Purina FortiFlora Feline Supplement for Cats - 30 Pack

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Product Description

Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Feline Supplement for Cats is a unique supplement that contains live active cultures and is recommended by veterinarians for the dietary management of cats with diarrhea. Purina FortiFlora Feline contains a microencapsulated form of Enterococcus Probiotic which is critical in managing cats with diarrhea or unhealthy stools and restores normal intestinal health and balance. It also contains protein, vitamins, minerals and is simply mixed with food.FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement for cats and has been formulated to achieve the following characteristics:

  • A nutritional supplement that contains a probiotic
  • For the dietary management of cats with diarrhea
  • Safe, stable, and effective in restoring normal intestinal health and balance
  • Help with acute enteritis
  • To promote a strong immune system

Customer Reviews:

  • Works !!
    Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement (30 pouches)

    This was recommended to help my cat with chronic diarrhea, and within a couple days there was improvement. Of course, the right food is also important, but this product helped right away, and continued to normalize....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful!
    My cat is 18 and has food allergies. Repeated bouts with loose stools couldn't be resolved by the vets rx, so she gave me this to try! Within a couple of days my cat is back to normal and acting peppy again. The best thing is, no trying to pill her. She won't eat canned food much, so on the vet's orders I sprinkle it on the dry. I have 2 cats who share food, and the other cat can eat this too, without harm. The vet suggested trying activia yogurt first, which I did, but the cats both looked at me like I was nuts. Now I keep this on hand to use at the first sign of trouble. Highly recommend this cost savings buying from EntirelyPets - I got the order in 3 days!...more info
  • Fantastic product!!
    My 4 year old adopted cat, Biggie Smalls, would leave a trail of a couple bright red blood drops from his anus after BM'ing. He didn't seem bothered by it at all and was as active as ever; but even though over the next few months the events hadn't increased in number it was rather unsettling. I took him to the vet; turns out he had a swollen colon, probably caused from the dietary change from the high-falutin' food they fed him at the shelter to the good ol' Cat Chow I've fed my cats for years. She prescribed him FortiFlora and an apparently nasty-flavored pill. The pill situation did not work out, but the FortiFlora worked wonders! He loves the taste - he starts purring when I sprinkle it onto his dry food! (Our other adoptee likes it just fine, too.) I haven't seen a drop of blood since, and his poops appear to look more firm and much less crinkly from the blood. (Also, his 'eye boogers' noticeably cleared up when this product is used daily, but I don't know for sure if it is another benefit of the FortiFlora.) I now add this product to the food bowl every other evening to save a little money. Either way, this is truly one of the best products out there for cats!
    ***Oh, and be sure to take advantage of the $5 FORTIFLORA MAIL-IN REBATE at www.purinaveterinarydiets.com, valid 1/1/09-6/30/09. Good for the dog formula, too!*** ;)...more info
  • Avoid in Immunosuppressed Cats!
    This is probably a great product for most cats. It really did seem to help my cat with the diarrhea he suffered from as a result of lymphoma and chemotherapy. He also really loved the taste, and it helped him eat more than he otherwise would have. Unfortunately, he developed a rather nasty infection at the site of his feeding tube which cultured out with the exact bacteria found in this product. The infection was also resistant to most antibiotics tested. Please be careful if your cat is on prednisone, chemotherapy, or other immunosupressive therapy. My cat ended up on several weeks of antibiotics to treat an infection likely caused by this product....more info
  • saved a pet
    We have two cats, that are two years old one of them developed digestive problem and our vet. recomended this product, not only did it cure one they both perfer there food with this on it. ...more info
  • Restorative, palatable probiotic indeed!
    I had a cat suffering from pancreatitis due to a diet change, producing diahrrea, lack of eating/drinking, lethargy, and weepy eyes. This product changed her with just one dose.

    I understand we aren't supposed to use this product beyond the prescription of antibiotics, but it's only a probiotic like humans take--so why not? Then, I realized that the PRObiotic is supposed to counter the effects of the ANTIbiotic (which is to remove all bacteria from the system). Plus, this stuff is beef-flavored, which makes it palatabe to one and all--they used to make the antibiotics beef-flavored, but not any more.

    Yogurt is not advised for cats, as they cannot digest milk proteins and lactose, making them "lactose intolerant." My sick cat in question is also diabetic, making sugars a problem to start with.

