Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, Size 2 (12-18 Lbs), Economy Plus Pack, 152 Diapers

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Product Description

Pampers Stages Swaddlers Sensitive Pampers Swaddlers are the softest diaper around, and now they are available for babies with sensitive skin. Swaddlers Sensitive help maintain your new baby's skin while absorbing wetness. They are gentle and hypoallergenic, with Pamper's special Absorb-Away liner and ultrabreathable comfort. Soft, stretchy sides prevent uncomfortable bunching as baby moves around, and each diaper has a wetness indicator plus a Sesame Beginnings character!

Helps maintain the natural, healthy look of your new baby's skin New Swaddlers Sensitive diapers help maintain your new baby's healthy looking skin, with Air Dry™ for ultra breathability when the diaper is on, and a wetness indicator to show you when baby may need a change.

  • Swaddlers Sensitive features Air Dry for ultra breathability so more air gets to baby's skin
  • Gentle and Hypoallergenic with a touch of Aloe
  • Wetness Indicator so you know when to change the diaper
  • Helps maintain healthy looking skin
  • Features characters from Sesame Beginnings

Customer Reviews:

  • Stripe changes color when wet
    It doesn't say this anywhere on the website that I could find, but these diapers have a yellow stripe down the front that turns blue when the diaper is wet. It's quite helpful. ...more info
  • Good Diaper for baby skin
    This product is good for baby skin. Their skin doesn't become red after using....more info
  • Why the perfume?
    Our baby isn't even born yet, but I can tell you I will not be buying these diapers again. This is our third child. I was so excited to see Pampers come out with a "sensitive" diaper. I thought that would mean no fragrance among other things. I ordered two cases, and they are sitting in the nursery reeking of perfume. I can't stand the smell and won't be buying these again. Thankfully newborns go through diapers at a very fast rate, so these will be gone quickly. Why do they need to perfume their diapers? Yuck!

    Edited to add:

    I went ahead and used these diapers. My baby had an ongoing rash that I coudln't figure out but it turned out to be the scent. I definitely will not be buying these again!...more info
  • A must buy...
    They used these diapers at the hospital where my son was born. For three days I didn't understand how the nurses could tell my son needed changing from 15 feet away!
    The indicator on the diaper turns blue if your baby is wet or soiled - absolutely awesome feature for a new dad like me :-)...more info
  • Awesome Value n Free Shipping!
    This product speaks for itself but I could sense the scent in this product. Started ordering regular swaddlers thereafter.

    The only reason I ordered these are for Wet Indicator but that is not really helpful if baby does not pee a good amount since our baby does NOT like even a milliliter of wetness!...more info
  • pampers review
    this is not the only time I have ordered pampers and it arrives at the house in a timely fashion with free shipping and I do not have to run to the store and pay more for the diapers....more info
  • great diapers!
    Love the swaddlers sensitive diapers! The wetness stripe in the front is really helpful!...more info
  • I love these diapers
    I love the wetness indicater. Also these are one of the only diapers that I can get that do not irriate my sons sensitive bottom. Thanks Pampers...more info
  • Best diapers for sensitive skin,
    Best & softest diapers...too bad only up to size 2. My baby is 4 month old and is already almost 18 lbs. She'll need bigger size soon. I would hate to look for different type of diaper for her. She does not get rashes in the Swaddlers Sensitive. ...more info
  • well worth the extra bucks
    when we were at the hospital we were adamant that they only put my son in pampers.
    reasons: all the mom's i know recommend it for newborns, and as they get older transition them to huggies....pampers fit newborns the best

    why sensitive instead of the regular swaddlers
    #1 reason: for dad! the yellow stripe in the front (just like the hospital diapers). when the diaper is dirty, the stripe turns green. makes it very easy to know when it's time to change without smelling/feeling the diaper.

    for some reason the regular swaddlers irritated my son's skin. I'm not sure if the diapers have any difference or it might have been the batch, but as soon as we went back to the sensitive swaddlers, it went away.

