6451 Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Stakes -- Three 4-packs

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  • Waters plants efficiently and beneficially
  • Adds visual interest to the plant
  • Great hostess gift with a bottle of wine

Customer Reviews:

  • Great idea - paint the bottles
    These work great for keeping your plants watered and you can really
    jazz them up, especially in plants that do not bloom. Simply paint
    each wine bottle with pretty flowers using enamel paints (paint the design upside down) and place in a cold oven, turn on to 325 degrees, bake for 30 minutes and let the oven cool completely before you open it - VERY IMPORTANT. The bottles are now pretty and will add color to your green pot plants as well as water. They make really neat gifts for friends and family....more info
  • Very useful
    These little watering stakes have been very helpful in keeping our house plants thriving. We still water occasionally with a pitcher, but the stakes give the plant exactly what they need.

    Some plants will need different attention. For example, our four-year old Basil will not tolerate the stake feeding, and clearly suffers when we are using the system. This plant prefers flood and dry cycles. Odd, but that's the only plant we haven't been able to use with the stakes. Larger plants will likely need two stakes.

    I broke one while inserting into the soil. I would recommend digging a hole with another tool if the soil is firm....more info
  • Great but be careful
    Beware, after you get these, check them all for breakage and cracks. Four of mine were broken, but almost all of the others were cracked and I didn't find out until it was too late to get them replaced.

    These do work great but they don't pack them well enough for shipping....more info
  • Saved the life of my plants
    I could not keep indoor plants alive, I would always over or under water them. I could kill anything! I was ok with the outdoor plants just not indoors. These things have saved my plants. I am so glad I got them. Very easy to use and attractive if you put nice looking bottles in them....more info
  • The best way to water!
    I love these things! I use them for houseplants and in the garden to reduce the amount of manual watering needed. Every few weeks I mix up some Miracle Gro and fill the wine bottles with it and my plants have never looked better. I just wish I could find them locally because I'm hooked. ...more info
  • Wine Bottle Plant Nanny is great so far!
    This is my first review after years of amazon purchases, so you know I must like it ;-) I tested one on its own filled with water in a glass in the sink, and they slowly release water. Then I tested it in a large pot with a big wine bottle--worked great-- 1/3 of the bottle went into the soil within 2 days, 1/2 within 4. I added a 2nd nanny & bottle to the same plant, and it slowed the flow. These also work well with soda/beer bottles that fit for smaller plants. I've started to leave them in the plants with water all of the time so they can get proper hydration in case I miss watering a day--seems to be working out well!

    When I received them, 2 of the 12 were broken--rather than go through Amazon who would have to send out a full set of 12 again and could take some time, I called the manufacturer to see if they could help. They were very friendly & sent me 2 new ones with extra foam to keep them safe from shipping issues. They told me (7/14/2008) that the new shipment going to amazon will have better packing so this will not happen in the future. I got the new set of two within 2 days (east coast)--very good service!

    Great concept--recycling wine bottles, watering plants over time works well!...more info
  • black thumbs unite!
    I've never been disciplined enough to water household plants every day, or even every week, so this product is a miracle for me. I now have five pretty, air-cleaning plants in my house that are thriving! Using pretty wine bottles to do the watering looks nice, and holds plenty of water to get through until the next time I remember to water, and since you can see how much water is left in the bottle, you know exactly when there is need for more. The system keeps the soil moist, so there is no running water coming out of the bottoms of plants and ruining floors. Great product!...more info
  • These will become your plant's new best friend!
    I came across these Plant Nanny spikes at my local Smith & Hawken a while ago and have been in love with this product ever since! A lot of my plants are in windows, which tends to dry them out so quickly that I would oftentimes not water them sufficiently before they would start to show signs of distress. This product solved my problem and helped to ensure that my plants are properly watered (not too wet, not too dry) and look stylish to boot (especially if you have a nice bottle....instant showpiece).

    You simply press the spike into your houseplant (or outdoor plants....you can use them everywhere) and place an overturned bottle into the Plant Nanny. Your plant gets a continuous watering, and if you use a clear bottle you can see when the water level gets low and replinish before your plants take a nose dive.

    One word of caution: as some other's noted before me, you do want to make sure that your set is not broken: they are formed from something akin to terra cotta and can be a bit delicate, which makes shipping a bit of a challenge if not done correctly. Also, take care when you are inserting these into soil...if you're too rough you'll hear the heartbreaking sound of roots being ripped to shreds in your established houseplants!

    Overall, I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for an easy and fairly inexpensive way to keep their plants healthy. ...more info


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