8100 Clear Fluted Glass Watering Globe w/ Plant Nanny -- Set of 3

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Product Description

Made from our specially engineered SmartPotteryTM ceramic, our PlantNanny Plant Care Set helps plants stay healthier by releasing water into the center of the soil mass as it is needed. This optimal watering system prevents the plant roots from drying out. Pots and containers stay more uniformly moist. Easy to Use Simply insert a Plant Nanny stake into the soil near the plant. After filling a globe hold a finger over the end to seal it. Turn the globe over and release it as you set it in the stake. Plants roots will grow around the stake and use water more efficiently. The water level will be visible through the glass so you will know when to water.

  • Waters plants efficiently and beneficially
  • Adds visual interest to the plant
  • Easy to use
  • Great gift for plant lovers
  • Each in a decorative box

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice for Hard-to-Reach Plants
    My original purchase was for 3 of these and now I've order 12 more. I have several plants on tops of bookcases and by using these globes, the plants don't have to be taken down and lifted back up. The plants can be quite heavy to lift back up after watering thoroughly and by using the globes, all that lifting is not necessary.

    One suggestion -- water your plant before inserting the globe for the first time instead of just inserting the globe into dry soil. The soil will end up staying more uniformly damp and the globe won't have to be refilled as often. ...more info
  • Very good product
    I bought this item when I was going on vacation for 9 days. When I came back from my vacation, the plant looked as healthy and happy as before I left. In the past, my plant would look dry and weak after only 4 days. This product saved my plant!...more info
  • Plant savior!
    The only reason I can keep an indoor plant alive is these great little things! They look great in the pot and do a great job of keeping the plant perfectly watered....more info
  • only way to water
    I use these in my houseplants as well as in my hanging plants on my porch and my potted plants on my patio, it's the only thing that I use because I tend to over water or under water. I seem to no longer have a "black thumb" my plants are happy....more info
  • it really works
    After trying a number of similar products, this one actually works. It is very simple to use, place base in soil, fill globe and insert it and then just wait for water level to go down (anywhere from 4 to 7 days depending on plant) and then refill. Our plants have never looked better....more info
  • awesome product
    i love this product! i was also bad about watering my plants, but now, i could fill up once and not have to water them for another 3 to 4 days. I would definitely buy more if needed!...more info
  • Vacation used
    Went on vacation and use the globes in my plants outside and did not come back to dead plants. Very effective items....more info
  • Plants love them - so do I!
    I have many indoor plants & it was "hit or miss" in remembering which ones needed watering and which I had forgotten. With the "Clear Glass Watering Globe", just insert the pottery "stake" flush with the pot into the roots, then place the ball into it. All you see is the globe. The globe holds about a cup of water which seeps into the plant over 3 or 4 days. When the globe runs low on water, remove it (not the stake), refill, insert it back on the stake. No more guessing. Love these globes. Unobtrusive, kinda pretty. I have bought nine now. I also use them for starting outdoor plants. So low to the ground the wind never bothers them. These watering globes are not the ones sold on tv....more info
  • better than aqua globes
    I purchased three of these globes 2 years ago and love them. They work wonders when you're a negligent plant keeper. I needed some more, but opted to try aqua globes since they are cheaper. I've had the aqua globes for several months and there's no comparison. Unfortunately, the aqua globes I purchased were difficult and time consuming to fill. Also, some of the aqua globes did not always release water as designed. These PlantNanny watering globes are much easier to fill and they do not fail to water the plant. It's worth the extra money. ...more info
    This is definately what they claim it to be. I have what you might describe as a love/hate relationship with house plants. I love them and they hate to see me buy them. I really do try but with no success. Too much water or too little. This solved the problem. And they look so nice in the plants. Not like those wild funky colors you see being sold on TV. I will for sure purchase more as I get more plants. Have six now. Thanks for living up to your claims as to what you do. ...more info
  • Amazingly effective and easy to use
    Based on the glowing reviews listed here, I bought a globe for each of my houseplants. I have been rewarded with very happy plants. The clear glass balls are surprisingly inconspicuous. I can now travel without asking my neighbor to water my plants.

    I put one globe in each 10-inch pot. I add a little bit of fertilizer to the water, and my indoor plants need water added only once every 2 weeks.

    These globes work so well that I bought another set. I will use 2 globes per pot, so I can be gone for a month....more info
  • Pleased with watering globe
    I have been using the 3 globes in potted plants outdoor. They are working out quite nicely since this is dry season. I wish they made a smaller size for my small indoor pots. They are easy to fill and right now they water for about 4 days keeping plants that usually die out going a little longer. I would recommend this to others....more info
  • Perfect for thirsty plants
    These were exactly what I needed. I had seen other watering globes but they were huge. I wanted these for some smaller indoor ferns. I just fill the globes and the plants get the water they want for days on end. They are much happier now, I tend to not water frequently enough sometimes....more info
  • Very pleased
    I am so pleased with the glass Watering Nanny. My house plants are thriving beautifully. I can add fertilizer without mess and never have to wonder if they need more water. I intend to purchase another set for my other plants. ...more info
  • Keeps my plants alive!
    A product that actually seems to work! I've had my plant nanny for a few weeks now, and my plant still looks great. I'm very pleased with this product....more info
  • No more brown thumb
    I love plants but never seem to be able to keep them alive. These have solved my problem. WooHoo!! I had a set of the Aqua Globes but they were difficult to fill, got clogged up easily and didn't always release their water into the plant. Because these have a terracotta sleeve that stays in the pot, they don't get dirt inside of the tube and with the larger tube size are much easier to fill. They also release the water slowly and evenly. I also got the wine bottle plant nanny stakes for my two huge porch plants and am planning to use some in the garden to try and start some young azaleas (again). These are a great invention and I recommend them to anyone who wants to keep plants healthy. Great Gift!...more info
  • plants look better
    I have always struggled with my plants . They are already looking better since using this product in only 3 weeks! ...more info
  • Excellent product - time and water saver!
    I just bought this item because I am going away for the holidays. Works really well and for three days now I have not had to water my plants (considering some of my herbs needed daily watering). Thanks for a terrific product!...more info
  • Good Job.
    After reviewing other products I bought this one and Iam glad I did It's one of the best in the market....more info
  • Glass watering globes
    These globes are amazing! We went on vacation and came back a week later and our plants were just as green and the soil moist as if I had someone here watering them. I'm about to order another set for my plants that I will have to bring in doors for the winter. Great buy!!...more info
  • Work well and look good too
    These devices work very well and look good. The only caveat is that you have to use them in pots that are sufficiently deep for the ceramic base to be inserted fully into the soil. You will need about five to six inches of soil depth. I find that the glass globe attracts my attention, and I notice quickly when the water has run out. I am now going to try some of the larger "plant nannies" on an outdoor pot of bamboo....more info
  • Nanny 911 for your plants!
    We travel a lot and go between two houses in two countries for our jobs. I love plants and wanted to keep them happy in both homes, so after too many plant tragedies I bought Plant Nannies for both homes. They work beautifully. We are gone from 5-10 days at a stretch and have not had a plant casualty since the nannies went on duty! I also got the plant nanny sets of four (without the globes) for our patio plants and use them with plastic water bottles which hold a bit more water than do the globes. These are working well, too. We highly recommend the Plant Nanny with and without globes for happy plants!...more info


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