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  • Doesn't Work For Me!
    I've given this product a few tries and all I can say is that it gives me a raging...HEADACHE. No improvement in stamina or performance, and I walk around in pain for most of the next day. I realize that every person has different reactions to supplements, and that this might truly be a "miracle pill" for some users, but for me it was a major disappointment.

    Now what the heck am I gonna do with this bottle of blue pills?...more info
  • It works....but with a side effect.
    This product did work for me. I took it about 3 hours before intercourse, then a second one just before. I was erected upon demand. The only con for me was a slight headache while it was in my system. It didn't matter during intercourse, but it's there a couple of hours afterwards. If you can stand a little headache, you would be satisfied with the product. ...more info
  • Better than Viagra
    Stamina Rx is the poor man's Vigra. It is very effective and will give you that feeling of power that you desire in any sexual encounter. The product lasts from 2/4 hours in your system and all erections are "rock-hard", it may give a slight headache, one of the tell signs of it been assimalated in one's system.. If you do not have access to a physician, nor want to pay for a consultation, Stamina Rx is the next best thing to Viagra.....more info
  • Gets the job done, but...
    ...it makes you feel like your heart is going to jump out of your body and there's a heater right on your face. That was the first time, when I took 2 on an empty stomach. Second time I took half on a full stomach and then half more an hour later and that seemed to be much more bearable. Do not use habitually and look, the best way to get strong hard erections is to watch your diet and exercise regularly, especially cardio that improves the circulation. You'll not only be good in bed, but look good too, which means you'll end up in bed more often. ;-)...more info
  • Not quite a miracle pill, but...
    I am 65 and have experienced ED for some years now. My doctor gave me a prescription for Viagra, but that only helps when you're sexually "turned-on" and I could generally care less about sex. So that wasn't much help.

    I tried several pills and other concoctions -- Viper, Enzyte, etc., with no real success. Yohimbe gave me syptoms of cardiac arrhythmia so I had to discontinue its use, at least in products like Herbal-V.

    If you are looking for a pill that will solve all your problems, that's probably a pipe dream. If your health is shot, there's not much of anything you can do. I started taking a product caled Z-BEC, which is zinc with vitamins B, E and C. You can find similar products like StressTabs. This will help build up your immne system and generally improve your health. After a bout with high blood pressure, I found that l-Arginine is good for that, and also for increasing blood flow to the penis. Tribulus Terrestris is what I take to help increase testosterone, and Avena Sativa to help me think abut sex again. I maintain a daily regimen of all of the above.

    Now, taking one or two Stamina-Rx tablets really do the job. Hint: taking it with Viagra REALLY gets it big and hard!

    My wife and I recently spent a weekend together out of town, and we went at it every night AND every morning! That's something we haven't been able to do in years. A couple of StaminaRx tablets with dinner and -- wow -- it's like beng in a time machine!

    ...more info
  • Worth every penny
    I've tried a dozen or so herbal stimulants, none of them did anything, except Stamina RX. Take one or two (depending on how big of a boost you need) and 40 minutes later your tent will be pitched. Stamina RX is 1/20th the price of Viagra and gives the same results. Make sure you take it with some food. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • For the Unsuspecting Consumer
    I haven't tried Stamina-Rx (or any other "sexual stimulant"), but received a two tablet sample in the mail and investigated it on the internet. Here's what I found:

    In June 2003, the FDA warned consumers not to purchase or consume Stamina-Rx. FDA determined that the product actually contained the prescription-strength drug ingredient tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis, an Eli Lilly product approved in Europe to treat male erectile dysfunction. Stamina-Rx didn't list this ingredient or its possible health risks in its literature. An interaction between certain prescription drugs containing nitrates (such as nitroglycerin) and tadalafil may cause a drastic lowering of blood pressure. There is real danger that this product may be taken by patients taking nitrates, since erectile dysfunction is often a common problem in people with diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), ischemic heart disease and in people who smoke. In September 2003, Stamina-Rx was recalled and an injunction entered preventing Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals from distributing unapproved new drugs and misbranded drugs.

    It is not uncommon to see an FDA advisory of yet another "all natural" sexual stimulant being recalled from the marketplace due to illegal "spiking" with chemical compounds. This spiking is much more common than the general public realizes, and it poses a great threat to unsuspecting consumers. The company making Stamina-Rx was caught spiking their product and had to temporarily remove it from the market. So why do they do it? In Stamina-Rx's case, it was to simply offer a product that performed unlike any of the competition. The problem is that since the illegal ingredients have been removed, the product no longer offers any benefits that can not be matched or exceeded by any number of competing products. Many companies benefit from illegally spiking their products for many years to come as unsuspecting consumers not aware of the past spiking continue to seek out and purchase these products looking for the original benefits. Marketers will even try to continue the deception by advertising "original formula" or other such nonsense, trying to lead consumers into believing that there is some formula still in existence that produces the benefits that the unsuspecting consumer may have heard about in the past.
    ...more info
  • stamina-rx
    first i bought stamina-rx, the 2 tablet in box, from a store around the corner where i live,it realy works like magic for me.i have no trouble i get hard. unforunatly, hi-tech gets some problem from FDA and they stopped shipping stamin-rx. then i found one site, not Amazon, sell it (30 tablet in bottle). i ordered it, unforunatly, it has no affect on me. i guess the stamina i bought no the real one. later, i will try to buy from amazon stamina, i am sure, amazon deals with real and honest dealers...more info
    Do you remember waking up with "morning wood" back in high school? How about not being able to urinate because of those painful morning erections? Well, pop a couple of these bad boys and relive those days again. If you have high blood pressure avoid these pills altogether, you may very well end up in the emergency room or dead. Bottom line, these pills work, but with side effects. I've seen them in porn shops for twice the price. The main ingredients are horny goat weed and yohimbe bark. Two very cheap ingredients that make the old penis sharp as a pencil. I won't be buying this product again simply because those two products are MUCH cheaper and easily available in any health food store or here on Amazon....more info
  • When It Kicks in... IT KICKS IN!!!
    Alot of you reading these reviews are probably like me & with seeing the good reviews versus the bad you are like "Does this really work?" The answer "Yes". If you are expecting to purchase a wonder pill that will work within seconds & turn you into a super charged Sex Machine like James Brown (RIP),then I suggest you see your doctor or hit up Grand Dad or your Uncle Elroy's prescribe ED med stash. Okay I can only write on behalf of the results I recieved & compared to some of the reviews I read they were dead on. First: You may want to make sure that you have had a decent amount of rest before popping one of these bad boys. Second: You may want to have eaten well in advance aswell I've noticed the best results after my food has digested and settled (Not saying that you can't eat & take these or that you can not take on an empty belly but I would sort of follow the old school swimming rule on this one). You also want to take these well in advance because these take I've noticed any where from 30 min- 1hour 1/2 to kick in (Depending on how much other crap you've given your body to process & digest such as food & alcohol) Speaking of alcohol: You may want to hold off if possible. When these things kick in and your body gets that jolt it is like the others have wrote it's almost a feeling of nausea. excessive eating and drinking just intensifies this feeling and you will be one of those giving a one or two star rating for sure. When it kicks in...IT KICKS IN and you will be satisfied at the satisfaction you've given & your performance despite the slight crazy feeling. I'm not saying that following my steps will guarantee the same results may vary but that's what worked for me. Overall if used as prescribe I'm meaning only taking the two as suggested Once it kicks in you will feel a little wierd but you will beat that thing up like a bully... Hope this review is helpful to someone vegging over the several choices ;)

    ...more info


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