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Are you confused by all the advice you hear and see daily on how to "go green"? Do you want to incorporate earth-friendly practices into your life, but you don't know where to start? Don't stress! Green guru Sophie Uliano has sorted through all the eco-info out there and put everything you need to know about living a green lifestyle right at your fingertips.

In Gorgeously Green, Sophie offers a simple eight-step program that is an easy and fun way to begin living an earth-friendly life. Each chapter covers topics from beauty to fitness, shopping to your kitchen?even your transportation. Whether it's finding the right lipstick, making dinner, buying gifts, or picking out a hot new outfit, finally, there is a book that tackles your daily eco-challenges with a take-charge plan. Just consider Sophie your go-to girl with all the eco-solutions. Find out how to:

  • Green your entire beauty regime
  • Detoxify your home
  • Indulge in guilt-free shopping
  • Adopt a home fitness routine
  • Prepare eco-licious treats
  • Give your kitchen a green makeover
  • Become more aware of your impact on the earth

The book's dozens and dozens of eco-friendly tips, products, and practices combine to form a treasure trove of practical advice for every possible way to become stylishly green. Your questions about dressing, makeup, eating, shopping, cleaning, travel, and more are all answered right here. Adopting a green lifestyle is among the most positive, forward-thinking, and personally fulfilling choices that anyone can make--and Gorgeously Green shows that it doesn't have to be tedious, time-consuming, or glamourless!

Questions for Sophie Uliano

We had the opportunity to chat with Sophie Uliano over e-mail about Gorgeously Green, her suggestions for saving the Earth, and the very real possibility of becoming a hippie. Here?s what Sophie had to say about the economics of eco-consciousness, the allure of non-toxic nail polish, and of course, whether it?s truly easy being green.

Amazon.com: I?ve heard a common complaint that energy-saving light bulbs, organic food and clothing, and other "green" products are not as economical as traditional products. Is that true? Any tips for readers who want to be eco-conscious and budget-conscious too?

Sophie Uliano: I think that going green has a double meaning in that it also is about saving money. There is no way that I would or could go green if it meant that I was going to have to pay much more. If you make the cleaning spray that I suggest in my book, you will save a bunch on cleaning supplies because it?s an all-purpose cleaner that I use on almost everything (a great germ-buster too). You will pay a little more upfront for energy-saving light bulbs, but as they last 15 times longer, you will save money in the long run. Food is the only thing that you may have to pay a bit more for, however, I think that your health is an important investment, so I choose to save on boring cleaning supplies and treat my family to food that not only tastes more delicious, but will keep them healthy and vibrant. Remember that if you follow all the energy-saving tips in the book, you are going to save a wad of cash too--so it?s a win/win.

Amazon.com: I think many people are interested in making more sustainable choices, but when it comes to the heavy lifting it can be hard to break old habits. We tend to think, "Someone else will ride their bike to work today--I?ll drive like I always do." What advice do you have that can help people "walk the talk"?

Uliano: I agree that it is hard to break old habits. My suggestion is to break one habit at a time. Choose the one thing that bothers you most. For me it is using paper towels when I know that I can easily use a rag instead. Make a decision about the change you want to make and tell your friends and family that you have decided to do this one thing and that you want their support. It could be that you are going to cook one organic meal from scratch once a week, or that you are going to air-dry your clothes this summer or simply that you will wash out a barely used zip-lock bag, instead of throwing it away--easy!

Amazon.com: Furthermore, I?ve heard many people worry that eco-consciousness is the first step toward becoming a granola hippie, to use one of your own phrases from the book. Do you have to be a hippie to go green?

Uliano: You so don?t have to become the tree hugger/hippie to live a green way of life. I feel passionately that you can still have the glitz, the glam and the gleaming house because now there are so many eco-friendly companies that offer you safe and healthy choices: nail polishes, organic clothes that are fabulous to name a few.

Amazon.com: Not everyone lives in an area where green options are available and accessible. Can you suggest a few ways that readers can live a greener lifestyle even if they don?t have easy access to car-sharing companies, wet dry-cleaners, and other alternatives you mention in your book?

Uliano: If you don?t have easy access to some of the green options in my book, it really doesn?t matter. No matter where you live, you can make a start. I recently visited my in-laws in Georgia, who have fewer options than we do here in Los Angeles; however, they have embarked on making their own cleaners, composting, growing veggies etc. There?s advantages to living in a metropolitan city in that you can buy all the great eco-stuff, but if you live in a more rural setting, it?s fantastic too because you may have a yard in which you can grow tomatoes or air-dry your laundry. I?d pick the latter if given the choice!

Amazon.com: Your book is mainly directed toward female readers--what tips do you have for men who are interested in making sustainable lifestyle changes?

Uliano: I wrote my book for women because I realized that as a mom, wife and working girl I could show like-minded women how easy it is to become green, however, men can totally benefit from my book too! My husband doesn?t have a huge interest in non-toxic nail polish, but he?s fascinated with everything solar and has started biking everywhere. We work together as a team, inspiring each other with our daily green discoveries--it?s fun!

