GE Cool White Room Air Conditioner

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GE Cool White Room Air Conditioner - AST05. 5,000 Cooling BTU. 9.7 EER. 1.4 Dehumidification. 115 Volts. 140.110 CFM Indoor Fan (High.Low). 2 Cooling.2 Fan Only Speeds. 2-Way Air Direction. Variable Setting Thermostat. Cool White Finish

Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent little unit
    I wanted an inexpensive,lightweight & quiet a/c unit. This one fits the bill perfectly. It does not have all the bells & whistles like most, but who cares if it keeps the room cool. Which it does very well. I have it in a 12 x 14 room and it does keep up nicely. It is a very quiet unit. I like it so much, I am ordering another one....more info
  • It's good for a small room
    It cools pretty well. Not ice cold but I dont' like it getting ice cold. I have it in a small room but it says on the box that it's for a 100 square foot room and my room is about 200 square feet. So, maybe in a 100 square foot room it would get ice cold. I don't know.
    It does have this high pitched noise on the high air selection. It doesn't bother me at all. Anything that covers up the neighbor's dogs barking at night is a plus for me because it's a constant sound. But that may irk some people.
    On the lower temps it doesn't have any sound, though.

    This unit is small. Don't expect miracles from it. It's good for a kid's room or a room you use once so often like a reading room or a den.

    You also have to install the side pleats yourself. It's really not that difficult but it was unexpected. No biggie.
    Overall I'm satisfied with this product. The asking price was reasonable, I got free shipping from Pavillon and it cools the room. What more could you want?
    Not for a person who has a room bigger than 100 square foot and likes seriously cold air conditioners, though.
    Oh yeah, it doesn't have any of those annoying led lights. I hate those things that seem to be every electrical appliance you buy these days. Really irritating. But this unit has no glowing lights coming off of it except where the plug is and you can hide that behind furniture. Yay.
    For me, this was a plus.
    THe controls are very simple and I like simple....more info
  • Very quite, good quality
    I ordered this air condtioner because of GE reputation as a large and well known company. What was most important for me was "low noise level"; this air conditioner is quieter that other comparable air conditioners. ...more info