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The gateway to the Zone: the fastest, easiest way and a comprehensive, accessible guide to the revolutionary diet sweeping America, with an easy-to-follow plan for losing weight, increasing mental and physical performance, and living a longer, healthier life. Millions of people worldwide have discovered the power of the Zone. A breakthrough approach to dieting based on Nobel Prize-winning research, the Zone treats food as the most powerful drug available. Used wisely, food will take you into the Zone, a state of exceptional health where you'll not only burn body fat, you'll keep it off. You'll also fight heart disease, diabetes, PMS, chronic fatigue, depression, and cancer. Discover the benefits of this revolutionary program in just 7 days with A Week in the Zone:

-What the Zone is

-How to eat in the Zone

-How to shop in the Zone

-A week's worth of healthy, satisfying recipes including quick and easy Zone breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

-The Zone for vegetarians

-How to order in and dine out in the Zone

-How to achieve maximum success in the Zone.

Customer Reviews:

  • Health versus Weight loss written in simple terms
    This book addresses health issues which to me is more important then weight loss. It teaches you how to control your insulin leaves which will lead to better health in every aspect of life. It also discusses realistic weight loss over time. I have tried a lot of different diets to loss weight and become healthier. The Atkins (high Protein) diet actually decreased my health, even though I loss 40 pounds in the first 3 months (I gained it all back within a year.) My energy levels were all over the place -highs and lows- until the first day I tried this "change in my eating habits" as opposed to a diet. The book shows how to eat correctly in the EASIEST ways. I didn't know how to cook, I don't know biology, or what types of foods did what. After reading this book for 3 days I set out to try it. The very first day my energy levels were high and consistent through out the entire day and night (my girlfriend was pretty excited about that) Anyway, if you want to live longer and still eat all types of foods (in the correct proportions) this is a life changing book....more info
  • Love this book!!!
    I really love this book!! This was the first Zone book I had bought and now I'm eagerly waiting for the Soy Zone. I've been eating 40/30/30 for about 2 weeks now. Although I haven't lost any weight, my performance in my workouts are much better and I have a more positive attitude throughout the day! The calories that he reccomends are a little low for me, so I just added another Zone snack to my day. Yes, it's a calorie restricted diet, but all you have to do is add a snack and it becomes a wonderful maintaince eating plan as well. Try the Zone, you won't believe how good you feel!!...more info
  • Did not work for me.
    A friend of mine reccomended this book to me and has raved about the zone. I tried the zone and did not experience all of the good things so many other readers have. I was constantly hungry. The food was overly bland and unsatifying. I almost gagged trying to eat some of the recipes because of the strange combinations and textures (...asparagus and egg white omelet). I still use some of the recipes (smoothies, a couple of salads, etc.) but this style did not fit me or my lifestyle. I did the full two weeks (my husband only made it for a couple of days) and still felt hungry constantly, still craved bread and carbohydrates, but I did lose a couple of pounds. It is a difficult regimen and takes all of the flavor out of food. It includes many vinegary, sharp tasting foods that just did not suit my appetite. Maybe it will work for someone else, but it did not work for me for the long term....more info
  • A Week in the Zone
    I have been in the Zone for 1 week now. It was difficult at first but the rewards after one week are worth it. Dr. Sears eating concept makes sense, however, some of the information needs more explanation so I am planning on looking into the original book "The Zone" to fill in the holes. This book was very easy to read and understand and well worth the invesment. I have also bought 2 more books, one to send to my mother and one to send to my brother and sister-in-law so they can enjoy the rewards of a healthier lifestyle....more info
  • I lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks and was never hungry
    Excellent, down-to-earth book with all the how-to's a busy person needs to get started right away. I saw a friend who had lost an enormous amount of weight and asked her how she did it. She said the Zone Diet, so I went out the next day to the book store and bought this book. I selected it because it has interesting menus for an entire week of meals AND a shopping list. After buying the book, I went right to the grocery store and bought the foods in the shopping list. I have been on the diet now for six weeks and intend to stay on it until I lose another 25 pounds. Also, I have lots of energy and I don't feel deprived. Great simple book!...more info
  • Good Info--but lifestyle wasn't for me
    In Nov 00 I made the choice to change my life. Since that time I have lost 40# and I have notices tons of other healthy changes. The doctor said that I am healthier now than I have ever been. I checked-out the hardbound version of 'The Zone' and it was full of great information. I ordered a 'Week in the Zone' and found it lacking info that I found in the first book--but it was a good outline of the program. I didn't go on the Zone diet but adapted some of the info to my Low-carb life-style. Since I was planning a life-time of change, I thought the Zone would require too much 'effort' and I would return to my old ways of life, so with my doctor's help we came up with a plan that included some of the Zones ideas. So far I found that I could live with it and it's working out great....more info
  • Which zone the twilight Zone?!
    Any diet is no good without the exercise! So throw in both and you have it made! ...more info
  • Is it possible to eat more protein with the Zone
    This book is very easy to understand but I have one question I am hoping someone can help me. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner there is a 10 gram fat , 20 gram protein, and 30 gram carbohydrate. Is it possible to just use the information on carbohydrates and just eat a meal of 90 carbs a day. I'm very useless in the kitchen and there seems to be so many low carb products out in the market that seem to have the right amount of carbs but a slightly higher number of protein and I was wondering I could still stay in the zone even if the protein goes over 20 grams. ANY INFORMATION WOULD BE SO HELPFUL AND APPRECIATED....more info
  • A very healthy way to eat!
    This book made the zone diet very easy to understand and stick with. There are alot of easy zone meals that give you a great start on the zone. I would recommend this book if you are interested in this kind of diet. I believe it to be a very healthy way to eat. Includes lean meats,lots of fruit and vegtables and healthy fats. ...more info
  • Jack of All Trades...
    I hope the information dispensed by Dr. Kotz is better than what she expounds on the Atkins website. Her advice on that site suggest that you read the label of regular brewed beers for carbohydrate information.

