DeLonghi KW85 Kenwood portable air conditioner

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Free Shipping! Authorized DeLonghi Dealer. This DeLonghi KW85 Kenwood portable air conditioner filters the air. It has a cooling capacity of 8500 British thermal units. It features electronic soft-touch key pad with LCD display for convenient and easy operation. Remote control allows you to easily control the comfort level from anywhere in the room. Exhaust hose is included to ensure proper cooling and the unit must be vented with the exhaust hose. The Portable Air Conditioner with optima cool system is ready to cool after only 3-5 minutes of operation. The built in dehumidifier dehumidifies the room without cooling. Portable air conditioner can be operated independently of central systems, so it is easier to target cooling specifically where you need hence space saving. The durable indoor castor wheels make it a portable device. The Portable Air Conditioner is perfect for bedrooms, family rooms, computer rooms, office, garage, etc...

 Customer Reviews:

  • Gorgeous looking addition to room, but weak cooling ability

    If only this gorgeous looking air conditioner could really cool a room!! I am so in love with the stunning sleek design and shiny bright white color. Very simple and professional looking. Sturdy build. Not cheap looking, like others I have seen at Home Depot and Sam's Club.

    I bought this for my apartment. It has 8500 BTU. I planned to use it in the living room (13x15 or 208 square feet) during the day, and then the bedroom at night (a bit smaller). I opened the package immediately the night I brought it home, but once I turned the power on for the first time, I was surprised that high power, turned to be little more than a feeble blowing of air. This weak fan, does not allow any of the cold air to actually push out of the unit and cool the room!!! Even if you stood 2 feet from it, it barely blew on you!!! Who would engineer such a thing?

    The real test was the next day, when temperatures outside soared to 93 degrees. My unit could not manage to make the room cooler than 88 degrees for the entire day!

    So disappointing that such a sleek looking and digital panneled portable a/c could disappoint like this. I read the entire manual, hooked it up properly and even called the company, Kenwood. Kenwood didn't really care. They told me it is discontinued and to just return it!! Strange that customer service was so lackadaisical and uncommitted.

    With all the terribly ugly looking portable units out there, I had really wanted this to be my new a/c, but I will have to look elsewhere, and this time for something having perhaps 12000 BTU and a fan that blows like a tornado! Please, someone, design a beautiful looking portable a/c for far under $600 that works! What a pain. I hate the thought of lugging this 80 plus pound machine back to the store.
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