Are you confused by all the advice you hear and see daily on how to "go green"? Do you want to incorporate earth-friendly practices into your life, but you don't know where to start? Don't stress! Green guru Sophie Uliano has sorted through all the eco-info out there and put everything you need to know about living a green lifestyle right at your fingertips. In Gorgeously Green, Sophie offers a simple eight-step program that is an easy and fun way to begin living an earth-friendly life. Each chapter covers topics from beauty to fitness, shopping to your kitchen -- even your transportation. Whether it's finding the right lipstick, making dinner, buying gifts, or picking out a hot new outfit, finally, there is a book that tackles your daily eco-challenges with a take-charge plan. Just consider Sophie your go-to girl with all the eco-solutions. Find out how to:

  • Green your entire beauty regime
  • Detoxify your home
  • Indulge in guilt-free shopping
  • Adopt a home fitness routine
  • Prepare eco-licious treats
  • Give your kitchen a green makeover
  • Become more aware of your impact on the earth

The book's dozens and dozens of eco-friendly tips, products, and practices combine to form a treasure trove of practical advice for every possible way to become stylishly green. Your questions about dressing, makeup, eating, shopping, cleaning, travel, and more are all answered right here.

Adopting a green lifestyle is among the most positive, forward-thinking, and personally fulfilling choices that anyone can make -- and Gorgeously Green shows that it doesn't have to be tedious, time-consuming, or glamourless!

Customer Reviews:

  • Gorgeously Green
    Fantastic Book-everyone needs this!! I'm giving it as gifts to all my friends...forever..
    It gives you "the lists" of what we should be using without too much fluff....I have been looking for this direct "just get it" info for ages. Thanks....more info
  • my bible!
    This is the best book i have bought in a long time.. Very insightful and life changing. ...more info
  • Sophie Uliano Makes Going Green Gorgeous, Fun, and Easy
    Sophie Uliano makes being environmentally responsible accessible, interesting, and even fun in Gorgeously Green. She shares her personal experiences to illustrate both the importance and the ease of being environmentally responsible. She even fesses up to sometimes not being as environmentally friendly as she could be and the guilt she feels. Gorgeously Green talks about how to be green without breaking the bank or sacrificing life's comforts. She brings it home when she talks about the effects using many environmentally unfriendly products have not only on the earth but on people's health as well. Filled with resources to find environmentally responsible products and services, Gorgeously Green is a must have resource for anyone interested in protecting his/her body as well as the planet....more info
  • Good tips
    In this book, many easy steps are discussed towards going green. I really do think it's worth reading if you can, as there are plenty of facts that even a seasoned "greenie" might find useful.
    However, I do have to comment on some of the links given in this website. I find these links helpful, however, after reading this book, I have to conclude that I don't think this author is short on money. She talks endlessly of how (it seems) she shops everyday, not that I care, but when she gives links, I often find that they must be out of many people's price ranges, (including my own), as one item that is $179 is not what I consider "reasonable". Many other links also list high-end products, which is great, but I think the author needs to cater to other people, probably most of the population, who might not be willing or able to purchase these higher-end products. I think she could have included many other sites that had truly reasonably priced items as they are out there. I think this also points out the author's lack of research, which has been mentioned by other reviewers, and which I find particularly annoying, as anyone on google typing in "organic clothing" could probably find better results than she did.
    Still a good book, but I think Ms. Uliano needs to become more realistic for a moment and make her book more approachable to people with tighter wallets, as people who maybe aren't as well-off as she is should have the opportunity to go green too....more info
  • going green
    This book has changed my life. It is overwhelming at first but every week I make at least one change in what I buy and how I live. I am so glad that I bought it!...more info
  • Great book
    This book is informative and practical. It gives tons of info without being too overwhelming. ...more info
  • The Gorgeously Green book is a must for every household!
    Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life

    Excellent book - I bought several copies so I can give away as gifts. It is very informative and has great resources and tips on various aspects of going green - beauty, exercise, nutrition, gardening, etc. Each topic also comes with a list of resources. ...more info
  • Gorgeously Grrrrreat!!
    I love this book! Easy to read and reference everything you neeed to know about being gorgeous and green!...more info
  • Gorgeously Greenwashed?
    I tried really hard to love this book. While I truly admire Sophie Uliano's enthusiasm and witty tone, there are few "buts" that were quite annoying. What's worse, these nasty "buts" made me question whether the advice given in the book is authentic, useful, and genuine.

    1. Do yourself a favour and skip the beauty section of the book. Ms Uliano had to spend more time researching before writing a segment on green beauty. Many of "organic" and "green" products she recommends are loaded with potentially toxic substances such as synthetic preservatives and fragrances. Consistency is key. Poorly researched tips in one section undermine author's credibility in other areas, and in general undermine reader's trust in the whole green living thing.

    2. While the book is very informative and packed with easy tips, most chapters look like a link exchange section of a website. Too many links to websites - and some aren't that relevant. What's more irritating, the author blatantly promotes her own website on every page. It may be fun once or twice, but not in every chapter.Sometimes it feels like the author didn't really care about adding more information to the book - why bother if you can easily upload all the articles online?

    Speaking of online: most of the tips can be easily found online FOR FREE.

