Diva Cup Diva Cup #2 Post Childbath
Diva Cup Diva Cup #2 Post Childbath

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  • Save money and embrassment!
    I really bought this for several reasons
    1.) traveling overseas I run into "taboo" situation where disposing of pads and tampons was extremely problematic.
    2.) Tampons and pads are expensive and you have to run to the store when you are out...
    3.) landfills
    4.)avoiding chemicals in bleached cottons and plastics.
    5.)Not having to always tote my purse into the bathroom to change my personal hygience products.
    6.) I have saved about $144- the original cost of the diva cup. I wish I had had this a lot earlier I could have saved around $1300-1500 over the duration of my menses since age 13...
    7.)No irritation on insertion or dry paper applicators.

    Yes they can be slightly messy and always easier if you are in your own bathroom where you can rinse it out and re-insert but in public places I use toilet paper to wipe it clean. Of course you have to wash your hands after this. I live in West Africa part time and find this to be much easier with a fabric pad as back-up and also EXTREMELY economical...Tell all your friends....more info
  • My New Best Friend
    The Diva cup is my new best friend! I work in an office wear I am the only female and believe it or not they keep up with my AF almost more than I do. I find it embarrassing to have to walk out of the office with my purse or try to find a place to hide my pad or tampon. I love this little cup because now I can take care of my business with out having the guys all in my business. I enjoy being discrete about my personal business. I don't have to worry about a huge bulky pad sticking out or worrying about huge mess on the back of my clothes when I get up. I also like the fact that my bf can still rub and touch without hitting that stop sign called a pad!
    I recommend this product to all of my family and friends. I can stay the night at someone's house and not have to worry about throwing my used product in their trash can. I also don't have to worry about leaking all over there linens!
    I have used Instead and anyone that has used it knows how messy that can be. The Diva is not messy at all. (Yeah)Although I haven't been able to get the turn thing down, I just feel around and it opens like it is supposed to. I am over 30 and never been preggy so I bought size one and it fits just fine! The only regret I have is that I should have bought is sooner!
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I was intrigued at the idea of not having to deal with pads and tampons ever again... I have to say I love this product. I bought it after having my first child and couldn't wait for my period to come to use it. I can't believe I wrote that... Anyways it does take some getting used to, you have to fold it like the instructions say and in the beginning and every now and then it has a little leak, but I just wear a light days kotex pad and I am fine. No more worries about major leaks at nighttime, if you know what I mean, and no more pulling out dry cotton tampons. I hate that feeling. I don't even worry about it at work, I just empty it in the morning and when I come home... except on a heavy flow day I may empty it once at work. It does take some getting used to in public but I find I just empty it and then I may use some tissue to clean it up a bit if needed. And sometimes it makes a little noise when inserting it, I either cough or flush the toilet if I care.

    Bottom line: This is a great product, never thought in my life that I would use something like it. And I actually enjoy my period even more. No more packing pads and tampons for long trips... and no more dealing with smells and if the bathroom has a trash can and all those inconveniences. Sorry I guess I am babbling...

    Great product and I bought one for my mom and my sister (after asking them first)

    And no its not too big... looks like it but I hardly know its there...more info
  • My new best friend!
    I have been using the Diva Cup for two years, and I have to say that it is the best invention ever! I have a very heavy flow my first two days, and this has totally eliminated my hatred of pads, and my anxiety of leaky tampons! I sleep in it, so I haven't used a pad in two years. Woo-Hoo!!! My advice to anyone considering it is...give it a try, keep trying if you find it awkward, and give it 6 months to decide if you love or hate it. It took me several months to really get the hang of it, and I'm glad I kept trying! Note: I cut the long tip completely off because it bothered me. If you need to snip yours, start with very small increments....more info
  • Green Period, Post-Birth Incontinence & Ovulation Monitoring
    I loved the Diva Cup. It was the cleanest menstrual product I've ever tried. I had not. one. single leak. Period. The Diva Cup also pushed my uterine wall up just enough to take care of my post-birth incontinence issue. No more peeing a little in kick boxing or when I sneeze. Also, I think it would be easier to track ovulation with the Diva Cup. [...]...more info
  • Diva review
    I adore my diva cup. I use the 7 fold no problem. I feel better knowing I can reuse this and not have to worry about running to the store for more tampons. It is also great for the environment. ...more info
  • Amazing!
    This thing is absolutely awesome! I have not leaked a single drop this cycle which is so much different than it used to be. Tampons always leaked for me. I felt like I was tethered to the bathroom. I only have to empty this every 12 hours and it is so comfortable that I forget I'm on my period at all. You're on your period once a month for 30+ years.....that's a lot of time so I would consider this thing life changing for me. It's the best money I have EVER spent. ...more info
  • Great product!
    I wasn't sure that I would like this product, but I have to say that I am a total convert. I liked the idea of being earth-friendly and not using tampons or pads anymore, and that was my motivation for the purchase. Since then, I have used this product and find it amazingly comfortable and have had no trouble with leaks.

