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Product Description

You want to keep your indoor environment cool and clean, but cooling systems and air purifying gadgets can start to add up and clutter your space. The NewAir AF-330 Evaporative Swamp Cooler is the affordable, space-saving solution! This evaporative swamp cooler includes a HEPA filter, so it keeps your air cool, comfortable, and clean all at once. HEPA filtration eliminates up to 99.7% of airborne contaminants including dust, mold spores, pollen, and more. The AF-330 rapidly cools areas up to 200 square feet. It?s the perfect unit for cooling down in any room of your home or office. Oscillating louvers ensure even distribution of cool air. The AF-330 is compact and easy to move for room-to-room comfort.
"I've been using it for just 2 days and it's working great." - O. Orqueda, Stillwater, OK
WHY BUY THE NEWAIR AF-330 DELUXE AIR COOLER & PURIFIER??? How about these reasons - more air flow, the ONLY air cooler with a built in HEPA grade air filter, easy to move compact design, and one of the only units available with a water cooling pad that NEVER needs to be replaced! With all these features in mind, it?s easy to see why the Newair AF-330 deluxe air cooler is the best option for personal spot cooling. It just makes more sense to cool and clean the air at the same time

  • HEPA filtration system
  • Ionizer
  • Air freshener
  • Carbon filter
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Dimensions: 18.3" x 16.33" x 28.15"
  • Net Weight: 18 lb.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 13 L
  • Water Consumption: 0.45 L/hour
  • Ice Tank Capacity: 4 L
  • Ice Consumption: 0.35 L/hour
  • Maximum Treatment Area: 700 cubic meters/hour
  • Cooling Capacity: up to 200 square feet
  • Features:
    • 3-speed fan
    • HEPA filtration eliminates 99.7% of airborne contaminants
    • Multifunction unit cools and purifies your air at the same time
    • Portable
    • Wheels or Castors Make It Very Mobile and Easy to Move to Any Room
    Customer Reviews:
    • bottom line
      the newair 330 swamp cooler is at its best a small relife from the heat, not going to effect a whole room. if you remove the hepa fillter you will create more air through the wick. the wick is on a roller that dips into the water than goes in front of the fan, so the more water you have the more evaparation you will have. best i could do was to knock 3 to 4 degrees of exiting air, which is ok if setting right in front. i picked up two from someone that did not like them for $100.00 ea. no shipping or tax. if i had paid full price i would not be happy, but because the fans are very quite for how much air they move i can also you them in the winter to move hot air around with the hepa fillter....more info
    • It's a room cooler not an "air conditioner"
      The NewAir AF-330 is a great buy if you need a room cooler. WARNING: If you are looking to cool a large area or the entire house this is not the unit to buy.

      It works great if you don't want to run the air conditioner for the entire house just to keep yourself cool in your bedroom while you sleep, or, if you have work to do in a particular room like an office. I have friends who own two-story condos and they complain about running the air all night just to cool their bedrooms on the top floor. This cooler is the perfect solution for them as well.

      It holds a lot of water. I've been running this machine for 7 evenings in my bedroom from about 10pm until 6am and it still doesn't need more water added to it. The remote control is awesome. If I get chilly I don't have to get up to turn it off - I just reach over and use the remote. It also has a timer feature which is great because if you know that the house cools down at a certain time, say after 3am, you can program the NewAir AF-330 to automatically shut off after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. I wouldn't use this in the living room unless you plan to sit right in front of it but for a bedroom or small office it's perfect. It's on rollers so you can move it to whatever room you need to.

      The NewAir AF-330 is saving me money - swamp coolers are cheaper to run than regular air conditioners - and helping me to get a good night of sleep. I don't regret purchasing this unit at all. ...more info
    • Don't waste your money
      I live in the southwest, and supposedly this thing works best a hot, dry climate. It topped 102 here today, humidity around 20 percent, but this machine did nothing to cool my room. NOTHING. I'm taking it back on Monday. Total waste of time. I'm sad and sweaty. ...more info
    • Manual missing vital info
      Ah, does anyone know what the lightning symbol inside the gear mean? The manual I found online (no manual in box) doesn't have a description of the panel indicators. Kinda dumb if you ask me....more info
    • deceiving advertisement
      This product does not provide any coolness at all, even in a small room. I should have check Amazon before buying this junk from the dealer. I requested RMA from the dealer and hopefully they will respond soon, which I doubt cause they know they are selling junk and probably will prolonged the processing till required date for return expire. I will update when I receive respond....more info
    • Was skeptical...great purchase.
      When my mobile home was being built we had the option of A/C or a Swamp cooler. We talked to several people and they advised getting the A/C unit, and so we did. What a huge mistake! During the summer with the thermostat set at 85 degrees that's right 85 our electric bill jumped through the roof...more then $300.00 a month. WTF!