    3. Too many typos. It's "Herbatint", not "Hebatint", mind you. And this hair dye is so chemically loaded, you shouldn't really mention it in a green living guide. When I found ten typos, I stopped counting, and I wasn't even in the middle of the book. I know, it's not the author's fault, it's the publisher's lack of effort, but still. Such things don't support the idea of importance of green living.

    In general, the book is an easy uplifting read that may convert few babyboomers into "green girls"....more info
  • Great advice
    Lots of great ideas on becoming "green" in this book. A little scant on some of the details when it comes to health risks associated with non-green products, but a good starting point for the beginner. Also, some good suggestions of where to buy many organic products but I wonder if its also a little bit of marketing for the companies listed, including her own. Overall, an easy read and very informative....more info
  • Best girlfriend gift around
    Since I first read this book, I began giving it to girlfriends as a gift. Birthdays, Holidays, thank you gifts, etc. Then I found that my friends liked it so much that they were giving it. It has so much great info about every aspect of your life that it became a great talking point. We would sit and have tea and talk through some of the chapters. We created our own Gorgeously Green Girl's club and we've all made a few good changes from it. The eight steps are easy and really help you make that decision to change a few things in your life. the book reads well and is such a great social centerpiece. The girls vote YEA!!!...more info
  • Go GREEN!
    This is a great book with lots of fab advice that can help anyone on their journey to greendom. She has a lot of listings to great products and services and good recipes and such. Sophie is awesome....more info
  • Excellent resource for the reluctant person
    This book although can be alarming with all the things we currently have that are "toxic": this is a great book for those people who want to start going green but with realistic ways of doing it. I love that she refuses to give up style and is still making a positive impact on the earth. After seeing her on the Oprah show I realized I could do more if I had someone telling me HOW to do it. I know I can't do it ALL (maybe I will in the future) but I can make little changes. I use the veggie wash and use this as a reference guide....more info
  • an easy and informative read
    i really enjoyed reading this book because its an easy read. it convinced me to make some changes in the way i live and the products i use.
    ...more info
  • Great "green" book for making small changes at a time
    I like this book, it is well written, it gives a lot of ideas for making small or big changes in our life in order to help save our planet. There are a gazillion web sites to purchase more appropriate items. It makes the task of changing our habits much easier to tackle. I would recommend this book to anyone ready to make changes....more info
  • great practical help
    This book has tons of great practical help for the novice. You can learn how to be eco-conscious without living like a hippie....more info
  • Too Narrow...
    Let me start by saying that, in general, I like this book. I was able to find a few tid bits of info that I was unaware of before and that I found helpful. I was happy to be introduced to various websites and items that, again, I had been unaware of before reading this book. However, like many of the other reviewers, I occasionally found the mention of her own product line annoying, I found a few contradictory info that made me wonder about the integrity of the rest of the info I read, and I found that the typos were very annoying, mostly because they did not just apply to the text itself, but also to the websites she promotes (i.e. she refers to [...] which is a furniture website when she should be refering to [...] which sell wooden sunglasses).

    My biggest problem with this book is that it's too narrow in scope with regards to the audience it is trying to reach. I am an Hispanic, well educated, overweight, single mother of a biracial 2.5 yo daughter. First, despite the fact that I make a very good living for myself and my daughter, a lot of the products she discusses I would find difficult to afford, even though she herself reports that they are reasonably priced. Second, the clothes she promotes do not sell clothes to woman, who like me, are in a plus size. Third, she does a very poor job at including other races in her book. I suppose if you are an upper Middle Class (if there is such a thing anymore), Caucasian, married, mother of two who is trim and slim this book would be absolutely perfect for you and you wouldn't give variances a second chance.