    The only drawback is that if you use public restrooms while out in the world, you may find that emptying the cup can result in some clean-up that needs a sink handy. If you are in a stall and the sink is outside, you may need to be thinking ahead to rinse and reinsert the cup. A suggestion I came across was taking a bottle of water with you to the bathroom for that purpose.

    I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to stop spending so much money on tampons and pads, and creating more trash in landfills. ...more info
  • Life-Altering
    Seem a little grand as a title? Maybe...

    But I wish I'd had one of these my whole life.

    It's easy to use (try it before your period starts so you can get the hang of it), and as long as you're not squeamish about your own fluids you will be SO GLAD YOU GOT THIS. It's easy! It's CLEAN! It keeps your outside clean and your insides moving, not to put too fine a point on it, which just leads to optimum vaginal health.

    Don't buy the wipes that Diva sells; just rinse it in hot water and when your cycle is done boil it as directed in the package and put it in the cloth bag (NOT A ZIPLOCK). It'll be clean and ready for you next time.

    Also, don't be alarmed when this gets stained, because it will. Totally normal!

    The only cons I can offer are that you might find that you can feel the nub on the end a bit; I got used to that really fast. It doesn't feel any different than a tampon, which is to say if you can feel it more than a teensy bit you don't have it in right so try again.

    Also, this is probably not going to work for people who can't use tampons, since the principal (cramming something in your nethers) is the same.

    However! If you use tampons all the time with no problem, get one of these instead. You'll save yourself some money, make your area happier, and your drainpipes will thank you. (No matter how biodegradable they say those things are, I can guarantee you they stick around quite awhile.)...more info
    All I can say is AWESOME!

    1 million times better than tampons or pads! Comfortable. No odors. Minimal leaking while I was learning to insert it. Had almost NO cramps while using this. EVERY WOMAN needs one!

    There is a small learning curve, but aren't there with placing pads and tampons, also?...more info
  • I can never go back.
    My friend and I decided to invest in these at the same time.
    It took a little bit of time to get used to (by the second period I had it down) and I CAN NEVER GO BACK.
    It's comfortable, it feels safer, I didn't realize how often I worried about toxic shock syndrome until I didn't have to anymore.
    What's more - after 6 months of use my period got SHORTER. Cut in HALF. My friend is equally enthusiastic about it. I've given away all my old pads and tampons and whatever, I don't need them.

    This is a safe, easy, environmentally friendly way to go, and whenever I see women in the fem hyg. isle AGAIN to buy more stuff, I am glad I don't have to. Bleached cotton with fiberglass or whatever, no more! :)...more info
  • this works
    well i came across menstrual cups online and i started looking at different ones and i decided to buy one because buying tampone every month was wastefull and it was good that it lasts years. so i got mine and i was surprised when i saw how small it was. its very easy to use i even wanted to have my period just to use it.lol. to empty it out i guess the first time caught me off gaurd because i gues i hadnt really thought about how it would look coming out but just dump it and rinse and there you go. so if you cant stand blood or have a weak stomach maybe this isnt for you but once you get the hang of it its not a big deal. it saves money, worry about tss, and its good for the enviornment. im so getting one for my daughter when shes older. for those who are unsure about this and think its klinda strange about a cup inside you well you dont feel it if inserted correctly. so believe me this is a good thing to buy. ...more info
  • Won't "cure" the inconvenience of heavy periods, but does make them easier to bear
    After reading all the positive reviews I was extremely excited about the possibility of sleeping through the night without having to rush to the bathroom every couple of hours. I knew I had a monstrous period (during my heavy days I would sometimes wear 3 super plus tampons at a time) but even doctors had convinced me I was overestimating my flow. I was optimistic about the Diva Cup giving me respite. After one cycle with the Diva Cup (it has measuring lines) I now know that on just one of my heavy days I have a flow that doubles the entire cycle average for most women.

