Omron Elite 7300W Womens Avanced Blood Pressure Monitor

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If you're like most women, you're probably taking care of everyone else in neglect of your own health. So start taking care of yourself too with this Omron 7300W Women's Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor Elite. It has been tested, evaluated and proven to meet the rigorous safety and accuracy standards set by independent organizations.

Advanced Averaging automatically displays the average of up to three readings taken within 10 minutes 84 Memory Storage and Guest Mode Large LCD Digital Display Measurement Range - Pressure - 0 to 299 mmHg, Pulse - 40 to 180/min. Power Source - 4 AAA batteries (1.5V Alkaline) Battery Life - Approximately 300 uses when used 3 times a day with new alkaline batteries when inflated to 170mmHg at 73 F (23 C) Main Unit Weight not including batteries - Approximately 8 1/2 oz. Main Unit Dimensions - Approximately 6 3/16 L 2 15/16 W 1 7/32 H Memory - Up to 84 readings Contents - Main Unit, Standard and Large Arm Cuffs, Instruction Manual, 4 AAA batteries, Stylish Zipper Case, Quick Guide, Warranty Card and Cuff Guide 5 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

The Omron Elite 7300W Women's Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor makes it easy to get quick and accurate blood pressure readings. Designed specifically to help today's active women put their own needs first, the Elite 7300W features a convenient, portable design that makes it easy to use anywhere. With quick and easy one-touch operation, IntelliSense Technology and two sizes of cuffs, the Elite 7300W is simple, comfortable and reliable.

The portable 7300W shows off an ultra-thin profile.

The Omron Elite 7300W blood pressure monitor features a sleek, easy to use design.
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Proven Technology
IntelliSense Technology automatically determines the amount of pressure necessary to provide you with a reading that is comfortable and accurate. The Elite 7300W achieves heightened reliability through an Advanced Averaging feature, which automatically displays the average of up to three readings taken within the last ten minutes. Standard (9- to 13-inch) and large (13- to 17-inch) cuffs are included to ensure the proper fit for your arm, a critical component of precise blood pressure readings.

Helping your healthcare provider track your blood pressure over time can be an important step toward maintaining a healthy heart. With the ability to store up to 84 readings and let guests use your monitor without affecting your data, the Elite 7300W makes it easy to keep a running history of your blood pressure.

Convenient Design
The Elite 7300W features a slender, portable design and one-touch operation, making it incredibly convenient and easy to use.

It also features three alerts that warn you of potential health issues. A hypertension indicator lets you know if your blood pressure exceeds the American Heart Association guidelines for normal blood pressure; a detector alerts you if there was too much body motion during your blood pressure reading for an accurate measurement to be taken; and an irregular heartbeat detector alerts you to a potentially dangerous irregular heartbeat.

Number One Brand Recommended by Doctors and Pharmacists
The Elite 7300W has been clinically proven to be safe and accurate for women, including women who are pregnant. Independently validated for adult men and women, the Elite 7300W meets the criteria of protocols set by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instruments (AAMI) and the British Hypertension Society (BHS).

The Elite 7300W is protected by a five-year limited warranty.

  • Portable blood pressure monitor with IntelliSense Technology for fast, accurate readings
  • Convenient one-touch operation
  • Stores up to 84 readings
  • Accuracy monitor, hypertension indicator and irregular heartbeat detector warn of potential health problems
  • Includes set of standard (9- to 13-inch) and large (13- to 17-inch) cuffs; 5-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Omron Elite 7300W Women's Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor
    Easy to use and seems to be accurate. My dr recommended I get after I had already ordered! I need to take frequent blood pressure readings and this unit is so easy to use that I can quickly monitor my blood pressure and get on with my day....more info
  • Not Pleased With Amazon
    I ended up being charged with expidited shipping costs I did not want or expect and there was a discount I did not receive.