    "A 12-ounce can of beer contains about 12.5 grams, but you have to read the label since carbohydrate content varies from brand to brand," says the doctor.

    Unfortunately, carbohydrate counts are NOT given on regular brewed beers. Makes you wonder if she's ever drank a beer in her life if that's the kind of "accurate" info she pens. Equally suspicious is the fact that she's contributed as an "expert" to Weight Watchers, The Zone, Slim-Fast, and Atkins. Suprised she hasn't jumped on the South Beach Diet bandwagon too....more info

  • A good introduction to the Zone Diet
    I was reading bits and pieces of the Zone Diet on the net, and decided the best way to move ahead was order this book. The book covers everything you need to get started and explains the core concepts of the diet without getting too technical.

    Out of all the dieting/health books I've read the Zone Diet makes the most sense to me. The book covers the core concepts, and provides a one week plan to get started. Thereafter there are too many resources on the net to mention that provide support for the diet especially the wide array of recipes.

    As long as you do your shopping and have your meals prepared - following this eating 'lifestyle' will be a breeze....more info
  • Lost 11 pounds in a month on the Zone without starving!
    In brief: the Zone diet works. Please note:

    1) This is *not* a crash diet.

    2) This is *not* a starvation diet.

    3) You get to eat *normal* food. On the down side, you *do* have to give up certain dishes (pasta, rice, and breads, for example)... but on the other hand you get to eat plenty of chicken, beef, turkey, cheese, eggs, bacon, tuna, salmon, cod, as well as plenty of vegetables and fruits. (And for you veggies out there, you can do the Zone diet, too. Just substitute soy protein for the meats and fishes, and take your vitamins, and you're in the club!)

    4) The Zone diet is easy to follow. Sears' book is filled with sample recipes for meals, but really, you don't need to follow them. Just flip to the end of the book where he lists all the recommended Zone foods and combine them to make up your own recipes.