    Even with my heavy flow, I was very -- no, extremely -- satisfied with the Diva Cup. I didn't have much trouble learning to insert it. As with other reviewers I found that when I folded it as instructed it wasn't popping open like it should and I couldn't rotate it at all. But I quickly realized I could insert it simply by squeezing the top a bit for initial insertion and doing the rotation while it was halfway in. Sliding it in the remaining bit wasn't a problem and I had a good seal.

    On my two really heavy days I overflowed a couple of times. I'm sure it is a learning curve about how often you need to change and I sure envy the people who can go all day, but I think on those deluge days I should have been emptying it every 2-3 hours.

    The great thing about this product though is that you don't need any further supplies. Trips to the toilet are greatly expediated. You can empty, wipe and reinsert in a minute or two and be on your way. There is no smell, and if you are careful, no mess. The outside of the cup remains clean. I do feel like I will be mostly liberated from what had become an extremely burdensome and unhappy time of the month. This will be great for frequent travelers and people with active lifestyles, but frankly it will make every woman's life easier. I've already bought one for my daughter. She hasn't started her period yet, but I am so excited that she will be able to start her adult life without the hassle, expense and embarrassment of pads and tampons. This product is just great.

    ...more info
  • I'm NEVER EVER going back to tampons - this helped with cramps!
    I agree with everything other reviewers have said, and I too wish I had known about this product MUCH sooner. I wish it was a more commonly known alternative to the usual tampon or pad.

    Something it did for me, which was totally unexpected, but a very welcome side-effect was reduce my cramps! I usually have severe cramps that I take pain killers for, and since using the Diva Cup I've used maybe half or a quarter of the pain meds I usually do.

    If you're considering buying a Diva Cup, I can only recommend that you do so. It has truly improved my life (I know that sounds corny, but 3-4 days of the month were consumed with worry about leakage and odor, and those worries are just GONE now).

    ...more info
  • only 1 problem..
    Ok, I decided to try the Diva Cup due to severe leaking problems with tampons. SO in that regard it is Amazing, no leaks, nothing!! Love it, but I do notice that my cramps are so much worse with it. ...more info
  • Defective product
    I received the Diva Cup and it is DEFECTIVE. It is missing the 4 holes below the rim. The seller has never responded to my inquiries about this. I have also contacted the manuafacturer directly and they want me to return the cup and wait at least 3 weeks for a replacement. I purchased this to leave on an extended vacation and this "solution" doesn't help me. I am very disappointed in the lack of response from the seller and don't recommend using them. I have not used the product because of the defect and am unsure of how it will impact its use....more info
  • How come it took so long too find this!
    I am so thrilled with my Diva cup! This is the greatest thing. Getting it in the first time was a little daunting because of the size. But suprisingly it it is very comfortable. As a nurse this is a dream come true. I am telling everyone about it....more info
  • Wow, I would have never thought..
    Let me start by saying that I am a 44 year old. I have never given birth (I have two awesome adopted sons :) and I HATE tampons. I guess you could say that I'm a bit squeamish about these kind of things. Since I've gotten older my periods are heavier and longer and the pads are just not cutting it anymore and to top it off they irritate my skin. Not good. So while looking on the web for an alternative I found these a few years back while checking out cloth pads. At the time I thought "No way!". A silicone cup in there?
    So I used the cloth pads with the same results of leaking and irritation. After seeing the low price of them on Amazon I decided to give it a shot. Boy am I glad I did! These things are GREAT! It was a bit odd and difficult to get the hang of at first but I was determined to give it my best and not give up. I didn't and now I'm totally comfortable with using it. I can't feel it at all after trimming the stem alittle bit for comfort. It's so freeing not to have to deal with those messy and uncomfortable pads anymore! You just rinse it out every 6 - 12 hours depending on how heavy your period is until your cycle is done. I found alot of help and advice on some diva cup forums that I found when I first started using it. I highly recommend trying this product.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    I can't believe I waited so long to get this. It worked great! Half the time I forgot it was even there and I was on my cycle. I'm glad I bought this....more info
  • New Diva Girl...
    I saw the diva cup ad in a magazine. At first I was like no way would I use that. After my following period I thought there had to be a better way. Well the better way is the diva cup. I am now a diva girl.

