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So much to do in this musical "air-tivity" activity center! Tots will have a ball stacking and learning how to "put and take." The center includes three jungle stackers that stack on the table or on each other. Kids will be delighted as they watch each stacker magically come to life when powered by air. The center also houses a swirling ball pool and live "ball-cano" to encourage put-and-take play. A peek-a-boo monkey hiding in the palm tree adds to the jungle surprises and fun. Great for hands-on exploration and discovery. Requires four "D" batteries, not included. Measures 14"L x 18"W x 6.75"H.

Treat your baby to some poppin', droppin' funtime with the Busy Ball-Tivity Center Assortment from Playskool. Designed for ages nine months and up, this air-powered activity center will delight babies with its high-rolling balls, exciting sounds, and adorable toys. This fun, stimulating, and durable set entertains baby, while also encouraging hand-eye coordination and healthy auditory and visual development.

The Ball-tivity Center encourages hand-eye coordination and visual and auditory development. View larger.
Hours of Interactive Fun
The Ball-Tivity features cute jungle animals and a ladybug that entice little fingers to grasp and explore. Mom or baby can press down on the ladybug to start the action and keep things moving. As the air starts to flow, lively music plays and animal sounds seem to bring this activity set to life. Parts appear to magically move, making this exotic adventure pure delight for a curious child.

The bright colored balls swirl around the pool. View larger.
Stimulates the Senses and Encourages Healthy Development
The Ball-Tivity engages all of baby's senses, and encourages hand-eye coordination while introducing your child to the relationship between cause and effect. Colored balls swirl around the pool, inviting little hands to reach in and pull them out, then drop them back in to watch them swirl around and around again. You or baby can also place a ball on top of the volcano and see it hover. Stackable palm tree, elephant and alligator pieces all spin, twirl and chomp when placed on their separate ports, or they can be stacked for a different perspective.

The Ball-Tivity Center requires four "D" batteries (not included), and comes with monkey and palm tree snap-in pieces, three balls, three stacking pieces, and instructions. For your child's safety, all plastic fasteners should be removed and discarded before play.

What's in the Box
Ball-Tivity Center, monkey and palm tree snap-in pieces, three balls, three stacking pieces, and instructions.

  • Treat baby to some poppin’, droppin’ funtime with this air-powered activity set.
  • Cute jungle animals and a ladybug entice little fingers to grasp and explore
  • As the air starts to flow, lively music plays and animal sounds seem to bring this activity set to “life”
  • It’s a jungle out there – and that’s what your baby will love so much about this air-powered play center
  • Activity set comes with monkey and palm tree snap-in piece, 3 balls, 3 stacking pieces and instructions

Customer Reviews:

  • Cool toy - fun & entertaining!
    What a cool toy! I bought 2 of these, one for my 17 month-old granddaughter and one for my 15 month-old neice. They both enjoy them tremendously and play with them all the time! The music is fun and really keeps them interested. It would be nice if there were more balls because the toy would really be pretty useless without them. Also, it is a little loud if you're sitting right there with them but, in my opinion, it's worth the sacrifice to keep them entertained so long! I don't think I'd pay full price for it, but if you get it on sale it's a great value!...more info
  • Fun Toy
    This is a great purchase. My son is almost 7 months and loves it. He will have fun with it for months to come. The only things that could be better is if they had a volume control as it is really loud and if there were some of the toys that were not removable. He knocks them down and can't put them up himself and then gets bored....more info
  • Entertaining Toy that Keeps My Son Busy!
    My son received this toy as a Christmas present from Grandmom, and I must say - he absolutely LOVES this toy! It seems that at 14 months, very few toys entertain my son - he's more interested in looking at milk cartons and digging in my purse. However, the Busy Ball-tivity Center breaks that barrier! He loves hitting the little ladybug to start the music, poking at the monkey popping up and down in the tree, and examining the elephant, crocodile, and palm tree toys.

