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FORMULA 303 IS A NATURAL RELIEF FOR: Muscle Spasms Pulled Muscles Tight Muscles Leg Cramps Backache Headache Back Sprain PMS Menstrual Cramps Tension Stress Nervousness Menopause Insomnia TMJ Jaw Pain Clenched Jaws EACH TABLET CONTAINS: 6 Parts Valerian Root (Quad Strength) 1x 3 Parts Passiflora (Quad-Strength) 1x 1 Part Magnesium Carbonate 1x Formula 303 Is Made From Natural Ingredients And May Have A Distinctive Odor No Sugar Coating No Color Valerian Root - Used For Centuries To Calm Upset Nerves And For Treating Mood Problems, Pain And Headache. Today Homeopaths And Herbalists Use Valerian Root For Its Antispasmodic, Calmative, Tranquilizing, DIRECTIONS: Adults & Children 12 years of age and older,take as directed by your doctor. MUSCLE SPASM: As a muscle relaxant for muscle spasm, take two tablets every three hours until relief is obtained. Then, two tablets with each meal and two at bedtime. TENSION AND STRESS: As a natural relaxant, take two tablets with each meal and two tablets at bedtime. WARNINGS: If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, seek the advice of a health professional before using this products. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Incase of accidental overdose, seek professional assistant.