    I would still recommend this book to others but would definately warn them of the above. ...more info
  • Love It!!!
    This book is a wonderful starting place for anyone who wants to make small changes that will impact thier family and environment. Sophie Uliano is a wealth of knowledge. This book is full of tips and small changes you can make to make a big difference. She also includes numerous websites for further information (I love safecosmetics.org). I would strongly recommend this book to everyone....more info
  • It IS easy being green
    Great read! For everyone who takes the challenges our planet is facing seriously - yet isn't ready for birkenstock's as a daily habit. Well written and a great coffee table book. I'm giving them as gifts to everyone! It's a gentle and thoughtful way of putting this vitally important issue on everyone's radar....more info
  • A great guide for the average girl
    This is an excellent book if you have been thinking about what you can do to be a little greener but don't know where to start. No, it's not a comprehensive guide to reducing your carbon footprint to absolute zero, but it is completely perfect for those of us who just want to do better and feel better. I think it's important to note that this book really is good for the "average" person. You don't have to be willing to give up absolutely everything (who knew there was eco-friendly nail polish?), fork over tons of cash (you can make gallons of her all-purpose cleaner for chump change), and she emphasizes that even if you can't follow every guidance in the book, anything you can do is a huge help.
    Many of the products mentioned in the book can either be made at home in minutes or purchased at different retail locations. I was worried when I checked a few of the websites and saw that some of them were very pricey, but if you do your homework and check out all your options, you'll find plenty of items are well within any budget (not to mention, she breaks down the reasons WHY mass-produced, chemical-filled products are so much cheaper.. it's amazing how many chemicals are banned in the EU but rubbed on American women's faces every morning and night!). I bought toothbrushes, razors, cleaning supplies, paper products, menstrual products, laundry detergent, and body/face care products all recommended in the book and all at Target and my local Harris Teeter and all within my not-terribly-impressive budget.
    The book is divided into eight sections, each of which has a focus on how to realize the impact your products/routines are currently having on both you and the earth, a multitude of suggestions for change, and what those changes mean for you and the earth. Even if you aren't a huge fan of the different products she discusses in the book or really aren't willing to give up certain routines, it's still packed with great money-saving tips for everything from your health to your heating bill. There is no way you cannot get SOMETHING out of this book!...more info
  • Awesome Guide
    This book has sections for every green aspect of life. I wish I could give it four and a half stars because overall it's great to have, but does have a few *minor* problems. It seems to be targeted at thirty to forty something mothers with young children, but I'm none of the above (20s single) and still found this book to be jammed packed with useful information. My favorite section was the beauty one. I was using a natural moisturizer I thought was pretty safe but instead turned out to be a 7 out of 10 hazard on the Cosmetic Database! The book also includes an enlightening section on yoga routines which actually seem doable. The house section is all encompassing, from your mattress down to your shower cleaner. Uliano also provides a handful of skincare recipes which are easy and straightforward. There were somethings that did annoy me with this book, though as I said before they are all minor. Number 1 is that the first chapter can just be ignored, it was boring and really didn't seem to have a point. 2nd is that there are several noticeable typos throughout the book (minor, once again). 3rd, Uliano plugs her website throughout all the sections. If you want to use any of the checklists or quizzes she has created, you need to register on the website first. It's a bit off-putting. 4th, I wish there were more food recipes provided. 5th, a few of her tips seem a bit extreme, i.e. I'm probably not going to pack any carrot sticks the next time I go to the movies or an amusement park. 6th, and this is my biggest gripe, I wish she would include some information on the cost of some of the products and services she mentions! All-in-all, I'm very happy with this book. It has at least a brief overview of everything you could think about greening up (even weddings and dry cleaning) and has literally TONS of useful websites and resources in every section (except the first, which as I said before, is rather aimless). While this book probably won't make you look like the Vargas girl on the front, it will help you live your life in a more earth-friendly manner. I know I'll be referencing it for years to come....more info
  • Life changing!
    Your life will change for the better after reading this book, particularly, if you are new to the idea of "green."
    ...more info
    This book is quite brilliant.It is packed full of information and helpful tips and written in an amusing way, without preaching. I just couldn't put it down, and shall be buying it to give to all my girl friends. It has really transformed my way of thinking. Well done Sophie Uliano I'm a convert to G.G. already! A fantastic book....more info
  • Loved it!
    I'm completely inspired and changing our life. Great details on how to go gorgeously green not just the whys....more info
  • great product!
    this product is great. The book gives th reader tons of creative, even simple ideas to be earth friendly. The sale was a breeze from this seller. ...more info
  • Going green for the Steppford wife
    I am glad that I got this book out of the library. Many of the suggestions on going green here are horribly expensive. Some of those skin moisturizers are $80 a bottle. The author has three kids who will probably grow up to build homes in developments, further cutting back what natural environment we have left. I think this woman is way more into "being green" as a cool expensive fad than actually caring about the environment. She is of the common type that wants to "save the environment" "for the children" instead of saving the earth for it's own sake. ...more info
  • excellent resource
    Gorgeously Green is a great read and a very useful resource. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Every household should have a copy of this book!...more info
  • Green IS Gorgeous
    This book has so many wonderful ideas on how to go green. It also made me really think about my life and my contribution to our amazing planet. We can all do so much to help and NOW is the time! I hope you will read this book and implement several of its ideas. I already have...and I know that I am making a difference. YOU can, too....more info
  • Really practical
    I found this book to have everything I needed as I embarked on a chemical free lifestyle. Before I read this book I had no real source of healthy product offerings (other than the kind people at Whole Foods). I skipped the yoga part and focused on the beauty products. ...more info
  • Love Georgeously Green
    I love this book. I love her humor and all the info, especially references to web sites for additional info....more info
  • it IS easy being green!
    I am the last person alive anyone would think would "go green"...but Sophie makes it easy! Simple changes have helped me take better care of my family, help the planet, maintain my "cool aunt status" plus Sophie makes it FUN! Just knowing that the cost of organic foods has come down recently has helped me make that change in my shopping habits. (I still thought organic was 75% more expensive than regular) Understanding what my daughter's body lotion is made of (ick!) made me toss it and replace with organic. The book encouraged me take a look at all the products I use and, as they deplete, replace with organic. I have never tried yoga/meditation...but Sophie's recommendations have really made a difference. If you are a neophyte like I was, this is the only book you need to feel empowered to make positive changes and help the planet....more info
  • easiest how-to ever!!
    This book is so amazingly helpful for something that otherwise seemed so intimidating to me! How to start being green? What changes can I make? What changes am I actually willing to make? This book is like how to become more green for dummies!! It is full of no nonsense tips and great information that makes it seem easy and fool-proof. Ms. Uliano sounds smart and incredibly knowledgeable and yet seems approachable and unassuming. I finally feel that I can really get on board to live a greener lifestyle thanks to the help of this book!...more info
  • Changed my life
    I needed this book. Saw Sophie on Oprah and was ready for this. I have been wanting to start helping our living situation. Now I am giving this as birthday presents to all my friends!...more info
  • Gorgeously Green
    A great help to get started and not feel guilty. You can start anywhere in the book you want. But be sure to read the beginning. I have bought two one for me and one for my Mother. ...more info
  • A girls best friend
    I have been so hesistant to making the changes that I knew deep down inside were necessary, until I read this book. She makes it so easy and is so inspiring. Anyone can pick up this book and taylor it to their own beliefs and needs. That's what I love about her approach is that it's adaptable for every inch of the spectrum and guilt-free. The best thing you can do is educate yourself and loved ones. This purchase was actually gifts for my best friends. Spread the love : )...more info
  • Gorgeously Green
    This is a great way for the average person to begin to think and act green. The author helps you go from black to however green you can manage, or want to be. Even a little bit helps and she shows you how to move to whatever level you're comfortable with..but keeps you aware enough to always be thinking about going further. Good for those of us who aren't very good at this. She has some great website references and handled the whole subject with a sense of humor and realism. Every little bit helps and she can get you to the point of helping a little bit...and maybe a lot more than you thought you could....more info
  • I love this book, great gift for girlfriends and family!!!!
    GREAT BOOK! I can't wait to start putting the ideas into practice to make my home safe and live a healthy eco-friendly life!!! Great website too that has tons more that we can do for the enviornment. The book is overwhelming at first, but once you are into it you can't stop!...more info
  • Awesome Book
    This book is great for someone who wants to become more green and doesn't know how to do it. It is full of great information....more info
  • Ugh!!! Worst book I've ever read!
    This is, by far, the most poorly written book I've ever read in my life. She writes as if she's "like, ya know, like, a green wanna-be. I mean, like, hello, like the heat goes out the attic, because, like, heat rises." This book is green "living" for the airhead, I suppose. So many typographical errors I lost count. Some words were just plain WRONG--they were homophones. Yoga poses? What has this got to do with green living? The author is a privileged person (and lets the reader know it) who is an overzealous shopper, one who can afford to shop and travel anywhere and everywhere--and does just that. These are, it seems, her passions; the love of shopping is mentioned numerous times throughout the book. Being truly environmentally friendly she is not. This is more of a shopper's aid. Part of environmental responsibility is NOT buying into the highly overconsumptive lifestyle which is typically American. Yet this is what she promotes, page after page after page.