      This year the heat started early so I searched the internet for a solution, and was intrigued by the AF-330 but very skeptical. I purchased two units putting them on opposite sides of our home, and I'm very happy with the performance of the AF-330. I'm not sure what our savings are going to be since these only operate at 85W,and I only have had them for about a week....but I'm sure it'll much less then running the A/C.

      Here are some tips to enhance the performance of the unit and address some issues some people have with it.

      1. Replacement filters:
      I emailed the manufacturer and they informed me that if you need replacement filters you can call them and order the filters over the phone. It would be nice to be able to buy the filters via their website, but now you know how to obtain them.

      2. Adding water:
      If the unit is empty and unplugged simply remove the back panel and fill it up that doesn't get any faster then that, unless you have a unit that is connected to a hose(not this model). Keep a few bottles of water in your fridge and top off as needed...which is only once or twice a day. It's a very easy thing to do. I don't recommend removing the back all the time to fill the unit, as some people may forget to unplug the unit and then they'll be subjected to possible physical harm or damage to the unit.

      3. Ice:
      Need extra cooling? Take the plastic ice tray, fill it with water and then freeze it. Once it's frozen simply put that large block of ice into the ice compartment. This is good because a large block of ice will melt slower then smaller pieces of ice. Basically there is more air contacting the smaller pieces of ice so it'll melt faster then a larger chunk of ice...but some people may feel the need to have the ice melt faster. In that case use the ice tray to carry the ice to the unit and pour the ice in...and of course you could use both methods and you'll get the best of both worlds.

      4. Slanted floor:
      I have a room in which the the floor slants towards the front of the machine, so the ice doesn't all flow to the holes at the rear of the unit. Since the unit is in a carpeted area, I have it in a plastic tub just in case there's a leak. I just put something underneath the tub, and the ice melts in the proper direction.

      If they were to redesign the unit I'd only change a few things:
      1. A larger hole for adding water.
      2. A tilt feature to compensate for slanted floors.
      3. A lid for the ice tray so it's easier to put in the freezer without spilling any water.
      4. Vents in the front and back with air intake from the sides, although I have no idea how well that would work...I'm no engineer.

      I would recommend the unit to friends.
      I hope this helps any one who has are is going to purchase the AF-330....more info
    • not for me...
      This product did not work for me. To be fair, it has been much more humid here (Colorado) than usual. This company's customer service is absolutely excellent! I will try to buy from them in the future....more info
    • Great for Bedroom Use!
      We purchased this because the cool from the big evaporative cooler on our house just wasn't making it through our den/office into our bedroom (even with the windows open to various widths to pull it through). The next step would've involved having a HVAC guy and a plumber out to the house to install another evaporative cooler unit ($$$).

      This is a great little machine for the most part. It holds enough water to run for 24 hours without refilling it. You don't have to worry about hooking it up to a garden hose(!). The wheels are great. It has a really long power cord. The remote is nice. Compared to a/c, it uses very little electricity. It's relatively quiet -- just a tiny bit louder than the big oscillating fan it replaced. It's just an air whooshing sound.

      The instruction booklet was lacking a few things -- as the other reviewer reported, there is nothing about what to do with the charcoal filter. But you have to consider that if you have a window open to adequately ventilate for this thing, there really isn't much of a point to having an air filter. (When you live in a desert, you learn to live with dust.) Honestly, I chose this over the cheaper model because of the little blue window on the front that shows the water level -- the HEPA thing didn't really matter.

      I wish they wouldn't call these things swamp coolers. It refers to the musty smell some of them get in more humid climates. But I think it makes some people think that means it's great for living in a swamp. I live in a desert where the outside humidity ranges from 7 to 15 percent most of the time. It was 104 degrees yesterday. Evaporative coolers work great here -- better than the underwhelming and electricity-hogging a/c in my last house. It's actually nice to have some humidity in the house -- reduces our dry, itchy skin problems and static. But if you live with higher outside humidity, this technology just isn't going to work. I repeat -- it will not work where it is humid.