    Here's how the diet works. There are three categories of foods that you need to eat at every meal: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats (all listed in the back of the book). If you're a man, pick 4 choices (called "blocks") from each category. If you're a woman, pick 3 choices (or "blocks") from each category. Then combine them anyway you choose.

    Example: guys, for breakfast, three strips of turkey bacon equals 1 protein block. One egg also equals 1 protein block. So have two eggs for breakfast with three strips of turkey bacon and that's 3 blocks right there. Now add one ounce of low fat cheese (1 protein block) and you've met your protein requirement for that meal.

    Now add an apple (2 carbo blocks) and an orange (2 carbo blocks) to your bacon and eggs breakfast and you've met your carbo requirement for that meal.

    For fats, just add a 1 1/3 teaspoon of sesame oil to your eggs while you're cooking them, and now you've got 4 fat blocks.

    And that's it. You're in the Zone!

    You can prepare all your meals that way. Don't feel you have to follow Sears' recipes to the letter and end up scouring your supermarket for obscure items like cilantro, dried tarragon, and shallots (say what?). So long as you only eat what's in the food lists and don't eat the *bad* foods, you'll do fine.

    5) Be sure to drink plenty of water. This is crucial for the diet to succeed. If you need a break from tap water (or Evian, for that matter), you can have decaf. Just don't add more than a teaspoon of sugar to your decaf, or better yet use a substitute. Sugars are the one of the *bad* carbo blocks that you need to keep to a minimum.

    Also, though it doesn't say so in the book, you are allowed to *occasionally* have a diet drink like Coke or Pepsi so long as it's sugar *and* caffeine free. (I got this last part from Sears' web site, in case you're wondering.)

    So while decaf and the occasional diet drink are OK, you should still make sure that most of your liquid intake comes from water. And lots of it.

    5) Once you're on the diet, there *will* be a few times each day where you're feeling a little hungry. But a little hungry is one thing and famished is something else... and I've said, on the Zone diet, you don't walk around feeling like you're starving.

    For me, the rumble-in-my-tummy feeling usually kicks in about an hour before each meal. If lunch is at 12:00 P.M., my stomach will start grumbling around 11:00 A.M. Late afternoon, my stomach will start grumbling again, but the Zone diet allows me one late afternoon snack each day, so that tides me over till dinnertime. Then, before bedtime, my stomach grumbles one last time, but since the diet also allows me one light bedtime snack (say, a small piece of fruit and a slice of cheese), that tides me over until the next morning.

    But for the most part, I don't walk around feeling hungry. In fact, after my first few days on the diet I already lost my cravings for fatty foods like potato chips and pretzels. So since I don't miss what I can't eat, that's what keeps me "in the Zone".

    Bottom line: the Zone diet is highly recommended to anyone interested in losing a few pounds without going stark-raving nuts. At the same time, it's balanced enough that you can remain on it painlessly even after you've reached your "ideal weight". How many other diets can claim that? I plan to stay on it until I've lost at least another ten pounds. After that, who knows?...more info