    I have had no trouble using it. So far so good. No leaking. I also find it very comfortable. More comfortable than a tampon. I can see why women forget they are on their period. It is that comfortable.

    Bye bye tampons and pads. I would also recommend 2 for the purpose of switching out. That way you dont have to wait to clean it.

    If you are thinking about this product....dont ...just go ahead and buy it, you will like it.

    ...more info
  • natural diva
    love it, i was so tired of traditional options so i went searching for something better and found the diva cup. this is a great option for women with irregular bleeding and it cuts back on waste....more info
  • Environmentally Friendly Feminine Hygeine
    The obvious pros:
    - eco-friendly (no repeated waste; no repeated flushing of water)
    - one time low cost
    - no risk of clogged toilets or unsightly toilet paper-wrapped feminine products in the waste basket
    - no worries of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)

    The less obvious pros:
    - can be left in twice as long as a tampon
    - no odors (like when using pads)
    - able to "examine" the blood if you need to (whereas blood is absorbed and difficult to examine when using tampons)
    - you don't forget if you removed the cup (as can sometimes happen with a tampon towards the end of the period)
    - no string that can slip out of your bathing suit nor a string that can get stuck "inside"

    The cons:
    - can take a while to get the hang of (I had several "accidents" the first few times wearing it)
    - fingers can get messy during insertion
    - the cup stains brown; I have left sitting in vinegar in hopes of lightening the stain with no luck (it just looks like it's dirty even if it's clean)
    - the little bag it comes with is a waste. The yarn used to "cinch" the bag closed comes out very easily and is impossible to put back in. Plus the bag is really small and it's hard to get the cup into the little bag at all.

    Overall Experience:
    I've been using the cup for nearly a year and despite the cons I prefer to use it over tampons. The one-time $20 investment has paid for itself within the first few months as compared to the cost of a box of tampons. The insert says the cup typically lasts for about 10 years! I've only had one heavier than normal period where the cup filled up quicker than previous periods which caused an overflow, so you need to be aware of your flow to know how often to empty the cup. For me, once when I wake up and again before bed is usually enough (except for a heavy flow or sometimes on the first day I might need to empty it one more time during the day). You will need to experiment the first few times to see how quickly the cup fills up.

    I typically dump out the blood into the toilet and depending on whether I'm in a bathroom that has the sink within reach from the toilet will determine whether I rinse out the cup and dry it off with toilet paper or if I simply clean it out with toilet paper (without rinsing first).

    A tip for insertion is to use two hands. Once the cup is folded into the instructed "U" shape, one hand will insert and the other hand crosses over to push in all the way. Some women recommend cutting off the tip, which in the beginning I found was uncomfortable, but now I insert far enough where I don't feel it.

    I also like to empty the cup when I'm in the shower...that way it can just go straight down the drain, you can rinse clean and reinsert!

