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  • Shower head on 'roids
    My wife installed it and every day I look forward to using it. If you want a handheld that acts like a hydrant, look no further....more info
  • Great product
    My house was built in 1959 and suffered from relatively low water pressure. I replaced the standard shower fixtures with this unit and discovered that the air assisted blast mode is perfect for low water flow systems.

    Basically, it uses the motive force of the streaming water to inject air back into the flow as it enters the shower head. This causes an increase in volume, and serves to conserve water while giving you the best water flow possible.

    I am a 41 year old male, and this shower is shared by four women - my wife and three daughters. They all love it.

    Interestingly enough, I recently had some plumbing work done and replaced the water line from the city meter to my house. It was an old galvanized line that was full of mineral deposits to the point where about 3/8" was all that was left for water to flow.

    The end result is that I no longer have low water pressure. In fact, I think I need to slow it down at the entry to my house because I have had a few incidents around the house involving plumbing fixtures exposed to the increased pressure:

    1. The mechanisms in my toilets have went nuts. They went from working fine to constantly running. I think the pressure increase shifted the balance point and now I have to tweak them all the time.

    2. The hose that runs from the shower head to the wall recently sprang a leak, luckily I had bought two of these items to install in another shower (but did not yet) and had an extra hose on hand. I am now ordering a third one as a back up, so be aware there may be some issues with the hose - as sturdy as it seems.

    That being said, this shower gets used at least four times a day by people ranging from 7 to 41. Its always getting dropped, and twisted and banged against something because my daughters are clumsy and my wife is not much better.

    But all of that is simply my job - to keep the house running as it should. All they care about is how the shower performs, and they all love this particular shower head and that says a lot for them because the four of them can rarely ever agree on anything.

    I have noticed that all four of us can take a decent shower with a lot of hot water (and the teenager always uses way too much time), and we have never came close to reaching the end of our 40 gallon water heater.

    And so, with the increased pressure - it appears this shower head is saving us money by conserving water.

    And I like that.

    ...more info
  • Oxygenics Shower Head
    This is our second oxygenics shower head in our house. We have a private well and our water pressure is less than a municipal water supply. This is the only shower head that works well with limited water pressure....more info
  • Awesome
    We have low water pressure and have tried many shower heads. The center setting on this one is just what we were looking for. The other two settings are normal, so we use the oxygenics setting most of the time. If you have water pressure at 30-50 psi as we do, then this is a MUST BUY. I think you will be impressed, we sure are....more info
  • It is Okay but not the best
    I bought this and was excited to get it yesterday! It was so easy to put up. Now the bad news...I am 5'7 and the shower head is soooo high. The water sprays all over the wall and shower door. I was not trying to get my hair wet but it got wet anyway. I think because of the height of the shower head, it just has too wide of a spray. The outside holes are the "shower" part and I wish that some of the inside holes also sprayed water. To me the spray was too lite. My husband did not care for this either. The shower head is bulky also! I am returning this......more info
  • Good looks with useable settings.
    This is a good looking product that actually has usable settings. I like the middle/traditional Oxygenics setting, the wife likes the coarse setting, and the fine setting is great for rinsing the shower after cleaning, etc. It's also very easy to change the settings because the whole head turns, not just the sprinkle part. My prior shower head had similar settings but only the face turned, and not very easily, so this is a welcome feature since I can use my entire hand to twist. Basically, we change the settings often which is the whole reason for the multiple settings. Now to the reason way only 4 stars not 5; I purchased this brand because of it's reputation for producing water-efficient designs and I thought this product would reduce my per shower water usage. However, this particular shower-head only meets the minimum standard GPM for shower-heads, which is the same GPM than one that it replaced. Regardless, I am very happy with purchasing this product....more info
  • Great, solves multiple problems, and keeps on giving
    I own a body spa, a tri spa, and a five star resort shower from Oxygenics. I only cared about environmental benefits at first. Flows a 1/2 to 1/3 the pressure, using that fraction in water use and in my case natural gas for my one pass heater. Ends up saving me around 15 bucks a month in water and gas costs. Now, that said, it's an awesome shower, with superior pressure and confort. Elegant build. And I know it will pay for itself in around 3 months. Great gift idea too...

