FURminator deShedding Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

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Product Description

a non-irritating, non drying, hypoallergenic shampoo ideal to promote healthy skin and coat to help reduce excess shedding. Used and recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers worldwide.

  • Enriched with Omega 3& 6 Fatty Acids to help protect against excess shedding
  • Non-irritating, non-drying hypoallergenic formulations
  • Works great on all shedding, long & short-haired dogs and cats
  • Used and recommended by Veterinarians and Professional Groomers worldwide
  • Fresh Pleasant Scent

Customer Reviews:

  • Wow does this stuff work!
    I have a pure bred Jack Russell Terrier who sheds like a maniac. Since using this shampoo weekly I rarely ever see any hint of hair anywhere but on her body. You have to keep up with it though, if you skip a week you're going to see some of the shedding come back until you bathe the dog again. I highly recommend this product because it does exactly what it says it does....more info
  • Grooming
    The shampoo lathers well and only a small amount is required. I have a large dog and it is good when the time needed to clean him is shortened because a product works well. ...more info
  • One of many methods
    As for fur deshedding shampoos, this one is pretty good. It certainly gets rid of a lot of fur and helps clog my drain by the time I am finished. The only difficult part is waiting 10 minutes for it to work on my dogs, that's a long time with a wet dog.

    It's definitely not a one step solution. You'll need to use an undercoat brush and other things as well, but it's not a bad product....more info
  • The Best Dog Shampoo Ever!!
    The FURminator shampoo is quite impressive. I have been using it on my Great Dane and have noticed a HUGE difference. It has cut down on his shedding about 90% and has left his coat extrememly soft. I highly recommend this product!!...more info
  • My poochies ought to be bald, WE LOVE THE FURMINATOR!
    I have a Jack Russell Terrier and a Rat Terrier. Both have that short wiry hair that sticks to EVERYTHING, and they make little hair cobwebs throughout our home as well. Brushing wasn't working, frequent washing wasn't working. It was too expensive to buy this furminator treatment and have both dogs groomed too. I was at my wit's end.

    I purchased the small blue Furminator tool with 1.7 inch blade along with the Furminator Shampoo and Furminator Solution. I washed both dogs with the shampoo for 5 minutes each as directed. The shampoo smells like Pina Coladas which made the Rat Terrier lick-this is bad as soap does upset dog tummies. But a TON of hair came off of both dogs after the shampoo, about a fist-full each. Next, I slathered them up with the solution, which smells like roses or some other floral scent and left that on for 5 minutes. Again, another fistfull of hair came out with the rinse! I allowed both dogs a couple of hours to dry all the way, then came back and used this tool. The Rat Terrier wouldn't go for it, he hates all brushes. But the Jack Russell Terrier loves being brushed and let me go over her whole body except the sensitive areas with the tool. And let me tell you, I got a wad of superfine undercoat fur the size of her head off of that dog. And the only hair she's leaving around the house is hair that was already all over the place prior to the Furminator treatment. I don't get hair flying off her when petting her anymore, and even the Rat Terrier that wouldn't let me use the tool on him is still not putting out a lot of shedding.

    I would highly recommend the Furminator products. They are expensive and somewhat time consuming to use, but they work as advertised.
    ...more info
  • end the shedding!
    I use this along with the solution which is sort of the dog-equivalent of conditioner, and I love it. I have two pugs, who shed endlessly, and I would venture to say that the two products (and I also use the Furminator comb instead of a regular brush) cuts the amount of shed hair blowing around my floors and furniture in half or less. I don't beleive anything completely stops shedding, but this helps tremendously. ...more info
  • Hair Cloud Gone
    I got this for a friend with three cats and a new addition to the family. Cat hair was becoming an issue. I have heard nothing but good things so far. ...more info
  • Smells awesome, works well
    I used this on my German Shepherd dog and it works very well. My only gripe with the product is is consistancy. It's not what you would expect a shampoo to be, more like gel toothpaste. If you squeeze it straight onto the animal, it will not stick to the fur. I lost a good bit of it down the drain at first until I figured out how to work with it.

    The scent of this stuff is phenominal - not at all like a medicated or coal tar style shampoo. The dog looks shiny and great. I can't say specifically if the shampoo alone has cut down on her shedding. I used it (two wash-rinse-soak cycles) together with the conditioner and furminator tool and the combined results are wonderful.
    ...more info
  • Defurminator deshedding shampoo
    I have an Australian shepherd and anyone who is familiar with the breed knows that they have a very thick double coat which means that they Shed like crazy in the fall and spring. I purchased furminator out of desperation. We were being overtaken by dog hair! I have used the shampoo and the rinse solution on her only one time each and she barely sheds any more it has been about 4 weeks and I can see that she is shedding a little more each week but still nowhere near the problem we had. I cannot say enough how much I Love this product!...more info


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