    we had 1 batch where the tabs would pop off. we notified P&G and they sent me vouchers to get discounts on diapers ($40) it was really nice of them.

    we did try other brands, luvs, huggies, none of them fit our baby. he was a preemie, and the other brands would either dig into his thighs and would gap in the back, or were too short or long. swaddlers fit just right around the thighs, stomach, and height front and back (we did have to fold the front down to air out his umbilical cord at first. we never had any leakage problems either.

    only con: they're $5 more a box than the regular swaddlers, but WELL WORTH IT!...more info
  • Love these diapers!!!!
    These are the best diapers and I am so happy to have found them. They fit well and have not leaked yet. We had the wetness indicator stripe on the hospital diapers and loved it and I am so excited to find that these also have it. ...more info
  • Awesome Butt Covers!
    I absolutely love the wet alert line! These are the diapers we used while at the hospital. When we got home, I had purchased regular Swaddlers & my husband & I both missed the little line! When babies are so small it can sometimes be difficult to tell if they are wet or not because of the super absorbency of diapers today, but with the sensitive swaddlers you have the little yellow line that turns blue when baby is wet!...more info
  • Awesome for sensitive skin babies!
    We love these diapers...and the line that turns green when the baby is wet is nice for first time parents. We WISH THEY WOULD MAKE THEM PAST A SIZE 2!!! ...more info
  • excellent size 2 pampers swaddlers with wetness indicator, just need to watch cost
    the best service! Fast shipping and these diapers are perfect for our baby girl! love the wetness indicator line! Only problem is that it's only 152 diapers ( looks like it will only take us 14 days before we are out ) for $40 and we were able to get size 1 diapers from another seller on amazon, 260 diapers, which would last us a month for $50- so we are paying quite a lot more in the long run...but we love the diapers, so we will do what we need to, to keep our little girl happy and dry!...more info
  • chemical overload
    The hospital used these (Swaddlers Sensitive) on our newborn, and the nifty yellow-blue line that indicates wet or dry feature was great for us new parents. They proved hard to find in stores, however, and it was a few months before we found them again on Amazon. Excited as we were, out of the box, we noticed a distinct odor that was more chemical than baby powder. As time went on, it became clear that the odor was not just strong, it also caused our baby to rub her eyes, squirm when wearing them, and generally resist the diaper altogether. We too became somewhat overpowered and repelled by the scent.

    I'm a few too many diapers into the box to feel like I can justifiably return them, but I would do so, if only to send the message to Proctor & Gamble. These have made me rethink cloth diapers as a better way. If you have a dead nose, they work brilliantly at keeping baby dry (hence the 2 stars). But I feel that in this case, the odor could well be attributed to something less than healthy. So use with caution. ...more info
  • Works great
    The main difference between these and "regular" swaddlers is that these have a yellow strip down the middle that turns green if the baby pees or poops. Very helpful....more info
  • love these
    i love these diapers when she was littel she is know in size 3 and i cant find these kind for that size so i moved on to pampers crusers other then that i wish they made these for larger babys so far since she has been born tho she hasnt had diaper rash so either iam lucky or these really work :) but since i change to a different diaper i am kinda nervouse she will get one i do alot of traveling and cant change her on a routine of every hr or 2 hrs so it maybe be time she might get a rash :( not looking forward to it but imo these sensitive swaddlers help prevent diaper rash i would use them again if i have another baby...more info
  • Swaddlers - Pampers worth buying
    [url=] Review[/url]

    I have been primarily a Huggies mom for over a decade. However, with the birth of my fourth child, the hospital this time provided Pampers Swaddlers instead of the Huggies (due to a change in the purchasing supplier, not due to parental/physician/nursing staff requests).

