CatIt Fresh & Clear Small Drinking Fountain for Cats
CatIt Fresh & Clear Small Drinking Fountain for Cats

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Product Description

Provide an indoor source of moving water that will encourage your pet to drink more with the CatIt Fresh & Clear Small Drinking Fountain. The large water-to-air surface area maximizes oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water. Water is cooled and aerated by the re-circulating system while the multi-stage filtration consisting of a dual-sided foam and activated carbon filter rids your pet's water of debris and impurities. Also suitable for small dogs.

  • Fresher, better tasting filtered water
  • Encourages pets to drink more
  • Helps promote good health

Customer Reviews:

  • Not impressed
    At first I thought this would be a good fountain from the looks of it, but after using it for about a month, I found a few things that I really didn't like about it:

    1) the cheap plastic promotes slime growth faster than a heavier gauge plastic like the type used in the Drinkwell fountain. It would be imperative that this type of unit be cleaned at least once a week and probably more in warm weather. I left it go for two weeks and was totally disgusted by the amount of slime buildup around the filter - the slime was literally caked on the filter. Thank god I feed my cat only wet food and he rarely drinks water (but I still like to have a fountain going for him) because if he drank the slime water, I probably would have needed to take him to the vet. This has been a problem for others too. See: [...]

    2) because of it's design, it's a pain to clean, and with these fountains, keeping them clean is very important. Specifically, the motor. In order to get this motor clean, you need to remove the exterior shields to access the propeller. The various compartments of the motor need to be cleaned just as much as the body of the unit as the slime grows in the motor as well. This type of motor is much more difficult to clean versus the type of motor used in the Drinkwell fountain which is basically a 2-piece motor.

    3) other fountains (the Drinkwell) are top rack diswasher safe, but this one would more than likely become warped in the dishwasher.

    For me, being able to easily clean a fountain is the most important thing, and this one flunks the test in my opinion. Although I referenced the Drinkwell's superiority several times in my review, I have to say I'm not enamoured with cleaning it either. Why can't someone make a fountain that doesn't have a ton of little crevices and hard to reach places to clean? I've been tempted to buy a tall ceramic bowl and just stick a fountain motor at the bottom of it instead, but there would be no filter that way and where I live, what comes out of the faucet is nasty.

    4) the unit has a little red plastic ball that is supposed to rise to the top of it's holder to tell you when you have filled the fountain adequately, but the one I had never rose to the top - and I'd end up overflowing the fountain before I stopped in time. Not sure if this was just a defect with the one I had or if they are all like this.

    5) I bought this fountain at Petco and still have never been able to find filters for it at Petco (even at Petco online). I found them at another place online, but it would be nice to be able to run to a store to get them.

    I've tried every fountain on the market and this one would be at the bottom of my list. The Drinkwell is still at the top. ...more info
  • The BEST product we've purchased for our kitties!
    I purchased this fountain from the pet store- but had I known Amazon carried it- I would have bought it online! Anyway, this is a GREAT fountain! We have four very picky kitties who slurp water down like little camels now! Since it's elevated, it doesn't seem to get dirty, the times I have cleaned it, it wasn't slimy, dirty, furry or anything like that. There's a big charcoal/fiberous filter that separates the pump and motor from the drinking surface, which I think is the key to the cleanliness of this fountain.
    I also like that I can montior how much water our boys are drinking! We have owned this fountain about three months and have not had ANY problems from it. Our kitties have their own room (ie: the laundry room) which isn't heated/cooled like the rest of the house (they have thier own heater and A/C, but it doesn't always take care of the whole room) and I was concerned that the water might freeze and damage the pump but it hasn't yet.
    This is a great purchase and I am planning to get the big dog version of this fountain for our dog this weekend!...more info
  • Great fountain for all!
    I bought this fountain a few weeks ago because I had read such good reviews and it was somewhat small. My cat and my 60 lbs dog have been sharing a dog bowl and I wanted something a little cleaner for them both. I wasn't sure my dog would drink out of this because he was so big, but he took right to it. I know they make the gigantic dog one, but honestly, this works great! My cat likes it, too. It took her a little bit longer to use it, but she much prefers it to stagnant water. GREAT product! No negatives!...more info
  • Much better
    I've had this Catit for a few months. It's worked flawlessly and animals love it. I've had the last version of this fountain and didn't like it after awhile. This version must have been done by a different team of engineers.