  • All-Natural Muscle Relaxant. Completely Safe and Completely Effective
  • Effective for those with difficulty sleeping, snoring, restlessness
  • Natural Tension and Stress Relief, Relaxation
  • As Seen in Chiropractor's Office for: Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Muscle Spasm
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • The best I found
    I bought some pure valarian root as well as a bottle of pure valarian root and hop as well as a bottle of formula 303. I tested the three different bottles. So did my sister. We both found that formula 303 definitely helped more than the pure herb capsules. I have suffered with TMJ and teeth clenching for 17 years. This last year, I was on prescription muscle relaxers to help. I never liked the idea of taking so many prescription drugs as well as over the counter. My poor liver! Anyway, now I feel I have another option that is healthy. I bought this through They were extremely friendly and helpful and willing to give discounts as well as a good return policy. ...more info
  • Very Impressed
    I've been using Formula 303 as needed for over a year now. It worked wonders for the inflammation and spasming in my back resulting from a rib that was moving out of place. It was one of the few things that offered relief.
    Formula 303 has also been great as a general relaxant--if I've had a particularly bad day at work and my muscles are tense or they ache, there's nothing better. ...more info
  • I have fibromyalgia, this helps my tense muscles so I can sleep
    I have fibromyalgia. Formula 303 along with Calm (a magnesium suppliment), Lyrica, and Cymbalta are finally giving me some relief with pain and stiff, achy muscles so I can rest better....more info
  • Lightening quick delivery!
    Excellent communication by company and product was received in just a few days. Would definitely purchase again in the future....more info
    Having upper, mid, and lower back spasm problems at times I sometimes need a muscle relaxer ... I hate the prescription kind because they make me feel a little weird, whereas with these I feel the relaxation in my body sans the brain fog I experience w/RX's ... No worry of OD'ing so do yourself an economic favor and buy the 250 bottle!...more info
  • Natural Muscle Relaxant
    This product minimizes muscle pain and spasms and is overall a natural relaxant and calming agent.
    It use it frequently and always get effective results....more info
  • has almost rescued me from migraines
    This stuff is nearly miraculous. I bought based solely upon the Amazon reviews, and really just as a whim, a shot in the dark. I have had terrible crushing migraines for several years now; not terribly often, but one to two per month, and as migraine sufferers know, they take us out for hours at a minimum, often times a day or two. I was buying Sumitriptan (Imitrex et al) at about $24/pill in the U.S. - about $16/pill from Canada and going broke doing it. Sumitriptan works brilliantly and relatively quickly, but is so expensive.
    So I gave this Formula 303 a whirl. Wow.
    Getting on a regular regimen of about 5-7 of these a day, has all but eliminated any and all headaches. It really is quite amazing. They taste odd, about like eating weeds or leaves or something, but the benefit FAR outweighs the flavor. For what it might be worth, the EarthTurns people that send this out have been great as well. ...more info
  • I wish I'd found this earlier - but I'm singing its praises now!
    I had a laminectomy C-5 and C-6 9 years ago. Since then I've suffered with neck pain, cramping, spasms and pain down my right arm, thumb and index finger. Two years ago I woke up in horrendous pain in my back. X-rays and numerous tests revealed I have arthritis in my lower spine and I also have some disc problems which impinged my sciatic nerve along with other lesser nerves. I had surgery with my neck and because of the results from that surgery, I shied away from even thinking of having back surgery, unless the pain becomes too much for me to bear. The pain and stiffness from the back problems have caused me to become disabled and unable to work. I've been going to my chiropractor for almost 2 years (he's a friend and sees me for a much reduced rate). Since I don't have health insurance (can't afford it since I can't work), I needed something I could get non-prescription that would help and not be addictive. My chiropractor recommended the 303's. I had my doubts as I've taken 'herbal' medications before and felt I was wasting my money. That is NOT the case with the 303. I not only had immediate relief from the back, neck and arm pain, but I was able to sleep at night and I found myself far less stressed. My chiropractor said stress plays a huge roll as a cause for back pain and the 303 helps reduce the amount of pain I'm feeling enough that it helps to reduce the stress caused by the pain. Unlike prescription pain medication, this will not make you feel spaced out and does not compromise you from driving or keeping a clear head. It will, however, allow you to relax enough that you can feel the tension go away and sleep is more natural. I also don't have to take Ibuprophene, Acetaminophene or Naproxin nearly as much when I take 303. I was taking 10-16 tablets of OTC pain relievers every day and now I only take a couple a week, if I'm having a really bad day with pain. I HIGHLY recommend the 303. I get it in the 250 size which is $29.95 - and that's actually only about $5 more than I was paying for 90 from the chiropractor. I personally think it's the best money I've spent on pain relief - bar none!...more info
  • Major Relief
    I was in so much pain (back pain) that I couldn't function. These pills take away the pain completely once they are in your system for a day and you consistantly take them. Good stuff!...more info
  • Thank you Earthturns!
    I first tried Formula 303 when I purchased the product from my chiropractor. I use it when I have neck or back pain. It works fast and is very effective. I have heard from others that only need to take 2 and it puts them to sleep. I usually take 4-5 at a time and have never become drowsy. It just takes away the pain and, because it is made from natural ingrediants, I do not have any lasting effects from it's use. I started with another chiropractor and can no longer find Formula 303. I went on line and found Earthturns. I was very pleased to find I could order a larger quantity and a very fair price. Thanks for making this product avaliable....more info