    The Ball-Tivity Center is very durable - my son has stepped on it, slammed down on the ladybug so hard that the monkey tree comes out of the base, and pushed the toy around the house, and yet it still runs smoothly. It's one of those toys my son loves to play with every day - I love it so much, I bought one for my nephew for his 1st birthday! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Never gets tired of it
    I got this when my son was 6 mos, he was little for it but he enjoys the sounds, later when he started to crawl, he loved to push it around on the carpet and knock down the animals, at 10 mos he got how to start it and could not stop. Now at 13 mos he loves to take the balls out and put them back in especially in the one little hole that takes skills to understand. He is so proud when he gets that one out of the hole, he puts it back and start over. He plays with it a little everyday. Great toy, Great gift!...more info
  • So much fun for my little one!!
    I purchased this toy for my son for Christmas. He was 10 1/2 months old on Christmas, and he absolutely loves this toy. Loves to play with the balls that roll around and the little alligator toy that moves its mouth is one of his favorites too. I would definitely recommend this to other moms!...more info
  • Actitivity Center
    I got this toy for my one year old and he loves it. The music and air moving the balls around keep him entertained. My two year old absolutely loves this too and we have to "share" when we play with it. The bright colors and different movements keep them busy. Overall this is a great toy that keeps the kids occupied for extended periods. ...more info
  • He seems to like it ok.
    We got this for Christmas and didn't really use it much until he could sit up with the exception of a few time during tummy time. He was attracted to the music and action at that time, so we couldn't wait until he could sit up. Well, that day came and I'm caught in the middle of how much I like this thing. My now 7 month old does seem to like it well enough and wiggles his way over to it when we get it out. He's even starting to know how to push the ladybug himself to make the music play, so thats a plus! But there are some definite CONS:

    *Does blow out cold air, which doesn't help on the floor where it's already colder than anywhere else. His poor little hands are always cold, so I have to stop the session short sometimes.

    *The toys fall off their stands WAY to easy! He like to watch the movement, but with one grab they're all off, and the fun is over until I replace them. Too much to constantly look for and redo if your trying to keep them occupied. Not so bad if you're having playtime with your angel and enjoy the interaction like I do.

    *Is shaped weird as where it is hard to find a place for baby to sit in front of, as one reviewer mentioned. Not really any good spots made just for that. Always afraid he's going to topple forward and hit one of the hard animals!!

    Some PROS:

    *We like the music.
    *Keeps his attention for long periods when I'm playing with him or until he gets old enough to replace the balls and animals himself.
    *Is learning cause and effect

    I guess thats really about it. He like it, so I guess that's all that matters. My friends 2 yr old son comes over and likes to play also. I Still can't help but wish I would have gotten the ball popper though. Looks WAY more fun!...more info
  • My daughter loves this toy!
    I got this for my daughter when she was 15 months old, and she loves this toy! It's one of the few toys that will keep her attention for hours on end. She quickly learned to turn it on and off, and to push the mushroom to make it work. She likes to stack the pieces together, and she has learned to get the ball out of the floating pocket.

    This has been one of the best toys we have purchased for her, and we luckily got it on sale for thirteen bucks on Amazon before Christmas, though it has been priced as low as six ninety nine!

    Even running this toy all the time, we are still on the first set of batteries which I find pretty impressive. I can not say enough good things about this toy!...more info
  • fun all around
    She loves this toy, she likes to knock down the animals and grabs the spinning balls!! She can even turn it on by herself with the ladybug!!...more info
  • Tiny People Love This
    I purchased this toy for a tiny friend of mine, a friend's granddaughter. Since I remembered hours of fun when my granddaughters were toddlers, I was glad to see it was still available.
    As it was five years ago, this little person is in love with her new toy.
    I can't say enough about just how beneficial this is....more info
  • Great baby toy
    Another great toy from Playskool. My 7 month old loves it and so do his "big" brothers! Easy, and he can start it himself by pushing the ladybug. Another great thing is the music is not annoying and it shuts off after about 1 minute....more info
  • Caelen's Favorite!
    Sent this as a Christmas gift for our great granddaughter. I always like to gift a toy of some sort for a child. Her parents tell us that this is the toy she always goes to and plays with for hours. She loves stacking the moving parts and enjoys the movement and color of the balls. I am so pleased as it's hard to choose a toy that a 10-month old would like. The price is reasonable also, so it's not like spending a ton of money for something that just sits there - ignored. It's Caelen's favorite!...more info
  • Ball-tivity is lots of fun

    We got this along with the Playskool Busy Ball Popper and they are both a hit. We interchange the balls and they go flying for a good ball chasing time. It is enjoyed from my two year old all the way up to the eight year old level during play dates....more info
  • Nine month old loves grabbing balls!
    I gave the ball activity center to my nine month old grandson and he adores it. His favorite part is knocking over the moving tower animals and grabbing balls out of the center to throw around the room. He also tests other objects by inserting them to the whirling center....more info
  • it's an ok toy
    we bought this for $[...] and found it a good deal. it's fun, and my little girl loves it. however, it's definitely not worth the original price...more info
  • Fun toy for Special Need's Children too!
    I work with Special Needs kids and I bought this one a while back for one of my kids who is moderately retarded. He loves it! It is something he can do easily - which is great because many of todays toys are too hard for him to do with the dexterity problems.

    I would definitely recommend it for older kids who might have developmental disabilities - it is great for therapy.

