Lost Planet Extreme Condition: Colonies Edition

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If you've missed the original Lost Planet, you will have another opportunity with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition. Experience the epic gameplay that made the original a global hit with the added bonus of fresh new content and cross platform multi-play. Fans of the Lost Planet's online action will be thrilled at the inclusion of new online modes, maps, weapons and models. It provides explosive action for both online and offline players.

Rescued from a veil of ice with only fragments of memory, Wayne Holden struggles to recover his past on a blizzard-ridden world swarming with deadly aliens. With only treacherous Snow Pirates and the mysterious NEVEC Corporation remaining, can anyone be trusted or is everything lost?

New weapons (human) - Hand Gun, Revolver, Flame Launcher, Hand Cannon New weapons (VS) - Pile Bunker, VS Rifle, Rocket Pod, Laser Lance New Environments - Snowstorms, arctic winds, towering mountains of ice are all stunningly realized, creating a truly immersive and cinematic event of epic proportions. New perspectives - Switch to first person view or the over-the-shoulder view from Resident Evil 4 for even more intense action Cross Platform Play - Xbox 360 and PC users can now compete on the same battlefield NOTE - Lost Planet COLONIES EDITION and the original Lost Planet - Extreme Condition are not compatible. Single-player saves and online rankings cannot be carried over and multiplayer games will be separate

  • New Modes for Single Player Campaign - Score Attack, Trial Battle Mode, and Off Limit Mode. New Online Modes - Akrid Hunter, VS Annihilator, CounterGrab, Point Snatcher, Akrid Egg Battle, and Egg Bandit.
  • Four New Multiplayer Maps - Crossfire City, Area 921, Lost Arena, and Assault Space. New Playable Characters - Two female and two robot characters are added to the roster.
  • New Weapons (human) - Hand Gun, Revolver, Flame Launcher, and Hand Cannon. New Weapons (VS) - Pile Bunker, VS Rifle, Rocket Pod, and Laser Lance.
  • New Environments - Snowstorms, arctic winds, towering mountains of ice are all stunningly realized, creating a truly immersive and cinematic event of epic proportions.
  • New perspectives - Switch to first person view or the over-the-shoulder view from Resident Evil 4 for even more intense action.

Customer Reviews:

  • Lost Planet Extreme Condition: Colonies Edition
    The game is fun, but is fundamentally the same as the original. The on-line additions add to the game. However, I cannot give the seller a very nice response, since I ordered one and got two and when I emailed them to tell them to fix the order, the email was never answered. It makes me believe a friend of mine who told me to avoid buying products from companies not in the US and now I believe him and will avoid purchase of games from outside the USA. That is the reason for the single stars. The game itself is fun to play, but unless you have a gaming PC you'll have graphic problems and no where do they tell you how to really quit the game. Even when you press quit, it doesn't. Try Alt-Tab sometimes it works, sometimes.........more info
  • A true masterpiece!
    Lost Planet Colonies is one of the first games to be linked with Xbox Live (Microsoft Live). The campeign is fun but this game was truly made for online play. Unlike the original Lost Planet, Lost Planet Colonies offers new single player modes and more online options such as Akrid Hunter, Egg bandit, VS. annhilator and others or just regular Team elimination . There are also some new guns! My personal favorite being the "Hand Cannon" similar to the rocket launcher and bringing no scoping to a new level ;D. I HIGHLY recomend you also get an Xbox controller that connects with your PC for this game due to the fact the keyboard controls are confusing and troublesome. Since you're connected to Xbox Live you have to pay for Xbox Live. It costs $50 a year but you can buy smaller time periods but the year is by far the best deal! But the upside to being connected to Xbox Live is there are LOTS of games so you can play when you want to! So please Buy the game! I look forward to owning you online with my no scoping RPG weapons! And please add me to your friends list! Sincerely fellow L.P.C. addict,
    KingChameleo (Currently grounded :....( )
    ...more info
  • 4 Plus
    This is perhaps the best of the console ports i have played as the game runs very well. Being a PC gamer i never thought i would say this but i read somewhere, perhaps here, that the game should be played with a 360 controller and i agree. While im enjoying this game very much the movement of the avatar isnt as quick as im used to when playing a shooter game. So for me its a 4 star game perhaps 4 and 1/2 as my minor complaint does little to hinder the fun. I would recomend this game to any shooter/adventure game fan. ...more info
  • awesome graphic, awesome storyline
    i always liked the games that had background of snowy mountains. living in san diego, ca is probably one of the reason that i think of snowy weather as fantasy.

    storyline is awesome. so much fun than just kill-those-zombies without any appealing reason. giving out a purpose of survival just made me sucked into the game whenever i played it.

    only thing is that this game requires a very high end graphic card. the minimum requirement for the graphic card was nVidia 7800 according to the game spec, but oh no, don't run this game with that low spec card. it will just kill the game.

    if you installed newer/higher spec video card that meets "recommended" not "minimum", you will have great time enjoying the sight of snowy battlefield.

    just be concerned about the hardware requirements for this game. the game itself is just awesome but you have to run it with right hardware....more info
  • Great visuals, intense action, well designed
    I only played this in single player mode, so I can't comment on the multiplayer mode.

