Hot Tools Professional 1101 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control, Regular 3/4"

List Price: $36.95

Our Price: $22.95

You Save: $14.00 (38%)


  • 24K gold-plated barrel with extra-long cool tip and heavy duty, long-life heating element
  • 85 watts of power for fast heat up to 428?F
  • Separate on-off switch allows rheostat to memorize favorite heat setting
  • Heavy duty round 8ft swivel cord and Soft-Grip handle
  • Ideal for all hair types

 Customer Reviews:

  • Much better than the average curling iron!
    I've used this brand for years and it beats the regular store bought curling irons by far. It has higher heat settings than other curling irons so it holds the curl longer. It also lasts much longer (I used my previous Hot Tools iron daily and it lasted for about 5 years). One suggestion...if you have medium length hair, you might want to purchase the 1" rather than the 3/4" iron. ...more info
  • Good Curling Iron
    This item does what I want. It gives a light curl to unruly hair that has been blown dry. I like it....more info
  • Hot Tools 3/4" Curling Iron
    This was my second curling iron, and I already love it. The first was a cheap Con Air from the drugstore that took forever to heat up and cool down, and didn't have a stand for setting it down on the counter.

    I've been told (by salons) that my hair won't hold a curl because it's so thin, but with this iron the curl held pretty much all day. Would highly recommend. ...more info
  • Excellent Curling Iron
    I have thin, straight hair, and curls just don't stay in them with curling irons from other manufacturers. My hair dresser used this one day after a hair cut and I was so amazed they stayed in all day that I called her and asked her what kind of gel she used. It turned out all she put in was a leave in conditioner, but she said she just had a really good curling iron and she was right. I've got curls and they stay in without hair products!...more info