    "Go to my website, 'girls', and type in this password." GIRLS? Perhaps this book should have been in the kiddie or youth section in the library. It was written for an audience of "girls" (not yet high school girls), and written at their level as well.

    This book was brought to my attention because I am very interested in the environment. A friend (who hadn't read it) told me she had heard about it on a nationally televised, well-known program. One of the guests, a well-known actress, wrote the Foreward in the book. Get the endorsement of a well-known, well-liked person, who then brings it with her on the popular television show, and you've got an automatic shoo-in for high sales, regardless of the content.

    I read this book cover to cover, the whole time thinking how bad it was; surely it HAD to get better. It didn't. There are countless better books out there that truly address what green living and environmentally friendly are. Pass on this one....more info
  • the best
    This book has totally changed my life and the choices I make each day. The book is easy to read and very realistic about how little changes can make a big impact. The steps are set up so you can be a little green, or the very greenest girl. Careful, this book will change your outlook on life and the power you have to change it....more info
  • Informative

    If you were thinking about going green, reading this book, will help pave your way. It is easy reading and very informative. I would highyly recommend this book. ...more info
  • An Inspiring and Well-Organized Guide for "the rest of us"

    Gorgeously Green, by Sophie Uliano, is a hip new guide to making environmentally-friendly and healthy choices that fit your lifestyle.

    Each chapter is a step in the process of becoming Gorgeously Green with plenty of practical and concrete suggestions. If you still need a little push, Uliano prioritizes the information so you know which simple changes will give you the mot dramatic and immediate benefits.

    Written in a breezy "girlfriend" style, Gorgeously Green trims the sometimes overwhelming task of improving your life into manageable, but meaningful, steps. Also appreciated is the constant reminder that little changes can add up. Follow one small suggestion each day and you're on your way to a more eco-chic you.

    Although Uliano is obviously very intelligent and Gorgeously Green offers consistently smart advice, the tone sometimes veers a little towards the superficiality of La-La Land (Uliano is a yoga instructor in L.A.). For the most part, however, she accomplishes her goal of making the tips more accessible. Gorgeously Green isn't aimed towards the homemade dyed in the organic wool crunchy crowd-the audience is the everyday gal who wants to go green but doesn't want to sacrifice all glamor and convenience in the process.

    There are a lot of books that talk about green living in abstract terms, or bombard you with details without any structure, but Gorgeously Green offers a clear approach with plenty of actionable tips. For example, which organic deodorants actually work? Which ingredients are the worse environmental and health offenders? Which appliances are leaking the most energy in your house? Gorgeously Green has the helpful answers.