    This is a futuristic scifi game consisting of eleven levels. It can be played in First Person or Third Person. I found First Person mode to be as good as any other FPS, except your weapon doesn't show as it does on most FPS games, which didn't bother me in the least.

    The setting is on a mostly barren snow-covered planet with both indoor and outdoor environments. Weapons consist of both conventional and energy weapons. Conventional weapons include an assault gun, shot gun, rocket launcher and grenades. Energy weapons are laser and plasma pulse weapons including some plasma grenades.

    Much of the game is played using Vital Suits (VS). These are armed mechanical walkers you climb into that mount an interchangeable weapon on each arm. These weapons are similar to the weapons you carry on foot, except much larger. On the conventional side there is a Gatling gun, shot gun, grenade launcher, and rocket launcher. In addition there are a variety of guided and unguided energy weapons. You can change how the VS suit is armed by picking up different weapons.

    The key to the game is the thermal energy (T-ENG) substance that is required to stay alive on the cold barren planet. In addition to replenishing your health, the T-ENG also provides the power to operate the VS walkers as well as all of the energy weapons. T-ENG is available throughout the game, but if you run out, you will only be able to use your conventional weapons and will not be able to use the Vital Suits.

    I found the graphics to be up to current standards. Although not bleeding edge, lighting, terrain, and textures provide for an exceptional variety of visually thrilling environments. The selection of weaponry is more than adequate and the many enemies are creatively designed with an array of attack methods that keep you from getting bored.

    The game ran smooth with no patches required at the time I played it. You can choose whether to run a Direct X 9 (DX9) or DX10. I ran it on DX10 with everything set to max on my 3GHz core 2 duo with dual SLI-linked 8800GTS 512 GPUs. It comes with a built in performance test that shows you the frame rate through a short clip. The frame rate is also displayed during game play in the upper left.

    To me, the game was dominated by the level boss fights. Getting through each level was only moderately challenging up until you get to the level boss, which took me multiple attempts to kill on every level. I found the Level 4 boss to be the toughest and wound up looking up a walk-through and viewing a youtube video to figure out how to get through it. A couple of the level bosses are relatively easy, but still enjoyable and innovative. I only managed to get through two levels in less than an hour (it tabulates your total game playing time).

    Cut scenes and story line were interesting and entertaining. Voice acting was pretty good, although there were no celebrity voices. The character art was about the best I've seen in any game. The villains looked appropriately evil without being over the top and the good guys were dashingly heroic. The main girl character was the cutest of any game I've played and her movements were distinctly feminine without being overly sexy.

    There was only one real downside to this game and that's the fact that you can't manually save your progress. If you quit the game it will start you off next time at the last "waypoint" and it's not always clear when you've passed a waypoint. I always played until I got killed rather than quit in the middle of a level and not know how far it would set me back. If you die in a level boss fight, it will always start over at the beginning of the level boss fight. The game is about average length by current standards. You can probably count on about 12-20 hours of play depending on how easily you can defeat the level bosses.

    I highly recommend this game as a fun FPS especially since it's available new for less than $10 from third party merchants. I paid $15 and believe it was a steal....more info
  • ***I love it***
    I had bought this game for my xbox 360 in the past & now a play my most game in my pc and i had to buy this game again, I think this game is great. I had to search for it in the stores and online and none beats this price and the service was perfect. It was very fast shipping. I love it...more info
  • Frustrating, no attempt to port
    1 star seems harsh (i'm not sure if i've ever given a rating this low), and the game is adequately pretty, but there appears to be zero attempt to make this a PC game. All controls are the A or B buttons (you can use left and right mouse to simulate)? There's no option you can see to exit the main menu (you have to use the X-Box B key, mapped to right mouse button, just like the zoom and robot firing functions are)? There are separate screens for Options and PC Options? The speeder doesn't work on the PC because they only mapped the reverse key, not the one to go forward? (there might be a way to change the key mappings - it's hard to say since you can't do it while you're playing)

    The monsters vary from easy and impossible. The basic monsters can actually be ignored - as a test, i refused to attack and just walked through a level of bug lobster monsters, no problem. The giant worm, however, simply eats you, 20 times in a row. A single enemy in a mech that gets to attack first (with an attack that stuns you, preventing you from attacking), can wipe out 1,000hp in one hit (you start with less than that) and can move, aim and fire faster than any human can (normally means they didn't bother to balance the AI). i've played enough FPSes that i know it's not me - while there are people who can beat this game, they're all far too studly to be normal human beings. i didn't get too far in the game (despite playing a couple of days, the same level over and over) but i can't bring myself to play it any more...more info


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