Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement (30 pouches)

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Product Description

Gastrointestinal tract conditions such as diarrhea are commonly seen in pets and are often associated with an imbalance in the intestinal microflora. Restoring microflora balance is a key component of the effective management of these conditions. FortiFlora is a nutritional supplement that contains a probiotic, Enterococcus faecium SF68, for the dietary management of pets with diarrhea. This probiotic has been shown to be safe, stable, and effective in restoring normal intestinal health and balance. This unique supplement contains guaranteed levels of live active cultures in a digestible protein base. Sprinkle 1 packet on a pet's food daily for 30 days to achieve optimum intestinal health. It tastes so good it can be used to entice your pet to eat! Availble now with purchase is a $5.00 Rebate Coupon with the purchase of one FortiFlora or a $10.00 Rebate Coupon with the purchase of one 12-lb bag or larger, or one case of any Purina Veterinary Diet Formula. Limit of three requests per individual.

  • A nutritional supplement that contains a probiotic
  • For the dietary management of dogs with diarrhea
  • Safe, stable, and effective in restoring normal intestinal health and balance
  • Help with acute enteritis
  • To promote a strong immune system

Customer Reviews:

  • helped an aging dog
    We have a 14 year old Corgi and he was having intestinal problems and loose stool. Since putting him on the FortiFlora all of that is much better. We were buying the product through our vet, but the price on Amazon was to good to pass up. We were at first concerned about the expiration date ordering online, but were pleasantly surprised to see that the date was well into next year. Even longer than our vets product....more info
  • FortiFlora Great for Dogs
    This is a great product to keep the intestines healthy especially if your animal has to be on long-term antibiotics or other medications that would affect the normal flora in the stomach and intestines. I highly recommend it....more info
  • FortiFlora has worked for my senior dog with chronic bacterial overgrowth
    My senior dog had recurring bacterial overgrowth. It was happening about every 4-6 weeks. I switched him to Hills I/D food and started adding the FortiFlora and organic yogurt. We went to the vet yesterday for his annual checkup and he did not have any overgrowth. He did have what they called groups of 'large rod bacteria' but it was not considered to be the overgrowth they had seen in the past. It could be the good bacteria that is coming from the FortiFlora or yogurt. In any case, I am sold on FortiFlora and just purchased 3 more boxes as I plan to keep him on this protocol of probiotics, probiotics and more probiotics....more info
  • Does What I Wanted
    Had a problem with loose stool in our puppy. This product solved the problem almost immediately....more info
  • Would Enjoy it being delivered
    I specifically went looking for this product for my dog. It has "apparantly" been shipped to me twice. How I don't know. But neither shipment has arrived. I went with this company based upon the reviews so far. Could they have a problem getting it into Canada? Don't know, but will be getting my money back....more info
  • Difficult for a small dogs stomach
    I have an 8 pound dog and the vet put her on a packet a day split between two meals. At the end of 20 packets she stopped eating and it had not solved the stool problem. The vitamins etc. in it were too strong for a small dog at that dosage. It should say on the packs recommended amount for different size dogs. They are giving a packet to a doberman or to a yorkie. Ridiculous. She is still not back to eating as well as before and it has been some time....more info
  • Great seller, great product for cats and dogs
    I mistakenly ordered Fortiflora for canines when I needed it for felines. The seller exchanged it for me very satisfactorily and quickly. The product works great and cats love it. I'm sure the same results are there for dogs....more info
  • Cured my puppy's chronic diarrhea!
    Our new border collie puppy kept getting loose stools, sometimes it was even watery and bloody. I was very worried but the vet gave us Fortiflora and had us add a small amount to her food and it would clear it up within a day or 2. Jule stuck everything into her mouth to chew even though I provided chew toys. I would have to give her Fortiflora a day or 2 out of every week until she was about 5 months old. At the time, I would also boil a skinless chicken breat and chop it up into some cooked white rice and feed that for a couple of days.
    Maybe she just has a sensitive stomach as I now use food that is mainly only 2 ingredients (such as venison and rice or chicken and rice) with no wheat or corn or soy products and she's doing great at 10 months old with no recurring bouts of diarrhea. It was very scary to see your puppy have stools like Jule had and I was very grateful to find out about Fortiflora! ...more info
  • Great combincation of probiotics and antioxidents!
    Our dog suffers from chronic urinary tract infections due to a congenital abnormality and is also chronically constipated. She also has food allergies and is allergic to grass. At 5 years old, she's had more than her share of health concerns! She is on a special diet, gets a cranberry supplement twice daily along with a fiber supplement. We try and limit the use of antibiotics but when our dog is in pain with an active UTI, antibiotics are the best course of treatment for her. In reading about the benefits of probiotics, especially while using antibiotics, I had a discussion with our vet about adding them to our dog's food. She fully encouraged us to put our furry child on probiotics, and addded that probiotics might also help her better absorb not only food, but her food supplements and the latest course of antibiotics. Forti-flora also has anti-oxidents and vitamins, so in addition to the probiotic, it should also support the immune system.