    One thing I would like to note though, is that I bought this on clearance at Toys'R'Us for $[...]. I have checked back and they still have it - I would never pay the $[...] that Amazon is asking for it....more info
  • Wow! This toy is great!
    I got a great deal on this toy right before Christmas on My baby, then 4 months LOVES it. She is 6 months old now and she kicks and squeals and get very excited as soon as I bring it out. Also, my 5 year old enjoys it. She likes it so much she helps the baby play with it too. Get it, get it, get it! ...more info
  • Busy Ball
    My little girl is 13 months and loves this toy. she plays with it almost every day. the music is cute and its neet to wtch all the different things it can do....more info
  • I gave this as a gift to a friend's little girl--she loves it
    I gave it as a gift to a friend's daughter. Little Mia loves it!!...more info
  • BusyBall-Tivity Center
    My son is 17 months and really likes this toy. He usually plays it for about 10-15 minutes a day. The only complaint I have is with the on/off switch. It is hard to tell whether it is on or off. Overall a good toy and works as marketed....more info
  • Very popular at my house
    I bought this toy for my daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loves it and plays with it on nearly a daily basis. Even my five-year-old likes to play with it occasionally. ...more info
  • My daughter doesn't really want to play with it
    It is a boring toy. It doesn't have too much to do with. The size is too big compared with the fun it should have. ...more info
  • Busy Ball
    My 15 month daughter loves this toy even though I thought she might be a little too big for it. The only thing that I don't love about it is that it is difficult for her to stack the toys by herself and that it is hard to store the balls and stackable items so they don't get lost between playtime. ...more info
  • Great Choice with some Caveats
    I have 14 month old twin boys that received this two months ago for Christmas and they definitely enjoy it.

    It has a good interactive platform for this age group and not just passive activity. They can activate the air flow and music by pushing the ladybug themselves, with caretaker controlling the on and off switch until they are a little older.

    They can take the balls in and out of the spinner pond, put them on top of a stack to float or take them out and attempt to chew them and/or throw them around the room. The pieces like the animals and palms stack up and have nice spinners on them that are driven by the air velocity the toy generates. The music is pleasant and not entirely annoying, a bit of a jungle safari jig. One of my little guys always sways back and forth to dance to it every time.

    The downside to this toy is the fact that you have to be an on top of it person to keep track of the pieces to this toy. Little ones aren't so good in letting you know which direction the ball went or where might they have put the palm tree. Keeping track of various toy parts is always a pain for parents and caretakers and this toy is no exception to that rule. This is especially true if you need it for allowing the child to be occupied while you handle some fun things, like doing dishes or paying bills, and not watching all the pieces like a guard at a Rodeo Drive jewelry store. Keep in mind you can order parts from the company, if needed. All is not lost if you lose a piece. If a piece is defective or missing to begin with, they will send you a new one.

    I haven't noticed it sucking down batteries inordinately. I would appreciate it using AA batteries though, instead of D cells, as rechargeable AA batteries are easy to come by and a greener choice.
    My own personal opinion is that toys should be rechargeable directly via adapter plug, if they don't come with the easy and convenient to recharge AA batteries. I don't know, seems to make sense that if we are creating mountains of plastic that will eventually hit the landfill, probably would be wise not to add tons of batteries to it as well. Good for the kids, fun now and less toxic stuff later.

    I can see my kids finding this interesting for time to come, particularly if it's rotated in and out of the toys du jour mix. It likely will make a great pass it on toy for another little one.

