Natren Healthy Trinity(dairy Fr)
Natren Healthy Trinity(dairy Fr)

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  • Healthy Trinity
    I purchased Healthy Trinity on the advice of my mother who uses it. IBS runs in the family and it really helped her out, so I decided to try it. All I can say is it's a miracle drug! I haven't felt this good in a long time. I've always had digestive issues, and it's really calmed my digestive tract. I highly recommend this product to anyone with digestive problems. ...more info
  • Works
    Seems to work as described. However I suspect bottle to bottle or batch differences. My sisters bottles bought in California react much strongly than that which I just bought online. However, I am still satisfied....more info
  • Healthy Trinity
    I have been using Healthy Trinity now for 2 years. I purchased it on the advice of my mother who uses it. IBS runs in the family, and this helps tremendously! Wouldn't be without it!...more info
  • Healthy Trinity Expensive? Not Compared to The Alternative
    It really is the best probiotic I have found, and I've tried quite a few. You see I have had digestive problems for my entire life and developed food sensitivities that have plagued me for the last 15 years at minimum. It got so bad I felt like there was not much I could eat without suffering. I had symptoms like Chronic Fatigue for almost a decade. With Healthy Trinity I am eating more foods, sleeping better and having more energy. I'm not just a little bit better, I'm a lot better thanks to Natren's Healthy Trinity.

    That said, I'm a big fan of a book called Bacteria for Breakfast: Probiotics for Good Health. The author recommends high initial doses of probiotics. That might mean taking as many as ten (10) capsules a day (or more), which means you'll be spending roughly $15 dollars day when you start. This sounds expensive, but it's a lot cheaper than doctors, prescriptions and days and years of life lost to illness.

    A critical issue remains though. THIS STUFF HAS TO BE CONSTANTLY REFRIGERATED! The manufacturer, Natren, ships by second day air with an insulated container and ice packs (and even dry ice in summer). Buying it from a third party raises the question: Is the refrigeration being properly maintained throughout the shipping, handling and warehousing process? When you are spending this kind of money and your health is at stake you don't want to fool around. If you call Natren you can purchase directly from them. Natren's list price is higher than the price offered here, but if you ask they will sell you three bottles for the price of two, a substantial discount, but still more expensive than this offer on Amazon.

    If you do order from Amazon please, please write a review and tell us how Vitamin Discount Center handles the refrigeration issue.

    I also got some good ideas from the book Infection: The Uninvited Universe. The author, a doctor and research scientist, writes a fascinating section on the importance of bacterial balance in the digestive tract....more info
  • The Best Probiotic on the Market
    This is quite simply the best probiotic dietary supplement that you can buy. Why? Let me illustrate.

    Super Strains: A strain is a subset of a bacterial species differing from other bacteria of the same species by some minor but identifiable characteristic so a super strain is a strain that is more potent, faster reproducing, more resistant to things that normally weaken or kill them, or which produces more beneficial byproducts. What this simply means is that more of these beneficial bacteria will survive to enter your gut, will reproduce faster, survive better, and produce more benefits.

    Supernatant: Unlike other probiotics, all Natren products have been formulated to retain the supernatant, the growth medium the bacteria were actually grown in. This results in better survival rates for the bacteria and eliminates the need for some kind of substitute food filler, which can have negative side effects. The supernatant used is also dairy-free so as to prevent any problems for the lactose intolerant.

    Oil matrix capsules: Natren has a unique proprietary process that keeps the three bacteria separate from each other and noncompetitive until they arrive in the small intestine.

    Does it work? In a word, yes. This product eliminated a lifetime of digestive problems almost immediately I started taking them. I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that I went from carrying loperamide tablets at all times "just in case", tablets I stocked up on at every bargain opportunity, to discovering when I made my last overseas trip and wanted to take some along "just in case", that I didn't have a single tablet that hadn't exceeded its expiration date by half a decade. I STILL haven't bothered to buy any new loperamide.

    I was frankly a LOT more skeptical about claims that this product's ability to deter yeast overgrowth (candida), would reduce or eliminate unsightly yellow toenail fungus because the toes seemed to me to be a LONG way from the gut, but darn if it didn't gradually do that, too, over a number of years!

    So, do you need to take it every day? Since two of the bacteria will form self-reproducing colonies, that depends. If you have serious digestive problems that are cured by this product, then you might as well take it daily just to keep them from ever coming back. If you are trying to kill toenail fungus, then you should DEFINITELY take it daily because you are trying to flood your system. However, if your problems are minor and intermittent, feel free to take it less often. Nevertheless, anytime you complete a course of antibiotics you should take it regularly for a while in order to restore the beneficial bacteria that were also wiped out by the drugs.