    I had already purchased Huggies Supremes for home use, having tried Pampers Swaddlers (due to a friend's recommendation) about 3 years ago with no success (horrible rash on my then newborn son due to the mesh lining!). Overall, insofar as performance goes, I honestly see no discernible difference between either the Huggies Supreme or the Pampers Swaddlers. (Except for the fact that the Huggies newborn size has the "wet/dry" feature on the front of the diaper; the Pampers Swaddlers does not unless you buy the "Sensitive" version. The Swaddlers provided by the hospital wasn't the "Sensitive", but *did* have the line feature regardless in their size 1s. The Huggies does not have that feature in the size 1s. Wish it did.)

    However, there are aesthetics about the Swaddlers that appeal to me that has me rethinking Huggies for the first time in 10 years... at least until the Cruisers. (I can't stand the Cruisers. Swaddlers, yes. Cruisers, no.)

    1. I like the softness throughout the Pampers Swaddlers. The Huggies Supreme diaper is soft on the inside of the diaper (which *is* important), but not necessarily on the outside. The Swaddlers diaper is soft both inside and out.

    2. I really, *really* like the fact that the Swaddlers is a "plain" diaper. The hospital version does one better: No cartoon character AT ALL. Instead of some stupid cartoon character on the band, it simply says "Pampers". I *love* the fact that the diaper itself is plain and white. NO FREAKING CARTOONS on it. I do *not* see the sense or the need to put cartoon characters all over the diaper, especially for a child in size 1-2-3; who cares? Certainly not the child! All the cartoons do is pimp yet another product and show through clothing, which I find highly annoying on both counts. The Huggies Supreme diapers have characters and designs over the entire diaper, making it extremely ugly, and I honestly can't help but wonder how much, if anything, does that add to the overall cost of the diaper? I have emailed Huggies requesting the designs to vanish... we'll see.

    As for the mesh causing a rash on my new son... I'm not sure if it's the Lansinoh Cleansing Cloths, the Triple Paste rash cream (prevention), or an improvement of the Pampers itself, but so far, so good = No rashes. (I highly recommend the Lansinoh cloths and the Triple Paste, by the way.)

    Insofar as leaks and blow-outs... Both Huggies and Pampers are the same. Both do an excellent job... both leak and both blow-out at times. It's life.

    I do recommend the Swaddlers... Just be aware of the rash potential with the mesh lining, and perhaps the above-mentioned products will reduce that happenstance.

    ETA: Apologies - had to go; baby was crying. Where was I... The leaks/blow-outs for either diaper run about the same. Both do a fabulous job with containing both leaks and blow-outs, but I have experienced both messes with both diapers. It just depends on baby's output; I don't think there's a diaper in the world that could contain such a natural thing... unless the diaper wrapped around the baby like a onesie. LOL!

    For fit... Both Huggies Supreme and Pampers Swaddlers fit wonderfully on my newborn... However, I have to admit I prefer how the Swaddlers fit at this stage in his life; the Huggies seem to run slightly larger in size to the Swaddlers. The sharp tabs of the Swaddlers don't seem to bother my son at this point; I usually pull them nice and snug and almost overlap them under his cord at this point anyway; he isn't active enough to get them to move into a position that could make one of the edges of the tab poke his belly like my older son (one of the reasons why my older son hates the Cruisers). Still, that's one area Pampers could improve with no extra cost: Make the tabs have smooth, rounded edges like the Huggies.

    Baby crying. Gotta go....more info
  • great!
    i just started using these, size 2 for my son. too bad that he won't be able to use them soon, since he is already 15lbs. we used huggies up until i saw these two weeks ago, and his diaper rash has gotten alot better, the diaper isnt as tight fitting and i love the indicator stripe. wish i saw these sooner!...more info
  • Excellent for breastfed babies
    Breastfed babies poop. A lot. A skidmark with each feeding and at least 3-5 'mudslides' a day. Other diapers do not go as far up in the back as these do and thus they leak poop out the top. Yes, I'm talking a lot of poop. The fabric is so soft. The indicator strip is useful too. These do have a baby perfume scent to them but it is not offensive or irritating to the babies I have used them on. Must-have. Tried all the others and they all leaked....more info


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