  • A Week In The Zone Changed Our Life
    This is a book that really helped my husband and I start eating well balanced meals, eliminate excess sugar and starches and lose weight. We have lost 7 pounds each and feel great. We don't miss the excess sugar and now everything sweet tastes sweeter because we aren't eating so many sweets. We would recommend "A Week In The Zone" to anyone who is serious about changing their eating habits for the better. It is a life style change and takes a little work at first but it is worth the effort. Thanks Dr. Sears!...more info
  • True,,,, Nothing new BUT, makes the previous info CLEAR.
    I have so many friends succesfully doing The Zone, but I felt it was just too complicated & I didn't have the time to study it. This book clears all that up. Easy to follow, exciting because I know it will enhance my health ie: Life. NOW I too know what all those pro-zoners are talking about & even more important doing that is making them such go getters, with energy to spare! If you've been discouraged in the past with the the Zone books, this is well worth a look. I think you'll be as pleased as I am. Slainte (to your health)...more info
  • Absolutely Nothing New
    Just a rehash of Dr. Sears prior books. At least it isn't his usual hard cover price (saving money gives it the 3 star rating).I still don't know how he can "guarantee" the Zone diet will cure cancer, prevent kidney failure and mild cases of PMS....but from personal experience I do know that following the Zoneperfect Nutrition Program has helped me lose weight and have more energy....more info
  • A reader
    This book is great and easy to understand. I lost 10lbs on this plan, that's pretty much all I wanted to lose, any more than this, I would look anorexic. I've been following this plan for 3 months now and I noticed how good I feel. I look at food in a different way. This whole theory of balancing your blood sugar makes sense. Hormone -- Insulin (from carbs) raises blood sugar, Hormone --Glucagon (from protien) keeps blood sugar levels from dropping, and when this is in balance it will help prevent the storage of fat into the cells. In other words, they will be used to provide the body and brain what it needs quicker than storing the extra insulin for later use, which turns into fat if not used. Dietary fat (which has no effect on insulin) in our diets help monitor these two hormones. Dietary fat (eg: monosaturated -- olive oil, almonds, avocado) helps the body say "i'm full" and helps slow down the speed in which insulin (carbs) enters the bloodstream. When eating dietary fat in the zone, we should be satisfied with our meals and not be hungry until 3 1/2 to 5 hours later. The "Zone" takes you into a place where you feel less tired and more focused. (A little to much protein than carbs may make you feel sleepy, or too many carbs and less protein can make you feel more hungry or possibly make your moods swing a bit.) So being in the zone will help our bodies metabolize fat more efficiently and store less fat in our cells and that is when we are able to lose fat in our bodies. How's that for information? My example eating plan for a female is:

    2 egg substitues (2 Protein blocks)
    1 cup skim milk (1 protein block; 1 carb block)
    1 peach (1 carb block)
    1/2 apple (1 carb block)
    9 almonds (3 fat blocks)

    So a female needs 3 blocks of Protein, Carbs, and fat)


    3 oz of tuna (3 protein blocks)
    2 slices low carb whole wheat bread (1.4 carb blocks)
    1 apple (2 carb blocks)
    1 tsp olive oil (3 fat blocks -- I mix with tuna)


    3-4 oz salom or chicken or port etc.(use palm size and thickness if unsure of ounces) (3 protein blocks)
    3 cups of cooked broccoli (1 carb block)-- (use size of two loose fists for veggies -- for others -- rice/pasta -- use one tight fist)
    1/2 cup of chick peas (2 carb blocks)
    1 tsp of olive oil (3 fat blocks)-- i use for my broccoli

    hope this helps. This book has the block info at the end of the book which helps figure it out. On snacks -- 2 per day -- we only use 1 block of each protien, carb and fat, which will hold you for about 2 hours if you have it before dinner. Now how difficult is that. Hope this helps. The book has more info that I left out. But it is worth the education for the health of our bodies. Thank you Dr. Sears. :)