    Because the old one had a reservoir pool, this fountain takes up less space and doesn't collect debris in said pool. It also sits higher off the ground, which also keeps some debris out of the fountain. Cats and dogs also seem find it more comfortable since it's higher and can be approached from all around.

    It has a huge capacity for when my friends' dogs come over. Isn't messy, even with dogs since just a layer of water is being licked instead of a pool of water. It's very clean - I couldn't find any odor on the parts even after not cleaning it for two weeks. I sometimes wash the filters instead of replacing them every 3 weeks, and I haven't noticed anything remotely gross. It's much, much easier to take apart and wash thoroughly. (There is sometimes a minute amount of slime by the filter inlet however, that you should definitely scrub. )

    Very quiet, and I don't think it uses much power.

    This must aerate the water very well since my cat doesn't try to lick faucets anymore.

    Another reviewer mentioned that only the edge of the filter seems to have water trickle over it. I have found a little bit of fur and some cat food chunks near the middle of the filter, so I think the water is probably getting filtered well. ...more info
  • great idea, but could use improvements
    I bought this a few months ago.. I have 4 cats and they all like it, but it has to be topped off every day and if there is no power, then the cats can not get water, the motor pumps the water up thru the middle.When it stops then the water does not come up far enough. I like the small round idea, I have the other catit too, my cats really enjoy it too, If i am going to be gone more than a day, I unplug it and put out a bowl of water.
    my cats love the flowing part of the water....more info
  • One BIG Flaw
    This fountain is great for a single cat household. It's small and very quiet. The plug gets pretty warm when it's plugged in all the time, so be careful putting anything in front of it. My cat LOVED it and drank from it like a fish!

    The one flaw that made me return it---when the power is off, the water recedes to a level that doesn't allow the animals to drink. It's unfortunate because most other feeders are too big for one cat households. If you have a generator hooked up to your power, great. But if you don't, be aware that your animal will have no water should the power go out....more info
    I've tried other water delivery systems for "Ernest," but he didn't drink from them and had more fun taking them apart. After continually picking up the pieces, I got the hint. I then offered water from a bowl, but he rejected that, too, in favor of drinking directly from a faucet.

    When I saw the Cat It Fresh & Clear at PetsMart, I had hopes again that Ernest might like it. While I was cleaning it in the kitchen sink prior to filling it with water, Ernest immediately pounced on it. The bubbler fascinates him. He's drinking far more water than before. And, he hasn't tried to take it apart.

    The product is easy to put together, and easy to keep clean. The filter actually works, as it fits snugly in the system. Though the system does require electricity to run, it's very quiet.

    It's easy to give this product five stars.

    Update: I've now owned this product for several months. Unfortunately, after this short a period of time, it's begun to leak. Certainly, I'd hoped the product would have had a longer life....more info
  • very loud
    I bought this item from petsmart and it seems to be alright except that the pump is extremely loud, contrary to what the packaging says. My cat's food is in my bedroom (my other housemates have dogs so my cat's food and water need to be separated), and this waterer is just way too loud to be in the room I sleep in....more info
  • Nice Water Fountain for Cats
    This is a very simple set up and one of my cats likes it, the older one isn't as interested. I had a larger more elaborate one and it was a major pain to keep clean. ...more info
  • cheap
    bought this found it was cheaply made the cover cracked in less than a month than it started too leak and is now sitting in my closet collecting dust it took my cat about a week to get used to it i also found that the water level that the cat has to drink from is very low they have to lick the plastic in order to get any water ...more info
  • Big hit with the kitties
    The cats weren't sure what to make of it initially but now are big fans. They no longer knock over glasses of water meant for humans just to get "fresh water." It can be a little loud but that usually means that you need to add water to it. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • So far, I like it better than Drinkwell
    We have been using a Drinkwell fountain for several years, but the motor started to get really noisy, and replacing it with a new motor didn't help. So I thought I would try something new, and so far this Cat-It fountain seems like a nice improvement:

    - Quiet (just a low hum).
    - Holds lots of water.
    - Tall so nearby cat food is less likely to fall in.
    - Smaller footprint than Drinkwell (though calling this 'small' is somewhat misleading, the footprint diameter is roughly 7.5").
    - If you carry it around you are much less likely to spill water out compared to Drinkwell.
    - I haven't cleaned it yet, but it looks like it will be easier to clean than Drinkwell (fewer deep recessed areas and fewer small parts).

