Honeywell ER150C2004 Energy Recovery Ventilator System

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Product Description

Honeywell ER150C2004 Energy Recovery Ventilator 150 CFM {ERV, Perfect Window,  Fresh Air, Ventilation, heat and moisture transfer.

Perfect Window Fresh Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems is Energy Recovery Ventilators provide proper levels of ventilation with energy savings by transferring heat and moisture between the exhaust and fresh air streams.


 Includes heat/energy transfer core, pre-filters, and fan and blower assembly.
 Provides ventilation that helps contractors meet ASHRAE 62-89.
 Electronic ventilation fan timer option.
 Low voltage, high-speed override.
 Variable fan speed control.
 Easy-to-clean with a vacuum, cross-flow enthalpic core assures years of trouble-free operation.
 Insulated cabinet.
 Rugged steel cabinet.
 Quiet operation.
 Permanent (washable) pre-filters.
 Integral balancing dampers.
 Includes vibration