    ...more info
    Book was recieved in brand new condition. Arrived promptly! Very pleased, Thankyou!...more info
  • Excellent "Feel Better" Diet
    When I was in college, I followed the 40-30-30 diet (known as the Zone) and got amazing results. With the assistance of excercise, I was able to get toned and lean in no time. The recepies Dr. Sears gives you are easy to prepare and delicious. If you do not enjoy cooking, save your money this is not the book or the diet for you. This truly becomes a lifestyle because it makes you feel and look great!...more info
  • Expensive Eating Habits
    I read Dr.Sears book because I need to live a healthier lifestyle. The book is very easy to read. I decided to follow the Zone Diet. Using the shopping list, and buying most of the item listed, I spent $161.00 for a weeks worth of meals (basically for one person). at the rate I am going I may end up healthier,but a lot poorer....more info
  • Life Changing Knowledge...
    This was my first Zone book, and I got a lot of it. The Zone philosophy is described in complete detail, and the various easy-to-follow menus are given. The indexes in the back are quite helpful for making "cheat sheets" for the grocery and travel. After 2 weeks in The Zone, I'd have to say I'm a believer. The concepts are easy to understand and easy to eat. I'm leaner, and more energetic. Food seems de-mystified. It's almost too hard to believe. If this book had better typography & layout, I'd give it 5 stars....more info
  • The Basic Zone Diet book
    This book is all you really need to try Barry Sears' Zone Diet. If you want all the details, see his other books (I've read two of them), but this one explains the diet in a straight-forward way. The diet is moderate, not an extreme, hard-to-follow fad diet (despite the look of the cover of the book). It's fairly easy to follow; I've experienced less hunger with this plan than other low-carb plans, and don't spend my whole day thinking about food. But as Dr. Sears says, it isn't really a high-protein, low-carb diet. It simply keeps carbs, fat and protein in balance, resulting in better health and the loss of excess pounds. The only reason I don't give this book five stars is that it contains several typos and small errors (corrected on Dr. Sears' website, www.drsears.com --it should have been proofread a few more times before going to press!...more info
  • A great read
    Second only to The Zone, this book is thorough and can help you jumpstart your zone diet in only one week. Though it is not as intensive and the original Enter the Zone, it is more accessible and helps the reader begin a diet very quickly and easily....more info
  • I lost 3 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks!
    This book is great!! It's short and to the point and you only really need to read the first few chapters and it's like "Ah ha!" A lightbulb went off in my head and this new "way of eating" (not a diet) made so much sense to me. My body looks better everyday and I don't have to work out as much. I also no longer feel tired with no energy all day. After doing this for a month, I feel and look great, and I know I will never go back to my old way of eating. The website really helps, too. (It takes about a week to get the hang of this, but it's so worth it!)...more info
  • Love It!
    After struggling with understanding the Zone for months, this book finally put things into perspective for me. It is easy to understand and has simple recipes and easy-to-follow meal plans. After shopping for the suggested foods, I now look forward to putting meals together that are satisfying and healthy. The book makes it all so sensible!...more info
  • A fantastic introduction to the Zone
    A friend lent me her copy of "A Week in the Zone," and now, five months later, I have lost 36 pounds and feel great.

    I noticed one reviewer mentioned "high cost of the plan," I experienced that also in my first week or so, but once I realized that I did not need to buy lots of exotic foods, my food costs returned to normal.

    Please read the book for details, but as I read Sears' writing, essentially, you eat protein (lean meat, fish, soy, etc.) at each meal. That serving should be no bigger than the palm of your hand, and about the same thickness. Also, each meal should include carbohydrates, about twice as much carbos as protein. The carbos should be fruits or vegetables for the most part. Also thrown into each meal is a "smidgen" of fat. And that's it.

    Sears also encourages two snacks a day. I seldom feel hungry on this plan and it is simple to follow. What more can you ask....more info

  • Disappointing
    Not much to recommend this book. I have read the other zone books which were delightful and entertaining in the way they sought to impose a lifestyle change....more info
  • Abounding energy, thatys the ticket.
    This diet is based on information taken from hardcore Nobel-prize winning research. We have all been in The Zone at one time or another. It is one of those days where you feel full of energy and everything seems to flow right and the challenges, that do come up are easily dealt with because you are feeling in top physical form. This diet is a tool to reach that success on a daily basis.

    The Zone introduces us to a diet that is healthy and balanced and certainly no fad. The premise is found in the fact that the body needs a healthy balance of carbohydrates, low fat protein, and monosaturated fat at each meal, and this book puts it in its simplest form to get you started. The author sets it forth in an easy how to manner with grocery lists so you can fill your cupboard with the staples that will be a part of your everyday.

    Simply put the biochemistry is based on the fact that the intake and over-consumption of simple carbohydrates lead to surges of insulin in the blood and this in turn makes us sluggish. Over a lifetime it leaves us at risk for conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Low fat protein releases glucagon, which helps to mobilize fat as opposed to insulin, which works to store our excess calories. The result is an increase in weight if the balance is off.

