SOLANO Super Solano Professional Hair Dryer (Model: 232)

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Product Description

Super Solano is the Most Powerful Professional Hair Dryer! Made in Italy.Features:- Instant Cold Air Button- Super Veloce Motor- Extreme Power- 125 Volt/60Hz- 1800 Watts- Extreme Velocity- Maximum Speed- Gyroscopically Balanced- Multiple Heat & Speed Settings- High Performance Power with Long Life Motor- Narrow Metal and Fiberglass Concentrator Nozzles- Removable Washable Air Filter- Limited Warranty from Solano

  • Instant Cold-Air Button, Super Veloce Motor, Extreme Power, 125 Volt/60Hz
  • 1800 Watts, Extreme Velocity, Maximum Speed, Gyroscopically Balanced
  • Multiple Heat & Speed Settings, High Performance Power with Long Life Motor
  • Narrow Metal and Fiberglass Concentrator Nozzles, Removable Washable Air Filter
  • Solano Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • The best Hair Dryer ever!
    Great! Now I won't have to buy a new hair dryer for my wife and daughter for a long time!...more info
  • The Super Solano Is Truly Super
    Solano 201/232X Super Solano X hair dryer, 1875 watts.
    I am a guy and use a hairdryer every day as I do not have the time to let it dry each morning and like the way my hair looks after drying it. I purchased my first Super Solano in 1985. I am now on my third one which is about 2 years old so as you can see, so far, I have gotten about ten years use out of each. I like the level of heat, the airflow, lack of noise and the overall quality of the product. You will not find a better hair dryer in my personal opinion....more info
    Terrific product. Extra long cord. Seemed heavy at first, but handles easily. I have been blow drying for over 20 something years, best dryer I have ever owned. LOVE best friend wanted me to get her one after my rave review. Makes your hair super shiny and smooth....more info
  • Best hairdryer out there...
    The best hairdryer I've ever had -- by far. Function and durability are far superior to any other dryers I've ever used....more info
  • Super Solano Hair Dryer Gets Super Results
    If you have curly, wavy, thick and/or hard to dry hair this is the hair dryer for you! It has a high power motor that produces lots of air, 3 heat and 3 speed settings so you can get the best combination for your hair style and attachments for straightening. My WDC-stylist at an internationally known hair design firm first pointed me to my Solano. This is the best hair dryer I've ever owned, and they are long lasting. In the last 5 years, I've only had to purchase 2 ... and that follows lots of travel time, inadvertent drops, and useage over seas with power converters. You won't be sorry you bought this dryer. ...more info