    A tip for removal is to push the muscles of your pelvic floor down so that the cup becomes visible, then pull it out with your fingers....more info
  • WAY better than tampons!
    Not only is this product environmentally sound, its safer for women than tampons (which contain bleach and fiberglass(!) unless you are purchasing organic - seriously - make women bleed more so they need more tampons!), but it decreases waste/consumption. But best of all, my lady parts don't feel unfresh at all. The diva cup keeps me clean and fresh!...more info
  • A dream come true
    Like OMG. The Diva cup has change my life forever. The cup is so wonderful I did not have any problems with using it. I thought it would be messy at first, but it was not to my surprise it was just a dump and go process. You know that for now own I will never buy tampons or napkins again. Also the Diva cup is so much cheaper and environmetally safe that I have recommened it to all of my friends. Thank you very much for creating this wonderful, hassel free, comfortable and environmentally safe product. ...more info
  • The DivaCup changed my life.
    I bought my DivaCup about eight months ago, and I have been loving it ever since. I had always been frustrated with tampons and pads: too bulky, too dry, too much trash generated each month, too much trouble to carry around a big stash in purse, lots of leaks, and a never-ending expense. Why should I have to pay a tax for being female, right? So I'd been looking into tampon alternatives (I used and recommend OB for anyone out there still using tampons: they're small and have no applicator, so I found them much easier to use, easier to carry discretely, and they produced much less waste). I came across the Divacup and after reading hundreds of positive reviews I thought I'd give it a shot. Well, let me tell you, I've packed up my dozens of leftover tampons and pads into a big ziplock bag that I keep under the bathroom sink for the benefit of female party guests- I sure don't need them anymore. I have been so pleased with the performance of my divacup - although there is a learning curve, it's not difficult to learn how to use it. If you're like me and not too squeamish, you'll find as I did that it's extremely empowering to take charge of your reproductive health. And since it has little markings inside of it like a rain guage, you can even track how much fluid you've expelled so far - I told my boyfriend that it was like having a science project going on inside my body.

    The best thing about the Divacup is that it's so passive, I often forget I'm on my period when I have it in. And if I do forget, it's no big deal - there's no risk of TSS from leaving the Divacup in overnight (which makes it great to sleep in) or for long periods of time, and since it holds more liquid than a tampon can, I can go for much longer between bathroom breaks. You know how with tampons you have to strategically plan your bathroom trips throughout the day? Not so with the Divacup. I usually used heavy-flow tampons for the first 1-3 days of my period, changing them every couple of hours, but even so, I may only empty my Divacup 2 or 3 times a day. Really amazing for a heavy-flow girl like me. I'm free to do stuff - like hiking - again, because I don't have to worry constantly about the next time I'll be near a bathroom.

    Financially it makes a lot of sense - spend 80+ bucks a year on bleached cotton that goes into the landfill, or spend 20 bucks on something you can use the rest of your life? The choice is pretty clear to me. If you're not afraid of your body, I recommend the Diva Cup to you with no reservations....more info
  • Greatest Invention I've ever discovered!
    I'm so glad I discovered this! It is so comfortable you forget you're on your period! I love that I don't have to worry about toxic shock anymore; tampons suck, try the diva cup!...more info
  • Love it
    I just heard about this product so i had to try it, and I must say it took me a few tries to get it in right but after that it worked great no leaks, I could hardly feel it... PLus its alot cheaper then buying other things every month...more info
  • Wish I Had this Product YEARS Ago!
    The Divacup is such a wonderful product!!! It is cleaner and more comfortable than every other product out there. Try it, you will never go back!!!...more info
  • Pretty easy to use and green :)
    I am not sure why I didn't find this sooner - I have been using Luna Pads for years as I sought a more economical and greener solution for my monthly cycle. The Diva Cup is it! It's a silicone cup that you insert much like a tampon. I was concerned about a latex allergy so I opted for the Diva Cup over the Keeper Cup, which is made of gum rubber, I believe.

    Pros: Economical, "green", mostly effective, apparently no TSS risk
    Cons: Can leak, might be a bit tricky to insert/remove, especially in a public restroom

    I am over 30 and had a C-section, so I am supposed to use a Model #2, I actually 'downgraded' to a Model 1 for women under 30, no childbirth. I find the smaller size works better for me, I guess that 1/8" makes a difference.

