Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle

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Product Description

Features: Turn the dial to adjust the resistance from a light workout to a rigorous one. Place this portable stationary bike on the floor and cycle to strengthen legs. Built-in computer with LCD shows scan, distance, time, calories, reps, and total reps. Place it on a tabletop and operate with your hands for firming up hard-to-tone arm muscles.

  • Place This Portable Stationary Bike on the Floor and Cycle to Strengthen Legs
  • Place It on a Tabletop and Operate with Your Hands for Firming up Hard-to-Tone Muscles under Arms
  • Turn the Dial to Adjust the Resistance from a Light Workout to a Rigorous One
  • Built-in Computer with LCD Shows Scan, Distance, Time, Calories, Reps, Total Reps

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Value
    Though the assembly was slowed with some difficulty attaching the left pedal, the performance was better than expected. I'm very satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Great bike for the price
    Like this little bike a lot. It's sturdy and lightweight. Able to fit under a desk. Does not move around when riding on it. The tension knob does not really increase the tension to much but, its enough to impact your workout. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I am an active person with a desk job and I got this little device so I could be a little less sedentary while at work all day. My biggest fear would be that I wouldn't be able to pedal under the desk but it seems to fit quite nicely, although I am short (5'3). Yes there does seem to be a slight hissing when you turn up the tension but this does not bother me since I'm using it really for movement rather than exercise.

    I think the calorie read out is complete crap, I'd have to be sprinting to burn as many calories as they are saying I'm burning sitting behind a desk but the rotation and time are helpful.

    This is a great value for the money (especially with the free shipping), very sturdy, very practical. I plan on purchasing another to leave at home in front of the television and possibly another for my mom!...more info
    The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Cycle is even better quality then what I expected for the price! It is VERY sturdy and does not slide on the floor or table. For ?mpty nesters" who are trying to downsize but still want some sort of exercise equipment for those rainy or inclement days--this is great. It stores in a closet very easily. I am handicapped and I am able to sit in a comfortable position, infront of the TV and exercise my leg muscles, yet pick this up and put it on a table for upper body strengthening. TERRIFIC BUY!...more info


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