my shakes. They worked ok but were very very hard to clean. Matter of fact I threw a couple away because I could not get the "smell" out of them.

    I blender bottle is the prefect solution! You can mix it right in the bottle and it cleans very easily. I have 2 now and am planning on getting 2 more....more info
  • Exactly what I have been looking for
    This is shaker bottle is exactly what I have been looking for after having to dealing with the leaky bottle. Unlike that one, this is made of much stronger plastic and provides a mroe practical way to drink the protein shake from -- I don't have to twist open the cap like the old one.

    Also for the same amount of protein, it takes less time to blend it with water. I attribute that to the ingenius steel ball and the fact that you can shake harder without worrying about leaks.

    I only wish Amazon would carry it themselves so I didn't have to pay for shipping (Prime member here).

    I recommended this to everyone. Thank you....more info
  • Excellent
    Definitely does not leak, unlike the Zyliss ones.

    Also everything is made of thick solid plastic unlike the other products I've tried....more info


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