    There are plenty of shopping tips, but there is also an emphasis on reducing consumption-to lighten the load on both the environment and your wallet. Plus there is information about activism and ways to spread the word now that you are committed to a greener life.

    One of the strongest features of Gorgeously Green is the website access to interactive exams, printable lists, and up-to-date resources. So, when you head to the supermarket, drugstore, or even your own cabinet, you don't have to continually flip back and forth in the book.

    I've already taken my first step in becoming Gorgeously Green and I'm excited to continue to clean-up my house and my life for the benefit of my family and the planet.

    As you begin your journey, Gorgeously Green will travel with you. The smallest baby steps can lead you along the path of a holistic approach to earth-friendly, healthy lifestyle....more info
  • I, too, wanted to like this book
    While I commend Ms. Uliano for appealing to the masses and trying to make "going green" seem so simple, I also found so many things about her book to be contradictory and/or against what she supposedly stands for. For example, she recommends Burt's Bees products, but a little research would show they are now owned by Clorox ... not exactly an environmentally-friendly company. As many have pointed out, she contradicts herself re: microwaves.

    I found her constant referral to her own website to be redundant and annoying. If all of the information is there on the website, why waste all this paper in the book?!

    I also found her reference to "granola"-types to be quite offensive. Just because you care for the environment, but don't wish to buy into the American consumerist culture, that makes you a granola?? Why such a negative connotation?? You can be environmentally conscious, chic, and beautiful without having to purchase new products ... where is the mention of second-hand shops? These not only are better for the environment than purchasing NEW products, but there are many shops (like the one down the street from my house) that sell expensive, designer, barely-used (sometimes brand new!) clothes for less than half the original price. What could be more eco-friendly?!

    I'm all for getting everyone to recognize changes need to be made, but I don't think supporting our cultural norms of consumption is the way to go....more info
  • Better books out there
    Seems like she's jumping onto the green bandwagon because it's the cool thing to do these days. None of her info has citations and some of it is conflicting (re: microwave usage). And I really don't care for the yoga poses in the book...seems like she's advertising for her yoga studio. There are better books out there, like Renee Loux's....more info
  • Helpful Ways to be a Green Family
    Gorgeously GreenWe are implementing many ideas in this book to make our family and planet a healthier place to live....more info
  • Gorgeously awesome
    A friend of mine got this book for me and I love it. Yes some of the beauty products she suggests are a little pricey but she always gives a couple of affordable options as well, and you can always do your own research and find other things on the websites she mentions (she can't list every product out there, it would take up the whole book).

    Really good book....more info
  • A bit redundant
    Though this book has some great tips and is fairly easy to read, it could have been summed up in maybe half the pages the author actually used (saving many trees, of course). I found many of her tips to be a bit silly, and her lack of descriptive vocabulary (must everything be "simply to die for" and/or "gorgeous"?) boring. The list of fashion vendors provided in Chapter 4 seems more like shameless free advertising. Some of the vendors no longer exist, and many are quite expensive. Save your money and check out websites or the local library for more up-to-date advice, or start a green group to discuss alternatives to eco-friendly living instead....more info
  • Great Gift!
    This book is not only adorable, but it's full of great tips! This book makes for an excellent gift!...more info
  • I wanted to like this book....
    I wanted to like this book, I really did. I found it to be very cute, but a bit of a puff piece.

    There's alot of tid bits of information, but nothing substantial. Some information is conflicting - on one page Sophie says she avoids microwaves and doesn't want it altering the molecules in her food. Yet, on another page, she writes that the microwave is the most eco-friendly way to cook, as it uses the least amount of energy.

    And yoga sun salutations and exercise instructions don't belong in a green guide. They just don't!

    I also purchased Easy Green Living by Renee Loux and found it to be much more substantial and informative - like a mini encyclopedia on what you need to do to live green. ...more info
  • A Fabulous Guide for the Newly Eco-Chic
    The other day, I went to Target, going to my usual Target Aisles: bedding, cosmetics, skin care, and books. I bought a makeup bag to corral my lipgloss, blotting papers and brush in my work totebag and Gorgeously Green.

    I almost didn't buy it because I saw it in one of those health food store advertorial magazines and I generally think those are full of nonsense.

    Let me tell you: half the book is highlighted with Things I Must Remember. I'm sure it will take me a while to incorporate them all - or even half of them - in to my daily life but I will. There were also a lot of websites where you can buy things and we all know how much I love an internet shopping "trip."

    The thing about Uliano is that she isn't preachy and she isn't "all or nothing." For example, while I agree that using plastic or glass dishes is better than Styrofoam, I am not taking my Tupperware to D & W and asking them to put my sandwich in that. Maybe someday I will but not now. I'm also not going to stop flying to cool places for vacations and I'm not quite ready to give up my plan to go on a cruise with my sister. Uliano understands that we aren't all going to Go Granola. Of course, now I also have a new vacation destination, entirely thanks to Uliano: an Eco-Spa!

    There were other things that thrilled me that I had no idea existed. For example, Woman's Wonder Bar, which are chocolate candy bars that are supposed to help with PMS and menopause. I am so going to that website and buying some. Eco-friendly poop bags since I must clean up the presents Peggy Sue leaves for the world. There are free ringtones you can download that sound like nature: the mating call of a whale, an owl hooting, various birds. All kinds of things. There is a nonprofit who will take your partially used antibiotics, antifungals, etc and distribute them to developing countries. That's pretty cool.