    You choose.... environmental or confort benefits. In this case they are both big, and not contradictory.
    ...more info
  • New to Oxygenics
    I searched for this type of product. I had read a number of reviews on other devices like this one and even read ones on this particular one. After the purchase and installation, a piece of cake, I find the device gives a very stimulating shower, with each of the three outputs excellent. The only downside is it is difficult to change between the three outputs when my hands are at all slippery with soap. Other than that I am delighted!...more info
  • pleased so far
    Have been pleased with the purchase thus far. Mainly bought to conserve water. Also liked the claim that whatever material was used to make shower head would NEVER clog due to mineral deposits. Our old shower head would need to be soaked in CLR every couple of months. Have not had the Oxygenics long enough to know if that claim is true or not, remains to be seen. As far as the claim that this shower head has so much more oxygen and all the health benefit claims, not sure on that one. A shower at 6 in the morning is never exciting or invigorating so those claims are a bit of a stretch. But, overall I have been pleased with product so far....more info
  • Would buy again
    This unit has a great main power spray, i have no water pressure issues and it absolutely jets water out OR you can save a lot of water by scaling back the water rate and still have ample pressure. Its pretty sturdy yet light on weight and seems like it will look good for a long time. The other shower head settings are worth it as this is only a few dollars more that the regular unit. basically you have high pressure, med. and low. The spa one has very soft spray bubbly almost and is soothing , the medium is like a regular shower head a bit broad spray but yet its good that one could be more full and the spray from the center is like a jet engine with high pressure - love it. wakes you up and cleans very well. definatly would buy again , since top models at the store are $40 and no where near the quality. ...more info
    Bought it mainly for water conservation, but it wound up to be a great shower head also. Very easy to install and still feels like a lot of water coming out because of the air added in....more info
  • Oxygenics TriSpa Handdeld Shower Head
    I'm pleased with my purchase & find the shower head easy to use. I hope it reduces water usage like the product claims. Have only used the product for 4 weeks so far. It seems to increase the speed & force of low water pressure, with ease of setting's. The hand held feature makes ease in cleaning of the shower stall. I would recommmended this product & am pleased with my purchase so far....more info
  • Great product
    The shower head is great for increasing water pressure - main reason why I purchased. It is a bit large and cumbersome but I am pleased overall.
    ...more info
    This shower head is incredibly easy to install, under 2 minutes if you can reach your shower and its not too tight. Comes with sealing tape if you need it. BUT, the best part is the water pressure in the trimode (all three at once) as well as the massage modes. If you have any people who are dirty in your life and the they need to bring the excitement of the shower time into their life. THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!!!! I thought the deals they have are rather reasonable as well for something this good!...more info
  • Oxygenics Tri-Spa
    This product does what I bought it for: increase the speed and force of low water pressure. BUT...it has a lot of room for improvement. I don't believe a word of claims it improves your health, and the ergonomics are poor: The product itself is big and unwieldy, and the smooth handle makes it near-impossible to handle when it's soapy. Also, the hose should be at least a foot longer, maybe more if you use a shower chair, as I do. ...more info
  • Saved us from low water pressure!
    I bought this shower head solely for the reason that our upstairs bathroom shower has incredibly low water pressure (like showering in a sprinkler with most shower heads). This shower head exceeded my expectations. It is quite nice, large and sturdy. I was able to install it myself, which is good because I don't even know what most tools are called. And the water pressure...perfect! Better than I'd hoped for! No leaking, to tipping, sits firmly in the holder. Holder moves freely in all directions so it's easy to position the head any way you like. I didn't find the handheld part difficult to hold although it is very large. Love it!! I would absolutely recommend this product....more info
  • Power and Savings, well worth it!
    I have owned many hand held showers, expensive, as well as inexpensive, but none have offered the power of this Oxygenics product. I first felt the power at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, NV and ordered mine as soon as I returned home.

    Well worth the investment, you wont be sorry!...more info


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