      The vendor shipped it several hours after we ordered it and we received it the next day (we are relatively close).
      ...more info
    • Good value
      Good value for the price. Great vendor - sent product via federal express (free shipping) during a heat wave....more info
    • Excellent for it's size
      This little unit is excellent for it's size! Living in an area where the temps get as high as 114* not many units would help, but this one made all the difference! If you are looking for a unit to help cool a room that doesn't get enough air or you need to cool a 12X12 room this is the perfect unit....more info
    • You get what you pay for.
      If you live in a hot climate where temperatures reach over 90 you should be aware that these types of coolers are only slightly better than a standard Fan. I have this model and 2 others and they work about the same.(slightly better than a standard fan). If this is all you need then this is a good product. I have had it for over a year and have had no problems. It is also quite and light. ...more info
    • Good for small spaces
      Great Cooler for small spaces. Don't expect it be an Air conditioner.
      Works well enough to cool the space but not really make it cold.
      ...more info
    • Good product but not for me.
      It does what its supposed to do. Humidity levels does rise and there's a cool breeze when you put some ice cubes in the storage box but that's about it. Well, the remote is nice too. Its definitely not an A/C. If you are thinking about getting this unit versus a portable A/C, then you probably need the latter. I returned the product within a few days and Air & Water were very prompt in issuing me a full refund. Kudos to their customer service. If you think you need an Evaporative Cooler, this is a pretty good unit. Just make sure its suitable for your surroundings. It just doesn't work where temperatures and humidity levels are already high....more info
    • Provides no cooling
      I bought this item to provide some cooling in a single, small room. In my area when it is hot it is dry, so a swamp cooler should be at least somewhat effective. I tried this on two days that reached about 90 degrees with humidity levels below 30%. It had utterly no effect on the temperature in the room. Since the recommendation is to have some ventilation while using a swamp cooler, I tried it first with a door open for ventilation. That didn't work, so I tried it with the door closed. I tried it with cold water and I tried adding ice in the ice compartment. I tried it on all three speeds. It did not lower the temperature in the room even a degree. I was so puzzled by its ineffectiveness I even opened the back and inspected the mechanism to ensure that the unit I received was functioning correctly. It apparently was: the wick that the air blows through was damp. You would think it would provide at least a little relief, but no dice. The only benefit it offered was a very slight cooling sensation when you stand directly in the airflow. But not more than a fan alone. And no general cooling in the room. I don't fully understand why it was so ineffective, but it was. On the upside, the vendor, Air-N-Water, delivered it quickly, for free, and the box arrived in good shape....more info
    • Good Cooler, Couple of Issues
      The AF-330 NewAir Evaporative Swamp Cooler with Special HEPA Air Purifier is a pretty good swamp cooler with just a couple of flaws. As with all swamp coolers, it isn't going to make your room feel air conditioned, but in dry climates, it is good to sleep with it blowing over you, or it is good to get raise the humidity levels somewhat. Now for the good stuff first about this unit.

      For starters, the 13-liter water tank means that you won't have to fill it as often. Most portable swamp coolers I've owned only had a 10-liter tank which means they don't last more than 8-hours on "cool." There's also an ice tray to add ice for additional cooling effect.

      Next on the plus list are the air filter system. In addition to the standard foam filter, it comes with a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. Combined with the ION setting, this really seemed to make an improvement in air quallity. After a month of use, I haven't noticed the normal "swamp stench" that swamp coolers usually get. I don't know if those filters are the reason or not, but there you go.

      The fan is much more powerful than any previous portable swamp cooler I've owned. Even at the low setting, the fan works pretty good when sleeping in front of it.

      The controls are pretty standard. You get the 1-8 hour timer, oscillating louver control, 3 fan speeds, "cool" function (to activate the swamp cooler function), and ION control. The unit comes with a handy remote control which handles all features, which is great for controling the unit while in bed. ^_^

      There were two negatives. The biggest is adding water to the tank. The portable swamp coolers I've owned before have had a convienent port on the side of the unit were one can add a gallon of water to the tank in a few seconds. This unit has no such port. Instead, water has to be added to the top of the unit where a small section is partitioned off from the ice tray to add water. As such, it only holds a small amount of water and the drain into the tank isn't very large. So it can take a couple of minutes to empty a gallon of water into the tank. That's pretty tedious, especially when you are tired and just want to go to sleep.

      The other problem I had was with the documentation. As you note, the product description proudly mentions the carbon filter. The box the unit comes in proudly mentions this. And a carbon filter comes sealed with the unit. Initially, I thought that maybe this was some sort of water filter since I've used carbon filters for fish tanks and for water pitchers. However, there is NOTHING in the documentation that says anything about the carbon filter. The regular foam air filter and the HEPA filter are mentioned, but that's it. Since it didn't seem to obviously go into the water tank (that is a bit of a pain to get to) and it did fit the back panel where the air filters are, I put it back there. But does it go before or after the HEPA filter? Some documentation would have been nice.

      The final negative about the unit is purchasing replacement filters. I found none on Amazon's site. Air & Water, the company from which the unit actually came, has a website, and while ordering the unit directly from them gives you the option to purchase additional filters, their website has no place to just purchase replacement filters. That's pretty stupid if you ask me.

      Bottom line: There are many good things about this swamp cooler to include the HEPA filter, carbon filter, larger water tank, ION feature, and greater fan power. The lack of a good water input port, no information about the carbon filter, and a lack of ease to aquire replacement filters weren't enough to stop me from giving this an overall "buy" recommendation....more info
    • Great dorm-room cooler
      Our dorms don't include AC, so I needed to get something for my dorm room. Bought this one, and it's been great. It takes up a minimal amount of space, and is easy to carry around. Cooled my room very nicely. ...more info