    There are 8 chapters, each covering a different area of life. The chapters are:
    1. Becoming Aware (just what it says.)
    2. Green Goddess (all about beauty.)
    3. Your Green Temple (all about a healthy body. Yoga and weight training routines are included)
    4. Soulful Shopping (self-explanatory, I think!)
    5. Your Palace (about your home and garden.)
    6. Every Last Bite (not surprisingly, all about food.)
    7. Out and About Having Fun (transportation, entertainment and travel.)
    8. Go Supergreen (activism and maintenance.)

    I bet you'll find some ways that you can live a more eco-friendly life without driving yourself nuts or becoming one of the Granola Brigade. (Though there *is* a recipe for granola that looks yummy!) You'll likely find some things you never considered and each small change adds up to a big difference.
    ...more info
  • life changing book!!!!!
    Thank you Sophie for making going green so much easier and doing all the research!!!! I love the bath oils with sea salt and I am sharing with all my friends. ...more info
  • Great Green Read!
    Love it! There are so many great tips for the beginning environmentalist or the more advanced. Definitely recommend!...more info
  • Gorgeously Green: a wonderful and easy way to learn to go greener!
    I loved this book! I was already committed to doing the best for our environment however, this book took it to the next level. It helped me to understand the things I put on my body or wash my hair with not only hurt me, but hurt the environment. I would recommend this book for the seasoned environmentalist or for someone who is just in the beginning stages of going green...gorgeously green!...more info
  • Not worth the effort
    The author's heart is in the right place, but she forgot to engage her brain. She touts things like clothing made of bamboo without acknowledging how far it has to travel to reach the U.S. She also repeats urban legends such as the supposed addition of asbestos to tampons so that women's periods will be heavier. There are much better choices for raising your eco-consciousness than this loser of a book....more info
  • Gorgeously Green (Physical Geography)
    I LOVED THIS BOOK! The book is broken down into seven steps, and the eighth being the final plunge into an all around natural, organic, wholistic lifestyle. . Going green will help reduce global warming, climate change, carbon emitions, deforestation, pollution, and so on. Humanity is meant to positively impact the Earth, and the chemicals found in the simplest household items impact our environment in a large way. The sections of the book begins with personal care such as skin-care, lotions, and basic household products that woman use every day, to the final chapter involving "going out" from transportation alternatives to entertainment. Who knew that so many processed chemicals could be in products that woman use every day and disregard without taking into consideration the impact some of these harmful chemicals have on our own bodies. The book is a very simple read for those who have no scientific background, but also there are facts to support all the information at hand. When carousing the isles of a department store shopping for the newest face care line, admiring all of the colorful plastic containers advertising "dry" or "sensitive" skin products, you might stop and contemplate the most popular product on the market, maybe what famous people endorse such products, but you don't bother to check the ingredients that make the product, the toxic chemicals that could do more harm than help. There are different levels of harm in certain products, so it is always important to check because a common threat in face moisturizers is hydroquinone, which is a neurotoxin and is also highly allergenic, to something as simple as mineral oils that coat the skin preventing it from breathing, hence skin irritation from certain products. Not only does the author provide valid information on the chemicals that are present in everyday personal hygiene products, she also gives alternatives that she has tried, and constantly provides websites for the readers to checkout and validates before purchasing new products. Once again, the author doesn't force this information upon the reader, she is very subtle and informative, but she continues to concern the reader with more than just the chemicals, but the fact that the chemicals that we are also applying to our skin end up in our drains and sewers polluting water, and also the empty containers end up in landfills affecting our environments inability to decompose all its materials.
    The chapters continue with inspiring the readers to exercise for their own good. Exercise is as simple as walking twenty minutes a day, which is almost equivalent to sixteen minutes of hard cardio, and remembering to stretch and care for our bodies because we only have one chance to take care of ourselves. By encouraging the readers to read, Uliano hopes to decrease carbon emissions, CFCs, and VCOs, from exhaust from cars (which she discusses in the seventh chapter). By far one of my favorite chapters involved consuming, more importantly, shopping for everything from organic cotton clothing to sweatshops and groceries to cleaning products, covered in chapters four and five. In a conventional cotton T-shirt, in the manufacturing processes, it takes over 150 grams of pesticides to make, which is a whole cup of sugar. It's almost so hard to fit everything that can be broken down into this one summary! In household cleaning supplies, advertisers can use the term "organic" because of the chemical formulation, but it's important to know that the strong smells that come from cleaning supplies are VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which are petrochemicals giving off gases at room temperature; more importantly, these chemicals emit greenhouse gases. "Aerosol labels promising `no CFCs' are very silly because chlorofluorocarbons were banned from all aerosols in the seventies" (136). The consumer needs to take action into their own hands and take a couple of extra minutes and do research before purchasing a highly toxic product that can increase harm on our environment which will drastically change global warming for generations to come. I've learned that I can just help our environment by making the smallest changes and that can help in the largest ways beginning with recycling or carpooling! "It's True: Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees, 6,953 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, 587 pounds of air pollution, 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space, and 4,077 kilowatt hours of energy" (163). If you're looking for a simple change and want to help the environment, this is an easy read with great recommendations for going green!...more info
  • most very helpfull book
    I loooove this book it has so many info web sites I just can't get tired of it keep going back to it...more info
  • Fantastic book
    This is a fantastic book. Sophie does a great job inspiring folks to think about their impact on Mother Earth. She has inspired me to stop buying bottled waters (use a refillable bottle) and read ingridients lists on products before I put them on my skin. I also recently stopped using my dryer and set up a clothesline in my backyard. It's beautiful!...more info
  • Inspiration.......
    Inspiration on "going green", and I am not referring to Kermit the Frog. I just purchased this book and I can't put it down. I am jumping from one chapter to another learning all good ideas on becoming more aware of my own impact on the earth. I can't wait to sit down and consume this book chapter by chapter.