    - As others have mentioned, when the power is out, your cat can't get at the water (but in our house there is always a handy toilet to take care of that).
    - For the same reason, if the sound of the motor does bother you, you can't put the thing on a timer - which is what we did with the Drinkwell for a while.
    - The filter seems lower quality than Drinkwell - the white part of it is obviously less dense and therefore might not do as good a job at catching debris.


    Just wanted to add that now that we've had the Cat-It fountain for a while, here are a few more observations:

    - The water is staying a lot cleaner because no food is falling in (we have the food next to the fountain).

    - The unit's noise level seems to be directly related to the water level; more water = quieter.

    - The little red water level indicator got stuck in the lowest position; however this is not a big deal since it's pretty easy to see the water level anyway....more info
  • Great product!
    I love this water bowl. It is the easiest that I have found to clean because there are no small, hard to reach areas. The other great thing is that it is hard to get cat food in the bowl because it sits higher off the ground. So far this is the best and easiest bowl I have found. And my cats love it! Did I mention that the assembly and re-assembly is also the easiest. Sender was awesome and I got my product fast. Thanks!...more info
  • Smart purchase
    This has been a very smart purchase. My cat is very particular about his water bowl, but isn't one of those cats that insists on drinking from a running tap. So, I figured I'd try this one out. It's great! It's unobtrusive and very quiet since it doesn't have a waterfall, like many other of these types of waterers. It's also much more reasonably priced than other brands. My cat drinks much more water now which is good for his kidneys.

    One word of caution: when I initially set it all up, I tested it on the counter and everything was fine. However, when I plugged it in on the floor by his food dishes, it didn't work at all. I tested it on different outlets, took it apart and put it back together; nothing. It was a weekend, so I couldn't call customer service to troubleshoot. So, I just let it sit until Monday when I could call. Before I did, I tried it again and everything was working! Weird. Since then I've had no problems....more info
  • The cats love it!
    I bought this fountain at a local pet store when it was on sale. I've looked at several other fountains and most that I looked at were significantly bigger and harder to clean than this particular one. You do need to empty and clean the fountain at least once a week to prevent slime build up but I would hope pet owners would do this regardless. The water may not be stagnant and there may be a filter but a filter does not kill bacteria. One of my cats has taken to spinning the blue part of the fountain while drinking and I haven't had any problems with cat hair build up. Great product for the price - even when it's not on sale!...more info
  • If you are going to purchase a fountain, this is THE ONE!!
    I can't say enough good things about this fountain. I have been serving up fresh, cool drinking water for my pets through the use of a fountain for the last 4 years, and it's been a great move.

    I have had one fountain, a Petmate Fresh Flow, since the beginning, and there are a few problems with it. While it holds a decent amount of water and doesn't make much noise, there are lots of crevices that are difficult to get to and clean. I did, however only have to replace the pump once, about a year and a half ago.

    Anyway, after I adopted a small dog, one of my cats didn't like sharing the fountain with him, so I purchased a cat drinking fountain that spurted water up in the air to make a small arch, and it was poorly designed overall. I had to throw it away after a month of use.

