Hot Tools 1059 Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt Rollaround Portable Salon Dryer

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Product Description

Pro-Moisture System™ with tourmaline and ionic nano technologies changes drying¡äs effect on hair, transforming heat and airflow into a moisture-enhancing spa treatment! Creates healthy, shiny, beautiful hair Tourmaline nano particles naturally generate far-infrared energy when heated. This penetrating form of heat passes through the hair cuticle, going directly to the cortex to dry it first. The cuticle is not over-dried and resists brittleness and cracking, helping hair maintain its shine and softness. Tourmaline also helps cleanse hair of odors and impurities Patented direct ION TECHNOLOGY? is an "active" ion emission system. Hundreds of millions of negatively charged nano ions are created by an electronic component inside the dryer and deposited directly onto wet hair. The ions separate water into smaller droplets which are easier for hair to absorb, increasing its moisture content and reducing frizz. Tourmaline, a natural source of ions, enhances ion output

  • Tourmaline * Direct ION TECHNOLOGY * Fast Drying 1875 Watts
  • 2 Speed / 4 heat options * Ion on / off feature
  • Large bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers * Adjustable front visor
  • Telescoping stand adjusts height * Adjustable bonnet angle
  • Lint filter removes for cleaning * Two lockable wheels for stability * 9-ft. cord * Legs remove from base for compact storage

 Customer Reviews:

  • Misrepresented Dryer
    One of the features that made me decide on this dryer is the four heat settings. The dryer is well constructed and quite appealing to the eye, but does not have four heat settings. My hair looks beautiful after drying. I have had plenty of compliments on the the way my hair looks since I started using this dryer but the heat is brutal. There are two heat settings and it's either too hot or too cold. There is no in between. I bought this dryer so as to save time, but surely, this is not a time saver since it takes me about 4 sittings to complete the process.
    I would have liked to see this dryer with 3 to 4 heat settings or something with a setting such as low as with some heat and not cold, medium and high. Also whenever I use this dryer, almost all of my lights have to be turned off as it interferes with the fusebox meaning everthing else in the house will go out.I can sit under this dryer for ten minutes at a time. Hence the case of the misrepresented dryer. ...more info