    Sears has written six other Zone books that explain things at length, but for the person who wants to jump in quick this was the book I found to be the most helpful. After a week in the Zone I am amazed at how sharp my thinking is and how much energy I have. The most incredible effect is the lack of cravings I have for carbohydrates, that in it self is truly a miracle. Kelsana 7/06/01...more info

  • Just give it a week
    With marriage you get a royalty of 15 pounds. I'd say that is what I miss more about my singlehood -my 32-inch waist-.

    I wanted something to work rigth-away but at the same time be an all out healthy instrument, something I could live by without obssesing about diets and fads.

    Then one day watching TV I learned about the Zone diet. I got interested in how it was backed by solid scientific research, and how it appealed to all sorts of people (both sedentary and athletes alike). It is molded to a real lifestyle -eating at home, business dinners, family luncheons, travel, even fast food.

    So I decided to go ligth with the rigth-away "A Week in the Zone" which I recommend. Not only you will hit the floor running but you get rigth away into it. By ligth reading other chapetes, you quite understand how food works on you and how you can take advantage of it. How you can customize it like if you were a pro-diet expert and understand food combinations which get you into the Zone..

    So basically, I have not gotten yet to my -15 pound objective, but I am getting there (Today is my 7th. day on the zone). My body is re-shaping, I feel great, I actually eat more, recipes are gourmet-like. The book includes tools like tips at restaurants, supermarket lists, and best of all, this is by no means a crash diet: You actually feel healthy.

    I then recommended it to my wife, she is now in her seventh day, and has lost three full pounds of fat. And although it may not sound like much for somebody looking to loose more, it is not in the weigth were you see the difference, but rigth in your appeareance (so you know that when you loose three pounds, you are loosing pure fat, not water, not soil).

    In one line this book is: Your induction to a lifelong health-project, Yourself.

    I don't know if there is a hardback version, but I recommend the paperback, so you can take it with you whenever you go.

    I do highly recommend it....more info

  • great introduction to the Zone
    this is a great introduction to this eating plan, and will probably be all most people will need to understand and implement the Zone. clearly written and easily read and understood.

    the zone works! by the way. i have lost 40 lbs in 6 months and lost weight through the holidays and cheated a bit every once in a while. very worth doing....more info

  • The Zone made easy
    Finally a simplified version of the Zone eating plan. I read "Mastering the Zone" a few years ago but decided that I didn't want to have to do math before every meal. This book lays out the plan much more simply and includes a menu and recipes for a week. It also includes additional recipes to add the flexibility to pick and choose meals. The plan is very straightforward but requires some effort in meal preparation. However, many meals can be made ahead and frozen in the required portion sizes (e.g., chili). The plan is not really a "diet" - it's a way of eating more healthfully and feeling more energized at the same time....more info
  • If you like meat and science... buy this book!
    In looking for a low-carb diet, I decided to purchase several books on the subject matter in order to educate myslef and find the diet best suited to my needs. I'm a vegetarian - so low-carb diets in general are a little difficult. This book seems far better suited to meat eaters. Also, this book was intended to sell the "Zone" diet to the medical community by proving the scientific facts behind it. Fine and dandy if you've just got to understand every single reason for every single thing, but otherwise it comes off as TOO MUCH INFO! I really just wanted a brief on what to eat and why - I didn't need to look back 500,000 years and study the effects of our diet from a thousand different angles....more info
  • The first how-to Zone book for everyone
    Finally, Barry Sears has gotten around to writing a "how-to" book on the Zone Diet. All of the previous books were somewhat technical, and aimed at medical professionals or personal trainers.

    This book, his first paperback, is written in a clear, concise and easy to understand style. By the end of the first 20 pages, you will have a good idea of what the Zone Diet is about, its benefits and how it works.

    Then, the rest of the book gives Sears' simplest yet version of the diet (for example, instead of "40-30-30" the new restatement uses "1-2-3").

