BabySmart Cooshee Changer Vanilla

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  • Sleek, continuous, contoured design for snug and secure support
  • High sides cradle baby and discourage rolling
  • Sleek, bacteria-resistant and warm to baby's skin with no cloth cover
  • Molded of micro-cell foam with anti-bacterial integral skin for the ?healthiest? changing surface
  • Revolutionary cooshee soft material with a warm and smooth surface that wipes clean with just a baby wipe

Customer Reviews:

  • great alternative to pad
    Really like this... was worried about the color (bought the vanilla which look really yellow in picture) but it turned out to be a nice cream color and matched well in nursery. Much better then the pad I had originally was going to get. ...more info
  • great product!
    My wife bought this product and here's what she says about it: I bought this product after reading reviews at various places, including the forums at I was initially planning on buying a serta pad with different pad covers. But when I read about the coshee changer, I thought it was a better deal - I don't have to deal with changing and washing pad covers and replacing them every few months. I was super excited when I received my vanilla cooshee changer - it's soft, yet firm, it's deep enough that my baby won't roll off, has grips on the inside and outside, has a special cushiony part for the baby's head, comes with a safety belt, and is not at all cold. We give my baby his sponge baths and massages too in it! All you have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth, preferably a baby wipe and that's it. Overall, I love this product. My parents love it too!
    ...more info
  • Great changing pad!
    I'm about to have a baby boy and got this for his nursery so I haven't used it yet. I really like that you can wash it easily or wipe it off if the baby makes a mess on it. It's bright and comfy feeling and although you would think it would be cold to touch it isn't. I also plan to use it as a travel changing pad when we go to visit the grandparents so we don't have to use the nasty restroom changing tables. I was first a bit put off by the price but when I figured out the price of a regular pad and at least 2 covers this won out and was actually a bit less. I can't wait to use it!...more info
  • not so great
    We were looking for something to replace the changing station on our pack n'play because our daughter is almost at the max weight limit. This seemed like the perfect changing station to put on the floor and to 'catch' any accidents she may have while we change her. When it arrived it was stained, scuffed and had little holes in it. Also it isn't as long as a regular changing pad so my 29 inch tall baby girl was already way too long for this. It's also not as soft as I thought it would be but if using for a young tiny baby then it is pretty good. I'm not sure it's worth the money though, you're almost better off going with a regular changing pad and washing the's not as if you won't be doing a tone of laundry anyway....more info
  • My Work Horse Changing Station
    When it comes to Diaper Changing, I was looking at so many options, do I get a changing table? Do I get a changer with an organic cover? I opted to get a Cooshee Changer because I liked that you can wipe down, and with a baby boy, I am aware of the surprises parents or caregivers get when changing his diaper. It's already happened a few times, and I was thrilled to wipe down my pad, change my baby, and go on to the next thing. I love the Lime green. That fits in perfectly with my nursery theme. My son likes how his voice sounds as he tests out sounds while I change him. It's my favorite part of the day as he warms up and tries to "talk" to mommy. I haven't place the belt on yet, due to him being only 2 months old. I also placed this on a wide chest of drawer, and along with diapering essentials, anyone walking in can easily change diapers with my customize diaper station. Can't wait to use this till he's out of diapers, and for our next-future baby....more info
  • Great Changer Alternative
    I am really liking the Cooshee Changer! Our little guy was born about 3 weeks ago and it has been great. It is a bit snug in our changing table, though it still fits. It is a nice texture and it never gets cold, which I wasn't sure about before ordering it. Also, the sides are high enough that I am not worried about him rolling off. I really like that it's easy to clean, just wipe it with a cloth. We have given him sponge baths in it with no problems in addition to changing him. Plus the color is great in our nursery too!...more info
  • Best baby product we own!
    When this was purchased for us for our baby shower there were no reviews, but I took the plunge anyway and put it on my registery. This is by far the BEST baby product we own!
    It is a little smaller than expected but it fits perfect on our change table with a little room on the corners for sanitizer etc.. BUT for new parents with a newborn this is perfect, especially for those 3am changes and the pad gets dirty. So much easier to wipe clean than change covers, launder etc..
    It is well worth the money, we also use it for bath time for our newborn. We have saved so much money and time when you add up on change pad, covers, waterproof pads, laundering etc... 3 sec wipe and it is nice and clean. Probably cleaner than a change pad cover and looks a whole lot nicer/modern....more info


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