  • No Problems with Order
    Ordered and received as indicated. I have been using this product for years and am glad to find a source for the larger bottles at a good price. Will order again....more info
  • relax
    This is an excellent product. My massage therapist recommended it and it works great. I take it for muscle tension and stress and it makes me feel much better, relaxes muscles, and relieves stress. I have taken Flexeril in the past for muscle tension and this keeps me from having to take Flexeril, (a very strong skeletal muscle relaxant that can make you very sleepy and sluggish and effects last too long). I have no after effects, sleepiness, or light headedness with Formula 303. You can function normally , drive, be alert , not tense and tight. ...more info
  • Formula 303 is a Great Product
    Formula 303 helps relieve stress and muscle tension. It is a great sleep aid when taken before bedtime....more info
  • I love this stuff!
    Formula 303 is wonderful. It helps me to function w/o being in constant pain, but it doesn't make me feel like I am medicated and knock me out. I can function normally!...more info
  • Good alternative to prescription muscle relaxers.
    If taken before bedtime, this product WILL help you relax....more info
  • AMAZING!!!!!
    I have been suffering from anixety for over 14 years. February 2007 I came off all anxiety meds, with the intention of becoming holistic. As fate would have it, I injured my back and (long story short) I have tryed EVERYTHING. Been on pain piis, Fentynal patches, acupuncture, injection therapy.....ect. NOTHING worked. Not to mention my anxiety sky rocked! I ordered my first bottle 2 weeks ago, I just ran out and I can feel the difference. I am alot more physically comfortable and more relaxed while taking this herbal supplement. TRY this, if you are in a position like I was, and you will try almost anything.....then TRY these. They are amazing! ...more info
  • Relaxing
    Been using Formula 303 on the advise of my chiropractor and it definitely helps. It really works as a natural muscle relaxer....more info
  • Formula 303 is great!
    Formula 303 helps control my back spasms and also is a great sleep aid. It is a reasonably priced exceptional product. ...more info
  • fantastic
    I think this is a wonderful product. It helps me to relax. It helps me to sleep better and yet wake up refreshed and not groggy. It relaxes my muscles so I don't get muscle spasms.
    The company shipped on time and Ireceived the product quickly....more info
  • Formula 303
    A great all natural product to help with muscle tension and sleepless nights. I have used these for years and love them....more info
  • Blessing!
    what a blessing to find this product!
    my sister-in-law told me about it.
    i was taking Flexiral for muscle relaxing and not liking the morning after affect.
    formula 303 gave me the relief I needed without the hangover!
    ...more info
  • Didnt work for me
    I've been looking for a way to deal with my anxiety and overall bad nerves and i must say this didnt work. I suppose i shouldve known better but i was desperate. Im not accusing this company of scamming people though, it may actually work for some people just not me. Give it a try and see what happens....more info
  • Great stuff!
    I was seeing a chiropractor for very painful sciatica but after two months, it was getting worse.The spasms became so bad that I couldn't stand up for more than a minute. I had a very large painting job to start that week and I thought that I'd have to give the client their deposit back because I was unable to work. I begged my chiropractor for something for the pain since regular pain relievers did absolutely nothing. They gave me Formula 303 and it started to relieve the spasms almost immediately. By the next day, I was able to work a full day, and completed the job. It's amazing really :D...more info
  • I love Formula 303
    I was first given this product after being involved in a car wreck. It's a muscle relaxer that doesn't make you feel drugged. This product is also good for stress or tension. It doesn't make you drosy, but can be taken to help you relax enough to fall asleep, if you're having trouble. The only bad thing is it has a slight bad taste. Sometimes I get slight heartburn after taking it, especially on an empty stomach. These problems didn't bother me enough to stop taking it though....more info
    I have used formula 303 on and off for over 5 years. It really helps with stress levels, and better sleep at night. ...more info
  • Great Value
    I had purchased Formula 303 previously and both my husband and I used the product (originally recommended by a chiropractor). This time I was smart and ordered the huge bottle. Shipping was fast and I always love free samples :-)...more info
  • Sold on Formula 303 and EarthTurns.....
    We have no medical insurance and as a one income, homeschooling family, our financial resources are limited. I pulled some muscles in my lower back just over a month ago, but was unable to go the doctor. For the first few days I used ice and ibuprofen, but it was not really helping and I was having trouble completing everyday tasks without pain. Weve used many herbal remedies in the past, so I went on the internet and searched for herbal muscle relaxers. The first one listed was Formula 303. After doing some research on the product and pricing, I found EarthTurns and they had the best price I could find, so I placed an order. In less than a week I had the Formula 303 and began taking it. I took the recommended dosage for use as a muscle relaxer, which is 2 pills every three hours, for approximately 5 days. I felt relief after the second dose. I now take two pills in the morning and two in the evening. It has been a month since I began taking it, and I placed another order because I plan to continue taking it.