    The Zone Diet, by the way, is primarily a health diet, although it is also effective for weight loss. The idea is to keep your blood sugar and hormone levels as even as possible, by balancing what you eat in each meal. The result is a number of health benefits, especially in the areas of diabetes (demonstrated by a clinical study) and heart disease (Sears started the research due to the high mortality in his own family tree), but also in other areas like allergies, joint pain, headaches, stomach acid, and many others, all of which are aggravated by our modern unnatural eating habits.

    Unlike almost all other eating plans, this diet is based on an investigation of how food affects our bodies' mechanisms, and the result is simply better functioning....more info

  • Good basic info
    The book does a good job of covering the basics of the Zone diet. I needed to supplement the info with some items off the web, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars....more info
  • It All Makes Sense Now!
    I have wanted to be in "The Zone" for a long time and already own Mastering the Zone (very confusing) and the Daoust's 40-30-30 book. I was still unsure and not 100% clear on how exactly it worked. This book makes it all so very simple! It has a shopping list, which is a huge help, and it's small enough to fit in your purse/bag. It also dispels the myths of high protein diets, and why they just aren't healthy for you. I would highly recommend it! This book ties up all the loose ends!...more info
  • Could be better
    The books in general are very informative. I followed the "diet" for 2 months and ended up gaining 30 pounds. I went to the forums at the website for help and was told that I did not follow the diet correctly. I followed the horrible thing for 2 solid months without success. Not only that, it is too expensive to do. My husband and I are on a strict budget, and this diet blew it to pieces. I know there are those who have had success with it, but let's be honest, this does not work for everybody. There is no diet that will work for everyone. If that were the case, we'd all be skinny....right? I'll go back to what works for me....more info
  • How I am becomming the person I used to be
    Reading and applying this book to my life helped me change dramatically my lifestyle. I am a different person after reading Dr. Sear's book. My doctor had highly recommended I read this book and she was not wrong. I have the cure of my hormone unbalance. I have no mood swings and feel younger. If you are overweight and have tried everything you will find the help you need with this book. Try it....it really works!...more info
  • A new approach to weight loss
    Losing weight used to mean losing calories. Not according to the author. Losing weight now means controlling your hormone levels, mainly your insulin level. According to the author, insulin is responsible for telling the cells to store fat and keep it. The way to reduce insulin levels is by reducing your intake of grains and complex carbs. However, your diet should still be mostly carbs, but the types that do not stimulate insulin release as much such as fruits and vegetables. Carbs are considered anything that grow on the ground. Protein and fat are considered good because the former releases glucagon which tells cells to release stored energy and the latter slow down the absorption of carbs into the bloodstream.

    How to lose weight:

    -Shop in the peripheries of the supermarket. This is where all the fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein-rich foods such as fish and chicken are located.

    -Eat only monounsaturated and omega-3 fats from`nuts, olive oil, avocados, and fish.

    -Fresh frozen produce are usually better than non-frozen ones because the nutrients are kept intact.

    -Eat your carbs, proteins, and fats in a 3:2:1 ratio for each meal.