    At the same time, we placed our dog on a diet for urinary tract health. The transition to a different food did not cause the temporary digestive upset we normally anticipate in a diet change, no matter how slowly we transition the food. I beleive this was due to our adding Forti-Flora to her morning meal. Since she's been on Forti-Flora, we've also been able to cut back on the use of a fiber supplement since her constipation problem has improved dramatically. While the product information addresses the use of the product for diaherrea, it seems to be working to help our dog with the opposite problem. This suggests that Forti-Flora is helping to balance the flora in her colon, just as it claims.

    Our vet charges [..] (not including tax!) for a box of [...] sachets. So we now get it online for about 65% of that.

    http://www.purinaveterinarydiets.com/CanineProductDetail.aspx?prod=244...more info
  • My corgi is so much happier now!
    I rescued a Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Denver Animal Control back in May. A few weeks later he had a bout of diarrhea in the middle of the night. Poor Murphy has been having these middle of the night accidents about once a month ever since. Additionally, I thought his appetite was pretty good, but he would only eat at home. When we visited my mother for the night , he preferred to go hungry (even when we were there for 3 days over Chrismas).

    When I mentioned this to my vet last month she recommended FortiFlora. Since then there have been no accidents, and his stools are always firm. Better yet, when it's dinner time he almost demands his food now, regardless of where he is. Before, even at home, he was a bit of a dainty eater, taking his time to finish his food. Now he wolfs down everything you put before him. I can only assume that he was suffering from a sensitive stomach. FortiFlora has pretty much cured Murphy's problems. They could charge $20 per packet for all I care, that would be way better than always wondering if I'm going to wake up to a disgusting mess in the morning....more info
  • Recommended by Vet -- seems to work
    Recommended by Vet -- seems to work to keep the little tummies digesting better. Mine are picky eaters, but they don't seem to mind the taste of it on their food....more info
  • Wonderful results!
    I have a 3 year old min-pin who contracted a terrible bacterial infection and a case of gastritis. After emergency medical bills of over $500.00 and antibiotics, she was still not feeling any better. My vet recommended FortiFlora and given the 30 day treatment mixed in her food, after a few days my baby girl started eating and all was better. This product really worked wonders on her and hopefully she will stay healthy. Thanks Purina for helping my Coco!...more info
  • FortiFlora works wonders
    I have a dog that had severe bacterial infections as a puppy. The resulting hardcore antibiotic treatment wreaked havoc on his digestive system. He couldn't eat anything without getting diarrhea, sometimes really severe. Within two days of using FortiFlora his diarrhea was much better, and now after 3 months he can eat just about anything (within reason of course). I tried tons of other probiotics and this one was the only one that worked....more info
  • LIFE SAVER - But I bought the one for FELINES, not Canines
    FortiFlora FOR FELINES (Amazon shows the wrong product) saved my cat and probably would have saved her kidneys if I knew about it about 3 years earlier. She no longer has bad breath and no longer smells. This stuff is the good bacteria. It eats the bad bacteria in the colon. Like people, when cats age, many of them cannot product enough of the good bacteria and the bad bacteria takes over. That is what happened to my little Tammy. She's almost 22. She smelled for about 3 years and the veterinarians did not address the issue at all. Her breath was horrible and she gave it to me I hate to say. Probably caused some of my cavities. Anyway, the smell got so bad that she smelled of death and stopped eating. FortiFlora saved her life at the last moment, and we also began giving her more water under her skin, since her kidneys don't function anymore. The water helps flush out the toxins and the FortiFlora keeps the bad bacteria at bay. Tammy is back from needing to be force fed, unable to walk, needing to be lifted into the cat litter and smelling like death for two weeks. It is like a miracle. I don't think the water alone would have saved her and vice versa. Water and FortiFlora each tackled the two problems that would have killed Tammy. When my other two cats get to be around 14, give or take a year or so, I'll get them on FortiFlora from time to time, to keep the colon healthy so that the bad bacteria doesn't start destroying the body, like what we believe happened to her kidneys....more info


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