    So, next I ordered this fountain, and it is by FAR superior to the other fountains I've owned. It's very easy to clean, doesn't make a mess, has a large reservoir, and has a separate pump that can be easily replaced if it were to stop working. The cats love it too, so they're getting much more water into their bodies which helps to keep them healthy! This is a fantastic product, and I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Cat likes it a lot
    The cat likes it, doesn't demand to drink from a running faucet any more. It's also very quiet if you keep it filled to the right level. If you can hear the water, it's too low. It seems to need cleaning about once a week, which isn't too bad... I just wipe the inside surfaces with a sponge & rinse well, then refill....more info
  • Cat stopped playing with water
    I tried every plastic, ceramic and tin bowl, every placemat, rug and tray, I tried the Drinkwell and the other popular fountain and my cat would not stop playing with her water. She would paw it out of the bowl and onto the floor, this has been happening for years. Finally I saw this at the popular pet store (the one that is always out of stock of what you need) and I bought it on a whim. Gracie instantly stopped playing with the water!! I guess it's because it doesn't have a bowl, the water just bubbles up. Now I know her water's clean, no dirty paws in it and my floor is dry! ...more info
  • They'd give 2 thumbs up if they had 'em
    This is a wonderful product. It was super easy to clean and set up, it's almost silent (no annoying noises), it's simple to refill (dump a glass of water into the top), it's priced much lower than other cat fountains, and most important: my cats love it. I got it for them for Christmas 2008.
    The main reason for purchasing a fountain was my older cat, Chairman Mao (24 months old) would immediately dump his fresh water out of the bowl. This meant my kitten, Kiki (7 months) never got to drink unless she joined him in drinking it out of the carpet. I also had an elderly cat suffer from urinary tract issues for the last few years of her life, and there were over $1000 in vet bills.
    As soon as I plugged it in, Mao heard the soft trickle and ran from the other room to drink from his new fountain. The kitten was quite scared for the first 12 hours, but she seems to get the most enjoyment out of it now. I see her drink from it probably 10 times a day when I'm home. It's mouth level for them, so they look adorable when they use it.
    The only think I don't like about it is the way it looks... Other cat fountains are more aesthetically pleasing, especially the large Catit fountain, but I'm confident I made the right choice. ...more info
  • Definitely Better Than Other Waterers and Cheaper
    Went to Petco to buy a Drinkwell Fountain (purchased one several years ago but difficult to clean) I was hesitant because of the price. Thought maybe the unit had been improved. Saw the Catit next to the Drinkwell and it was on clearance for $7.88. What a deal! The Drinkwell sold for $49. My two cats love it and it is much easier to clean. I found it not to be noisy at all. Just bought a new 10 week old kitten home but he is hesitant to use it. Will take away his bowl for awhile and see if he starts to use. Went back to Petco and bought three more. $49 vs $7.88. HMM. Better product better price....more info
  • Big hit with the Felines!
    I already have 2 of the Drinkwell Platinum Fountains, and love them, but decided I needed something smaller for the living area. I compared this fountain to the Original Drinkwell and ultimately decided to take the Catit Fountain.
    So far, I've had it for alittle over a month with no problems. At first I wasn't too impressed with the bubble action but all 6 cats (and occassionally 7, when I catsit) seem to love it. In fact, I'm having to refill it daily.

    --Quiet, low hum
    --Bubble action attracts the cats and keeps water fresh
    --Cats don't have to hunch over to drink water
    --Very easy to clean and not time consuming
    --Attractive design
    --Large water capactity for a smaller fountain
    --Water level indicator lets you know when you have filled the fountain to its maximum capacity
    --Affordable price

    --Although it is advertised as a small fountain, I found that its still rather large
    --No pre-filter, so debris/fur easily clogs the motor & may hinder the bubble action
    --The regular filter appears to be made out of cheap material

    For the price you pay for this fountain, I highly recommend it :)
    ...more info
  • My Cat Loves It!
    Though my family has teased me unmercifully about spoiling my cat with this product, I think it's great! "Lexi" drank from it as soon as I plugged it in. I do not find it too noisy, the water stays nice and cool, and I don't have to worry about changing her water every day to keep it fresh. She drinks more water than before, which is good for her. I am very happy with this drinking fountain!...more info
  • Easier to clean
    I like this fountain because it is easier to clean than other pet fountains. My cats seem to like it too. ...more info
  • Good fountain, could use some improvements
    At first my cats were afraid of it, but after about a week of keeping it on they have grown used to it and do prefer it over the bowl of water. I keep a separate bowl of water available too though because if the power goes out, there is no water.

    Suggestions for improvement:
    1. the plug in the wall gets pretty warm so that is a concern of mine - I'm worried it could cause a fire. So, I just keep the fountain on during the evening when I'm home. (the cats have a separate water bowl during the day)
    2. the cats splash a lot of water on the floor/walls when they drink out of it so a splash guard would be a nice improvement.
    3. keeping it running constantly must take a lot of electricity (not environmentally friendly) so it would be great if there was a motion detector so it only ran when a cat was near it. ...more info
  • Cats drawn to water & drinking!
    My cats refused to drink out of a bowl of still water. They would drink only from it when the water was still moving, or a sink when the faucet was on. It was frustrating. My last water dish pump died and was just too small for both cats & our little dogs. Now that the dogs are living with mom, i thought i'd try another water dish for the cats. They love it, and drink so much more water now. I'm filling it 1x a day and it lasts all day & all night!

    Aside from the quiet humm (a soft non-irritating noise not unlike like a fish tank pump) all you hear is the tranquil sound of falling water. It's like one of those expensive table top water gardens but without the price!

    My cats love it, and so do i!...more info


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