    I will consult my vet before buying this stuff to keep around the house for occasional diahrrea episodes--I'd like to make this my Pepto-Bismol for cats....more info
  • thank you
    thank you for the quick shipment of your Fortiflora. It arrived in good condition and I am very pleased with it....more info
  • Purina FortiFlora for Cats
    We have had our "kittens" on FortiFlora for several months now; they had previous bouts of diarrhea with no underlying cause. FortiFlora has regulated their systems and they have had no digestive or intestinal issues since we began giving it to them. Highly recommend and will continue to use this product. We mix it in with some fat free vanilla yogurt, every night the cats hear the fridge open and their bowls clink on the counter, they come running...for them it is a treat, for us it is relief in knowing they are healthy and happy....more info
  • Effective and the cat loves it.
    My 12 year old Russian Blue with an extremely overactive thyroid has had a number of condition related problems. This product was a natural and easy to administer solution to his latest bout with loose stools. ...more info
  • Quick relief
    Adopted two kittens within days of each other. The 2nd kitten was stressed from a few days in a kennel prior to coming to us, and his stools were loose. Soon they both had very loose stools. A friend recommended this product. Within 48 hours they were better, but I used it another day or two to be on the safe side. I used 1/4 packet per kitten per feeding. I noted that the kittens were otherwise extremely playful and energetic and had excellent appetites, so I felt this was just upset stomachs and not something more serious....more info
  • My cat LOVES this stuff!
    My cat LOVES this stuff! It's a great "bribe" to get him to eat. I could sprinkle this on rocks and he'd eat them. But even better is that it does work to combat diarrhea. His BMs firmed up quick with this. In general he is a much happier and energetic cat since I've started giving him this. Buying from Amazon saves a trip to my vet (who isn't close). I think it's retarded that you can't easily buy this at Petco or other pet stores. I don't even think 1-800 Pet Meds had it when I checked... Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Miracle Cure!
    We were feeding a feral cat that had 2 batches (Nov. 2006 & April 2007) of kittens before we were able to get her fixed so we took in her kittens (the mother goes in and out). All of the males (4) developed cyclical diarrhea (they would get the worst diarrhea about every 4 to 6 weeks). I searched online and found that Fortiflora was recommended to help with this condition. I asked my vet about the product and he had some in his office but his price was very expensive. I found it on Amazon and initially gave each cat one packet and then just sprinkled one packet once a day on their canned food (they eat from separate dishes, so I just divide the one packet between them). There have not been any episodes of diarrhea since the first dose in June! I continue to use one packet a day as they love the taste and I do not want them to revert back to their former condition. If you have a cat with this condition you have to get this product and give it a try. It really works!...more info
  • FortiFlora Feline
    I have mixed reviews for this product. My Toyger kitten has had slight diarrhea since I got her from the breeder in Nov.'08. She's been on different antibiotics; she's had blood tests and GI panels. I tried changing her food-even though she was on a high quality food.
    At first I thought the FortiFlora was working but then her diarrhea came back, so I stopped it. Then I tried it again. I think I'm going to try another box because I'm not getting anywhere with the vets....more info
  • Wonder Drug!! Great for IBS!
    My IBS cat has had a problem with chronic diarrhea for 10 years. 4 vets later, vet #4 gave us some of this. My cat has not had diarrhea for a month now and is more active than I have seen her in a long time. I will be buying more to keep on hand.

    If you can't mix it with wet food (wet food makes her diarrhea worse) then mix it with cottage cheese. Sounds weird, but my vet suggested it and it worked. Cottage cheese is on the bland diet sometimes prescribed. ...more info
    My 20 1/2 year old cat began to have the smell of death. It was not pleasant. My husband said her stomach was rotting. Now I understand why some old people smell bad. OxyFresh helped in the last couple of years with her bad breath, but I had no idea it went deeper than that. The bad bacteria had to be counteracted with good bacteria inside her. My husband bought FortiFlora and within a short time, the bad smell was gone and her health improved tremendously. She is back on track, can jump again, and her coat has returned to being shiny and fluffy. Thanks Purina, you saved Tammy's life and my other two cats don't sputter at her anymore. We're buying the canine version for our 11 year old standard poodle. We both believe pro-biotics are a must from time to time and definitely in old age....more info
  • This supplement works well
    On the suggestion of my vet, I started using this supplement a few months ago for my 13-year old cat who now has issues with diarrhea from time to time. It really does help. Also she's rather picky about her food and I can mix this right in and she'll take it no problem. ...more info
  • My Cats Don't Like It
    I can't attest to the effectiveness of FortiFlora since my six cats won't eat any food it's been added to. Too bad...I was impressed by the good reviews and the fact that many reviewers indicated that their cats liked the taste. However, even when I mix just one packet in with a fairly large amount of their favorite wet food, they turn up their noses.
    It may be a great product; just be aware that your cat may not like the taste/smell. ...more info


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