    My first bad experience with Amazon in over two years as a loyal customer....more info
  • Easy to Use - Not Just for Women
    While this product seems to be target marketed for women, I don't see where it's specifically for one gender or the other, but could be used by everyone.

    As with any technical/electronic gadget, there was a little initial programming of the date and time and it took me a few attempts, but it's not impossible - and I'm admittedly not the most technical. If you take your blood pressure daily, this product has a medication reminder that can be activated. You can store your readings to create a record/history, which is why the programming of the date/time is recommended.

    Two cuff sizes are included and the instructions for the blood pressure monitoring and use are pretty straightforward and extremely easy to use. I especially like that it self inflates (kind of like the type you find in grocery stores and Targets), unlike some of the other home blood pressure monitors which require you to pump it up to a certain level (which makes me nervous).

    This comes with a nice case that is large enough to hold both cuffs, the monitor and the instructions and it's made of a nice Kadura-like material that looks extremely durable and will protect the device both around the home and if you travel with it.

    Overall, I recommend this blood pressure monitor - small, easy to use and both the device and the case are attractive. This is the best I've come across. ...more info
  • good portable bp monitor
    I purchased this monitor because it was rated as a top pick by CR. I really like the light, small size because in my line of work (home health), I need a bp monitor that won't weigh me down but at the same time, gives me accurate bp readings. So far so good, it's been a good monitor....more info
  • Accurate and dependable...
    This unit tops the testing by Consumers Union and provides accurate readings using a "professional" cuff just above the elbow. Small enough to travel easily, it's very fast and convenient to use. The unit comes with two cuffs, and the smaller one is ideal for most women. A sound investment....more info
  • accurate and easy to use
    I recorded my bp readings with this monitor and then brought it with me to the doctor appointment. I took a reading with this machine shortly after the nurse took a reading with the office bp monitor and the readings were very close. It was fortunate that I did this because I was anxious about the appointment, so my bp was high. The doctor may have wanted to raise my medication, but with the good readings from the 2 weeks before, I avoided an unnecessary increase.

    Sometimes the cuff will not inflate properly and shows an error. This seems to correct if I am sure to tighten the cuff enough and make sure the velcro closes smoothly and snugly....more info
  • omron elite 7300w womens advanced blood pressure monitor
    We were quite satisfied with this product. It was bought for home use, to be used twice a day. Once you follow the instructions on getting started, the monitor is easy to use. It stores the data for the primary user and even has a function for a guest user. A blood pressure reading is produced in less than 30 seconds....more info
  • Omron 7300W is gem like
    We love our Omron 7300W! Easy to use, consistent readings, a feeling of real quality, quick delivery and a great price top it off! We're highly satisfied!

    ...more info
  • bp monitor
    The monitor is easy to use and seems accurate. The armband inflates with just a touch of a finger....more info
  • health product
    Easy to use, fits well for smaller person with longer strap for bigger size. Very user friendly....more info
  • Omron Elite 7300 Women's BP Monitor
    I chose this model because of good reviews in Consumer Reports and my wife has small arms so a women's unit might be better. It came with medium and large cuffs with a measuring tape to decide which to use. Her arms were too small for the medium according to the tape but there did not seem to be an option for obtaining a small cuff. We have used the medium cuff and it seems to be ok. I would feel better about it if we had a small cuff. In every other respect it is an excellent unit. fast and easy to read, uncomplicated to use. Highly recommended....more info
  • blood pressure monitor
    Upon reviewing Consumer Reports as to best rated blood pressure monitors for home use, I selected the Omron Elite 7300W and ordered it online from Amazon - I am very pleased with the machine - it's easy to use and has both a women's and man's cuff included. Amazon's prices were very competitive and included free shipping - very pleased with their service....more info
  • Useful
    This blood pressure monitor has been helpful in monitoring my blood pressure after a recent hospitalization with extreme hypotension....more info
  • Omron Elite 7300* meets all expectations
    I have the 7300W for use on the road and the 7300IT (with USB data port) for use at home. Both are accurate and consistent and easy to use. (The 7300IT model was hard to find - REI Co-op was the only place I could find that sells it.) It came with two sizes of cuff so both my wife and I can use it. I learned about this monitor through a review in Consumer Reports and their recommendation was spot-on [..]...more info
  • John McCain might say ... CLEAR!!!