    It has inspired me to plan my next Bunco game that I am scheduled to host on becoming "Gorgeously Green". All kinds of ideas to share with my group are floating through my head....more info
  • This is a great book with lots of name brand suggestions!
    This book is really great at explaining things while still knowing how women feel. It suggests lots of brands per subject to find online and in stores. The author is great at understanding how women think and feel knowing that women usually want to find products to help them look better. Now they can and the products are more healthy and environmentally friendly. I suggest this book for every woman, especially mothers....more info
  • Be gorgeous and read this book!
    This book is fantastic! A must read for anyone who is looking to make healthy and eco-friendly changes. I refer back to frequently, so much so it's on my kitchen counter. After you make these changes you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner! ...more info
  • Great book!
    I absolutely loved this book. Prepare to be inspried by Sophies no-nonsense approach to going green. I also love that she doesn't sugar coat things - some aspect of going green aren't easy, but well worth it in the long run....more info
  • changed my life in a positive way
    this book is so informative, but also so enjoyable to read. Its such an inspiration to make positive changes in your lifestyle and for our planet. ...more info
  • Disappointed - nothing on animal testing
    Maybe going green doesn't mean avoiding unnecessary animal testing especially for beauty and cleaning products, but it is important to me to at least do the best we can for other species. I couldn't find any mention of this cruel and largely unnecessary (with today's technology) practice. In fact, she seems to advocate testing, although she doesn't say what kind. I agree that safety is important, but many ingredients are time-tested or have been tested in the past and no longer need to be tested. We can support companies that make an effort to use only those ingredients instead of supporting unnecessary suffering. Wet n' Wild, Bonne Bell, Physicians Formula, and Prestige cosmetics are examples of inexpensive cosmetics that do not use animal testing. This info from caringconsumer.com.

    I do like her discussion of the real "cost" of buying or not buying organic groceries. But I feel some of her recommendations are unrealistic for most of us; she promotes a cosmetic line lavera that makes a sunless tanning product that costs $27.50 for 5 oz. ...more info
  • girls going green!
    I have mixed feelings about this book. Overall, I think it has a lot of good advice that can be easily applied. On a positive note, it is clearly written for women. The jokes, comments, etc. always refer to "The Gorgeously Green Girl" which makes this book a great gift for female friends and family members. For myself, I found it a bit annoying after a while but could overlook it. The book does contain many, many websites which left me with the impression that everything green that I would be buying must be ordered online! This is not the case. My local health food store carried many of the natural soaps, shampoos, feminine products, etc. mentioned in the book which was a lot easier and cheaper to buy locally. The book does not just focus on women's issues either. There is great advice regarding wrapping your hot water tank, buying Smartstrips to turn your computer completely off, and how to garden organically. I really think you can only benefit from reading this book. ...more info
  • A bride's essential pre-wedding resource!
    Going green has never been easier, especially with authors like Sophie Uliano providing us with great resources! As we prep for our weddings, we're trying out skin creams and tooth whiteners, new shampoos and conditioners...all in our attempts to look and feel our best, and some of these new products we're trying might contain insanely bad-for-you ingredients! You can't be the radiant bride if you're full of toxins! Do you really want a bad case of dandruff right before the wedding day because you're using a so-called botanical shampoo that has an unpronounceable ingredient that shreds your scalp? The answers are in this book! Download their Cheat Sheet as well, to look out for ingredients in the products you own as well as the products you're looking for to look your best.

    I have to confess. I originally bought this book as a Christmas gift for my friend Jen, but I couldn't stay away from it, and now my husband Joe and I are clearing out a lot of our toxin-filled ingredients in the ol' medicine cabinet and our shower. Let's just say we're going to be buying a LOT of Burt's Bees replacement items today.

    They're not kidding when they say you look and feel good from the inside out, but slapping on creams and lotions is part of our ingrained beauty rituals! Check out this book and the book's website www.gorgeouslygreen.com to 'clean up your act,' be radiant on your wedding day, and give your bridesmaids a fantastic bridal party gift in the form of this book!

    Remember, you're not just planning a wedding, you're planning a healthy life together, a great future 'in sickness and in health'....so make it a healthy one by using this book as an investment in your well-being for the Big Day and beyond!
    ...more info