    -Eat 5 meals a day to stablize insulin level....more info

  • Did not work for me.
    A friend of mine reccomended this book to me and has raved about the zone. I tried the zone and did not experience all of the good things so many other readers have. I was constantly hungry. The food was overly bland and unsatifying. I almost gagged trying to eat some of the recipes because of the strange combinations and textures (...asparagus and egg white omelet). I still use some of the recipes (smoothies, a couple of salads, etc.) but this style did not fit me or my lifestyle. I did the full two weeks (my husband only made it for a couple of days) and still felt hungry constantly, still craved bread and carbohydrates, but I did lose a couple of pounds. It is a difficult regimen and takes all of the flavor out of food. It includes many vinegary, sharp tasting foods that just did not suit my appetite. Maybe it will work for someone else, but it did not work for me for the long term....more info
  • The difference shows almost immediately!
    After some recommendations and research of my own, I went out and bought this book. As I started the plan I found that I could study for greater lengths of time without getting fatigued and was not hungry the entire time (especially helpful for college students around finals time). Along with my regualar exercise regimen the weight came flying off. I have so much energy and my health has improved greatly. I reccommend this book to everyone that is williing to commit to a better way of dealing with food....more info
  • Quick Start to get You into the Zone
    I am quite pleased with this "condensed" version of the Zone Program. It gives a great quick study of what you need to do to plan out your meals, shopping & necessary preparations for a week in the Zone. It looks to be easily adjusted from week to week. I plan to get my Zone Groove on!...more info
  • Fat People Have NO Sense of Humor
    This book is not funny, but it will help you curb your bad eating habits and lose weight. The zone is an unpleasant place for those who enjoy food, but the discipline required is worth pursuing. Read this book, get a grip of something other than lard, laugh a little, eat a little, and live longer. Recommended reading for fat and small alike. Yummy....more info
  • never recieved the book
    i ordered two books and only recieved (1)one of them. the other book i got in record time...more info
  • Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight
    I bought this book about a month ago. It's easy to read, and it's the first "diet" book that makes sense to me. I have followed the plan, used some of the recipes, which were fast, easy and tasty, and have lost several pounds that I had been struggling to lose for the past 3 years! I also had my cholesterol checked and it has improved with this eating plan. The only problem I have is that I miss the carbs that I love so much (bread and pasta). I have recommended this book to several friends, and believe that if everyone ate this way and exercised, we'd all be much healthier and thinner!...more info
  • The one eating program that really, really works.
    If you have a weight problem, bad eating habits, or feel like the food you eat gives you more problems than it's supposed to, then this is the book for you. I had problems with my weight, very poor acne-prone skin and very low energy levels since I was fourteen. I tried every program and diet I could find, and the most weight I ever lost, without downright starving myself, was about 10 pounds over a period of four to six months. I was always depressed and anxious over dieting, and most diets worked horrors for my immunological system, energy, skin, hair and nails. By following the Zone as explained in this book, although making my own Zone recipes, I have lost eight pounds in two weeks and feel better than ever. I haven't gotten sick, my energy levels are soaring, and I'm eating the foods I like without ever being hungry. The condition of my skin, hair and nails is at an all-time best.
    The Zone is a very easy to follow eating plan, (I was used to it by the third day) based on combining different foods in the proportions that add up the amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fat you should consume at each meal. By making use of meal timing it insures proper delivery of the nutrients to your body, and by including a couple of Zone balanced snacks between meals, it minimizes carbohydrate cravings and hunger.
    The book is very easy to understand. It thoroughly explains, backed by scientific research, the ways different foods and nutrients impact your body and the reasons why some foods are good for us while some are bad. The eating program it promotes is very easy to follow and it works even if you follow it only 75% of the time. Its results are almost instantaneous, and you start to notice them as soon as the second day. If you want even faster results, you should also include a 30-minute daily workout in your schedule.
    Buy this book, get started on the program, and customize it to fit your needs, soon you'll start enjoying a healthier life in a healthier body. Weight loss will be an added benefit and you will thank yourself later.
    I also recommend buying the Zone Food Blocks book as a tool, it contains around 12,000 foods converted into Zone balanced proportions, including prepared meals and items from known Fast Food Restaurant menus. As another tool I recommend visiting Dr. Sears' Website at www.drsears.com.
    Buy this book and discover the amazing benefits that a well-balanced eating program can give you.
    --Reviewed by Maritza Volmar...more info
  • Simple hip pocket guide
    I've purchased 2 other zone books, the original and a recipe guide. This was my favorite of the 3. Often times you find in diet books, even the good ones, an overwhelming amount of information. Not to say this information isn't all true, but when I incorporate a diet into my busy life I expect or at least want it to be a simple transition. After all, we're only talking about food. A week in the zone provides simple, effective, and point blank guidance for the successful incorporation of the already proven Zone Diet, without all the fluff. It's an easy read and it makes sense. ...more info


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