    Different quantities of capsules are available:
    Natren Healthy Trinity 90 Capsules Dairy Free,
    Natren Healthy Trinity 60 Capsules Dairy Free,
    Natren Healthy Trinity 14 Capsules Dairy Free....more info
  • Great casein and gluten-free probiotic
    This is a great product for those with multiple sensitivies and allergies to gluten, dairy, casein, soy, corn, eggs, and other known allergens. It causes minimal, if any, gastric distress. Although it is a bit pricey, it's more than worth it based on its effectiveness and its purity. I've used other probiotics with unnecessary added ingredients and had less than desirable results or side effects. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with digestive concerns, including yeast or leaky gut. I have celiac disease and this product has helped my gut tremendously!...more info
  • Let's not be fooled by five star ratings!
    Based on five stars rating I purchased the subjected item for $60 (60capsuls). After trying it for a week, I started having diarrheas. I consulted to my doctor for an advise, he stated that people believe in its effectiveness, however FDA has never approved any of them as to be effective. I personally have had long term intestinal disorders and an H. Pylori bacteria was resided in my stomach I believe since 1990 when all of a sudden I started having non-stop diarrheas for several years until finally my body got immuned to it. I can't argue with people whose testimony about theis product believed to be effective, however one shouldn't make a definite tetermination like I did, that this product will be effective for everyone. I've come to my senses that individuals like myself having had chronical intestinal disorders wouldn't be easy to restore good microfloral bodies with artificially produced bacterias. How can it balance with bad bacterias to make it's function effective? baterias are not all about good ones, but there are bad ones too that are not less greatly important than good ones. These bacterias just like any positive and negative values they come together and battle with each other and create bowel movment that causees spontaneous digestive tract in digestive system. I am not a doctor but I do have a tiny common sense to cogitate. In a sense, if good bacterias multiply and exceed the amount of the bad bacterias then the results will be same as if bad bacterias will exceed the amount of the good ones. Therfore there must be a balance to make it effective. I am not trying to criticize others' testimony but only alert people that are unaware of the product not to fall for five star ratings because it might not work for them and it'll be useless. I wasted $60 and abdomenal discompoft for a couple of weeks. ...more info
    This Probiotic is one of the best on the market. I have many allergies and food sensitivities. I have tried a lot of similar products only to end up with stomach aches and other intestinal issues. No problems with this brand. Now that I have been taking it, I am having less problems with foods and all stomach issues then I have had in many years.

    I purchased it through Amazon and the shipping company listed did a great job getting this products to me quickly. It was packaged in a stryofoam container with ice packs. I won't hesitate buying through Amazon when I need my next refill.

    ...more info
  • no final review yet...
    I have gone 3 months with this. I don't really feel any different. I thought I'd go another 3 months to see how things go. Perhaps if you're already healthy, you don't notice anything different?...I'll give it a little more time......more info
  • Natren
    I really like this product but it's priced kinda high. Although I haven't found a better product that is less expensive so I will continue to purchase this one since I know it works....more info
  • The best on the market
    Once you stay with this for a few months, you will never go back. LIFE CHANGING product. Perfect for the busy lifestyle. Don't expect instant gratification. Probiotics need to work their way through your system. Quality company and product....more info
  • Suffer No More!!!
    I had my gall bladder removed 5 years ago and discovered (to my horror) that I could no longer digest fatty foods. What went in immediately came out and I'll leave it at that. Yuck! Enter Natren's Healthy Trinity -- one per day after breakfast and I can eat whatever I like and I never have digestive problems of any kind anymore. Not even the stomach aches and heartburn I used to get from consuming too much Dr. Pepper and snack foods -- gone, gone, gone! Natren has improved my life and well-being to such an extent that it deserves 10 stars!! Thank god for Natren!!! IMPORTANT NOTE: I've learned my lesson and will only order directly from the Natren to guarantee product freshness and proper cold-pack shipping. I buy two 90-count bottles and I get one free. If you live in an area with extreme summer temperatures, do not order Natren in the summer; stock up so you have enough on hand to last thru the super-hot months. Even with cold-packs and expedited shipping, the ice will melt and you don't want your expensive, live bacteria dying in the heat before it arrives at your doorstep....more info


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