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Makuta Antroz has hijacked the Jetrax T6 and now flies it against the Toa Nuva! Open the cockpit to put him inside, then use the three powerful blasters mounted on the front to launch an attack. Jetrax T6 has 3 Midak Skyblasters that really fire. Cockpit opens and turbines fold in. Includes special-edition Antroz figure measuring 7" tall. Jetrax T6 measures 21" long and 16" wide. 422 pieces.

Prepare the Jetrax T6 for battle and fight to determine the fate of the universe with Lego BIONICLE set 8942. Featuring a special-edition Makuta Antroz figure and skyblasters that really fire, the Jetrax T6 is packed with fun, futuristic details. This building set contains little parts and complex instructions, so it is recommended for ages 9 to 16. Like all Lego sets, it also holds the potential to keep creative adults entertained for hours.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Cool folding wings and special-edition figure

The Bad: More fun if you have other BIONICLES

In a Nutshell: This battle vehicle is sure to sure to inspire tons of imaginative play

At a Glance

Ages: 9 to 16

The cockpit opens so Antroz can get in and out. View larger.

A handle on the bottom makes this ship easy to fly. View Larger.
Explore The Island of Mata Nui and Beyond
In the BIONICLE world, bio-mechanical beings rule the island of Mata Nui. There's a complex balance between the different characters. Kids can create imaginative landscapes and act out battles between their favorite Toa Nuva and the evil Brotherhood of the Makuta. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, these can be an intense, epic battles.

Based on the concepts that have made traditional Lego bricks a hit with generations of kids, BIONICLES use a special ball-joint design to create an equally satisfying construction experience. Elaborate figures, like the special-edition Antroz included here, and vehicles like the Jetrax T6, populate the BIONICLE universe with fast-paced battles, and this set is inspired by its own storyline: the Makuta Antroz has captured the Jetrax T6 from the Tua Nova and is flying it against them.

Building the Jetrax T6
With eight bags containing 422 pieces, the Jetrax T6 took our eight-year-old tester about three hours to assemble. Even though the instructions suggest that this product is for children nine and up, the three colorful instruction booklets were easy enough for him to follow. He found this BIONICLE simpler than many Lego brick sets he has built, but just as much fun. And when the Jetrax T6 was completed, he found it to be one of the sturdiest BIONICLES he has ever played with.

The turbine wings that fold and unfold were a huge hit, and a convenient button makes it easy to release them at the perfect moment during battle. Our tester also appreciated the way a handle underneath the craft makes it incredibly easy to fly the Jetrax T6. Three blasters on the front of the craft add thrills. And dependable BIONICLE ball-joint construction elements make this model sturdy, so you won't have to worry about it falling apart in the middle of a battle and disrupting the action.

Even though the Jetrax T6 is one of the bigger, more complex sets in the BIONICLES series, it's sure to be more fun if you have some of the other elements of the series, too. Like any battle-ready space ship, the Jetrax T6 is always on the lookout for an opponent. Once the ship was assembled, our tester quickly invited a friend over so that they could use it as part of an imagination-filled game.

What's in the Box
422 Lego BIONICLE pieces and three instruction booklets.

  • Release the giant jet turbines with a simple push of a button for greater speed
  • Use the three powerful blasters mounted on the front and each wing to launch an attack
  • To fold turbines back in the start position, place it on the table
  • Includes special edition Antroz figure
  • Contains 422 pieces

Customer Reviews:

  • Good value
    I bought myself this for Christmas, and out of the three vehicles, i must say I like this one the most. The Axalara's design doesn't really appeal to me, and the price doesnt seem to justify it much. The Rockoh T3 trails close behind in second though.

    The set itself is pretty nice, reminding me of the Naboo starfighter from Star Wars. I especially like that it really is large enough to comfortably seat an unarmed Bionicle (not a Matoran sized one-full size!), and it that it can fold its engines to compact its size when parked, while its pilot is off fighting epic battles. The Jetrax is armed with three launchers, each holding about four units of ammunition. This is more firepower than the Axalara, which only has two. Thanks to a fairly obscure handle on the bottom, the set is easy to handle once finished, and overall feels very sturdy.

    Unless you're some wierdo who buys Lego sets without the intention of eventually dismantling them for spare parts, its easy to see that this thing has a lot of cool parts, especially bladed weapons. These include the gigantic cleavers on each engine, the flexible tubing lining the nose, and dirk sized weapons near the cockpit and on the nose.

    This thing comes with over 600 parts, and is fairly complex in design, so it should take even the most experienced Lego engineer a couple hours to build.