    I have also noticed that I am much calmer and more focused, and I am sleeping through the night (another problem I have struggled with for several years) which I can only say is another good effect from the Formula 303. I would recommend this product first of all because it is an herbal remedy and I believe that herbals are better than drugs. It is very well priced through EarthTurns, and their shipping is extremely quick. I am planning on placing another order soon, and having my husband start taking it. He is in a very stressful job, and I really believe that Formula 303 will help him handle that stress and enable him to be calmer and more relaxed. Great product, great service, thank you!

    Linda Lang
    Port Orange, FL
    ...more info
  • Unbelievable!
    Ok, I know this is going to sound crazy, but here's my experience. I took these for a strained back (I got them from my dad who got them from his chiropractor). I took 2 every 3 hours for 3 days. My back really did seem to do much better while taking them but the amazing thing was this...I have chronic, severe migraines and trigeminal neuralgia (another head pain disorder)and by the second day I woke up with NO head pain! It was the first time in nearly 6 months! I've continued taking them and I've had 1 day (one!) of head pain in two and a half's like a miracle. I've also been sleeping better and have been less anxious. It's amazing....more info
  • Formula 303 is a life-saver!!
    About 10 years ago my chiropractor in Charlottesville, VA
    named Megan sold me a bottle of this product after I had a
    car accident. It helped me with muscle spasms and back
    tension and pain. I am still relying on it to give me
    gentle muscle relaxing without putting me to sleep.
    This is a fantastic product that is safe to use....more info
  • Formula 303 Muscle Relaxant
    I reciently tried the Formula 303 as a Muscle relaxant as I have a back problem which which the mucles tighten up every so often. It is excellent for the back as it does relax the tight muscles. As far as sleeping at night it kept me awake all night and my mucles jerked a little everytime I tried to relax to go to sleep. I also have a Hi Hatel Hernia as occasionally I have reflux, the reflux didn't happen, It caused a little wheezing from it. Also it caused my heart to start beating fast. I tried again the next day and it bloaed me and had a little wheezing from it again. I would advise anyone if they have any other problems besides a back problem please don't take it....more info
  • Formula 303 Great for Back Spasms
    I have suffered with back spasms for years until a friend told me about EarthTurns' Formula 303.

    I finally bought a bottle from EarthTurns and found that it relieved the spasms and had a side benefit of helping my insomnia. I didn't realize it would help me sleep too. Now, I not only have relief of my back spasm, but I wake up refreshed every morning.

    I am now taking less medication and will always use Formula303 for my muscle spasms and insomnia. ...more info
  • Formula 303 Works!
    I'm new at selecting natural health remedies of any sort and so I had my reservations and doubts however upon using Formula 303 I was provided the surprisingly immediate overnight relief I sought from suffering bedtime nightly and needless to say daily sedentary uncontrolled leg muscle spasms.

    I take two or three tablets in the morning and four tabs before bed and I now sleep virtually throughout the night for longer periods of time with nary an annoying muscle shock and trembling. My regular leg spasm attacks use to be thunderous leading to frustated and rude periods of daily siting activity and not to mention sleep.

    I can honestly say and feel tremedously confident and comfotable supporting the Natural Relaxant effects of FORMULA 303! ...more info
  • Great stuff
    Order came fast. Use this product all the time and recommend it to everyone. Really helps when you over do-such as gardening or excising. Would buy from this company again....more info
  • Great Find!
    I saw this product in a magazine in my chiropractor's office. I have had chronic back pain for 10 years, due to an automobile accident. It has been very hard to deal with---I do not care for narcotic pain medications, and most non-narcotics do not help much. I have found since starting this product, that I have cut by 50% my use of over the counter pain medications, and prescription pain medications. For the first time in 10 years, I have had pain that is much more tolerable. It has not completely relieved my problem, but made it much more endurable. Thank you so much!Formula 303 Maximum Strength Natural Relaxant--90 Tablets...more info
  • fantastic product
    Yes it does work. I have back problems and so does my husband. Both of us have found relief with this product. ...more info
  • Relief of spinal stenosis
    Severe, burning pain in my legs, not only while walking but also when trying to sleep. Diagnosed with spinal stenosis (at age 77). Eager to hop onto the operating table, but after an MRI, the orthopedist said "no surgery." Considered epidural steriod shot, steroid doc said no. Physical therapy helped minimally. The only good drug was oxycontin, but that has unacceptable side effects. Asked self "Is there a walker or motorized wheelchair in my future?" Hand of death on my shoulder; very depressing. Then tried Formula 303. Slept better at once; burning pain receded. It's still only day two, but now I'm OK and hope to continue improving....more info
  • Formula 303
    This homeopathic remedy is a great help when I am tense & my shoulders are knotted up, causing a headache. My chiropractor says it is safe to take with any frequency as needed. I generally take 2 tablets at a time, and usually not more than twice a day, morning & night. It really helps me relax and feel better faster than pain killers for the headache. And it's safer....more info
  • Quick delivery!!
    I received my order quick. I read posted reviews on this product which is why I purchased it. I recently recieved my order so I still need time to see results. If all goes well I will post another review....more info
  • Try it- you'll sleep well! Great for tight, achey muscles,too.
    This product has been a lifesaver for us, helps us sleep, keeps mucsle cramps away, I can't say enough about it. Sunday nites seem to be higher anxiety for us for sleeping, and when I remember to pop a couple of these, I relax, SLEEP and do not toss and turn. What a GREAT feeling!

    If you've been in a car accident, have tight achey muscles, trouble sleeping - ir similar troubles, do yourself a favor and TRY a bottle.
    It's so nice to have herbal alternative to chemical drugs. ...more info


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