    It was money well spent here, but then again, I got in on a great Christmas deal. I paid less for this toy than what it would have cost me to go out and buy four gallons of gas Christmas 2008.
    Sure was nice then when it was about the same price per gallon as a two liter of Pepsi or Coke. That mark was sheer excitement.
    This should give your kids the same kind of thrill. ...more info
  • Great for a 1-yr. old
    My youngest got this for Christmas (3 days before his 1st birthday), and it was a big hit! He plays with it every single day. He's a big fan of the little spinning palm tree. All of the pieces just set on top of their spots (they aren't permanently affixed), so it's easy for them to pick up the pieces and set them down again. Even when the toy is not on, he still takes the pieces off and plays with them because they are so easy to spin with your hand. And it uses the same balls as the busy ball popper, which he also got at the same time and loves even more! I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • Boooooooring!!!
    Playskool makes much funner busy-ball type products then this. I bought this because of the great reviews but was soon sorry!!! Trust me, I have 4 young children and none of them showed much interest in it. I really like the Playskool brand so look for other toys they make instead! ...more info
  • 8-month-old son LOVES it!
    I bought this when it was $[...] in Dec. I figured for $[...], it was worth a try and if my son didn't like it, I could donate it for another baby to hopefully enjoy and not feel as if I was out much. When I pulled it out of the box, I wasn't all that impressed. However, my son LOVES it. He's 8mo and loves pushing the lady bug to make the balls spin and the air flow through. He will then continue pushing the lady bug to hear all of the funny animal noises and just laughs and laughs. There are 3 toys that go over the vents and have some sort of spinning/bobbing action on the right that HAVE to be knocked over before he can play with it lol. ...more info
  • The kids seem to like it!
    I bought this for my child's daycare room as a gift. The teachers say that the kids really enjoy it....more info
  • Baby loves it
    [...] What a great buy. My 12 month old loves this toy more than any others we have. He can turn it on and off himself, move the wind powered pieces around and play with the balls....more info
  • Great toy.
    I bought this toy for my 18 month old and he loves it. He is now a little over 2 years old and he still plays with it for almost an hour at a time....more info
  • My daughter loves it!
    My daughter is 6 months old and especially loves the elephant's spinning ears. She likes to let the ears spin on her binky and the air to blow on her face. Lots of fun!...more info
  • A cheerful toy
    I bought this toy for my 16 months old daughter. She loves it! There's cheerful sound, lot of motion, balls and stacking fun. Her three and half year old brother plays it daily too. Because there's many parts to play so that they can play it together - no more fights. This toy stays on our coffee table for more than a month, and it is still very popular. It is amazing!...more info
  • Very Entertaining!
    My 12mo. old twins love this toy. It is easy for them to manipulate the objects and easy for them to turn on by themselves. It has provided many hours of fun for them. The best part is that it sits on the floor at their level and they can reach and play with everything and it doesn't topple over. The music is entertaining too. I'm glad I purchased this toy!...more info
  • Don't pay full price.
    I bought this on sale for around $10. That was a fair price for what you get, don't pay more than that in my opinion. My 1 year old & 2 1/2 year old play with it, but at the very max. 10 minutes at a time. There isn't a whole lot to do other than watch the 3 cheap plastic balls (in my opinion there should be more) spin around in the center. There are 4 removable plastic "characters" that animate when put in a certain spot. The air underneath makes the crocodiles mouth open & close and another one spins. You can also stack them. It's mildly entertaining, but another big toy to store that seems like it should do more....more info
  • Did not work
    I had to send this product back two times. This does not work when you put the batteries in and turn the product over it stops working. Two of the same products did the same thing...more info
  • Hours of enterainment
    I bought this for my daughter's first birthday and at first she wasn't too impressed with this toy. Once she found out all the fun different things their were to do, she decided that she would play with it. All I see is her playing with it non-stop. She loves to see the monkey go up and down while listening to all the noises it has to offer. Defentially a very cute toy!...more info
  • More fun the older he gets!
    We have had this since our son was 5 months old and he is having a blast with it now that he is 8 months old. At first he would just watch it and didn't have the strength to push the ladybug to get the party started. He loves knocking over the tree & hippo & I think he believes that is the point. He recently has learned how to grab the spinning balls out of the middle and throw them. Our son loves this toy & we have yet to replace the batteries!...more info
  • Busy finding the parts
    I got this for my 14mth son. He actually loves the toy but the parts don't stay on the toy very well so I am constantly looking for them. There are 3 parts and 3 balls that you can bet your life you will be CONSTANTLY searching for to be able to use this toy....more info
  • Great toy
    This was a gift for my 1 year old and she loves it! The wind blowing, different things to do with it and stacking the toys too. Very entertaining and the music is nice....more info
  • my son was mildly entertained
    It's a nice durable toy the only thing is the lil monkey and croc on top are not secure and my 7 month old son really didn't have the attention span to place them back on the base over and over. I'm almost think it's better suited for a toddler but all babies are different. If you play with the toy with your child they will like it because it needs activation to make it spin and make noise but if your getting it as a toy that they will play with by themselves I don't think it's enough to hold their attention....more info
  • Grandson loved it!!!
    I bought this toy for our 9 mos old grandson and boy, he really enjoys playing with it. The happiness it brings to him is worth every penny we spent on this one. ...more info
  • Totally Boring! No Fun at All!
    I am totally shocked to see people review this toy and say how awesome it is! My baby didn't like it at all. Seriously this toy merely spins a ball around, plays loud music, makes the alligator open and close his mouth, and the tree spins. THAT IS ALL! There is no interaction. Not only that, but the pieces come off really easily. Once your baby tries to touch them...they just fall off. I only paid $6.99 for it (2 weeks before Christmas), but I think even that was not worth it! Save your money and buy the ball popper toy from Playskool instead....more info


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