    I think this was a great buy, and its exciting to think how many possibilities lie with the parts it uses....more info
  • "Not as great as the Axalara T6" per 10 year old.
    My son thinks the Jetrax T6 is very cool looking, but (as noted above) he does not enjoy it as much as his Axalara T6.

    Here are the reasons why according to my son:

    1. The mechanism that is supposed to control the movement of the wings is very hard to work and does not put the wings all the way down.

    2. The parts come off more easily during play.

    3. It tips backward when stationary.

    4. The handle for holding it during play is a little small.

    He plans to turn this piece into a "biocycle" with his Lego club code. If your child is a member of the Lego club, he can do the same thing. Just click on the "Play" icon and then type BIOCYCLE (must be all caps) in the club code box. ...more info
  • Entertaining to build, a great lego piece
    I got this for my nephew who is only 5 and a little young for it according to the recommended age. However, he has quite a bit of other legos and is pretty bright, so I figured if I helped him build it he would enjoy it. And enjoy it he did! It took us about an hour to build it, and despite his age, he was generally able to follow the instructions well enough to understand how to help me gather the right pieces. I grew up with lego starting way back in the 80s with the first early 'space' legos, and I've got to say they've improved the instruction books a fair amount. It was logical and straight forward.

    The end result was the sort of toy that I wish they'd made back when I was a kid! Legos back then were a lot more basic and a lot less awesome! This set made me salivate, and I enjoyed the heck out of helping my nephew build it. He loves it, but took it apart a week later and built something else entirely (the best thing about lego!). That's when having a large (422) number of pieces is great.

    Highly recommended for any kid that likes legos. ...more info
  • Very challenging to put together
    I bought this for my 11 year old nephew for Christmas and he LOVED it. He is an avid Bionicle fan and it took him quite a few hours to assemble this particular model. I believe it has over 400 pieces and my nephew was quite awed and delighted to see that there were THREE building instruction manuals! I guess the more intricate and challenging the better! It is the first toy he played with on Christmas day and according to my sister, he was assembling it way into the night. I think I bought the right toy this year!...more info
  • My son loved building this.
    My son got this for Christmas and enjoyed building it. He only needed assistance from my husband once when he had put a part on backwards and thought he was going to have to take apart the whole thing to fix it (which he didn't.) He's very good at puzzles, and it took him an afternoon to build it. We will probably hang it from hooks in the ceiling of his room with thin wire. He likes building them more than playing with them. And he actually wanted the red ship which has almost twice as many pieces more than this one (which I didn't know at the time.)...more info
  • Good Lego Fun
    Lego always comes through - this is no exception. Had a great time building this with my brother in 2nd grade (I'm in my twenties!). Handle on the bottom makes playing with it convenient, and considering it's lego, it gives off a relatively durable feeling. Just a slight bit pricey though......more info
  • Great addition to Bionicles collection
    My nine year old granson, like many boys his age, owns many bionicles.
    This is a great addition to that collection....more info
  • Vehicles add extra fun to Bionicle world
    This Jetrax set was one of 5 Bionicle sets my 7 year-old got for Christmas. It was on the top of his list, and for good reason. The vehicle itself is very cool... about a foot long with lots of weapons and moving parts. It is recommended for ages 9-16, and was really a challenge for my experienced 7 year-old builder. Took him about 3 hours with occasional help from Mom & Dad.

    We loved the new style "shooters" on this vehicle. There are three of them, each holding 4 balls. Firing is both consistent and accurate, which I can't really say about many past Bionicles weapons. They are a little bit tricky to load, but my son got the hang of it after a while.

    I'd say the only negative about this set is that the figure that comes with it is pretty lame. It is a washed-out, simplified version of Antroz that's not nearly as impressive as the version sold separately. Overall, though, a great set both in terms of building fun and playability....more info
  • fun
    My son got this for always amazon delivered on time.
    I bought it for a very good price.
    My son love bionicles.he sat down on christmas day and didn't get up till he finished building is a big ship!
    it is pretty cool how it changes and how you can hold it easly....more info
  • Good toy
    this was a gift for a 7 year old, the kid loves this stuff but needed some help building the thing. Other then that it's pretty cool with fold up wings and the ball shooters....more info
  • Another nice bionicle toy!
    Bought this for my 8 yr old son for Christmas and he loved building it...and now flying it around the house. It was a bit of a challenge for him and needed some help from me but as with all his bionicles, he loves it. Many pieces and the final product looks awesome! Highly recommend....more info
  • Awesome!!
    Awesome!!!......Just awesome!!

    This is even better than the Axalara T9. My nephew loves it....more info
  • Great toy for builders
    I bought this for my 13 old son for Christmas, he loves Bionicles and really loves this one. He loves to build and I think these toys are great!
    ...more info


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