    Being advertised as a Woman's Blood Pressure Monitor is a bit deceiving as it can be used by both men and women alike. So far, I don't know of any technology that will check first to make sure that I'm a woman and then either shut down, or error out if it detects that I'm a man.

    The two cuffs that are included are both cuffs that are found in any Emergency Room and differ for the size of the upper arm. The arrow on the cuff clearly points to where the cuff needs to be placed, which is near the antecubital region ... or the 'bend in the arm'. The smaller cuff is the standard size cuff used by most triage stations whenever you check in and have your vitals taken.

    I took readings with the monitor at different times during the day for several weeks and got the appropriate readings as I double checked each time with an older manual gauge blood pressure monitor that works perfectly and is frequently calibrated.

    The ease of use, lightweight and compact nature as well as the portability and battery life make this monitor good for just about anyone in the modern world. In a world were everything has gone digital, devices such as these are expected to phase out the older gauge style devices. Barring an EMP blast ... you should be in good hands ... or cuffs.

    ...more info
  • A convenient, portable......
    As my mother grows older, their risk for developing hypertension increases and becomes greater, which is why it is essential for her to pay close attention to their blood pressure and monitor it regularly at home. This device is a convenient blood pressure monitor. It is good to check the Omron result with the doctor's measurement. Plus the position sensor pretty much sense the inclined angle of the arm, so it is good to place the hand on the chest to maintain consistency of the result.

    My only downfall to this is that its not really accurate but acceptable. The number may vary +- 5 between back-to-back measurement. Plus it has the chance to give ridiculous results. Although there is no cure for hypertension, it can be controlled This device enable women to be proactive and take control of their health at home, and provide timely and semi accurate blood pressure information to your doctor as necessary. So beside that its a good device.
    ...more info
  • Ease of use
    My husband received this as a gift and after 30+ years of checking his blood pressure manually with a cuff and stethescope, he's so happy with the ease of use and performance of this automated monitor. In addition, I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure because I started using this cuff 'just for interest'. Now, I realized why I was having headaches and fluctuating heartbeats. Great investment....more info
  • Awesome BP Monitor
    I've had high blood pressure for over 10 years. I had a manual pump BP monitor to monitor my pressure. The Omron Elite is a huge upgrade from my manual model. It is very high quality and easy to use. I love it. You just choose which pressure cuff (small or large) to use, put it on, and press the start button. The Omron does the rest. It pumps itself up and within a minute you know your pulse and blood pressure. One cool thing I noticed it that the Omron measures you pressure on the way up. This means that it doesn't have to over shoot your blood pressure by 50 points and squeeze your arm until it hurts. A lot of times, especially in the doctors office, they will pump up the cuff really tight to make sure they are above your pressure so they can record it on the way down. The Omron only goes a few points higher than your actual blood pressure.

    Items to note:

    - Records over 80 of your last readings. No more keeping track in a notebook!
    - Averages the last three readings for a better result.
    - Guest mode to let others use the unit without adding their readings to your data.
    - Very high quality case that keeps the unit safe and clean.
    - Marketed to women but works just as well for men....more info
  • Easy to use
    I was very happy with how fast I got this item. It is extremely easy to use and I fell comfortable having the ability to check my blood pressure at any time....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    This is an amazing BP monitor. It's so quick and accurate. Love the memory function and the tracking of irregular heartbeats. It's awesome!...more info
  • Excellent product, works as stated and high quality
    This blood pressure monitor is very easy to use and has
    an excellent consumers rating for accuracy....more info
  • Not accurate when tested at doctors office and cuff size is odd
    After being diagnosed with hypertension, my physician recommended I get a blood pressure meter. I looked at the consumer reports website, and found this meter recommended. I used it for 2 months at home, but after having it tested at my physician's office, we found that it read approx 10% lower than the actual readings done by my physician.