    Between the Diva Cup and Luna pads, I am happily "covered", not having to purchase pads or tampons. If you are on the fence, I heartily suggest you give the Diva Cup a try....more info
  • Research First
    You should research menstrual cups, as they differ greatly in size. Diva makes the longest by far. There are lots of different shape and size combos. Also, they recommend a large if you are over 25 yrs old, despite previous childbirth. This can make the difference with leaks! [...]...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I used it the first time just a few days ago and it worked out great. I haven't had any problems inserting it and never experienced any leaks. Since I had read a lot about it, I was a little worried about getting it to fit right away but it wasn't a problem at all. I have a really heavy flow in the first two days, and had to change it 2-3 times a day then but the rest of the days, it was fine cleaning it in the morning and at night.

    I wish I would have know about the Diva Cup earlier. It is making those dreaded days so much easier and more worry-free....more info
  • Guilt free
    My period isn't that abundant nor is regular. I got my Diva Cup and stopped buying any other feminine products that, being honest, in most cases I really didn't need and were used only to ease my paranoia of getting my pants stained. No more trash and non recyclable pollution on my name. Diva cup takes care of those non predictable cases being with me on its cute carrying bag. Love it. Love it. Love it. ...more info
  • more i use it the more i love it
    The first month was a little awkward, but the next month was better, more predictable and now I won't go back to traditional products....more info
  • Great!
    Very happy to have bought this for my best friend at her baby shower- she got it very quickly- thank you!...more info
  • Skewed feeback??
    I'm not sure how this product got such rave views on Amazon, because it really didn't work for me. Also, my problems with it were not an isolated incident. After reading the online message boards, it seems that many people find this product difficult to remove (thanks to too much suction!) I actually had to go to the hospital to get it out. I would like to try a cup again, but I'm going to try a different brand. Also, my contact with the company was not at all helpful. (I think they were worried about getting sued- all I wanted to do was to figure out how to use this properly.) Bottom line- I'll try another cup, but not this one!...more info
  • Absolutely Life Changing
    I bought one of these a few months back and I am thrilled to use it every time. I had a lot of menstrual problems. I have a really heavy flow and a job where I'm on my feet (usually running) for up to 14 hours with extremely few opportunities for a bathroom break. Day shifts, nights shifts, and stress make my periods slightly irregular. I used to end up buying tons of tampons and pads, because my "uhoh" moment would often come when I wasn't at home. Often these were the cheap bodega brands of desperation, because nothing else was open. I usually managed to ruin one pair of underwear a month and spent way too much time scrubbing the sheets.

    Now if I'm coming up on my period, I can put it in "just in case" I need it. I did this recently on a flight to europe and it worked out perfectly and took up so much less room in my luggage on the way back. It's incredible, no leaks, none of that unpleasant tampon feeling. Apart from the first day pain, it's like the period isn't even happening to me. I know it sounds gross to have to insert it, but it actually is way less messy than tampons (especially with applicators) and pads, and once you get used to it, it's a snap.

    I originally switched over because of environmental concerns and a desire to stop "flushing money down the toilet" but it's actually been an incredible improvement to my quality of life....more info
  • A $5 off coupon code
    If you go to www.iherb.com and use coupon code VIM135 you will receive a [...] discount, and yes, shipping is only [...] ...more info
  • Why didn't I get this SOONER?!
    I have been looking to buy this product for a couple years now, going back and forth, wondering if I'd like it etc. Then I'd forget about it. One of my best friends mentioned a few months back that she has one and loves it and I should def. try it. So I did and I admit I was a tad nervous reading about the learning curve LOL But even on cycle one I am having no problems at all. Seriously I wonder now WHY I didn't just do it earlier. I can NEVER ever go back to tampons or pads. This just gave me one less thing to think/worry about every month...it saves money, helps the earth and is easy on me!...more info
  • Bye Tampons!
    No more shopping each month for menstrual products! Money saved, less waste!
    I initially bought this for a long trip my husband and I were planning- figured that it would allow for freedom in case we ended up in Morocco without a tampon for purchase.
    On it's pre-trip trial run, realized "hey, this is fantastic." Reliable, comfortable, and have never been in the situation "oh no, I need to change the tampon and I have not more left..." Just a simple visit to the toilet, rinse with soap and water and you are good to go!...more info
  • Loved it!
    Takes a bit of practice..much like a tampon. Went camping the first time I used it...WONDERFUL. Put it in and forget it! ...more info


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