    Being for a woman, I thought that the cuffs would fit me, but found that I fell between the two cuffs, which made for trouble as well. A small and a large cuff are included. The small is the right width for me and not long enough to wrap around my arm, while the large is too wide (almost covers my elbow).

    While my physician recommends the emron brand, neither he nor I can recommend this cuff....more info
  • Great BP Machine!!
    This is a really good accurate Blood Pressure (BP) machine! I'm not sure why the company is selling it as a "women's" Monitor, as it works with both males and females. We all have the same BP and the ranges are the same.

    The machine comes with everything you need to get you up and running. And I it's good for people to use on a daily basis if your doctor feels you might have high BP.

    It's well worth the price!...more info
  • Omron Elite 7300W Womens Avanced Blood Pressure Monitor
    Great Deal! Almost half the price of local drugstores! Works like a charm and has a memory feature for your last couple of readings to compare to. Also, comes with 2 cuffs - for smaller arms and larger arms that other brands do not offer!...more info
  • Works fine on obese women
    Bought this for my mother. It's easy to use. Keeps date and time of each b/p reading. This makes it convenient for her doctor to see how she's doing. The extra large cuff fits perfect. Just remember to put the cuff on just right, so you don't get any errors. Compared with the b/p machine at the doctor's office, this is extremely accurate....more info
  • Accurate blood pressure monitor
    I had previously purchased a cheaper wrist monitor that was totally inaccurate. I have used this before and after doctor visits and the readings are right on the money with what he gets....more info
  • Easy to use
    Other reviewers here do a wonderful job describing the unit in detail. All I can add is that it's a breeze to use. I keep mine right on the kitchen table and give myself a test every other day BEFORE the coffee is done brewing. (Coffee might jack up your BP some)

    Sit down, relax for a few minutes, then wrap one of the two sleeves around your favorite arm, and turn on the unit. As quick as that you get a reading and you then know for the rest of the day whether you should worry or not.

    Get this one!...more info
  • would recommend but its not perfect
    I got this to review my bp that has been high. I have been testing every few days and sometimes it does register correctly. You just have to be careful when you use it but it is for the most part a great product and can be used for men too. As my husband has normal pb and it measured him to the tee. ...more info
  • works well for an electronic monitor
    i don't trust electronic monitors, i only trust manual readings. i decided to try this one. remember you must wait at least two minutes between each reading and then on a different arm. it read all over the place, once even indicating ihad high blood pressure. i guess it's as good as the ones in the grocery stores....more info
  • Great device
    For years I had an old, manual-pump style blood pressure monitor I inherited from a relative. While it did the job, it was a far cry from the Omron Elite 7300W's advanced and up-to-date technology.

    I must say I love the Omron. It offers a host of useful features for a competitive price: two cuffs (one large, one regular size), auto-inflate, memory function, and I can even use it on my mom when she comes to visit because the unit features a convenient Guest Mode.

    I am also fond of the "motion detector" feature during operation. Sometimes one isn't even aware of shifting and changing position and this can mess up the accuracy of the measurement. The Omron unit warns of too much movement, thus preventing inaccurate readings. Another cool thing: The unit can detect irregular heart beats and alert the user to it.

    I feel that this blood pressure monitor offers a lot of value for the money and the sleek, portable design and useful carrying case top it off.

    Would recommend this to anyone who must or wants to keep track of their blood pressure. Very convenient device!

    ...more info
  • Simplified blood pressure
    Omron Elite 7300W Womens Avanced Blood Pressure Monitor

    Digital blood pressure is simple and accurate. I took the doctor's office and the measurement compared the readings of the clinic's blood presure monitor. The device works correctly.

    There are other features which I haven't done it yet.

    ...more info
  • Would be perfect if the cuff's had a medium size
    The gauge is great, easy - am pleased with that. HOWEVER, the advertised measuring device to help you select between the small and large cuffs included was missing. I'm just a fraction of an inch bigger than I should be to use the small - using the large cuff is very cumbersome and difficult to get in position. It makes a huge difference, as much as 10 points or more depending on which you use. As a result, I'm not convinced which is the more "real reading". Haven't located a 'medium' cuff - doesn't appear to be made. ...more info
  • Inaccurate Readings
    This product has inaccurate readings. Sometimes the reading is accurate and other times, the reading is 15-20 points off. There is nowhere to check the calibration, and I don't have the receipt to return it. Piece of junk....more info
  • Omron Elite 7300W Womens Avanced Blood Pressure Monitor
    I find the Omron Elite 7300W Womens Avanced Blood Pressure Monitor to be easy to use, accurate, and reasonably priced. My doctor's office compared the device's readings with their own and agreed it was accurate when I used it. I am pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • May have been a faulty one
    I purchased on a recommendation from Consumer's reports and the fact that my Dr's office uses the same model. The one I got gave erratic readings against both my wife's and Dr's old fashioned blood pressure cuff when we checked it against them. It would sometimes read 10-25 points higher, which is scary, and other times be right on.

    I returned it for a refund and will have my wife use her cuff on me for the time being.

    The unit is very easy to use and stores a lot of readings for a health record. Too bad it didn't work for me as I really liked it and now am leery of the hassle of trying another one and verifying it's accuracy....more info
  • Blood Pressure Monitor Rated #1
    Omron Elite 7300W Womens Advanced blood pressure monitor was rated #1 according to Consumers Reports. It tested to be most accurate, why own any other brand? If you have reason to be taking your blood pressure regularly, why own anything but a unit that will give accurate results. Please NOTE...Although it is titled, "Womans advanced blood pressure monitor" it is NOT just for woman! I actually had owned another brand for about a month and when I read the Consumer Reports my brand measured only average, so I returned it and bought the BEST!...more info
  • Excellent, accurate, and comfortable
    I already owned a wrist blood pressure monitor, so I was eager to try this one to compare the results, comfort, and features. So far, I'm extremely happy with this blood pressure monitor. The two cuff sizes are very helpful. I found the larger one to be too big, so the smaller one works very well. I like having the larger one though so I can check my husbands blood pressure on occassion.

    I found the inflation to be very comfortable, unlike some other home units I've tried. I didn't feel too pinched or squeezed, and it was gradual.

    I also like the fact that this stores my readings, so I don't have to depend upon my recollection.

    If your blood pressure tends to border on prehypertension like mine, this would be a wonderful gift to yourself so you can monitor changes before hypertension becomes a problem. For the small difference in price over a wrist monitor, I would highly recommend this one primarily because of comfort. ...more info
  • Decent BP Machine
    This BP monitor comes with a large and a small cuff, and the readout is large and easy to read. There's a guest feature so that you can take someone else's blood pressure without saving it as part of your own records. It records blood diastolic and systolic pressure as well as pulse. The time and date are easy to set, and it will give you an average values of your BP over time. You can set it to remind you to take your medicine, in case like me you remember you need to take it at every time except when you actually are near the medication. I've taken readings for several weeks now and they are all comparable to what they are at the doctor's office, so I presume it to be a fairly accurate indicator.

    All in all, it's a decent little monitor and a good way to keep track of things, as high blood pressure often doesn't have any warning signs. I would recommend it to healthy individuals, but I would think those with health issues already might need a more comprehensive unit....more info
  • Mighty Mouse
    I have to be honest: unlike my poor parents, I don't have a problem with hypertension and so have no experience with home monitors. But since I've long been affected by quite the opposite condition--orthostatic hypotension (and trust me, for a desirable condition, it can be a pain)--I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity to acquire the means of keeping an eye on it at home.
    Given that, I'm afraid I can't review the Elite 7300W as effectively as I imagine others can who have experience with other products of this type and who can make informed and helpful comparisons. Suffice it to say that it's quite tiny, elegant, and stores results to provide average readings (my own readings were always taken upon awakening and were similar enough that the averages were quite boring). The larger of the two included cuffs is capacious enough to make me wonder why marketing targets one sex. It fits easily into its carrying case and is small enough to store unobtrusively. What else can I say?
    I intend to let my folks play with this when I next see them and at that point, I'll update this review to reflect their input. Based on what I know about the history of my blood pressure, the results are very accurate; combine that accuracy with a nicely manufactured unit and what else do you need to keep on top of your blood pressure? ...more info
  • very pleased
    I have had several BP machines - none have worked very well. The Omron Elite works just great - my doctor said it is one of the best....more info
  • Bloodpressure Machine
    The Omron unit is OK but the readings are a consistant 15 points higher than what I receive from the Doctor when he takes it manually.

    I know that there are alot more expensive units availabl;e but even so I would expect that the Omron would not be THAT FAR OFF>...more info
  • Can be a life saver
    The idea of having one of these at home was intriguing and while I mostly got it for my mom as she's in her early fifties and I am starting to worry about her, just me being a worry wart, I was extremely satisfied with the ease that she can now have while checking up on her health. Having a blood pressure monitor at home is extremely important, I recently found out with my own boss whom I'm very close with, as her pregnancy suddenly threw her in jeopardy of having a seizure. Two weeks ago while having regular check up her blood pressure results were extremely high ( 180) to the point where she had an early C-section that very same day and had to deliver a premature baby ( 7 months) in order to keep herself safe. Now if she had one of these at home she wouldn't have to wait for a doctor's visit to see that something wasn't right. I still remember her sitting at work then leaving for what seemed like a routine visit and then never coming back! Life is never certain but Omron can make us women rest a little easier at night.

    Not only is this easy to use but there is no nerves when it comes to taking the blood pressure. Even I get nervous when I have any exams so this is a nice, easy way to keep in check.

    ...more info
  • Improved, modern design
    This monitor has three major improvements over my previous monitor:

    It does not malfunction with hypotension in the range of 80/50.
    It has an irregular heartbeat indicator.
    It measures your BP as the cuff pressure rises, so it never under-inflates and has to squeeze your arm twice to get a reading.

    It appears to be accurate and consistent.

    The main problem is wild pricing differences. $100 in the drugstore, $50 or $60 on the internet. Shop around!...more info
  • Omron Elite 7300W Women's Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor
    This product arrived on time. The monitor is easy to use, has a large screen for reading the results, and seems well made. One cuff & the monitor fits nicely into the zippered bag, but it's a really tight fit for both cuffs, (if a spouse needs a different size cuff). I wish that it came with a plug-in adaptor, as I hate buying batteries :-) ...more info
  • Women Blood Pressure Monitor
    I have been using this monitor for two weeks now. I really like how large the reading is on the monitor. It comes with it's only carrying case that makes it really easy to carry when traveling. It does hold several weeks of readings. It is an attractive monitor and the readings are accurate. I would recommend this monitor to others....more info
  • Definitely recommend
    This monitor is easy to set up and comes with a handy pouch. It will average measurements save 84 records. It's perfect to take with you to the doctor's office or travelling. ...more info
  • works extremely well
    Very accurate machine. Top rated in consumers mag. Wanted lower priced model rated a best buy but out of stock at Wal-Mart. Amazon price was excellent and glad I went with this top of the line model-7300w which was $25 more. It includes two cuffs-a large one and a smaller one. Have already had use for both cuffs. Am very happy with the purchase but took the free shipping which was a mistake. It took almost 2 weeks to arrive which was very unusual for amazon but they warned me. Live and learn. ...more info


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